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15 Best Things to Do in Great Neck, NY

  • Published 2022/08/31

Great Neck is one of the nine villages that make up the Great Neck Peninsula, a town that sits across Nassau County in New York.

Despite being relatively small compared to other nearby areas, this village has a fair share of grandeur that it can share with the rest of the world.

If you think that you can never find peace around here, you might want to have a second thought about that—the village is home to a lot of captivating flora and fauna.

You can also experience a satisfying dining experience around the spot with many restaurants with delectable meal offers.

Like its locals, you will surely enjoy your stay and make every minute worthwhile.

Are you wondering how you can maximize your time in this village?

Here are the best things to do in Great Neck, New York:

Gain New Knowledge at Great Neck Library

Exterior of the Great Neck Library

Jim.henderson, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Positioned along Bayview Avenue, Great Neck Library presents a fount of knowledge and endless discovery for the entire community.

The library is distant from a conventional setup of its kind, as the advent of digitalization has brought innovation to this humble facility.

Its online setup has been immensely convenient for book readers and others who want to gather information about a subject matter.

It offers a STEM lab, a suitable spot for tech-savvy youngsters who wish to learn the fundamentals of using modern-day technology, such as high-end laptops and 3D printers.

Also, it provides visitors with resources categorized per field; in just a few clicks, you can get whatever you’re looking for.

Apart from basic computer services, you can connect with them by using the Ask a Reference Librarian feature in their platform for assistance or further inquiries.

Only Great Neck School District residents are entitled to a Great Neck Library card, but non-residents can present a valid ID to enjoy these privileges.

Get Entertained at Steppingstone Park

If you seek a place where you can do almost everything you want, Steppingstone Park is the right place for you.

Located on Steppingstone Lane, this attraction is managed by the village’s park district, whose aim is to make the entire area as appealing as possible to its visitors.

Stretching over 12.8 acres, this park is a good place for athletes who wish to do warmups and drills before playing their respective sports.

Steppingstone Park is also one of the areas where live performances are held.

These creative exhibitions have always stunned locals and tourists as performers try to connect to their audience by singing their hearts out.

This community park also houses the Marina, a facility where most of the aquatic activities are made.

With picnic tables, public Wi-Fi, and play areas, this is an excellent spot for you and your family if you want to groove and make happy memories.

Stay at The Inn at Great Neck

If you’re tired of roaming around this spectacular village, you and your friends can stay within the perimeters of The Inn at Great Neck.

Situated on Mill Road, this hotel resembles an oasis for those visiting the village.

From superior suites to deluxe king rooms, The Inn at Great Neck ensures that you can get nothing but a tranquil lodging experience.

The Inn at Great Neck provides more than the bare minimum; aside from spacious rooms, they also offer hypoallergenic pillow covers, Internet services, and other essentials like business centers and an exercise room.

The in-house Marco Polo’s Restaurant and Bar is just as promising, with the fusion of Asian and American cuisines enticing the appetites of every guest coming from any part of the globe.

Get a Breath of Fresh Air at Village Green and Rose Garden

Amid the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, you can take a breather by visiting the Village Green and Rose Garden.

This park, located on Middle Neck Road, promises that anyone can find and feel pure serenity within the area’s vicinity.

It houses an enchanting butterfly garden, one of the most successful pursuits by the late architect Beatrix Farrand, the park’s original designer.

A Veterans Memorial Stage can also be found at this park—a reflection of the honor that citizens of the area brought to the village and the entire country.

You can enjoy the quietness of the Village Green and Rose Garden by either watching the soothing fountain or sitting on one of the available benches.

The park is also one of the venues where outdoor movies are conducted, so make sure you’re aware of the next screening when scheduling your visit.

Enroll Your Kids at Camp Parkwood

If you’re traveling with your children, consider visiting Camp Parkwood and making memories you can all cherish forever.

This training camp, found on Steppingstone Lane, is just the right place if you’re looking for a spot where you can uncover your kids’ potential.

Let your children partake in the camp’s gymnastics, karate, and dance classes.

You can also take some yoga classes and have your senses relaxed for a while.

Camp Parkwood also offers a swim program, wherein they teach youngsters the basics of floating and working their way up towards being skilled swimmers.

If you think your children will find these events interesting, consider enrolling them in Camp Parkwood once you set foot in Great Neck!

Soothe Your Appetite at Peter Luger Steak House

Exterior of the Peter Luger Steak House

Leonard J. DeFrancisci, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you looking for a spot where you and your colleagues can have a prosperous meal in Great Neck?

Peter Luger Steak House should be your priority.

This restaurant, located along Northern Boulevard, has captured the hearts of both tourists and locals with its impeccable meal offers.

The prominent steak house had its humble beginnings in 1887 in Brooklyn, where it was opened as Carl Luger’s Cafe, Billiards, and Bowling Alley.

Its history tells the poignant story of Sol Forman, owner of silverware store Forman Family, who bought the cafe in 1950 due to his love for food after its original owner died.

From hereon, the kin’s present-day members ensure the quality of their ingredients by checking their meat sources themselves.

Peter Luger Steak House continues to offer mouth-watering steaks to its beloved customers.

You may also want to get your hands on their cutting boards, shirts, caps, and other merchandise items.

Get Involved with Nature at Great Neck House

Are you interested in what the village’s past speaks about?

