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20 Best Things to Do in Goshen, NY

  • Published 2023/03/06

Goshen is just an hour’s drive north of New York City, a small town full of history and old-world charm.

Named after the Biblical land of Goshen, it is also the county seat of Orange County, New York State.

The village of Goshen dates back to the 1700s.

Some of these early influences still last in the city today, including its charming architecture and traditional industries.

Here are the best things to do in Goshen, NY:

Feel Like a Kid Again at the Legoland New York Resort

New York landmarks built with legos at Legoland New York Resort

Renata Ty /

Kids of all ages will love the Legoland New York Resort, an exciting amusement park in the Hudson Valley.

Visitors can spend a day or two exploring the different rides and attractions in the park, from the LEGO Factory Adventure Ride, Merlin’s Flying Machines and Rogue Riders.

There are also interactive studios for kids to play around with their creative side.

They can go to the Build and Test area to build and imagine anything they want, from racetracks to skyscrapers.

Lego houses at Legoland New York Resort

Renata Ty /

They can also go to the LEGO Creative Workshop to practice their building skills with the countless LEGO bricks available.

After a fun day in the park, visitors can take a break with delicious snacks served on the premises.

The park serves pizzas, hotdogs, Asian rice bowls, even ribs, and desserts like frozen treats and Granny’s Apple Fries.

Have a great fun family day at the Legoland New York Resort!

Bronx botanical garden built with legos at Legoland New York Resort

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Observe Exotic Animals at Noah’s Park Retreat

On the outskirts of Goshen is Noah’s Park Retreat, a little haven in upstate New York for exotic wildlife.

The park is a unique education center and animal conservation area where people of all ages can see and feed exotic animals and farm animals.

Noah’s Park Retreat cares for a good mix of animal species, from horses to squirrels and armadillos and possums.

On-site are also select workshops for visitors to participate in, such as butterfly and insect workshops.

They are great activities for kids and adults alike to learn more about their life and ecosystem.

Likewise, they can exercise their creativity as they create animal-inspired art.

Animal lovers will have a great time at Noah’sPark Retreat.

See Horse Racing at the Goshen Historic Track

Aerial view of Goshen Historic Track

Derek Robertson /

Experience the fun of harness racing at the oldest race track in America.

The Goshen Historic Track has operated since 1838.

This National Historic Landmark is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

Horse racing on Goshen Historic Track

Chris Tully, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

At present, the famous half-mile oval hosts many events.

Visitors can still see horse races with the county’s best Standardbreds.

The track also hosts community events such as holiday markets, car shows, and club gatherings.

Put the Goshen Historic Track on your list as a must-see destination when in town.

Stay at the Gorgeous Stagecoach Inn

Book a night or two at the Stagecoach Inn for a touch of the authentic Goshen experience.

Built in 1747, the Stagecoach Inn is a beautiful Colonial-style house with five comfortable rooms that bring an old-world charm with a modern twist.

Multiple areas in the house serve award-winning fine dining.

The Spode Dining Room is next to the fireplace and a one-of-a-kind collection of Spode plates from around the world.

Then, you can try the Spolarium, which dates back to 1917.

Otherwise, stay on the porch for an elegant al fresco experience with a beautiful view of the manicured lawns.

Stagecoach Inn’s ideal location is close to all the different places and activities in the Hudson Valley, from downtown Goshen to the farms and fields outside the village.

Stay at the Stagecoach Inn and experience 18th-century luxury.

Explore the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame

Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame's track

Daniel Case, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Goshen has a rich history in harness racing, with the city housing the country’s oldest track.

Stationed along Main Street is the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame, keeping the spirit and tradition of the sport alive in Goshen.

The museum houses various fine art pieces, memorabilia and interactive exhibits that showcase harness racing memories.

Visitors can explore over 40,000 pieces of harness racing artifacts displayed throughout the premises.

Find a mix of old equipment, photographs, paperwork and documents, and even interactive films.

The museum hosts traveling exhibits throughout the county to showcase the sport’s history to other people in New York State.

The museum also drives support for the Standardbred industry, which continues breeding horses in today’s city.

Visit the Community Growers at Goshen Green Farm

Visitors who love farm life will enjoy the Goshen Green Farm.

The proprietors of Goshen Green Farm are passionate about education on sustainable farming practices.

