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20 Best Things to Do in Greenville, OH

  • Published 2023/02/10

Greenville is a tiny city in Darke County, Ohio, with roughly 13,000 people.

It’s a small, charming city a few kilometers northwest of Dayton, featuring historic sites, environmental parks, and entertainment options.

Whether you visit or stay permanently, you will have a fantastic time in Greenville.

Many travelers visit to spend their vacations and have fun with their loved ones.

Here are the 20 best things to do in Greenville, Ohio:

Learn about Art and History at Garst Museum

Garst Museum houses over 300,000 objects in about 32,512 square meters, spread over six primary and two smaller venues.

Six new building wings have been added to the Garst House, which was once an inn.

In 1946, the Garst family gave the house to the Darke County Historical Society.

They also exhibit a collection of designer and resident Don Mong’s unique prints of Greenville and its nearby area.

The museum, which spans six buildings, also features stores from long-forgotten merchants’ firms and a genealogy area.

You will also find the museum’s most underappreciated exhibit, the Uniform level.

This floor contains military relics, weaponry, and clothes from the Revolutionary War to the Iraq War.

Buy Special Gift Items at Bear’s Mill

Bear’s Mill is one of Ohio’s last remaining water-powered mills, located on the eastern edges of Greenville.

It is a massive structure made of timber beams, approximately 16.7 yards long.

Gabriel Baer built the structure in 1849.

The water that passes through the millrun below carries grain from the first floor to the fourth floor.

Bear’s Mill still uses the same grind procedures as old-world millers to process grain into meals and flour.

French Buhr millstones grind the grain to produce a nutritious food item and ingredient.

The Mill Store at Bear’s Mill offers an eclectic selection of gourmet food products and commodities, jewelry, and unique gift items.

You can also check out a diverse range of work from an increasing roster of area artists, with price ranges to suit every budget.

Buy art to help keep the mill afloat and maintain Julie Clark’s artistic spirit alive throughout her years as mill owner.

See Flora and Fauna at Shawnee Prairie Preserve & Nature Center

Shawnee Prairie Preserve & Nature Center is filled with history, natural vegetation, and animals.

The nature center features a range of exhibits, animal ambassadors, and various natural and cultural events.

According to archeological findings, Prophetstown used to occupy at least a section of the preserve.

The Prophet, General Tecumseh’s brother, created this historic settlement to unite fifteen forest Native American nations.

The Native Americans wanted to assert dwelling and hunting privileges under the 1795 Treaty of Greene Ville.

Shawnee is home to wetlands, restored grasslands, two rivers, wet woodlands, swamp forest, and a successional region, among other things.

See Animals in Their Natural Habitat at Eidson Woods Preserve

Eidson Woods Preserve offers a great diversity of habitats and species of interest, with around 22 hectares of mature forest and about six hectares of savannah.

Several tree species, notably white oaks and American sycamores, are centuries old.

During springtime, the forest floor is carpeted with endemic woodland flora, and you may hear woodland frogs.

Visit in the summer to appreciate the refreshing waters of a clean tributary of Greenville Creek, a state-described Scenic River.

The preserve’s maple, hickory, oak, and beech trees will turn red, yellow, and orange in the autumn.

You might also spot a hunting Great Blue Heron, grazing white-tailed deer, and the trails of other animals even in the middle of the winter.

Take a Rest at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Greenville

Stay at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Greenville, Ohio.

The hotel’s modern guest rooms have everything a luxury hotel needs, such as a workspace and free access to high-speed wifi.

You can book larger rooms and two-bedroom suites with complete kitchens.

The hotel also provides a full-service bar and restaurant, an on-site customer laundry, a swimming pool, and a fitness center.

Moreover, they feature a flexible conference space for meetings and other private engagements.

Skate and Play Games at Skate Zone 805

Darke County’s only skating rink and party zone are located in Greenville.

Skate to your heart’s content and show off your skills at Skate Zone 805.

They provide an arcade where you can play games when you get tired of skating.

There’s also an on-site cafe for when you get hungry.

At Skate Zone 805, take a break and spend time with friends and family.

Take a Walk at Alice Bish Park

In 1994, Chalmer Bish donated nearly five acres of property to Greenville.

He wanted to do “something beautiful and healthy” for the city.

Today, Alice Bish Park, named after Chalmer’s wife, provides a gorgeous nature route along Greenville creek.

It also acts as the trailhead for the Greenville Creek Trail.

The Alice Bish Park nature trail then arcs across the cemented Greenville Creek Route.

It continues through a tranquil riparian corridor, frequently coming back along the concrete path until ending at the entrance.

The Alice Bish Canoe Launch is where canoeists and kayakers launch their boats to float downstream.

Alice Bish Park is the ideal location for a relaxing stroll, with wildlife and a gorgeous river for company.

Savor Tea Goodness at Blue Lantern Tea

Make a reservation at Blue Lantern Tea House to experience an Asian-style tea house.

Enjoy a traditional Asian tea ceremony and tea set at Blue Lantern.

Choose from a collection of artisan teas from Japan, Taiwan, China, and English originals from India.

Come in the morning or late in the afternoon to enjoy the peaceful ambiance and contemplative sounds.

They also have a lovely walking track directly next door, connected to Greenville City Park.

Plan an Event with Romer’s Catering

Romer’s Catering is a complete service caterer that will let you relax while arranging any special occasion.

This is the service you’re looking for if you’re searching for pure culinary pleasure.

Spice up your party with foreign and seasonally themed small plates.

They guarantee a diverse cuisine, ensuring a wonderful dining experience every time.

Romer’s Greenville Ballroom is an attractive venue for a wedding, seating up to 500 guests.

