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15 Best Things To Do in Greenville, AL

  • Published 2023/04/09

Greenville, sometimes called Camellia City, is the county seat of Butler County, Alabama.

It is a crossroads for many routes, a significant population, and a commercial center.

Greenville’s historic district is home to many of the city’s residences, churches, businesses, and public structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The city is home to the Butler County Fair, the Watermelon Jubilee, and several local arts and crafts expositions.

Here are the best things to do in Greenville, Alabama.

Watch Local Performances at Ritz Theatre

Exterior of Ritz Theatre

Sabrina Janelle Gordon /

The Ritz Theatre first opened in December 1935, during the Great Depression.

At the time, it was the newest theater in Greenville, Alabama, and could hold 500 moviegoers.

The new Ritz Theatre, conceived by local attorney Calvin Poole, offered a respite from the stresses of life through the magic of the movies.

It had a gorgeous multicolored wool carpet imported from Belgium and a hardwood stage for visiting vaudevillians.

Unfortunately, as time passed, it fell into ruin and disrepair.

Signage of Ritz Theatre

Sabrina Janelle Gordon /

Thankfully, the theater was gradually refurbished and repaired thanks to rant funding, fundraising, and local funds once the city purchased it in 1982.

In addition to three or four GAAC performances each season, the Ritz also hosts dance recitals and school plays.

The GAAC recognizes the Ritz Theatre and its adjoining conference and reception rooms as a singular and historically significant civic auditorium.

It is located at W Commerce St, Greenville, Alabama.

Play a Round of Golf at Cambrian Ridge

The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Cambrian Ridge features three nine-hole championship courses and one nine-hole short course.

Dedicated golfers regard Cambrian Ridge as one of the most picturesque and demanding destinations on the Trail.

The greens have been modified to handle the faster green speeds of the ultra-dwarf Bermuda grass.

The layout of many holes was also updated to improve players’ access to Sherling Lake.

Golf Digest ranked the Sherling/Canyon combination as America’s third-best new public course when it debuted.

Golf Digest’s “Places to Play” ranked this combo as one of the country’s top 40 Super Value courses.

It is located at Sunbelt Pkwy, Greenville, Alabama.

Go Hiking at Sherling Lake Park & Campground

Sherling Lake Park & Campground is only four miles from I-65 near Greenville, making it the perfect destination for your next family vacation.

Sherling Lake Park is a 76.8-acre park in Greenville, Alabama.

Visit Sherling Lake to get away from the busy city life.

The park is great for strolls and picnics with the family.

This park is notable for its natural beauty, playgrounds, and ample parking.

Hike along the natural trails, set up camp, or park your RV. Spend time by the water and reel in bass from one of their lakes.

The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail can be found on nearby Cambrian Ridge.

Sherling Lake Park and Campground is an excellent place to escape the city and reconnect with nature.

They are located at Braggs Rd, Greenville, Alabama.

Explore the Greenville Historic Train Depot

Exterior of the Greenville Historic Train Depot

Slipdigit at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Greenville Historic Train Depot, built in 1923, houses the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce’s office.

In 1993, the Chamber took the initiative to secure ISTEA grant financing to restore the Depot from its dilapidated state.

Designed by Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood with Liberty Design & Construction construction, this rehabilitation received over 20 percent of its funding from local donors.

As you approach the lobby, you will notice the images that most people associate with Greenville.

The original windows and wainscoting add to its already great visual appeal.

Greenville Historic Railroad Station is in Depot Square, Greenville, Alabama.

See the Latest Movies at VIP Edge 8

The VIP Edge 8 in Greenville, Alabama, provides small-town warmth in a top-notch venue.

Going to the VIP Edge 8 is much more convenient than going to the big city theaters.

The VIP Cinemas chain is family-owned and operated, with theaters in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Missouri.

VIP Edge 8 is committed to providing the best possible movie-going experience to the local communities it serves.

They sell reasonably priced tickets and snacks, keep the theaters clean and comfortable, and give excellent service.

Get your pals together for a movie marathon and grab plenty of snacks to share.

They are located at Paul Stabler Dr, Greenville, Alabama.

Explore the West Commerce Street Historic District

Buildings along West Commerce Street Historic District

Chris Pruitt, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the West Commerce Street Historic District to learn about Greenville’s long and exciting history.

Greenville, Alabama’s old commercial core can be found at 100-115 West Commerce and 101 East Commerce Streets.

The area began to develop as the railroad was finished in the 1850s.

As it grew, the neighborhood became a vital transportation hub between Montgomery and Mobile.

Most of these brick commercial structures were finished by 1890, thanks to the profits from many businesses in the area.

A building at West Commerce Street Historic District

Chris Pruitt, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the early spring of 1997, the central business district underwent a significant makeover.

Stroll through the historic district to fully appreciate the historic structures.

The nine buildings that make up this historic district were recognized for their early commercial, classical revival, and art deco styles.

The area was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

Have a Picnic at Beeland Park

Beeland Park in Greenville spans 27 acres and is Alabama’s second-largest park.

It’s a great spot to take a breather, walk, or run fast before returning to the office.

In addition, kids may now get some much-needed exercise on the recently upgraded playground.

Beeland Park in Greenville is a terrific spot to take the kids or a group of friends because there are plenty of grassy spaces and places to sit.

You can picnic with your friends or locate a quiet area along the walking track to relax.

The park is located at E Commerce St, Greenville, Alabama.

Play a Few Rounds of Golf at Greenville Country Club

You can look forward to a great round of golf when you play at the Greenville Country Club.

The Greenville golf course opened in 1930.

The Greenville nine-hole course at the Greenville Country Club offers 2,997 yards of golf from the longest set of tees and a par of 35.

