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15 Best Things to Do in Greeneville, TN

  • Published 2022/08/22

The town of Greeneville gets its allure from the brewing story of its past and its inhabitants.

Greeneville’s unique name comes from Nathanael Greene, a known hero from Greene County who fought in the Revolutionary War.

As the county seat of Greene County, Greeneville also boasts scenic mountains and landscapes.

Scattered around the area are churches and agricultural sites, Greeneville’s most precious assets.

The town’s dynamic community relationship makes it a desirable place to live.

If this town is on your desired destinations, here are some of the best things to do in Greeneville, Tennessee:

Explore the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

Exterior of Andrew Johnson National Historic Site home

Zack Frank /

Also called the “courageous commoner,” Andrew Johnson was one of the most intriguing U.S. presidents.

Because of his beliefs and interpretations of the law, his presidency sparked controversy left and right.

His administration helped give birth to civil rights and citizenship rights, still felt today.

Statue of Andrew Johnson at Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

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At the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site, you will learn more about the American dream through the places dedicated to the former president.

The homestead offers an inner look into Andrew Johnson’s home before becoming the 17th U.S. president.

At the same time, his burial plot is on the property.

Burial site of Andrew Johnson at Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

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Join a guided tour to immerse yourself in the life, works, and death of Andrew Johnson—more than history books could offer.

Find the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site at North College Street.

Exterior of Andrew Johnson National Historic Site visitor center

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Broaden Your Vintage Car Knowledge at City Garage Car Museum

It’s always fun to learn more about various sports and vintage cars.

City Garage Car Museum allows you to indulge in vehicle history facts with a diverse automobile collection.

There are also trucks for viewing if you’re interested.

Founded in 2009, the owner, Kent Bewley, dedicated a special section for his father, who was a Pontiac-Cadillac-Packard dealer.

As you explore the displayed cars, you will know more about cars and their impressive history.

Famous car brands included in the lineup are Ford, Oldsmobile, Rolls Royce, and Corvette, among many others.

The entire atmosphere of the museum reminds visitors of a timeless era.

Let this quaint museum transport you back in time.

Schedule a tour at City Garage Car Museum on South Main Street.

Have a Go at the Putt-Putt Golf Course at Kinser Park

For your next outdoor fun and exciting adventure, hop on to Kinser Park.

This park, located on the same lane, is a great go-to spot for families with kids.

It is near the Nolichucky River, offering a breathtaking view of the stream and the mountains’ expanse.

At the same time, it provides good camping grounds and other family-friendly vacation activities.

Athletic courts, such as softball fields and batting cages, enable you to improve your physical health.

Horseshoe pits are also open for those with equestrian goals and preferences.

Drive by Kinser Park during its opening months, from April to October.

If you have a knack for golf but don’t have enough experience for the big leagues, try the park’s putt-putt golf course and start from there.

Tour the Galleries at Greeneville Greene County History Museum

For a taste of the past, Greeneville Greene County History Museum helps keep your historical facts straight.

Starting in 1916, the museum-specific architecture has allowed many tourists to step into a past era of their choosing.

It’s also a nationally-recognized historical site, one of only seven museums throughout the country to complete the gold/top tier certification in all six operational areas.

Find the Greene County Quilt Gallery and the President Andrew Johnson Gallery on the main floor.

The Third Floor opens to the Paths to Freedom display and the African-American Experience Gallery.

Every exhibit area holds unique artifacts and relics based on its theme.

When you’re ready for an archival exploration of Greeneville, this museum can meet all your expectations.

Spend the day at the Greeneville Greene County History Museum!

Relive History at Dickson-Williams Mansion

Exterior of Dickson-Williams Mansion

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In 1815, William Dickinson constructed the Dickson-Williams Mansion.

This mansion then became the property of Greene County by 1986, which did professional renovations to restore its ancient beauty.

Likewise, many notable guests and socialites, including James Knox Polk and Marquis de Lafayette, lived there in different periods.

Its architecture is an excellent example of Federal-style architecture, popular in the 1780s.

Find your spot at the seating area in the bordered gardens of the property and the “Green Lot” in front of it.

Get the total experience of historical study and discovery and stay for a reenactment of various events of history.

Find yourself revisiting history through the artifacts and antiques displayed at the mansion.

Check out the Dickson-Williams Museum!

Go for a Swim at the Public Outdoor Pool at Hardin Park

Surround yourself with nature and try several ways to cool down at Hardin Park.

This 55-acre park has colorful playgrounds, five ball fields, and tennis courts.

However, its public outdoor pool is the main highlight of this tourist-worthy spot.

After taking your time learning basketball at the court or even fishing at the large fishing pond in the area, take a dip in the pool.

Feel the sun beating down on your skin and cool your body with a few laps across the pool.

Rent the pavilion and spend quiet time with friends and family at Hardin Park!

Buy Painting Supplies from the Greeneville Antique Market

Since opening in 1990, the Greeneville Antique Market has all kinds of knick-knacks.

This store sits conveniently along West Depot Street, within walking distance of other landmarks.

An array of collectibles on its shelves makes its vintage charm more alluring.

Inside, you’ll find beautifully diverse items and antiques.

From household items to memorabilia of the past, the store contains very possible products under the sun.

Do you need paints for your interior or exterior projects?

