15 Best Things to Do in Granville, NY

Granville, NY
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Granville is a small town on the eastern edge of New York State, near Vermont.

This quaint town is the "Colored Slate Capital" for the rare color varieties of the stones mined at its quarries.

However, Granville is also surrounded by lush rolling hills and forests, making it a place for outdoor adventure.

Granville is part of the "Slate Valley," spanning 24 miles through the New York and Vermont border.

Slate Valley boasts some of the most scenic outdoor attractions in the area, near Granville.

Besides its top-notch outdoor attractions, Granville's community boasts a bustling retail and dining scene.

Many restaurants have passed from generation to generation.

In addition, Granville is also known for its rich cultural life and its role in valuing its heritage, culture, and history.

Granville also turns into a playground for winter sports enthusiasts.

Here are the best things to do in Granville, NY:

Enter the Pember Library and Museum of Natural History

Exhibit in Pember Library and Museum of Natural History
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you're searching for fascinating history, visit the Pember Museum of Natural History.

This place is genuinely fascinating, especially when you find its massive collection of preserved animal specimens.

Bird exhibit in Pember Library and Museum of Natural History
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Pember Museum of Natural History houses more than 10,000 specimens of insects, reptiles, plants, and minerals collected from various parts of the Slate Valley.

Since 1909, this museum in Granville has educated locals and visitors about natural history and relevant topics.

Animal exhibit in Pember Library and Museum of Natural History
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Meet the Animals of the Jungle Experience Zoo

Granville may lack size, but this small town is full of surprises.

It's also home to a fascinating zoo, the Jungle Experience Zoo, along New York Interstate-149.

This small zoo in Granville has provided locals and visitors a magnificent place to see animals from the safari, the Great Outback, and numerous local wildlife.

Bring your kids to this zoo; they'll love it.

Jungle Experience Zoo is home to dozens of animals such as zebras, emu, monkeys, foxes, kangaroos, wallabies, coatimundi, lynx, etc.

Don't forget to put Jungle Experience Zoo in your itinerary during your visit to Granville.

Kayak along the Mettawee River

This river in Slate Valley passes through the heart of Granville, making it a perfect place for kayaking and other water activities.

The Mettawee River is a tributary of Lake Champlain in Western Vermont.

In addition, the Mettawee River is also a famous fly-fishing destination in Slate Valley, particularly in Granville.

The entire river stream abounds with various fish species throughout its 16-mile stretch across New York to Vermont states.

So, go kayaking along the Mettawee River or perhaps relax on the riverside while fishing.

Meet the Cuddly Alpacas of Parkland Alpaca Farm

This charming attraction in Granville is famous for its cute and cuddly alpacas.

The Parkland Alpaca Farm is known throughout Slate Valley for these unique animals.

It features a herd of alpacas that you can meet one by one.

Parkland Alpaca Farm is a unique store that recently opened in Granville, selling clothing and garments made from Alpaca wool.

In addition, Parkland Farm brings its alpacas to schools and senior homes to entertain everyone as part of its community education program.

Parkland Alpaca Farm is a must-visit attraction in Granville, especially with your loved ones.

Spend the Night at the Sheldon Mansion

If you want to spend a couple of days exploring Granville, then book a stay at the Sheldon Mansion Historic Inn.

Constructed in 1906, the mansion used to be the house of slate baron Frederick Sheldon.

Today, it's become an affordable bed and breakfast in Granville.  

Despite its beauty, the Sheldon Mansion fell into disrepair.

It underwent a series of restorations, paving the way for its conversion to a bed and breakfast.

Today, you'll appreciate the restored grandeur of this famous Granville mansion, especially if you stay there.

While staying at Sheldon Mansion, check out the English Study to play chess or perhaps relax in its elegant formal parlor.

Enjoy your meals in its dining room, which presents a picturesque view of its solarium.

Pick Fresh Fruits at Hicks Orchard

If you're searching for a unique travel experience in Granville, then check out Hicks Orchard.

You'll harvest dozens of fruit varieties at the vast orchard.

This famous tourist attraction is known for its fruit picking activity which is open to the public.

During your visit, you'll pick blueberries, cherries, apples, and other fruits using twig clippers.

Fill your basket to your hearts' content.

Hicks Orchard features more than 12,000 trees; many of them are already over a hundred years old.

After a tiring day of fruit-picking and harvesting, sit by the bonfire and eat some freshly-baked pie or the orchard's famous cider donuts.

Of course, you can buy and take home the fruits you picked.

Explore the Slate Valley Museum

Check out the Slate Valley Museum in Granville to learn about the rich history of Granville and Slate Valley.

This local museum has a vast collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and essential items that detail Granville and Slate Valley's past.

The items displayed at the museum feature Slate Valley's geology and the area's rich quarrying history.

During the 1800s, Granville and Slate Valley had more than 400 quarry sites which contributed significantly to the colored roofing slate industry.

