15 Best Things to Do in Glen Mills, PA

Glen Mills, PA
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As an unincorporated community, Glen Mills shines with its small-town charm and welcoming ambiance.

The community’s name came from two on-site paper mills essential to the national government.

While those mills no longer exist, the area still has its fair share of historic buildings like the Newlin Mill Complex.

Besides history, Glen Mills has diverse leisure and lively entertainment venues.

Just because it’s an unincorporated community doesn't mean this place has less to offer than official towns!

It’s still a proud tourist destination in Concord Township and Delaware County.

Enter a thrilling haunted house, hike past green pastures, and explore your creativity in local shops.

Check out this list for the best things to do in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.

Join a Guided Tour at Newlin Grist Mill

The Newlin Grist Mill is an impressive historic gem within the underrated community.

Built in the 17th century, this mill had been a popular provider of grains in and out of the vicinity.

It’s become a venue for history, education, nature preservation, and outdoor recreation today.

You can explore beautiful trails, go fishing in ponds, and witness historic demonstrations at Newlin Grist Mill.

It hosts lively festivals, community dinners, informative classes, and other entertaining events.

It’s a destination with many activities and precious sights for its incoming guests.

Whether you’re an adult, a teenager, or a child, there are plenty of exciting things to try at the Newlin Grist Mill.

You can find it along Cheyney Road.

Relive Your Childhood in Oasis Family Fun Center

Oasis Family Fun Center is a family-friendly attraction for various activities and thrilling modern games.

Lacrue Avenue's amusement center is a one-stop venue for games, obstacle courses, and dining options.

They have diverse playgrounds for children, immersive virtual simulations, laser challenges, and other high-tech systems.

For adults, there are bowling facilities where you can spend your time.

An on-site cafe and restaurant also serve delicious American meals like chicken wings, pizzas, and salads.

Truly, Oasis Family Fun Center stays true to its name.

If you want to treat the family to a fun day, check out this bright, well-maintained attraction.

Book Tee Time at the Golf Course at Glen Mills

The Golf Course at Glen Mills has won several awards as a premium golfing destination.

They've consistently attracted customers with clean facilities and top-notch service for over 20 years.

The course takes pride in its pristine greens, enveloped within a natural backdrop of Glen Mills’ scenic environment.

It includes various terrains like lush woodlands, small wetlands, flowing streams, and elevated parts.

This has made the Golf Course at Glen Mills a thrilling venue for golf players of all skill levels!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, this place offers a quiet haven backed by nature.

It’s a place that can help you find your peace, one game at a time.

You can also check out the pro shop, enjoy classic meals at the grill room, and explore other club amenities.

Face Your Fears in the Bates Motel

The Bates Motel is inspired by the TV series of the same name, which in turn comes from Hitchcock's classic film Psycho.

Various media sources have dubbed this attraction one of the best haunted houses in America.

With original soundtracks, stellar acting, and detailed production sets, the Bates Motel will scare the socks off you.

They’ve got killer clowns, gory creatures, scarecrows, and others!

You also have options from escape rooms and outdoor trails to ax-throwing activities and haunted hayrides.

If you’re looking for a unique way of entertainment, this spooky destination can be the perfect place to test your fears!

At Middletown Road, this world-famous attraction is something you must try at least once in your lifetime.

Give the Bates Motel a shot!

Grab a 5-Course Meal at the Inn at Grace Winery

The Inn at Grace Winery is a picturesque property nestled along the lengths of Sweetwater Road.

It’s a scenic property with a vineyard, winery, inn, and cafe in a single destination.

Whether it’s home-cooked meals or homegrown wines, this inn focuses on providing locally sourced products.

They offer five-course meals, wine-tasting sessions, tours around the property, and group gatherings.

You can also spend the night at the Sweetwater House, a historic inn on-site dating back to the 18th century.

Affordable and cozy cottages are also located close to the area.

The Inn at Grace Winery features a blend of simple, classic decor embraced in a comfortable ambiance.

This inn is the perfect destination for those seeking peace and local tastes.

Visit Arasapha Farm

Arasapha Farm allows guests to experience the fun side of the simple, idyllic country lifestyle.

At Middletown Road, this farm is an expansive space of pristine greenery that hosts seasonal events and attractions.

From corn mazes and rubber duck races to petting zoos and train rides, Arasapha Farm shines as a family-friendly venue.

Other activities include interactive ventures such as personal tree-cutting for Christmas and picking up pumpkins from the patches.

The staff is also known to be friendly and warm to new and old customers!

More than a source of local agriculture, Arasapha Farm has cemented its place in the people’s hearts.

Its bright, lively activities provide fun adventures to the unincorporated community.

See Historical Statues at Thornbury Park

If you’re unsure where to go, Thornbury Park is an easy place to visit for relaxation and recreation.

This public location has a mix of facilities that you can spend your time on.

This includes dog-friendly walking trails, basketball courts, tennis fields, and pavilions for anyone to use.

You can also find some historical statues and informative displays scattered around the premises.

It may not be the largest park out there, but it’s got a serene atmosphere that compliments its pristine surroundings.

It’s located along Glen Mills Road.

You can enjoy all sorts of activities in Thornbury Park!

Showcase Your Creativity in Board & Brush Creative Studio

You can show off your creative side at Board & Brush Creative Studio!

At Wilmington Pike Unit, this shop offers classes for various types of home decor and personalized accessories.

Some of their themes have featured adding text to doormats, wood-based projects, DIY handicrafts, and more.