Great Neck House stores the historical narrative of the community and the locals.

This attraction is situated along Arrendale Avenue and welcomes every tourist with warmth and enthusiasm.

Within the area, you can join yoga, tai chi, and art programs.

If you’re traveling with your colleagues, Great Neck House also offers meeting rooms that can accommodate guests after prior approval from the park district’s Board of Commissioners.

Should you wish to learn more about the village, this is where you should be.

Just make sure you get a park pass to enjoy these privileges and other awesome perks around the area!

Seek Cool Collections at Judaica of Great Neck

Judaica of Great Neck is a must for your itinerary if you are into collecting fashionable antiques.

This store is located on Middle Neck Road and has received a positive impression from the locals because of the great finds you can find along its racks.

Opened to the public as a mom-and-pop boutique, this store houses curated items that you may find irresistibly charming.

If you’re looking for an impeccable artwork or book to complete a particular space in your home, you may just find that missing piece here.

Are you looking for fancy bracelets and necklaces to complete a distinct get-up?

Judaica of Great Neck can offer it to you as well.

Find the Best Ingredients at Shop Delight

For those passionate about cooking, Shop Delight can be your heaven throughout your stay in Great Neck.

This supermarket, which can be found along Welwyn Road, is the place to be if you are looking for any ingredients for the dishes you plan to prepare.

This shop considers Kosher meat and Persian products their specialties, but they offer other meat products for their valued customers.

Shop Delight also provides fresh produce, household items, and beauty products.

Enjoy Delicious Pizza at La Bottega Mangia Bene Ristorante

You mustn’t miss the chance to eat at La Bottega Mangia Bene Ristorante when in Great Neck.

This pizzeria, situated along Middle Neck Road, is one of the dining hubs to visit if you want to feel full and satisfied.

You can enjoy a wide array of pizza flavors starting at $10.

May it be a personal or specialty pizza, but you can never run out of good options at this place.

Soups and salads of various sorts are also available at La Bottega Mangia Bene Ristorante.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Witness Wildlife’s Diversity at the Bronx Zoo

Entrance to the Bronx Zoo

MindStorm /

If you want to see the beauty of wildlife right before your eyes, you can do so at the Bronx Zoo.

This impressive sanctuary is found along Southern Boulevard in the Bronx, a 32-minute drive from Great Neck.

Seals at Bronx Zoo

Gallery de Labux /

Stretching over 265 acres, this zoo houses various domestic and exotic animals in its New York Aquarium and aviary that can make you feel like you are immersed within their kingdom.

Inside the zoo, you can participate in educational programs to help your children appreciate wildlife and its wonders.

Exotic birds in Bronx Zoo

Nathan DeMarse /

Guests at least seven years old can also hop on to a treetop adventure and zip across the Bronx River.

All of these and other peculiar adventures await you at the Bronx Zoo.

Ebony langurs in Bronx Zoo

susana valera /

Embark on Thrilling Activities at Laser Bounce Family Fun Center

Are you and the rest of your family up for some fun and challenge?

Laser Bounce Family Fun Center offers both for youngsters and kids at heart.

This park is located in Glendale and is just 30 minutes away from Great Neck.

Its arcade and bounce arena will be enjoyable zones for your kids.

Moreover, its laser tag arena is among the attractions where you can enjoy the thrill with your family at Laser Bounce Family Fun Center.

Uncover the Past at the Nassau County Museum of Art

Exterior of Nassau County Museum of Art and some sculptures

Jay Gao /

For those curious about how the entire Nassau County emerged from the beginning of time, you may pay a visit to the Nassau County Museum of Art.

Situated along Roslyn, New York, this prominent museum is just 15 minutes from Great Neck.

Stairway to heaven sculpture on the grounds of Nassau County Museum of Art


This facility spans 45 acres and has grown since the early 1900s under the supervision of Stephens Bryce.

It houses a significant number of exhibitions that show the true power of art.

Sculpture at William Cullen Bryant Preserve

Jay Gao /

It also has a sculpture garden named William Cullen Bryant Preserve, featuring around 40 pieces of sculptures that are over 100 years old and made by 30 sculptors.

The Nassau County Museum of Art also offers nine nature trails where you can spend time reflecting in complete silence.

Tall sculpture at William Cullen Bryant Preserve

Jay Gao /

Ride the Waves with New York Media Boat

If you dream of taking on a cruise as you get a full view of New York City, then make it a reality by booking a trip with New York Media Boat.

This tour agency is just 45 minutes from the Great Neck and can be found at Liberty Street near Brookfield Place.

Their Adventure Sightseeing Tour lets you view the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Chelsea Piers, and the like while traversing the waters.

If unfortunate circumstances put the trip to a halt, New York Media Boat offers a reschedule or a full refund for the benefit of their esteemed visitors.

You can also book a private yacht tour with your colleagues if you feel like doing so.

Final Thoughts

The village of Great Neck teems with life and is just as wondrous as the rest of New York.

Despite being a relatively small area, this place is a home away from home for anyone who wants to relax and have a change of scenery.

Whatever lifestyle you prefer, the village and its nearby locations can give you everything you need.

So if you have any plans to visit New York, consider this admirable village as your go-to destination in your forthcoming trips.

Don’t forget to bookmark this list of the best things to do in Great Neck, New York!

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