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15 Best Things to Do in Greece, NY

  • Published 2022/08/12

Would you like to take the most adventurous trip of your life?

Your dreams transport you to the locations of unique attractions.

Greece is a town in Monroe Country, New York, that offers many views to all visitors who want to bond with family and friends.

It is a land full of exciting places that attract explorers or adventurous individuals to visit Greece and New York.

Even if many years have passed, you can still remember and revisit the attractions where you had more fun on your first visit.

Don’t waste your time.

The best way to discover this town’s hidden charm is through this list of the best things to do in Greece.

Chill along the Henpeck Park at the Erie Canal

Scenic view of Erie Canal

Sandra Foyt /

Enjoy your day by visiting another park, which is Henpeck Park.

The NYS Canal Corporation owns the canal on Ridgeway Avenue.

In the past years, it used to belong to the Port of South Greece, where you can still see historical markers in the vicinity.

A bridge passing over the Erie Canal

Debora Truax /

Perched along the popular Canalway trail, the park is an excellent place to stop for a picnic with its picnic tables and charcoal grills.

It offers decent access to fishing spots with a car-top boat launch.

As an endpoint for many boaters and bikers, the area sees many locals and visitors hanging out.

Take the family out and enjoy the scenic view of Henpeck Park.

Enjoy the Best Activities of the Greece Canal Park

If you want a quick break, enjoy the exciting recreation activities at the Greece Canal Park near Elmgrove Road.

Choose the best activities such as biking, bird watching, camping, cross-country skiing, fishing, geo-caching, hiking, kayaking, and canoeing.

You can also bring your pet to the dog park if you want a companion while you relax.

No need to worry about finding a place to rest because lodging and rent shelters are also available.

You can enjoy yourself at the playground, too, and play pickleball, snowshoeing, soccer, and tennis.

You can spend the entire day hanging around the Greece Canal Park.

Explore the Greece Historical Society & Museum

Do you want to know the history of Greece?

Visit the Greece Historical Society and Museum on Long Pond Road.

You can’t leave the place without knowing about the early and recent history of how they built and developed Greece.

The museum researches, discovers, and preserves the beautiful part of Greece.

It holds events such as museum exhibits and public programs.

Likewise, it offers easy access to historical artifacts and archives.

Discovering the past and learning from it is an excellent part of your trip.

Don’t miss stopping by the Greece Historical Society & Museum.

It is an excellent place to remember where we came from.

Read a Friendly Story at the Greece Public Library

Do you want to read more stories?

Invite your family and friends to visit the Greece Public Library.

Your little ones can read several exciting stories, which they will never forget.

The best plan is to read more books, which you can do as many times as you want since kids who love reading can stop by here every week.

Sit down and read the available new books at the Greece Public Library.

Shop ‘Til You Drop at Greece Ridge Mall

Exterior of Greece Ridge Mall

Matthew D. Wilson (LtPowers), CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Do you want to stop for a meal during your Greece excursion?

Then, go to the Greece Ridge Mall on Greece Ridge Center Drive.

This mall offers a good selection of stores and restaurants and recreational activities and events to enjoy.

Notably, the shopping facility appears as a line rather than a square or a circle.

There is a vast stretch of plazas, chain hotels, restaurants, and car dealerships close to the mall.

With all the available stores, you won’t feel pressured while picking the ideal present or souvenir for your loved ones before returning home.

See the Sights at Sebastian Park

Visit another fantastic adventure park on your list, Sebastian Park.

Get comfortable, breathe fresh air, and make sweet memories with your family and friends.

It is a nice large park, with a fine place for the neighborhood.

Don’t miss visiting Sebastian Park, a wonderful place full of adventure and amusement for kids and a good place for relaxation.

The park provides laughter and good memories with your kids, and the green environment makes the day more beautiful.

Trees give shelter to the visitors who have fun seeing the views, and the place has a good ambiance.

Bring Your Kids for an Ultimate Treat at Chuck E. Cheese

Do you remember when your eyes would twinkle at the sight of games and delicious fast food choices?

Remember your childhood at Chuck E. Cheese, the best haven for all family bonding experiences.

This family fun center features a wide variety of menu options, in-store performances, and skill-level arcade games.

If your trip falls on your kid’s birthday, have a party at Chuck E. Cheese; they also host any group event with affordable event packages.

With lots of laughs and games throughout the day, both children and parents should wear big smiles on their way home.

Enjoy Yourself at the Clubhouse Fun Center

Spend a few hours of fun with your kids as you enjoy games with prizes, ball pits, ropes, baseball, and golf.

Complete your kids’ day with a beautiful experience while dining with delicious food.

Your kids will always have a blast at the Clubhouse Fun Center.

Its updated games bring more enjoyment.

Likewise, your energetic children will enjoy the ball zone.

Not only can your kids enjoy themselves all day, but adults can also play miniature golf.

