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20 Best Things to Do in Hana, HI

  • Published 2022/11/13

Even if Hana is only one of the many places you visit in Hawaii, the best things to do in Hana will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Hana is a census-designated place (CDP) in Maui County, Hawaii.

It is located on the eastern extremity of Maui and is one of the state’s most remote municipalities.

On the north coast of Maui, it may be accessed through the Hana Highway, a winding, 52-mile-long road, by boat, and by commercial air service to Hana Airport.

Between 500 and 800 AD, Polynesian peoples are believed to have arrived in Hawaii and established themselves on the island of Hana.

Aside from Hawaii, East Maui is one of the world’s most incredible settings.

Even if it doesn’t seem like much to others, this small corner of our globe is going strong.

Everything about this place exudes aloha, from the people to the landscape.

Expect to see a lot of greenery when you visit East Maui!

Hana started as a sugar cane farming village, like many others on the island, and became a cattle ranching hub once the sugar cane business declined.

The luscious area that was once ideal for farming has been transformed into a stunning home and a picturesque tourist attraction.

Explore this charming community with the list of Hana’s best things to do.

Check Out the Black Sand Beaches of Waianapanapa State Park

Waves crashing on Waianapanapa State Park's black sand

Bonita R. Cheshier /

Wai’anapanapa State Park is one of the most popular stops on the Road to Hana, and you won’t want to miss out on it!

The gorgeous black sand beaches here are well-known.

Visitors to Pa’iloa Beach may take a scenic stroll to see a sea cave, volcanic lava fields, and a blowhole.

People standing on the black sand of Waianapanapa State Park

Photo Image /

The lava rock may be climbed through a route at the other end of the beach.

Play among the lava rocks in the morning and relive your youth.

The beach is accessible by a paved path/stairs. The beach consists of a mixture of sand and varying-sized black stones.

Scenic view of Waianapanapa State Park green trees, black sand and clear water

Shane Myers Photography /

In most cases, swimming in the ocean is out of the question.

Jet black beach, brilliant green hills, and a deep blue sea create stunning contrast.

The park now requires visitors to make reservations in advance.

Pitched tents at Waianapanapa State Park's grounds

Dudarev Mikhail /

Go Trekking along the Pipiwai Trail

Tall bamboo trees framing the wooden trail at Pipiwai Trail

Paula Cobleigh /

As a result of its gorgeous waterfalls, bamboo forest, and peaceful stream, the Pipowai Trail on Maui is one of the island’s best hikes.

In addition to being accessible from the southern end of Haleakala National Park, the Pipiwai Trail is well-maintained.

Giant banyan tree at Pipiwai Trail

MNStudio /

It offers a wide variety of interesting views to see while hiking.

The first half-mile of the trek is the most challenging because of a few steep sections.

Family hiking at Pipiwai Trail near waimoku falls

RS Smith Photography /

You’ll pass through a grove of ancient banyan trees, a bamboo forest, and the stunning Waimoku Falls, which drop 400 feet.

Depending on your fitness level, the climb might take anywhere from two to five hours to accomplish.

It’s a reasonably easy ride when you get past the elevation.

A person walking along Pipiwai Trail's path

MNStudio /

Go Swimming at the Seven Sacred Pools

Scenic view of the Seven Sacred Pools

Vlue /

Seven Sacred Pools of Oheo Gulch, also known as the 8th Natural Wonder, are a stunning sight to see.

Seven freshwater lakes crisscross the area, extending from the mountainside all the way to the coast.

Make careful to verify ahead of time if the Seven Sacred Pools are available for swimming if you intend on visiting.

You may always stroll down the walkway to see the pools; however, they may be closed to the public for swimming at specific hours.

Bright sun shining down Seven Sacred Pools

Tom Tietz /

Camping is permitted at the Pools of Oheo, a Hawaii State Park.

In addition to the breathtaking scenery and the bizarre sound of the water, the place exudes enchantment and mystique.

It’s preferable to go swimming in the mornings if the pools are not packed!

The pools are best enjoyed when there are fewer visitors and a more serene atmosphere.

Rushing waters of Seven Sacred Pools


Go Surfing at Hamoa Beach

Surfers walking towards Hamoa Beach's waters

Stephanie Coffman /

This stretch of sand near Hana, known as Hamoa Beach, is one of the best in East Maui.

