15 Best Things to Do in Greenport, NY

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Named one of the prettiest towns in the USA, Greenport is a village situated on the banks of the Peconic River on Long Island.

Redolent in history, Greenport was once a major fishing and whaling hub.

At present, this port area has emerged as a highly sought-after summer gateway offering wide opportunities for sightseeing, shopping, and fine dining.

Antique Carousel
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If you have kids in tow, you can drop by Mitchell Park on Front Street to experience a fun ride in Antique Carousel'a wooden horses.

Constructed in 1920 by the Herschell-Spillman Company, this carousel is a portable machine.

History has it that an amusement company first used it.

So the purpose behind its portability was to move it from town to town.

Antique Carousel
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The Antique Carousel features 36 horses.

Some of them are wooden, hand-made structures, while others are cast in aluminum.

You may even get lucky during a ride and grab a brass ring that can earn you the next ride free.

So come, soak in the place's historical charm, and make memories of a lifetime.

Experience the Visual Treat at Camera Obscura

Up for some more fun while still at Mitchell Park?

Go straight for Camera Obscura, the observatory that offers a colored 360-degree view of the outside waterfront in the form of a two-dimensional image.

Camera Obscura is an age-old technology that paved the way for modern cameras.

According to the law of Physics, when light enters through a small opening in a dark room, the image of the outside scene appears as an inverted image on the opposite wall.

Based on this principle, the room at Camera Obscura in Mitchell Park is darkened, and light is made to enter through a small hole in the wall.

The outside image is captured through a lens and reflected by a mirror that projects it on a table for viewers to see.

The distinctness of the image is mind-blowing that emulates pictures produced by the modern-day camera.

Viewers find this experience enthralling.

Explore Long Island's Maritime Heritage at East End Seaport Museum & Marine Foundation

East End Seaport Museum & Marine Foundation
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A museum is the best preserver and conservator of a town's rich, vibrant past.

The East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation, located on the waterfront in the picturesque village of Greenport, is no exception to this.

The museum allows you to explore the east end of Long Island's maritime heritage.

Some permanent collections at the museum include uncommon Fresnel Lenses, tools used in maritime trade, and exhibits depicting the life of seaport workers.

For a special summer historical experience, Claudio's family restaurant has been recreated.

You can also discover Long Beach Bug Bar Lighthouse's history through photographs, videos, floor plans, models, etc.

Other fascinating exhibits range from the aquarium, oysters, and small ships to Captain Bob's Quarterdeck, a room dedicated only to children where they can learn about the coastal environment of Long Island.

Have you heard of the contemporary realist painter Isabelle Haran-Leonardi?

I am sure you have.

She has an open studio and gallery located at 419 Main Street, in this historic village of Greenport.

The studio houses an extraordinary collection of her paintings, which directly portrays the beauty that Long Island personifies.

The paintings cover a broad spectrum starting right from vineyards and fields to boats, lighthouses, creatures, and mermaids.

In the truest sense, these paintings are a flag bearer of the maritime activities and sea life that Greenport is famous for.

But what makes the art gallery extra special is that Isabelle Haran-Leonardi brings all her images to life at the studio itself.

People love this rare personal touch that makes any visit to this art gallery a warm and beautiful experience.

Go For a Quiet Outing at 67-Steps Beach and Parking

If you are a beach person, a visit to the 67-Steps beach must be on top of your itinerary.

The number of steps may appear slightly daunting at first, but as you start descending the tiny staircase, you'll see one of the most beautiful images that the human mind can ever imagine.

Located close to the village of Greenport, this quiet, public beach is known for its breathtakingly beautiful sunsets and large, captivating boulders.

There are so many things you can do on this beach.

You can either bathe in the clear, pristine waters or enjoy a picnic with friends and family.

Did you know you can even enshrine your visit to this tranquil beach by leaving a pebble by the railings of the 67-steps staircase?

Isn't the idea heartwarmingly nostalgic?

Witness the Unfolding of Long Island's Railroading History at Railroad Museum

Railroad Museum
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Any visit to Greenport is incomplete without a touchdown at the lovely Railroad Museum.

Long Island is known for its rich railroading heritage that contributed largely to the city's growth and development.

Established in 1990, the Railroad Museum is a conservator of the artifacts integral to the railroads.

The museum has two facilities, one at Riverhead and the other at Greenport.

The facility at Riverhead is where the museum houses its locomotives and historic rail cars.

This is also an interactive section of the museum where the visitors can ride trains, climb inside a rail wagon, and watch trains operate on different layouts.

With its wide collection of toy trains, the Railroad Museum is also a great place for kids.

Railroad Museum
Photograph by Mike Peel (www.mikepeel.net)., CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Discover Ecological Diversity at Arshamomaque Pond Preserve

If you want to turn your focus to nature, the Arshamomaque Pond Preserve is an invariable place to visit.

It is part of the Long Island Pine Barrens Maritime Reserve.

Nature Conservancy recognized the Arshamomaque Pond Reserve as a world-class resource because of its rich flora and fauna reserves.

It is home to ferns, vernal ponds, pines, oaks, wetlands, and shellfish.

