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15 Best Things to Do in Glassboro, NJ

  • Published 2022/08/29

The borough of Glassboro is a quintessential college town.

It sits in Gloucester County, New Jersey, and forms part of the South Jersey region.

Established in 1779 by Solomon Stanger, “Glass Works in the Woods” was Glassboro’s first known name because of glass manufacturing.

The progressive borough provides its residents and visitors with many business opportunities, beautiful attractions, and outdoor activities.

Glassboro is home to the renowned Rowan University and numerous exciting events that take place every year.

Aside from its vibrant, supportive community, the borough is a treasure trove of historic sites and enjoyable attractions.

Glassboro is a desirable location with easy access to neighboring places like Philadelphia, Delaware, New York, and other areas in New Jersey.

If you’re thinking of touring here, these are the best things to do in Glassboro, New Jersey:

Spend an Enjoyable Day at the Glassboro Town Square

The Glassboro Town Square is a well-known park where Rowan Boulevard greets Downtown Glassboro.

Its essential feature is its public open space for visitors to enjoy the eye-catching view and family-friendly atmosphere.

What one can see in this 1.75-acre clean park are well-maintained lawns, paver plazas, benches, tables, fountains, sculptured art displays, and different shrubs and trees.

Being at the heart of the dynamic downtown makes it a community gathering spot, especially in summer when food trucks, music, festivals, kid and adult activities, and other public events are usual.

The Glassboro Town Square welcomes you if you want to stroll around, sit and relax, or spend a day with your family or friends.

While summer is the best time to come to this vibrant park, other times like the Christmas season are perfect, too, as many colorful lights and displays delight your eyes.

In addition to daily, weekly, seasonal, and yearly events and festivities hosted in the Glassboro Town Square, many excellent restaurants and stores conveniently nestle nearby the area.

Learn the Glass-Making History at the Heritage Glass Museum

The Heritage Glass Museum is on High Street East, just a two-minute walk from Glassboro Town Square.

It’s a space where residents and visitors can learn about the incredible history of glass-making in Glassboro and the surrounding areas in southern New Jersey.

The fascinating museum contains retrieved and preserved collections and a library of historic glass bottles, artifacts, photos, documents, and books.

What’s more interesting is that the collection includes glasses, bottles, and other related items from hundreds of years ago.

While the colorful glassworks of various styles, colors, and sizes on display will awe you, you’ll also learn the glass-making industry’s history and process.

If you’re someone who loves history, wants to know about glass-making, or wishes to purchase some pieces on sale, stop by the Heritage Glass Museum.

Hang Out at East New Street Park

East New Street Park is a local park perfect for families with kids and dogs.

While picnicking in the pavilion, picnic tables, or on the grass, you can watch your kids on the slides at the playground or playing in the open field.

The park also has soccer and small baseball fields for those who want to practice or play these sports.

If you’re a fur parent, you can take your pets to the area designed specifically for dogs.

A trail is available for some sweating, like jogging, hiking, or biking.

The park also features a hockey rink for ice skating.

Visit East New Street Park on New Street East.

Explore the Night Skies at the Ric and Jean Edelman Planetarium

The Ric and Jean Edelman Planetarium is located inside Rowan University.

If you love science, astronomy, and night skies, this fantastic planetarium is for you.

For over 15 years, it has presented fabulous live stargazing, planetarium shows, field trips, star parties, and other special events.

At the end of the experience, one will not just have fun but also leave the space bringing learnings about astronomy.

Does watching the night skies through telescopes with a fantastic sound system and nice seating excite you?

School, church, and scout groups can schedule private shows, while you can buy tickets and attend the Ric and Jean Edelman Planetarium’s public shows.

See the Wildlife at Glassboro Wildlife Management Area

Enjoy the outdoors by exploring Glassboro Wildlife Management Area.

Also known as Glassboro Wildlife Management Area, Glassboro-Clayton CC Woods, or “state woods,” this site is in the southern part of the borough, close to South Delsea Drive Park.

This nature area spans 2,337 acres of forest with streams, ponds, swamps, open fields, and pathways for hikers and bird enthusiasts.

It also contains portions of Clayton, which you can travel across by route.

Some habitats you can spot in the area include hermit thrush, rose-breasted grosbeak, tiger swallowtail, black-billed cuckoo, American redstart, nesting woodpeckers, and many more.

If you want to witness nature and wildlife in the borough, Glassboro Wildlife Management Area is the best place for you.