Goshen Green Farm is a great place to relax and enjoy fresh produce in the breezy upstate New York air.

Visitors can visit the farmlands to explore the different crops and even join the harvest during guided tour sessions.

You can also bring home fresh greens, or have them cooked at the in-house restaurant for a real farm-to-table experience.

The farm also hosts pocket events, such as yoga sessions and interactive workshops.

Feel the Christmas Spirit at Watt Christmas Wonderland

During the holiday season, Watt Christmas Wonderland is the perfect place to feel the Christmas spirit at Goshen.

The site is a yearly tradition for locals, showcasing a beautiful display of lights and decorations that bring in the holiday cheer.

Watt Christmas Wonderland is a great place to bring family and friends to chat, relax, and take beautiful photos under the twinkle of the hundred thousand lights.

Apart from the beautiful displays, there are also stalls selling food, drinks, and knick-knacks.

See Local Farm Life at the Wagon Wheel Farm

The Wagon Wheel Farm spans over 163 acres of farmland on the outskirts of Goshen.

True to the town’s homey community vibe, the Wagon Wheel Farm promotes local and sustainable food and farming.

Visitors can explore the farm’s vastness, seeing all the various crops and the farm animals.

They also sell fresh produce as souvenirs, including beautiful sunflowers to brighten up any tabletop or desk drawer.

The farm is also open for pumpkin picking during the fall, with families bringing kids for an interactive time in the patches.

The farm hosts hay and straw essential classics for those interested in the farm craft.

Travel Back in Time at Goshen Village

Exterior of Goshen Village's hall

Daniel Case, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Goshen Village is a little enclave within its namesake town.

Most of the buildings there date back to the 1800s.

For example, modern businesses and mom-and-pop shops operate in Classic Colonial Style buildings.

The Orange County Government Center is also an architectural feat, done in the brutalist style by a former Yale architecture professor.

Goshen town hall at Goshen Village

​English Wikipedia user Daniel Case, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Other iconic buildings within the village are the 1841 courthouse and the Wisner memorial.

The Harness Racing Museum is also in Goshen Village.

Travel back to the 1800s in Goshen Village and see where the village’s old-world charm comes from.

Enjoy a Fresh Brew at the Hudson Valley Beer and Wine Tours

Headquartered on Main Street, the Hudson Valley Beer and Wine Tours let visitors sample the unique beers and wines in the Hudson Valley.

These drinks are a match for those produced in Napa Valley.

Visitors can choose to start from a craft beer tour of Orange County distilleries to nearby vineyards producing the finest grapes.

The tours last for half a day, including sampling the beverages plus small bites to complement each glass.

Get Your Schmear on at Orange County Bagel

New York is synonymous with a freshly baked bagel, and Orange County Bagel serves some of the best in Goshen.

Located in a small shop on Greenwich Avenue, Orange County Bagel serves fresh homemade bagels daily.

Grab a bagel sandwich or two from their various selections, such as a slice of classic cream cheese and lox or ham, egg and cheese for breakfast on the go.

You can even customize your sandwich toppings – don’t forget to get pastrami, a New York favorite!

Fill out the meal with some of their house salads or the day’s soup.

Don’tforget to grab a cup of coffee to start your day after your hearty meal at Orange County Bagel.

Feel the Spirits at Orange County Distillery

Three kinds of whiskey made by Orange County Distillery

PL Gould /

Just outside suburban Goshen is Orange County Distillery, which produces some of the finest spirits in the area.

The distillery is on an actual farm.

They bottle their own spirits, sourcing all ingredients locally.

The distillery produces a wide selection of liquors and spirits, from beer to gin, vodka and rum.

For a more interactive experience, drop by the Brown Bar Farms in nearby New Hampton to enjoy the drinks paired with a selection of comfort fare.

Enjoy the refreshments with live entertainment every weekend.

Grab a cold drink and kick back as you enjoy the Orange County Distillery.

Grab a Scoop at Trailside Treats Creamery

Don’t forget to reward yourself with a treat after a long day of exploring Goshen at the Trailside Treats Creamery.

The creamery offers homemade icecream using only the best ingredients sourced locally.

Enjoy their unique flavors like cannoli, cappuccino fudge crunch, black raspberry and smores.

Since 2012, Trailside Treats Creamery has offered only the best ice cream.

Go Horseback Riding at Seven Meadows Farm

Want a horseback-riding adventure while in Goshen?