The stylish chandelier lighting, tablecloths, a huge bar area, and gorgeous carpeting greet guests as they arrive.

The Greenville Party Room can accommodate up to 100 guests, suitable for small weddings.

The party space has a full-service bar on site aside from the sophisticated setting.

Take a Shot at Sure Shot Tap House

Sure Shot Tap House takes its name and inspiration from Annie Oakley, a famous American sharpshooter known as Little Sure Shot.

The tap house is a beer lover’s dreamland, with over 40 taps dedicated to a wide range of craft beer genres, hard ciders, and even some domestics.

Beer enthusiasts will find a beer-inspired culinary menu with interesting pizzas and sandwiches.

Sure Shot Tap House stands apart because of the way consumers order beverages.

Patrons will pay by the ounce for beers served using a unique self-pouring system that allows you to sample a range of beers without completely filling your glass.

Because you’re in charge of the tap, you can taste as many beers as you want.

Enjoy Baked Goods at Beanz Buttercream Bakery and Eatery

Beanz Buttercream Bakery and Eatery will delight your taste senses.

They bake pastries every day, and they are made entirely from scratch.

Beanz Buttercream welcomes you for a bite if you’re craving some freshly baked delicacies.

Grab some cinnamon rolls, cheesecakes, cookies, and a growing collection of savory bread.

Learn to Dance at Barbara Rethlake Dance Studio

Barbara Rethlake Dance Studio is a family-friendly space where children as young as three can learn to dance.

This dance studio has served Greenville and the surrounding region for over 30 years.

It welcomes students of all ability levels, from complete beginners to experienced dancers.

Learn various dance genres like ballet, tap, jazz, acrobat, hula, and many others at Barbara Rethlake Dance Studio.

They’ve earned a reputation as a facility that stresses excellent technique in a pleasant and welcoming environment.

If you desperately want to learn dancing, go to Barbara Rethlake Dance Studio.

Show Off your Golfing Skills at Turtle Creek Golf Course

Since 1921, Darke County has been home to Turtle Creek Golf Course, originally known as Greenville Country Club.

Discover the numerous amenities and the complex course for golfers of all skill levels.

The “Thirsty Turtle Lounge,” one of the golf course’s many attractions, is located at the public 18-hole course.

Pay a visit to the Lounge featuring a grill and big-screen TVs.

Numerous domestic and craft beers are available on tap in the bar.

Allow Turtle Creek to host your special events to make every occasion unforgettable.

Unwind at the Wildcat Woods Campground

The Brown family has owned Wildcat Woods Campground for more than three decades.

It is a place focused on having fun with family and friends.

Wildcat Woods Campground accepts reservations daily and is proud of currently providing 30 AMP service.

Sites are available in the grass or a little bit closer to the trees.

No matter where you go, you’ll find lots of good places with shade and loads of activity.

Everyone staying at the campground is also welcome to enjoy fishing and swimming in the pond.

Enjoy a Sandwich at the Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe

Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe, founded in 1934 in Greenville, Ohio, is more than simply a place to grab delectable sandwiches and shakes.

It has established affordable fare in the charming and laidback downtown Greenville better than any other restaurant with more than eight decades of experience.

The loose-meat sandwich from Maid-Rite has become the company’s most well-known and longstanding product.

Sandwiches come with your choice of mustard, pickle, or onion and are made with 100% pure beef.

You may also pick up some shakes, ice cream, chips, beer, and beverages to go along with your sandwich.

Shop for Unique Items at Old Fashion Country Store

Since 2008, Old Fashion Country Store has been devotedly serving Darke County.

They aspire to offer clients high-quality goods at competitive prices.

Take pleasure in your purchases as you enter the Old Fashion Country Store.

What more could you ask for than shelves filled with sturdy fabric bolts?

They provide a wide range of products in many types, colors, and textures, including anything from sewing supplies to old-fashioned hard candies.

Shopping at the family-run Old Fashion Country Store is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community.

Feel at Home at Wayman’s Corner Bed and Breakfast

Wayman’s Corner Bed & Breakfast is conveniently located near Historic District Greenville, food outlets, retail outlets, take-out food, and the Darke County Fairgrounds!

Enjoy using all communal facilities, comfy mattresses, cable TV, wifi, and private restrooms with showers.

Guests have convenient access to the stove, microwave, refrigerator, and Keurig in their room.

Baked egg casserole, Mexican scrambled burrito, French toast, eggs, and yogurt are just a few available breakfast foods.

Guest who has stayed at Wayman’s Corner Bed & Breakfast says it seems like being at Grandma’s house, whether they are visiting for the weekend or a couple of days.

Browse the Collection at Rustic Salvage

The company’s philosophy is to know the worth of each item while not charging retail rates for antiques.

Rustic Salvage is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and wants their clients to enjoy the experience of shopping for something special.

Original, exceptional, and one-of-a-kind artifacts are stored in large quantities by Rustic Salvage.

Browse their selection of vintage toys, handcrafted goods, antique furniture, vintage auto collectibles, vintage signs, reclaimed furniture, and more.

People enjoy shopping at Rustic Salvage since they always look for fresh and good quality products.

Chill and Snack at the Montage Cafe

Locally owned and operated, The Montage Cafe is located in the heart of Greenville, Ohio.

The Cafe’s diverse and distinctive food selection is sure to satisfy.

Everybody can surely find something they like among their unique sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads.

Look no further than Montage Café for skilled and trustworthy catering services.

They can accommodate your special event no matter the occasion, whether it be a wedding, birthday celebration, or any other event.

Final Thoughts

From day to night, Greenville brings you both outdoor and indoor attractions.

You can find everything from parks to historical displays to restaurants within walking distance of hotels and lodgings.

Start planning your Greenville trip today!

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