They offer classes to families, individuals, and anyone interested in learning valuable creative skills.

Other than arts, they host gatherings for the community to meet and enjoy each other’s company.

If you don’t have time to attend a class, they sell home kits and pre-made items from trained staff.

Board & Brush Creative Studio is great for custom souvenirs and memorabilia!

Learn to Prepare Indian Cuisine at Haneeda’s Kitchen

For those who want to try new flavors, check out Haneeda’s Kitchen.

It’s a culinary school that shares the ins and outs of tasty Indian cuisine within a single session.

With various Indian spices and ingredients, Haneeda’s Kitchen will teach you a thing or two about the cuisine.

Learning to mix certain spices is essential in Indian cuisine, so even one session can be helpful.

At the end of the cooking class, the students can gather around and feast on their home-cooked meals together.

Rather than simply eating, why not learn how to create delicious, unique dishes independently?

Haneeda’s Kitchen makes it possible!

Browse their courses at Mount Aire Farm Road.

Unwind at Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon

Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon is a luxurious place for beauty and relaxation.

It’s one of the most popular destinations in the community, boasting thousands of positive reviews.

Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon offers massages and body exfoliation to premium hair services.

Since 2007, this premium facility has been the go-to of locals around the area.

They’re also known for having friendly and professional staff!

After hours of exploring the community, take a reprieve with the relaxing services of this spa.

Their treatment uses premium ingredients such as peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and other natural treats.

Located along Baltimore Pike, this place welcomes people of all ages and genders!

Try Local Treats in II Brother’s Pizza and Restaurant

Il Brother’s Pizza and Restaurant would be a fine choice for family eateries.

For more than 30 years, the restaurant has been a successful business within the small community.

They specialize in Italian dishes, from pizzas and pasta to sandwiches, wings, and desserts.

What makes them unique is that they’re family-owned and made with authentic ingredients imported from Italy.

They also make their bread and doughs fresh from scratch.

You should visit this casual restaurant if you’re searching for cozy, authentic places to dine comfortably.

There's a reason why Il Brother’s Pizza and Restaurant has stayed open since its establishment in Glen Mills.

Located at Baltimore Pike, try it for yourself!

Create Flower Arrangements at Strawflower Farm

Strawflower Farm is a tranquil, scenic paradise of colorful blossoms and vivid greenery at Broomall Lane.

It’s a small family farm that spans four acres and is open to all its customers.

The specialty of Strawflower Farm is the immersive experience of picking your flowers and cutting them with your hands.

Afterward, the welcoming staff will help you arrange those flowers into a stunning bouquet that suits your preference.

They have various flowers in the gardens, filled with different colors, sizes, and styles.

You’ll see picturesque views of a vibrant and diverse garden of blossoming plants and greens.

It’s a unique experience you must try in Glen Mills.

Treat your eyes to the scenic natural environment and take home a piece of the fun experience with you.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Try the Activities in Linvilla Orchards

Fresh produce at Linvilla Orchards
Jim, the Photographer, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Linvilla Orchards is easily one of the best family-friendly attractions in town!

It features an assortment of facilities and exhibits that showcase the thrilling charm of the farmer’s lifestyle.

From barnyard animals and train rides to playgrounds and golf, Linvilla Orchards is home to diverse activities.

Depending on the season, there’s also a pick-your-own area selling fresh products, including asparagus, strawberries, and peonies.

It’s a great way to support local agriculture while receiving top-quality veggies and fruits.

It’s only 13 minutes from Glen Mills so it won’t be too far of a drive from the community.

The market also sells home-baked pastries, wood-fired pizzas, and other seasonal meals.

Drop by Linvilla Orchards at Media, Pennsylvania, for a splendid time with the family!

See Nature’s Beauty at Tyler Arboretum

A covered footbridge at Tyler Arboretum
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Along the stretch of Painter Road, you can discover nature’s untainted beauty in Tyler Arboretum.

The venue features 650 acres of mystical lands, presenting a tranquil oasis from the modern world.

Tyler Arboretum is an ideal place to venture safely into the outdoors, from mystical woodlands to lush meadows.

It’s home to thousands of plants, varying species, and constantly changing as the seasons pass by.

Paved trail at Tyler Arboretum
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Taking a hike into this arboretum will likely present you with plenty of memorable sights!

It came from humble lands in 1681, carefully nurtured to become a beautiful destination.

Located in Media, ten minutes from Glen Mills, this arboretum is an exciting addition to your itinerary.

Buildings at Tyler Arboretum
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Admire the Works at the Brandywine Museum of Art

A statue beside Brandywine Museum of Art
LEE SNIDER PHOTO IMAGES / Shutterstock.com

Check out the Brandywine Museum of Art in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, nine minutes from Glen Mills.

The gallery is a minimalist space that showcases intricate pieces from the Wyeth family, as well as themes of American art.

You can also find landscape-centric works focusing on the beauty of Pennsylvania’s stunning nature.

It’s housed in a historic 19th-century mill, renovated with transparent glass that offers clear views of the Brandywine River.

You can explore the museum, watch live concerts, and dine at an on-site cafe at the Brandywine Museum of Art.

It’s located within the small village of Chadds Ford, specifically at Painter Road.

Final Thoughts

Glen Mills is home to premium destinations attracting nationwide travelers despite its small community.

It’s also rich in local businesses that offer different products, learning experiences, and welcoming staff.

Don’t be fooled by its small-town charm because this place has lots to offer!

Check out the best things to do in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania!

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