15 Best Things to Do in Goshen, CT

Goshen, CT
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Goshen is a quaint New England town in the picturesque Litchfield Hills in Connecticut.

Its population of 3,000 residents adds to its small-town charm along with its turn-of-the-century buildings, theaters, churches, and farms.

These places still provide service to this day.

Goshen is roughly a two-hour drive from New York and an hour away from Hartford and Springfield, Connecticut.

This small town in the middle of Litchfield County is an ideal weekend getaway destination, especially for those who want to relieve stress.

Upon arriving in Goshen, you'll quickly feel time slowing down as you stroll through this picturesque storybook town.

Beyond Goshen is the lush Litchfield Hills teeming with countless outdoor recreation and nature activities.

Here are the best things to do in Goshen, Connecticut, to give you some ideas for your next trip:

Unwind at the Sunset Meadow Vineyards

Wagon decorated with flowers at Sunset Meadow Vineyards
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The Sunset Meadow Vineyards along Old Middle Street is a picturesque local winery and vineyard.

Initially a farm in the 1800s, this winery is one of Goshen's most visited places for its award-winning wines and breathtaking views of its vineyards.

This winery in Goshen is also one of New England's biggest wine producers.

Rows of grapevines at Sunset Meadow Vineyards
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From a visitor's perspective, you'll surely enjoy sipping wine while unwinding with your family or travel buddies.

Of course, the scenic overlook of the vineyards and the sunset on Litchfield Hills will give you a picturesque backdrop.

Aside from tasting the winery's top-notch wines, you can also tour its 1800s German Bank Barn.

Spend the day at the Sunset Meadow Vineyards!

Wander the Mohawk State Forest

Mohawk State Forest, or the Mohawk Mountain State Park, spans over 4,000 acres, covering the towns of Goshen, Cornwall, and Litchfield.

You can find it mainly in the southern Berkshires of Litchfield County.

This state forest serves as a nature preserve and outdoor recreation destination.

Likewise, this place is famous for its various outdoor activities.

Many people love to visit this place in Litchfield County for hiking, nature viewing, picnicking, and skiing in the winter.

Mohawk State Forest is a highly-recommended natural attraction in Goshen you must also visit.

See the Animals at Action Wildlife

Action Wildlife in Goshen is a vast wildlife sanctuary and a non-profit organization that dedicates itself as a nursing home for rare and exotic animals.

It houses over 350 exotic animals at its zoo and viewing area.

At the same time, it has a petting zoo, an exploration center, a museum, a gift shop, and a drive-thru safari.

The entire wildlife sanctuary spans over 116 acres, serving as a natural habitat for its featured animals.

The most common animals at this wildlife sanctuary are zebu, bison, zebra, emu, peacock, alpaca, and more.

Kids and grownups will have guaranteed fun roaming the vast facility and coming across these majestic animals.

At the same time, you can proceed to its museum featuring preserved life-sized animals.

Treat Your Taste Buds at Thorncrest Farm, LLC & Milk House Chocolates

The Thorncrest Farm & Milk House Chocolates is an operational dairy farm renowned for its artisanal chocolates and top-notch dairy products.

This farm and dairy shop crafts the famous Bulgarian-style yogurt, pasteurized whole cream milk, and chocolates.

Sample its best offerings at its quaint but charming creamery and chocolate shop, which can fit eight people.

Many visitors love to return to this shop to taste its artisanal chocolates.

The shop creates chocolates in small batches using their signature butter, cream, and milk.

If you want to treat your taste buds to something delicious, go to this chocolate shop.

The Thorncrest Farm & Milk House Chocolates serves not just artisanal chocolates but also other dairy products.

Book a Stay at the Mary Stuart House B&B

The Mary Stuart House Bed & Breakfast along Sharon Turnpike is a charming place to stay in Goshen.

This bed and breakfast is in a 1798 colonial house, where Goshen resident Mary Orlando once lived.

This house has witnessed the changes in town through the years while maintaining its gorgeous colonial house design.

If you're looking for a relaxing place to stay during your visit to Goshen, book a stay at this bed and breakfast.