There are many commercial uses of the resources that belong to this area.

While fine clay from the soil is used for brick making, scallops, clams, and oysters are the commercial harvesters' mainstay.

Go For Water Sports at Norman E.Klipp Marine Park

The Norman E.Klipp Marine Park is a beautiful spacious beach that also doubles up as a park.

Equipped with playgrounds, restrooms, benches, grills, picnic tables, and a commercial parking space.

Besides picnickers, the park is also popular with fishing enthusiasts, kayakers, canoers, snorkelers, etc.

To provide safety to the visitors, there are beach attendants on duty through the summer.

This marine park is also known as 'Gull Pond Beach' and provides amazing views of Shelter Island.

Learn About Blacksmithing at Village Blacksmith Shop

The Village Blacksmith Shop is a place to look out for.

Modeled after a building dating back to the 1870s, you can find a real blacksmith at work at this historical stop.

By witnessing their production, you can learn so much about the blacksmith's unique craftsmanship.

To make the user's experience more authentic, the blacksmith, called 'Thomas Barry,' uses 20th-century tools instead of power hammers for his live demonstrations.

His mission is to create awareness about this age-old craft among the general population.

The Firefighter is a fireboat that has earned the rare distinction of being the most award-winning fireboat globally.

It has been in service for over seven decades and has played a key role in US maritime emergencies.

The Fireboat was decommissioned in 2010.

It was an engineering marvel that remained in top-notch condition even in the last leg of her journey.

The Firefighter Museum is a voluntary organization dedicated to preserving this rare piece of US maritime history.

In its mission, the museum is working to keep the vessel in running condition and operate it as a teaching museum and memorial.

At this museum, you can explore the boat's history, learn about the major fires she encountered during her career, and so much more.

You can also drop in at the museum store and browse goodies like hats, calendars, hoodies, and T-shirts.

Drink Craft Beer at Greenport Harbor Brewing Company

 Greenport Harbor Brewing Company
DanTD, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A prominent and astute symbol of Greenport's brewery scene, the Greenport Harbor Brewing Company is known for crafting 'good beer.'

Founded in 2009 by two college friends as part of their long-cherished dream, the brewery has only grown in popularity over the years.

The company now has two tasting centers and a restaurant.

They supply beer across Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

The brewery is committed to excellence in its product offering, and its constant efforts towards community building through beer speak volumes about its well-intentioned goal.

The establishment is family-friendly, where you can take your kids and pets along.

Though children are offered entry into the tasting rooms, only those above 21 years can taste or purchase beer.

Taste the Finest Wines at Kontokosta Winery

If you wish to give them a wine-induced spin, then head straight to Kontokosta Winery.

Located on the Bluff Road Club, this winery and tasting room offers the visitors a mesmerizing experience through handcrafted wines.

The Kontokosta family owns and manages the winery.

Their constant supervision ensures the fruits at the vineyards used for producing the wines are of the most superior quality.

The recipient of several awards, this winery also serves as a venue for private events because of the magical view of Long Island Sound.

Apart from the excellent wine at the venue, you can also partake in their delectable snacks.

Dig Into Shucked Oysters at Little Creek Oyster Farm and Market

Are you in the mood for some oyster shucking?

If so, visit the Little Creek Oyster Farm and Market.

Long Island is known for oysters, and this destination offers a great opportunity to learn more about its history.

This place also offers the freshest, tastiest, and best-shucked oysters, along with some great local beer.

There is a large variety of oysters to choose from.

The mollusks are sourced from different farms or locations.

This comfortable, harbor-side cottage also houses a market and has a beautiful outside seating arrangement.

The atmosphere is relaxing, and though normally packed with visitors, the staff at this small, unpretentious shack are quite friendly and helpful.

Prepare to Kick-Off at Tick Tock Miniature Golf Course

Drop by the Tick Tock Miniature Golf Course and tee off in style.

Located in Drossos Motel, the Tick Tock Miniature Golf Course is great with friends and family.

You can even ride a bicycle from downtown Greenport to reach this place.

Designed with traditional obstacles like loop-the-loop, cannon, etc., this miniature golf course provides a great opportunity for kids and rookies to try their hands at the game.

Although the golf course lacks creativity, it offers fun for both children and adults.

The place is very well maintained with manicured lawns.

It is also interspersed with shades allowing adults to watch over their kids as they play while safeguarding themselves from the sun's scorching rays.

You can also dig into some lip-smacking ice-creams here.

Go Hiking at Inlet Pond County Park

If you are a wildlife or hiking enthusiast, the Inlet Pond County Park is a must-visit.

It is a stunningly beautiful hiking trail through vast swathes of open shrubs, woodlands, vines, and oak forests.

The hiking trails are easy to navigate, with ample signs put up at strategic locations.

The Inlet Pond County Park also houses a butterfly garden that has flowers and birdhouses.

This 1.5 miles (2.41 km) stretch leads you to the Inlet Pond.

The freshwater pond is home to the Bull Frog tadpoles during late summer.

It has an observation platform with seating arrangements which is ideal for watching birds like herons, egrets, tree swallows, blackbirds that inhabit this natural gem.

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