There are also tennis courts and a fantastic pool available.

The friendly service makes this establishment a pleasant location to eat and unwind.

Bring your pals along, play a few rounds of golf, and enjoy the lovely views of the golf course.

They are located at Fort Dale Rd, Greenville, Alabama.

Visit the Butler County Courthouse

Exterior of Butler County Courthouse

JNix /

The Butler County Courthouse is a must-see for any fan of classically-styled buildings.

The structure is two stories tall and constructed of brick, with a one-story marble facade added on afterward.

B. B. Smith of Montgomery, Alabama, designed and built the Butler County Courthouse in 1903.

Butler County Courthouse is the fourth courthouse in Greenville since the city was designated as the county seat in December 1821.

A new copper dome on top of the steeple was added in 1998.

It follows a picturesque brick design with a clock tower in the front.

This dome is an exact copy of the original, which Hurricane Opal destroyed in 1995.

It’s the tallest structure in Greenville, with a center part that’s 107 feet high.

Don’t forget to stop by the courthouse when you visit Greenville.

It is located at Court Square, Greenville, Alabama.

Take a Stroll along Amanda Phillips Walking Trail

If you’re looking for a nice spot for a stroll or run in Greenville, Alabama, check out the Amanda Phillips Walking Trail.

The trailhead for Amanda Phillips Walking Trail is accessible from Academy Drive, just beyond the Greenville YMCA.

Enjoy the natural splendor of the neighborhood with a stroll along this beautiful nature route, open to both residents and visitors.

Do not miss the opportunity to rediscover nature on the Amanda Phillips Walking Trail.

Take a long walk beneath the tree canopy and breathe in the fresh air.

Take a Stroll at Confederate Park

The grounds of Confederate Park

Slipdigit at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Greenville is also home to Confederate Park, a green space that spans 1.4 acres.

It is among Greenville, Alabama’s ten largest parks.

Confederate Park is an excellent place to stretch your legs, walk, or relax after a long day.

The park was built on a plot of land provided by the First Methodist Church in 1902.

A 16-foot marble statue of a Confederate soldier atop a pedestal was erected after a year.

The Greenville First United Methodist Church owns Confederate Park.

However, the City Clerk’s Office handles the park’s reservations.

Confederate Park in Greenville is a terrific place to spend time with loved ones, with its abundant greenery and seating facilities.

The park is located at E Commerce St, Greenville, Alabama.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Appreciate Music History at Hank Williams Museum

The Hank Williams Museum is a great place to experience musical history.

The Hank Williams Museum is in a charming old house near the interstate, packed to the rafters with rare and exciting pieces of Hank’s musical history.

This mansion, built in 1850, was Hank Williams’s first and sole residence in Nashville before he became famous.

The museum opened in 1993 and featured artifacts, photographs, and some of the singer’s personal effects.

It has an excellent collection of Hank memorabilia.

Increasing amounts of historically significant artifacts are also being donated to the museum.

Among the many fascinating artifacts at the Hank Williams Museum is Hank’s guitar, which Elvis Presley used years later.

It also has the original Drifting Cowboys hat worn by Hank and his wife Hezzy, the 1952 Baby Blue Cadillac, and the original performance posters and marquees.

Don’t forget to pick up some unique souvenirs at the museum’s gift shop.

You can visit them at Rose St, Georgiana, Alabama, 21 minutes from Greenville.

Go Fishing at F.H. Morgan Lake

Bring the whole crew out to F.H. Morgan Lake for a day of fishing.

Don’t forget to pack your trusty fly rod and reel.

F H Morgan Lake is a dam in Butler County, Alabama, around 1.7 miles from Greenville.

It is an excellent place for catching different varieties of catfish, bass, trout, and other local fish species.

You should expect a decent catch using trolling, fly fishing, or other methods.

You can also bring a picnic basket and meal with your loved ones while enjoying the picturesque lake scenery.

Join a Drive-in Safari at Alabama Safari Park

The Alabama Safari Park provides a one-of-a-kind wildlife experience that is fun for people of all ages.

Located off exit 158 in Hope Hull, Alabama, the 350-acre park is 33 minutes from Greenville.

Alabama Safari Park features different exotic animals that freely roam the park.

Experience the drive-through safari and see the animals up close without leaving the comfort of your car.

Explore on foot by taking a stroll around the village, see the giraffes at the giraffe tower, and pet all your favorite farm animals in the petting zoo.

The safari park is home to numerous species of animals, such as antelope, deer, buffalo, ostriches, llamas, and zebras.

Gather your pals and family for an exciting day with the zoo’s animals.

The safari park is located at Venable Rd, Hope Hull, Alabama.

Explore Gateway Park

Gateway Park is a popular meeting place for residents and visitors at Montgomery’s southwestern entrance.

In addition, there are many places to relax and unwind, including playgrounds, picnic spots, and walking trails.

The park provides something for everyone, including a gateway lodge, a nine-hole executive golf course, baseball/softball grounds, soccer fields, and a lake for various water activities.

For special occasions, you can reserve either Gateway Lodge or one of the picnic pavilions.

The lodge offers expansive decks for outdoor activities.

They have enough seating and tables for 250 individuals.

Their main room features a large fireplace outfitted with gas logs.

Gateway Park is located at Davenport Dr, Montgomery, Alabama, 40 minutes from Greenville.

Final Thoughts

Greenville, Alabama, is a beautiful place to visit.

The beautiful Victorian homes and abundance of camellias in Greenville’s historic district are vital to the city’s appeal.

Greenville, Alabama, has several parks, lakes, and other green areas.

Enjoy the best things to do in Greenville, Alabama!

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