It's a short drive from Goshen's top tourist attractions, such as the Mohawk Mountains, Litchfield hills, and Goshen Fairgrounds.

At the same time, you'll instantly feel at home with its cozy rooms that feature the original furnishings and design of the house.

Enjoy a restful stay at the Mary Stuart House Bed & Breakfast!

Join the Celebration of the Annual Goshen Fair

Food stands at the Annual Goshen Fair
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The Annual Goshen Fair at Goshen Fairgrounds is one of the town's biggest festivities.

Every August, the town of Goshen celebrates this exciting agricultural fair.

This major agricultural fair features livestock judging, oxen pulls, draft horse pulls, woodcutting competitions, and live entertainment.

Local fruits for sale at the Annual Goshen Fair
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Aside from the typical fair exhibits, you'll also enjoy a wide array of food and drinks from dozens of vendors, carnival rides, and shows.

You can join various eating contests and farm games with your family or travel buddies.

Visit Goshen during August to celebrate the annual Goshen Fair!

Monster truck show at the Annual Goshen Fair
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Meet the Locals at Goshen Farmers Market

Goshen Farmers Market is the locals' favorite place to shop for food and crafts.

This farmers market has built a solid reputation for over a decade for its farm-to-table produce, baked pastries, and homemade handicrafts.

Visiting this farmers market lets you mingle with locals and enjoy browsing dozens of vendors.

At the same time, you'll feel alive with the local musicians serenading you while shopping for goods.

Stock up on supplies at the Goshen Farmers Market!

Climb the Peak of Ivy Mountain State Park

Ivy Mountain State Park encompasses 50 acres of natural environment, with Goshen being the nearest community.

This natural attraction rises 1,654 feet above sea level, a haven for hikers and climbers.

In 1881, Franklin E. Wadhams constructed a 70-foot tower on Ivy Mountain's summit using wooden materials.

Its top floor had a telescope which you can find now at the Goshen Historical Society's office.

Back in the day, locals loved to climb the mountain's peak, even if it was pretty challenging.

Some of the best activities on top of the mountain are picnicking and blueberry picking.

At the same time, visitors love to climb the old tower's ruins.

Today, this state park remains a popular spot for hiking and climbing, which you can add to your itinerary.

If you're up for some challenging activity while in Goshen, try climbing the summit of Ivy Mountain State Park!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Cast Your Line at Highland Lake

Highland Lake is a 44-acre body of water that cuts through the boundary of Winchester in Connecticut.

For locals in Litchfield County, this lake is a famous recreational destination that mainly features fishing and boating.

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection stocks this lake with fish such as bass and trout annually.

Fascinatingly, this lake has recorded numerous rogue waves back in the day, which hit residential areas.

Experts say plate movements underground cause these rogue waves.

Nonetheless, this lake remains a famous fishing destination you can visit anytime.

Many anglers visit this place for its abundance of local fish species, which guarantees a catch during your visit.

If you're not into fishing, you can hike the lake's shores and appreciate its natural beauty.

Otherwise, ride a boat and paddle through the lake's tranquil waters.

You can find Highland Lake in Winchester, Connecticut, 23 minutes from Goshen.

Visit the Major General John Sedgwick Memorial

The Major General John Sedgwick Memorial is located outside Goshen in Cornwall, Connecticut.

This place is nine minutes from Goshen.

This historical landmark is a tribute to Cornwall's most decorated soldier, John Sedgwick of the Union Army

In 1864, Sedgwick died during the Bottle of Spotsylvania Courthouse.

Sedgwick was the highest-ranking Union officer killed during the American Civil War.

Today, you can visit one of his many memorials in Cornwall, with others scattered throughout the nation.

His other memorials are in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in Cornwall cemetery, the Capitol building in Hartford, and Spotsylvania Courthouse in Virginia.

Sedgwick's final resting place is in Cornwall cemetery.

It's a fascinating place to visit if Litchfield's history interests you.

You can stop by and take photos and appreciate the solemn atmosphere of the Major General John Sedgwick Memorial.

