17 Best Things to Do in Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC
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This town has a lot more to offer tourists to make it an ideal holiday destination.

From high-octane outdoor adventures to thoughtful museum tours and everything in between, Greenville ticks all the right boxes to make it a traveler's delight.

The city also owns its rich share of art galleries to soothe your more refined sensibilities.

Finally, its excellent breweries let you sip on delicious spirits.

If you ask us, you should book your tickets to this exciting city for your next holiday getaway.

Also, we hope our guide below of the choicest things to do in Greenville will help make your trip even better.

Falls Park

Falls Park
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Falls Park on the Reedy is a delightful island of lush greenery in the heart of the central city.

You will find tourists and locals enjoying themselves in this popular hangout spot in the downtown Historic West End.

Many outdoor activities are on offer.

Additionally, many pieces of exquisite artwork created by members of the general public adorn the grounds.

Finally, you can enjoy a refreshing walk on the Liberty Bridge stretching above the park.

The views from this bridge are charming.

A unique attraction is the 360-degree virtual tours.

You can enjoy the beauty of the park in a completely immersive experience with these.

Roper Mountain Science Center

Science geeks can spend an engaging day at the Roper Mountain Science Center, established with an unequivocal aim of raising public awareness of science and ignite the scientific spirit in young minds.

The planetarium hosts exciting space-themed shows to take you in a zone beyond gravity.

Other interesting sections include an arboretum and a butterfly farm.

Finally, you can peep into deep space at the well-equipped observatory.

The center organizes regular educational outreach programs to inspire kids to do science.

Prominent among these include engaging sessions such as Starry Nights, Science on Wheels, and Summer Adventures.

You can round up your trip with a refreshing hike over the mile-long trail amid delightful forest areas covered with majestic pine trees.

Greenville County Museum of Art

Greenville County Museum of Art
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The Greenville County Museum of Art (GCMA) provides the emotional foil to the cold reason of the Science Center above.

Both are vital cogs of modern life, and, fortunately, Greenville lets you experience them in one city.

The GCMA enjoys an enviable reputation as one of Greenville's top-most art museums.

Their focus is on American art, with most artwork created by South Carolina artists.

A unique attraction is the world's most extensive collection of water-colored paintings by the famous exponent of this artform, Andrew Wyeth.

The other featured artist is Jasper John’s whose contemporary works are a sheer joy.

For those who prefer old-era styled art, the museum also displays works from those times, with a few paintings even dating back to 1726.

The Children's Museum of the Upstate

The Children's Museum of the Upstate
Antony-22, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The inspiration behind the Children's Museum of Upstate was to bring in new pedagogical practices to enable children to learn using hands-on activities.

Their interactive learning method whets children's curiosity by goading them to explore, question, and discover to uncover insights themselves.

This kind of active learning can bring much better outcomes for learners.

The best interactive exhibits include a model of intricate waterways called the Reedy River Bed.

Another exciting exhibit is the Start Your Engines, where kids pick up crucial mechanical skills like speed and sound in an engaging, practical way.

The Peace Center

Peace Center
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You can have a gala time doting on the delightful performances at the renowned Peace Center.

This theatre is a major performing arts venue in the city.

It features an impressive 2,100 seater concert hall and a gorgeous amphitheater.

More than 300 events hosted every year at the Peace Center ensure that you can watch one at any time of the year.

The performances range from runaway Broadway hits to classical symphonies and ballets.

The in-house Greenville Symphony Orchestra features some of the finest classical players.

Likewise, the Carolina Ballet Theatre is focused on showcasing only the finest dance performances.

Greenville Glides

If you love Segway and Steve Wozniacki, you can head out to Greenville Glides to explore the city on your Hi-Tech two-wheeled beauties.

( Okay, you don’t need to like Old Woz, it was just a joke!) Their Segway tours start at the Historic West End, meandering their course through the downtown to culminate at the Swamp Rabbit Trail and Falls Park.

On the other hand, if you are looking to spice things up, you should book the Haunted Segway Tour of Greenville.

You will move across some of the scariest areas, including the Springwood Cemetery and the streets around the Reedy River banks.

Rumour has it that the haunted ghosts here are friendly, but make sure not to tickle their funny bones!

Finally, you can also rent good-old bicycles from Greenville Glides to paddle your way around the town.

Artisphere Greenville

The annual signature art-related event of this city is the fabulous Artisphere Greenville.

It is a call to locals and visitors to bask in the festivities to celebrate Greenville's rich cultural diversity.

Be prepared to get lost in the electric atmosphere with outstanding live performances, displays, and colorful exhibitions.

Test festival seeks to entertain and educate using the power and beauty of arts.

Wines and food are available in plenty to make sure you never have a dull moment at the Artisphere!

TD Saturday Market

Procure freshly plucked delightful local produce at the bustling TD Saturday Market.

Self-cooking is trending among travelers, and it is your chance to bag a haul of the perfect ingredients for your self-cooked meal.

The 75 vendors entice you with a wide variety of juicy fruits, clean veggies, special spices, and rare herbs.

Alongside, you can also pick a little souvenir from the handcrafted jewelry and clothes.

Live music and recipe tasting sessions add to the charm of this market.


Enjoy the finest cuisines in a lavish historic setting at Soby's.

This restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Greenville.