Today, many of the quarries' old equipment and machinery are in the Slate Valley Museum for the public to see.

In addition, you can see numerous artworks at the museum, featuring Slate Valley's famous artists.

Spending an hour or two at the Slate Valley Museum gives you a one-of-a-kind experience during your Granville adventure.

Taste Top-Notch Ciders at Slyboro Ciderhouse

This local cider house is part of Hicks Orchard.

Most of the harvested apples go to this cidery for processing.

So, after visiting Hicks Orchard, proceed to the Slyboro Ciderhouse and enjoy some of its refreshing signature ciders.

While you're there, don't forget to pair a freshly opened bottle of cider with its famous cider donut, freshly baked every day.

Slyboro Ciderhouse isn't just part of Hicks Orchard; it's also one of the best traditional cider makers in the region.

They've used the same apple trees planted in the late 1800s in Hicks Orchard, using the same methods developed back then.

Grab a Pint at Slate Town Brewing Company

This local brewery in Granville is one of the locals' favorite watering holes.

If you want to go on a night out in Granville, visit Slate Town Brewing Company.

Spend time in the cozy taproom, featuring eight beers on tap, and enjoy a drink with friends.

In addition, this brewing company is known throughout Granville and neighboring towns for its top-notch craft beer.

Furthermore, Slate Town Brewing Company also makes fine wines and hard cider, making it an excellent place to try different beverages.

While sipping their signature craft beers, you can play corn hole or pool.

Book a Stay at the Station House Bed and Breakfast

Book a room at the Station House Bed and Breakfast to experience excellent lodging in Granville.

This bed and breakfast is also in a hundred-year-old building, the former D&H Railroad Station.

If you're looking for lodging in Granville near its famous tourist attractions, then go to the Station House Bed and Breakfast.

The Station House Bed and Breakfast is a stone's throw away from Granville's museums and shops.

You'll also learn a lot of historical facts about this lodging which was the central railroad station back in the day.

Hike the Slate Valley Rail Trail

Following the former D&H rail line in Granville and Slate Valley is a fascinating hiking experience during your visit.

The Slate Valley Rail Trail features many recreational activities such as biking, horseback riding, and off-road running.

The trail transforms into a winter wonderland during the holiday season, where visitors enjoy snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

Hiking this trail takes you to Slate Valley's unspoiled foliage and charming rural communities, giving you a glimpse of life in the countryside.

Don't miss this opportunity to hike this famous hiking trail when you visit Granville.

Travel Back in Time at Chapman's General Store

This general store in Middle Granville takes you back to the olden days when everything was simple.

Chapman's General Store has operated in Granville for over a hundred years.

It's a place that's pretty hard to miss since it's one of the most iconic places in town.

Like most old stores, Chapman's sells essential goods like ice cream, groceries, gas, and lottery tickets.

Besides being a trusted general store in town, Chapman's was also one of the historical meeting areas for Granville residents.

Take some time to visit this old store and admire how it maintains its vintage appeal.

At the same time, buy some of its products for a unique souvenir.

Join the Granville Fire Department Carnival

Every June, the Granville community converges at East Potter Avenue for the Granville Fire Department Carnival.

Granville's highly popular annual community activity has happened for many years already.

The Granville Fire Department hosts the carnival, featuring fun-filled rides, games, and carnival activities.

In addition, it has a food fair and other exciting shows that play during the two-day festivities.

Many people look forward to the festivity's finale, the incredible fireworks display.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy the Outdoors at Lake Saint Catherine

Go north of Granville to find the picturesque landscape of Lake Saint Catherine.

This vast 117-acre outdoor destination is one of the locals' favorite places to visit on the weekends.

Lake St. Catherine, whose own park has operated since 1953, provides visitors with a top-notch picnic and swimming experience.

This outdoor destination near Granville also has a cozy and convenient campsite, a beachfront, a nature center, and a green open field for outdoor activities.

In addition, Saint Catherine has boat rentals such as kayaks, canoes, and pedal boats.

Meanwhile, those who prefer to stay dry can head to one of its hiking trails, offering a breathtaking area view.

Also, many anglers love to come to this place to cast their line and catch some trouts, perch, and northern pikes, which abound in this 85-acre lake.

Climb the Scenic North Pawlet Hills

If you're looking for a bird's eye view of the Slate Valley and Granville, then climb the North Pawlet Hills and reward yourself with gorgeous scenery.

Visit this natural attraction through Waite Hill Road near Pawlet in Vermont, 11 minutes away from Granville.

Many people love to climb to the top of the hill and appreciate the stunning scenery below.

Climbing the North Pawlet Hills is a worthwhile experience you shouldn't miss, especially if you're an avid outdoor enthusiast.

Final Thoughts

Don't be deceived by Granville's sleepy environment and its small community.

This town in New York packs a lot of tourism potential.

Since not many people know about Granville, explore its attractions and hidden gems before they become mainstream.

Start planning your Granville trip today!

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