Conde Nast Traveler has ranked this crescent-shaped beach in Maui as one of the “Top Beaches in the World.”

Aerial view of Hamoa Beach

dejetley /

Hamoa Beach does not have a lifeguard on duty, so be sure to obey any ocean safety warnings and never look away from the water.

East Maui’s most famous surf spot in the winter is also a great area to lounge, swim, and enjoy the rest of the year.

People enjoying the Hamoa Beach's waves

Mr. James Kelley /

In addition to smooth salt and pepper sand, Hamoa Beach boasts several covered spaces beneath trees and the saltiest and cleanest ocean water in a public beach on Maui.

Snorkeling, boogie boarding, swimming, and surfing are among the most popular activities at Hamoa Beach.

When relaxing on an East Maui beach, Hamoa is your best bet.

Aerial view of Hamoa Beach

Juergen_Wallstabe /

Indulge in the Asian Flavors of Thai Food by Pranee

Thai Food by Pranee is a local favorite in Hana.

Embrace Thai cuisine in its purest form at Thai Food by Pranee! After a day of exploring the island, the laid-back atmosphere is the perfect way to wind down.

Green papaya salad, steamed fish tom yum, and the like are all on the menu at this Thai restaurant.

Thai Food by Pranee is a great place to spend a whole evening, so why not take a stroll from the center of Hana?

Once on Alau Street, turn left onto Keawa Place, then right into Uakea Road, and Thai Food by Pranee will be on your left.

Go Cliff Jumping at Waioka Pond

Still waters of Waioka Pond

Paula Cobleigh /

One of the most incredible things to do in Maui on a budget is to go cliff jumping.

Cliff jumping at Waioka Pond, also known as Venus Pool, is a popular pastime.

You have to ask permission from the property owners, traverse a field, and dive into the woods to get here, but the reward is a natural swimming hole surrounded by volcanic lava rocks.

You may leap from various three stones, each with a different height.

One can reach a height of more than 30 feet.

The swimming hole is hidden with its dark cobbled beach in the background.

Swimmers may view the waves pounding on the shore while enjoying the water.

Take Photos with the Majestic Wailua Falls

Aerial view of Wailua Falls

MNStudio /

It’s hard to deny that Wailua Falls is one of Hana’s most stunning waterfalls.

During the trip from Hana town to the Kipahulu entrance of Haleakala state park, you may observe these falls.

Colorful rainbow over Wailua Falls

Michael Warwick /

These falls are located right next to the road; therefore, the earlier you come, the fewer people there are.

Take a short walk, and you’ll be right in the middle of the falls.

Take caution on the route, which can be mossy and slick.

Aerial view of Wailua Falls /

Go Snorkeling at Hana Bay

Hana Bay, also known as Uakea, is one of Maui’s top snorkeling spots.

Those who prefer shallow water and novice snorkelers may enjoy this expansive, black sand beach, which is well-protected.

Eroding volcanic rock from the surrounding freshwater stream is the reason behind the sand’s color.

If you’re snorkeling in Hana Bay, start between the pier and the light beacon on Pu’uki’i Island to get the most out of your experience.

Among the marine life found in Hana Bay are the Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Parrotfish, Black Triggerfins, Yellow Tang, and the odd Hawaiian green sea turtle.

You can bring the whole family to this beach because it has picnic facilities, shelters, BBQ pits, toilets, and a snack bar to keep everyone happy.

Check Out Fagan’s Cross

Far view of Fagan's Cross

Cris D /

Fagan’s Cross is an excellent site for a short, medium-level Hana hiking excursion. Pu’u o Kahaula, the highest point on the island of Maui, provides tourists with a stunning view of the East Maui coastline.

A tribute to Paul Fagan, the first cattle rancher to settle in East Maui, was created in 1960.

Along with the Hana Ranch, Fagan also built the original Hotel Hana Maui (now the Travaasa Hotel).

From the parking area, go up the concrete route through the Hana Ranch meadows toward Lyon’s Hill, commonly known as Pu’u, and then turn right along the curving trail to reach the Fagan’s Cross trek.

Get ready for one of the loveliest vistas in East Maui from this area of the hill as you make your way up.

Explore Hana Lava Tube

Light peeking through Hana's Lava Tube

Raphael Rivest /

For a change of pace from the usual Road to Hana itinerary, Ka’eleku Cave is an excellent option.