The Greeneville Antique Market also stocks high-quality paints that fit your tastes.

Cheer for Your Favorite Baseball Team at Pioneer Park

Avid sports fans should enjoy the time of their lives at Greeneville at Pioneer Park.

This ballpark results from the dedication of one Scott Niswonger, whose donations funded its construction.

This move brought professional baseball back to the town after its successful years in 1942.

In 2021, Pioneer Park became the home of the Greeneville Flyboys.

Today, the park is a one-stop destination for families and fans of the collegiate baseball team.

Relax in the awning-covered seats and cheer for the teams at the field.

You can also go through some baseball-related artifacts at the Greeneville Baseball Museum within the property.

This park is inside the campus of Tusculum College.

Enjoy Live Music Shows at the Capitol Theatre of Greeneville

Exterior of Capitol Theatre of Greeneville

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Live entertainment is the specialty of the Capitol Theatre of Greeneville.

Among the events, you can watch stand-up comedy, music performances, and movie releases.

Like many places in Greeneville, this theater also radiates history and education.

This is why you can book a tour and explore public-restricted areas of the place while seeing the theater from the performers’ perspective.

If you feel hungry, you can buy concessions like candy and soft drinks at the theater.

The theater also has a special event called “My Capitol Memories,” which allows customers to share their most precious memories at the venue.

Een if you live far from Greeneville, a part of your past lives on in the lobby of the Capitol Theater of Greenville.

Pick Your Pumpkins at Buffalo Trail Orchard

What once was Cedar Creek in 1890 transformed into Buffalo Trail Orchard when James Collins bought the property.

This century farm spans 34 acres, with a stunning cluster of fruit produce and other crops.

It also houses a pumpkin and apple patch from which you can pick the biggest fruits.

To get there, you can go on hay rides and see the entire farm and its large area.

However, the farm doesn’t grow only pumpkins and apples.

You can also pick your blueberries, peaches, and blackberries.

These seasonal fruits aren’t always bountiful in certain months; it’s best to check their respective harvest seasons.

Travel down to Dodd Branch Road to arrive at Buffalo Trail Orchard.

Go on a Horseback Ride at Richland Creek Stables

Richland Creek Stables is a horseback riding center on the peaceful paths of Darnell Road.

This family-oriented facility gives way to horse boarding and training alongside horseback riding.

Its circled arena is big enough for you to get intimate with the horses at the center and go for a short ride.

Learn the various trips and tricks of communicating with these speedy animals.

Horse boarding is also a service that Richland Creek Stables offers the public.

Its well-ventilated amenities give horses a home away from home.

Make your equestrian dreams come true at the Richland Creek Stables!

Join Llama Parties at the Wandering Llamas, LLC

At Greeneville, you can have a delightful day with your family and the llamas at The Wandering Llamas, LLC.

Sandy Sgrillo leads this adventure sports agency on Foxford Road.

However, your trekking adventure goes way beyond the Smoky Mountains, where pack llamas will accompany you.

You can also choose an off-the-farm trek that doesn’t follow mountain trails.

Instead, it takes you and your adorable companion to mountain landscapes and hay fields.

To make your special event memorable, rent a llama and make them part of the celebration.

What can you say?

It is always a llama party at Wandering Llamas!

Cool Off from Stress at Margarette Falls

Scenic view of Margarette Falls

Debby Lowe /

Margarette Falls is one of the most thrilling waterfall trails in all of Tennessee.

Its 60-foot drop makes it a popularized natural preserve in the area.

Did you know that it also played a role in the lumber industry in the 1920s?

Back then, the waterfall trail was home to John Heilman Lumber Company and a logging camp.

During your first five miles of hiking, you might lose yourself in the delicacy of the natural trailhead.

However, the last few miles can be challenging, so keep guard when crossing the stream.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you’ve finally visited all the stops in Greeneville and still have the energy to check out more sites, keep reading.

You are in for a ride at these nearby places and landmarks.

Check Out the Artifacts at Jonesborough-Washington County History Museum

Drive 29 mins northeast of Greeneville to reach Washington County/Jonesborough History Museum in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

This museum tells the fascinating history records of Jonesborough and Washington County.

Likewise, archived items line the walls and corners of the exhibits to back up the tales.

Learn more about Jonesborough’s first celebrations, including being the first town in the state.

Otherwise, see Washington County’s first celebrations through the artifacts, like the county’s first firefighting equipment.

Its photograph collections contain epic shots from the 1880s up to the present.

It’ll be like a history lesson, except more exciting and fun!

Bring the family to the Jonesborough-Washington County History Museum!

Discover Religious Relics at the Doak House Museum

You’ll find yourself at the Doak House Museum in Tusculum, Tennessee, 11 minutes from Greeneville.

This museum is a part of the Tusculum list of near-campus museums you should check out.

Established in 1975, this historical site features the origins of the Doak House and all its related artifacts.

Some of these artifacts may include religious and educational documents.

You might also see college-related relics at the museum.

Immerse yourself in the past at the Doak House Museum.

Then, trace its contribution to the community at its peak.

Final Thoughts

Greeneville’s modernity illuminates its history through various shops and recreational centers in a town that never shies away from its past.

This town is also a great source of agriculture; hence, the abundance of fresh and local produce.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Greeneville!

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