There are three courses to choose from based on difficulty, so take your pick.

Try an All-Out Japanese Dining Experience at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

All the stops and attractions you have visited must have worn you out.

Take the perfect opportunity to dine at one of the best restaurants in town with a Japanese twist and theme.

Located on Ridge Road, this cozy restaurant serves a hibachi dining experience where you witness the preparation of your food.

With a wide selection of sushi, visitors enjoy all kinds of delectable flavors in a single bite.

You can also dive in and try Japanese alcoholic drinks and cocktails that you will never regret.

Bring your family and friends for a mouthwatering and elegant dining experience at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar.

Experience the Beauty of WALLTHERAPY

Are you excited to visit and see the unique paintings downtown?

Enjoy the beauty of WALLTHERAPY as famous artists display or show their talent.

Check out the vibrant murals scattered throughout downtown.

Artists work on new murals.

There are always new things to see as the artist goes into action, adding their latest creation to the city walls.

Reading up on the artists online is fun, but seeing their work in person is even more fun.

Stay updated on the mural painting schedule for the artists, with all the mural locations, on their website.

It’s worth making a trip to see the artists at WALLTHERAPY, as they are all unique, featuring local and traveling artists.

Some travelers’ favorites include the St. Monci mural in South Wedge and the newly-painted Shawnee Hill and Omen Arts’ murals.

Feel your Heart Race in the Dark Matter Scream Works

Have you experienced entering a horror booth?

If you enjoy feeling goosebumps, enter a great haunted house comprising four houses.

This place is the Dark Matter Scream Works, created to give you the most terrifying experience in your life.

The phobia house is super creepy, looking like a Halloween tradition.

However, it’s still fun, especially if you love horror movies.

You don’t have to watch horror movies to enjoy a horrifying experience.

Just go to Dark Matter Scream Works, whose closeness to reality heightens its intensity.

Those scary yet funny moments make people remember those unique memories outside the haunted house.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Play in the Pineway Ponds Park

Do you want your kids to enjoy their summer vacation?

Then, take your kids to Pineway Ponds Park for a fun-filled day with safety.

You can find it in Spencerport, New York, 13 minutes from Greece.

With basketball courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, horseshoe pits, and a few ponds for fishing, it is a fantastic park that guarantees exciting recreation.

You can also host parties and other celebrations at the water spray park and event spaces.

The wide perimeter of the park is also excellent for your furry companions, giving them plenty of space to roam around.

The management reassures the people that the park gets better every year.

Visitors strolling through this park can enjoy the beautiful facility areas.

Don’t hesitate to visit Pineway Ponds Park, for you won’t regret using the facilities.

Ride on the Thrilling Sam Patch Tour Boat

Sam Patch Tour Boat in Erie Canal

Leonard Zhukovsky /

Have you had fun riding a boat?

If you have, you would also know that riding a boat with family and friends is more fun.

Check out the Sam Patch Tour Boat at the Erie Canal front in historic Pittsford, New York.

Drive 27 minutes to reach the boat from Greece.

Have tons of fun riding the Sam Patch Tour Boat as the hospitable and knowledgeable crew accommodates you.

The Sam Patch Tour Boat itself might be small but it’s spacious.

Likewise, the crew recommends you sit near the bow, so you can easily see the fun sights.

The available snack and drink options are good; you will love the local beer selections.

Ignite Your Imagination at the Imaginarium

Do you want a new fun activity with your family and friends?

The Imaginarium displays and promotes environment-friendly practices imaginatively environment-friendly practices.

You can find this place in Irondequoit, New York, 14 minutes from Greece.

Built in 2017, it demonstrates innovative and alternative development and construction methods.

Meanwhile, the Imaginarium also informs the public about the excellent advantages of renewable energy.

Witness renewable energy in action with its rooftop solar panels and a cycling room that generates electricity with a generation indicator.

Various plants are growing on the walls of its atrium and skylight.

While seeing such beauty and love for nature, you can’t help but adore the goodness that technology brings.

Watch the Amazing Airigami Balloon Adventure

Do you want to see incredible things?

There are so many unique random events to choose from, and one of them is the Arigami Ballon Adventure.

It generally takes about a week or so for them to prepare the balloons.

However, you can watch the crew set up the balloons the entire time.

Likewise, they always have a kick-off date after preparing everything, and all the balloons go up in the air.

Once the balloons are ready, they generally stay up for about two weeks.

You will love walking there, hanging out, and taking everything in.

The balloons themselves are exceptional.

You will appreciate what talented people can do with balloons as you see the balloons popping.

Final Thoughts

Greece offers more adventurous attractions that inspire you to travel and experience their attractive offers.

Enjoying all those extraordinary opportunities is an excellent adventure with unforgettable memories.

Book your trip today and discover the best things to do in Greece, New York.

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