This is Maui’s largest and most accessible lava tube, as well as a must-see for geologists and cave enthusiasts alike.

Kids enjoy it, and the cave itself is spacious enough that even those who suffer from claustrophobia will have no problems exploring it.

Large flows of lava cool on the top, creating an insulating conduit for the lava below.

Exit whole of Hana Lava Tube

dronepicr, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These acted as the volcano’s veins, carrying lava for several miles underground until it was deposited as a new landmass on Maui’s volcanic terrain.

These tubes may collapse and disappear when volcanoes have been inactive for an extended period.

Since much of Maui’s land was produced long ago, there aren’t many colossal lava tubes still visible; Ka’eleku Cave is the island’s largest visible lava tube.

This is a fantastic trip for the whole family.

It’s a great place to go because it’s free of bats and mosquitoes.

Lining of hana lava tube

dronepicr, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Gaze at Stunning Works of Art at Hana Coast Gallery

What better place could there be to appreciate the lovely indigenous host culture’s traditional arts?

The Hana Coast Gallery, located in the heart of Hana, is a beautiful showcase for local artists and cultural artifacts.

Patrons of this gallery will find a diverse selection of inspired works by well-known local artists.

Here, you will find sculptures, paintings, prints on Koa wood, and other Hawaiian crafts.

The Hana Coast Gallery’s curators are highly acclaimed and award-winning.

See Various Tropical Fruits at Kahanu Garden

Clean cut grass and tall trees at Kahanu Garden

D.J.E /

This spectacular display of lush tropical foliage with the island’s mountains and slopes as a backdrop can be seen in Kahanu Garden, a short distance from Hana’s coast.

The garden has a vast variety of plants from the Pacific Islands, highly prized in Hawaiian culture.

Papaya fruits at Kahanu Garden

Forest & Kim Starr, CC BY 3.0 US, via Wikimedia Commons

There are more breadfruit varieties in this collection than anywhere else in the world, and they’re all nutritious.

Kahanu Garden may be accessed via Highway 360 if you come from Hana.

Uliano Road awaits you on the right after about 3 miles when you turn right.

Seeds and pods at Kahanu Garden

Forest & Kim Starr, CC BY 3.0 US, via Wikimedia Commons

Purchase Herbs and Vegetables from Hana Fresh

Hana Fresh is an organic farm, nutrition center, and farm stand.

Food is a vital part of an overall healthy lifestyle, and Hana Fresh is committed to providing the Hna community with food that promotes their well-being and self-sufficiency.

This seven-acre organic farm grows over 100 gourmet-quality vegetables, fruits, herbs, and traditional Hawaiian food and medicinal crops.

Hana Fresh produce is offered at our Farm Stand and a few Maui establishments, such as specialized stores and fine dining establishments.

The Nutrition Center’s certified kitchen offers farm-to-table meals to a broader audience by using Hana Fresh fruit and fish taken in the nearby Hana waterways.

Even in Hawaii, produce and seafood are seasonal; thus, the menu changes accordingly.

Hana Health activities and services are supported using the revenues from Hna Fresh sales.

Taste the Local Flavors of Maui at Hana Farms

Sign post of Hana Farms

Michael Gordon /

Hana Farms’ spice garden features cinnamon, curry leaf, allspice, cardamom, black pepper, and more.

Fruit and citrus trees dot the site, providing us with a bounty of bananas, limes, cherries, pineapples, passion fruit, papayas, and other tropical delights like beans and chili peppers from Hawaii.

Visitors to our farm are always impressed by the lush landscaping and diverse array of plants that adorn the grounds and gardens.

Hana Farms fresh produce under a hut

Michael Gordon /

Its Roadside Stand & Restaurant is a must-stop on the way to Hana.

Get some farm-fresh lunch, Hna souvenirs, and small-batch culinary items at The Stand in Hawai’i.

Outdoor eating and live music are available most Fridays at Hna Farms’ Bamboo Hale Restaurant.

Farm-fresh platters, wood-fired pizza, harvest salads, and more are on the menu at this restaurant.

Enjoy Barbecue at Braddah Hutts BBQ Grill

Are you in the mood for some island-style barbecue?

Family-owned and operated, this food truck delivers smokey, tender barbecue in a laid-back island setting.

Kalua pig, a pulled roasted pork recipe, tacos, and pork chops are among the offerings at this restaurant.