Seven Meadows Farm is your best bet.

This horse facility on Hill Road offers boarding services and equestrian lessons.

Its indoor facility comes with matted stalls and an air-conditioned viewing room.

Taking a step outside, you’ll find the farm offering two large rings with one of them showcasing a jump course for your horse riding practice.

No matter your age and skill level, you can sign up for training and lessons on recreational and competitive horseback riding.

Seven Meadows Farm also offers summer camp programs for the youth.

Admire the Scenery on a Bike along the Heritage Trail

Take your nature exploration along Goshen to the next level with a bike ride along the Heritage Trail.

Spanning 19.5 miles, this linear trail takes you closer to the best spots and attractions within several Orange County cities.

These cities include Monroe, Harriman, New Hampton, and Goshen.

With both asphalt and limestone pathways, the trail is famous among hikers, bikers, and pedestrians.

Nature explorers may also find a wildlife sanctuary along the route—ideal for some immersive study in the wilderness.

The Heritage Trail has various access points.

But in Goshen, you can access the trail on Hartley Road.

Attend the Car Show and Food Truck Festival

On Park Place, the Goshen Historic Track is famous for its yearly Car Show and Food Truck Festival.

The Orange County Fire Police hosts and manages this event, offering a different kind of horsepower festivity.

Part of the event’s program is a parade of vintage cars.

With live music and a wide selection of food trucks, this event is fit for the whole family.

So, gather your loved ones for a nostalgic trip to the past in May.

The Car Show and Food Truck Festival is admission-free, so come by if you’ve got the time!

Watch a Shakespeare Show at Cornerstone Theater Arts

Can’t get enough of theatrical performances while in Goshen?

Cornerstone Theater Arts might be the place for you.

This theater brings to life the literary works of William Shakespeare in entertaining productions and stages.

But aside from Shakespearian tragedy and comedy, the theater also offers heartfelt performances from Cornerstone’s well-loved actors.

Take your date to see a romantic live piece.

Or bring the whole family over for a night of laughter and tears with one of the theater’s original performances.

Cornerstone Theater Arts opens its doors for you on Main Street.

Spot Common and Rare Birds at 6 ½ Station Sanctuary

The marshland of 6 ½ Station Sanctuary is one of Goshen’s tucked-away nature treasures.

Spanning 62 acres, this preserve offers access to the Heritage Trail on its south side.

Orange County Audubon Society manages and has been managing this sanctuary since 1981.

And over the years, tourists and birdwatchers have come by this place for relaxation and a bit of nature study.

In fact, the place has been the home of more than 200 bird species since its operations.

Some of 6 ½ Station Sanctuary’s notable bird residents include warblers, Marsh Wrens, and Virginia rails.

You can reach this sanctuary at 6 ½ Station Road.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Grab Homegrown Produce at Soons Orchards

Located in nearby New Hampton is Soons Orchards, another jewel in the crown of Orange County farming.

The Soons Orchard began as a dairy farm over a hundred years ago.

Since then, it has turned into a beautiful family-owned business that grows fresh produce for Orange County residents.

It’s also a place to enjoy the farm-to-table fare.

The farm hosts dinners featuring their star crops of the season, encapsulating that farm-to-table experience.

The farm also has a tap room that showcases proudly local brews from local distilleries.

Visitors can also visit the market, where they can take home fresh fruit and vegetables.

Explore the Great Outdoors at the Stewart State Forest

In Rock Tavern, New York, the Stewart State Forest is a lush expanse of greenery, 33 minutes away from Goshen.

The park is a great place to explore for the outdoorsman, with various outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, and boating.

The park is over 6,000 acres, a rarity in the Hudson Valley.

You’ll find lush greenery as you walk down a dozen trails spread out around the park.

Likewise, you can hunt game like deer, squirrels, fowl, and pheasants.

If you want to fish, pick from the several ponds around the park, including the deepest ones such as the Whalenburg and Wilkens Ponds.

You might catch bass, perch, and eels in these ponds.

The Stewart State Forest is the perfect outdoor retreat in upstate New York.

Final Thoughts

Goshen is definitely a beautiful retreat that’s just a short drive away from New York City.

Visiting the town feels like a step back in time, showcasing the slow and easy way of life in old New York.

Its charm and history make it a perfect destination.

Start planning your Goshen trip today!

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