Roam the Litchfield Historical Society Museum

Litchfield Historical Society Museum serves as the county's local museum in Litchfield, Connecticut.

This museum is nine minutes south of Goshen.

It mainly exhibits the county's evolving history from its humble beginnings as a settlement in 1719 to the present day.

This museum features rotating exhibits, archives, and artifacts detailing the county's fascinating history.

In addition, the museum also features the Litchfield Law School and the Tapping Reeve House, which hold essential historical relevance to the entire county.

At the same time, the museum features role-playing and hands-on exhibits, which visitors can explore.

If the history of Litchfield County and Goshen intrigues you, then go to this museum.

The Litchfield Historical Society has existed since 1856.

It provides tours and events to museum visitors.

Joining one of its guided tours or touring the museum on your own are equally fascinating educational experiences.

Learn history at the Litchfield Historical Society Museum!

Shred Some Snow at Mohawk Mountain Ski Area

Mohawk Mountain Ski Area is one of the best skiing destinations in the entire county.

You can find it in Cornwall, Connecticut, nine minutes from Goshen.

This ski area is also the state's first and best winter sports facility.

It mainly features a 1,600-foot summit, 107 acres of skiable space, and 26 trails.

In addition, it has a 650-foot vertical drop for skiing daredevils who want an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Walt Schoenknecht founded the ski area in 1947.

The Mohawk Mountain Ski Area is a great skiing spot, whether you're an avid skier or an average visitor to Goshen.

If you're not into skiing, you can still enjoy the scenic overlooks and natural areas above the mountain.

Take a Swing at Stonybrook Golf

Stonybrook Golf is a charming public golf course roughly seven miles south of Goshen in Litchfield, Connecticut.

This course is 12 minutes from Goshen.

It features a par of 35 and a 9-hole golf course through 2,986 yards from its longest tee.

With a 35.8 and a slope rating of 123, this golf course is a fantastic place to play golf with your family or travel buddies.

Al Zikorus designed the course, featuring a breathtaking view of the nearby Litchfield Hills.

While playing golf, you'll also marvel at its perfectly landscaped course.

After a tiring golf session at Stonybrook Golf, you can proceed to its clubhouse, which serves meals, snacks, beer, and wine.

Sing along with Music Mountain

Music Mountain Concert Hall is 12 miles northwest of Goshen in the neighboring town of Falls Village.

Since 1930,  this fantastic group of musicians and performers has entertained Litchfield County and Connecticut.

It has also become one of the state's most beloved musical groups, regularly holding spectacular concerts.

Known for their outstanding music and regular shows, Music Mountain performs at the Gordon Hall.

This concert hall in Falls Village has top-notch acoustics and cozy seating.

The National Register of Historic Places has added Music Mountain and Gordon Hall to its record, preserving their historical value.

If you want to catch a world-class musical experience, head to Falls Village, Connecticut, 17 minutes from Goshen.

Stroll through the Milton Center Historic District

The Milton Center Historic District showcases a 19th-century village in Litchfield, Connecticut, 13 minutes from Goshen.

This historical attraction covers the areas of Milton junction, Shearshop Roads, and Milton Cemetery.

Most buildings in the historic district are schools, shops, houses, and churches.

At the same time, you'll see numerous remnants of industrial sites that used to operate in the town.

Check out this district if you're looking for some gorgeous century-old buildings while visiting Goshen.

Strolling through this historic district shows you several well-known 17th-century buildings.

These buildings highlight beautiful Colonial Revival architectures, mostly preserved from the time of their construction.

These buildings are Academy Hill, the Milton Meetinghouse, and the First Parish Church Complex.

Then, you can see the Children's Church, the Town Hall, Tuell House, Milton Public Library, and the Central Fire House.

The Milton Center Historic District captures a special place in history, making it a recommended attraction to visit near Goshen.

Final Thoughts

Goshen is a charming countryside town that instantly captivates you with its calm atmosphere, centuries-old buildings, and nearby mountains.

Those who want a much-needed break from their stressful life would love Goshen's laid-back vibes.

Bookmark this post about the best things to do in Goshen to help you plan your trip.

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