In addition, traditional BBQ sides such as mac & cheese and cabbage are available.

This pop-up resto is located a little outside Hana’s city center.

Even if you don’t have a car, you can get there within 15 minutes by walking from Noenoe Place towards Kauiki Street, turning left onto Kauiki Street, and turning left towards Highway 360.

Appreciate Nature at ONO Organic Farms

Located in Maui, Hawaii, ONO Organic Farms is a family-run farm that specializes in producing hand-picked cocoa, coffee, and tropical fruits.

It is a 50-acre farm founded over 40 years ago and is situated on the southeast foothills of the fabled Hawaiian island of Maui, also known as the “House of the Sun” volcano.

The Boerner family has farmed organically in this gorgeous rainforest setting for four generations.

ONO Organic Farms, one of Hawaii’s biggest tropical fruit farmlands, cultivates and markets a wide range of exotic fruits, chocolate, and Arabica estate coffee.

For the finest and tastiest food for retail and bulk consumers, every piece of produce is hand-selected for ideal ripeness and exceptional quality.

Explore the Grounds of Hana Gold Cacao Plantation

Robert and Francine Frost established Hana Gold Cacao Plantation in 1978 to give clients the best, organically cultivated products possible.

It is among Hawaii’s original cacao farms and well positioned on Maui’s Hana Coast.

Hana Gold Cacao has a distinctive flavor produced only in Hawaii due to its special environment and fertile volcanic land.

You can see their respect for the environment based on how they treat their cocoa.

Hana Gold Cacao is one of the rare chocolates in the world manufactured from Hawaii’s abundance as they employ only the best Hawaiian resources.

The purest expression of aloha inside a chocolate bar, Hana Gold’s relatively pure and completely Hana-grown chocolate is created utilizing eco-friendly procedures.

Feel the Air with Hang Gliding Maui

View of Hang Gliding Maui

MCarter /

In addition to being a trained Duo Hang Gliding pilot and FAA Certified Flight Trainer, Armin Engert founded Hang Gliding Maui in 1990.

By providing powered hang gliding excursions for both new and experienced pilots, Hang Gliding Maui is committed to conserving the sport of hang gliding.

They achieve this by providing Airborne XT 912 interactive flight instructions.

Aerial view of Hang Gliding Maui

Joy Prescott /

The micro-light “trike” provides the feeling of hang gliding,” which can also fly in a wider variety of seasonal changes.

Longer flight times are made possible by this aircraft, which also offers extra leisure and comfort advantages.

They boast a perfect safety record after more than 28 years in operation and over 20,000 flight hours.

Admire the Famous Laura Mango Art

Since 1978, Laura Mango has been painted on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

Both longtime locals and several island tourists have purchased her unique paintings.

She presently resides among the unique greenery, animals, and waterfalls of the Hna jungle.

Her paintings reflect her admiration and appreciation for the natural environment. Laura is a self-taught artist with a rapidly developing style, which makes her creations distinctive and real.

Laura Mango’s art is highly collectible due to her distinctive use of color and varied subject matter.

Viewers who watch Laura’s work get a glimpse of a genuine Maui artist who pursues her aspirations.

Relax at Hana-Maui Resort

Hana-Maui Resort is a quiet luxury haven that welcomes guests to take the path less taken. It is tucked away on Maui’s eastern coasts overlooking the spectacular shoreline of Hana Bay.

The little retreat is found at the end of the spectacular 64-mile Road to Hana, which meanders through lush tropical woodlands and amid spectacular Pacific views.

Adventure-seeking visitors may spend their days exploring the property on the free resort bikes or taking advantage of the surrounding aerial tours, surfing, canoeing, and hiking opportunities.

The hotel’s health and fitness facility, Exercise Fit Trail, yoga pavilion, beach-view spa, and pools that gaze out over the coast open to visitors seeking leisure and refreshment.

Some rooms are purposefully constructed without timers, radios, or Televisions.

In contrast, others are furnished with all the comforts of a place to call home, featuring superb kitchens and private living and dining spaces.

Every evening, go to your private lanai at your lodging to take in the beautiful island sun setting into the Pacific.

Final Thoughts

In Hana, Maui’s most laid-back and easygoing town, life is all about slowing down and enjoying the moment.

On your Maui schedule, make sure you allocate more than one day to Hana because there are so many things to do there that you won’t have time to accomplish them all.

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