It is housed inside an 1800s cotton mill, and they have now restored this place with gleaming wood furniture and an attractive stone fireplace.

You can enjoy the fresh air at the outside patio, which is also exquisite looking.

The food is a delectable fusion of authentic American and local ingredients that flavor it with the rustic Southern brawl!

The wine collection is extensive, with more than 500 varieties on offer.

Sundays at Soby's are special for hosting a fabulous buffet filled with the restaurant's favorite recipes!

Larkin's on the River

Mark and Larkin Hammond welcome you proudly to their award-winning restaurant, Larkin's on the River, to enjoy the finest feast in town.

The ambiance is equally exciting, located inside an old Civil War-era mansion with beautiful brick walls and open ceilings.

Order your favorites dishes from a wide range of sumptuous steaks, fresh seafood, and specialty wines.

Add to those the savory flavors of the warm hospitality of the place, and you are transported into next-world culinary heaven.

Greenville Zoo

Sleeping lion at Greenville Zoo
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The Greenville Zoo is an animal lover's paradise with a rich assortment of exciting animal species.

The zoo dates back to 1960 and is home to African lions, giraffes, and leopards.

Other species found here include reptiles, frogs, and snakes.

The zoo is set up with a mission to raise awareness about the wellbeing of animals and inspire others to aid in conservation efforts.

Their conservation program, Quarters for Conservation, funds the care of endangered species such as giant anteaters, turtles, and Amur leopards.

Alongside the wide variety of fauna, the zoo also has dedicated space for walking and bicycling and playgrounds for kids.

Children can have wild fun running around these open spaces.

Passerelle Bistro

Passerelle Bistro
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Enjoy delectable French cuisine at the Passarello Bistro located near the base of the Liberty Bridge.

The bistro entices diners with its rich menu of authentic French dishes topped up with a dash of local flavors.

Chef Teryi makes sure to surprise his visitors every single time with his creative fusion recipes.

For example, he serves the traditional ratatouille as a brie cheese along with a delicious crab bechamel omelet!

The ambiance in the interiors is also French-inspired.

You could also eat at the outdoor patio with delightful views of Falls Park.

Finally, they also offer an exciting option to watch the energetic kitchen staff in action.

This seat is the emblematic “front row” of this entertaining culinary theatre, and you will have a fantastic time dining at the chef’s bar while enjoying the “real-life” performances of his staff!

Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail

Greenville Swamp Rabbit Trail
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Hike to your heart’s joy over the 28.

6-mile length of the fantastic Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail system meandering its way along the Reedy River.

The maze of trails in this system connects various points in the city where you can joy a plethora of recreational activities.

The trail takes its name after the species of swamp rabbits native to this area.

The Greenville Technical College is the starting point from where the trail follows along the former railroad path.

After a long journey through various locations in the central city, Falls Park, and the Furman University campus, the trail culminates near Traveler's Rest.

You can walk, jog, run, or paddle-bike on this magnificent trail.

If you are keen to try something creating, geocaching is an exciting option.

Grill Marks

Grill Marks
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Mark and Larkin Hammond of Larkin’s (covered on our list above) fame make a reentry with their second fantastic eatery in Greenville, Grill Marks.

Be prepared to relish classic American flavors duly upgraded in proper gourmet fashion!

The atmosphere is relaxing to make it an ideal spot to nibble carefree on sumptuous American delicacies like burgers, soups, salads and gourmet shakes, and ice-creams!

If you are confused about where to go next for a much-needed drink after the meals, worry not.

Grill Marks has an impressive stable of fine wines.

Order your favorite taste and aroma and enjoy the shimmering wine's heavenly sips in the restaurant's easy-going vibes.

Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum

Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Apart from its colorful play on the name of the legendary baseball player, Joe Jackson, this museum also occupies house number 356, another tribute to the great batter who finished with a career average of 1.

It is impressive to find an entire museum dedicated to celebrate the life and career of Joe.

You can enjoy the vast collection of records, photos, and other baseball-related artifacts showcasing important events from Joe's career.

For those who would like a comprehensive deep-dive, the book collection can be a valuable resource.

The Lost Cajun

Feast at one of the best outlets of the renowned franchise The Lost Cajun in Greenville.

Famous for their classic Louisiana fare and gumbo, the restaurant chain delights diners with authentic Southern delicacies.

The top names on their rich menu include mouth-watering dishes such as red beans with rice, crawfish etouffee, lobster bisque, and specialty gumbo!

Other must-tries include jambalaya, Po-boys, lagniappe, and the famous beignets.

Finally, cap off your experience with delicious Abita beers, root beer, and refreshing lemonade!

Caesars Head State Park

Caesars Head State Park
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Caesars Head State Park offers visitors endless expanses of lush green landscapes and countless scenes of exquisite beauty to capture in life-long cherished photographs.

Hike on the exciting trails while being surrounded by magnificent natural areas.

One of the attractions here is the marvelous Raven Cliff Falls, where the water tumbles down in a roaring thunder.

A plethora of outdoor activities is available, including hiking, mountain biking, and mountain climbing.

Greenville is a fabulous place to plan your next trip.

Boasting a healthy balance of the old and the new, the natural and the artificial, the city could make anyone fall in love.

We wish you a great holiday to Greenville, and it would make us even happier if some of the items on our list add to the pleasures of your trip!

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