Hike or Bike through the Glassboro/Williamstown Trail

If you want a thrilling trail to hike or bike in the borough, Glassboro/Williamstown Trail is just on Glassboro Road.

It’s part of the Monroe Township Bike Trail, a 6.3-mile trail that ties Glassboro and Williamstown and passes through the northern part of the Glassboro/Clayton Wildlife Management Area.

The trail is typically at least six feet wide and painted with a splitting line and metal bollards along the path.

Increase your fitness and incorporate cardiovascular into your life by walking, hiking, or biking on this great, flat, paved trail that goes through some serene woodlands and quiet neighborhoods, allowing you to see wildlife and embrace solitude.

Should your feet need a break, rest on benches and picnic tables as you eat some snacks while soaking in the beautiful shade of nature and relaxing atmosphere and watching other bikers, hikers, and runners passing by.

The best time of the year to indulge in a delightful trip on this trail is in the autumn.

During this season, you won’t miss the chance to take out your phone and photograph the stunning sights as you go along the Glassboro/Williamstown Trail.

Have a Wonderful Day Outdoors at Elsmere Park

The verdant Elsmere Park is located on Higgins Drive, around 1.5 miles from Glassboro Downtown.

What you can do at this 10.7-acre park is revel by going for a stroll alone or with your pet or spending a morning jog.

Bringing your family or friends and picnic essentials for an unforgettable picnic time is a perfect idea to experience in this large park.

Likewise, you can play ball and other games, do some light exercises for well-being, or watch your kids fly a kite.

Explore Elsmere Park and connect in nature’s embrace.

Explore South Delsea Drive Park

Glassboro doesn’t have a shortage of parks.

South Delsea Drive Park is found on South Delsea Drive, around 1.9 miles from East New Street Park and 1.4 miles from Glassboro Downtown.

This park has soccer and baseball fields, basketball courts, and a playground.

Moreover, it features restrooms, benches, picnic areas, barbeque grills, and trails for hiking, running, or biking.

If you’re worried about leaving your dogs at home, take them with you, as South Delsea Drive Park has dog park sections, too.

You can also play frisbee and other games at this park, explore the trees, read a book, or work out.

Taste Delicious Wines at Summit City Farms & Winery

Summit City Farms & Winery is a family-owned farm and winery on University Boulevard that has been around since 1922.

The place gives you a cozy and country-like atmosphere while enjoying their delicious wines flavored with peach, grape, raspberry, nectarine, apple, or your favorite fruit.

They offer a wide assortment of dry and sweet fruit wines at reasonable prices.

The place’s live music makes it even more fantastic whether you prefer country, jazz, or karaoke, a perfect pair for your wine experience.

They host different activities or events, such as live performances, music nights, and holiday events, so plan a date with your friends, family, or special someone.

Their accommodating staff will assist you if you wish for a private event, bridal shower, or pony party.

Aside from wine production on their site, with fruits primarily reaped on their farm, you can buy fruits as they also offer wholesale and retail distribution.

Summit City Farms & Winery is a hidden treasure that welcomes a customer or visitor like you in their winery and tasting room.

Join the Celebration of the Saint Anthony’s Italian Heritage Festival

The Saint Anthony’s Italian Heritage Festival is an annual event held at Glassboro Town Square every September.

The festival celebrates the history, culture, and beauty of Italian roots in America and welcomes everyone of all ages.

It features full-scale events and activities, such as carnival games, cultural exhibits, a beer garden, and a wine-making competition.

The festivity wouldn’t be complete without Italian foods, food trucks, artisan vendors, non-alcoholic beverages, live music, and entertainment.

There is also a procession featuring Saint Anthony’s statue with beautiful decorations of flowers backed up by a traditional Italian musical band.

Join the vibrant Saint Anthony’s Italian Heritage Festival and engage with the blissful community.

View Impressive Cars during the Glassboro Car Show & Food Truck Festival

The Glassboro Car Show & Food Truck Festival is one of Glassboro’s most anticipated festivals.

It’s a top-notch car show that attracts thousands of visitors every September.

This festival has been running since 2004, displaying classic or vintage and modern exotics and race cars.

Car enthusiasts and visitors or attendees gather on Rowan Boulevard and Downtown Glassboro, hosted by Glassboro Town Square, to witness the free viewing of over 300 vehicles featuring live music, entertainment, cold beers, non-alcoholic beverages, and food trucks.

If the Glassboro Car Show & Food Truck Festival interests you, bring your family to watch the premier car show.

Hang Out with Your Friends during the Glassboro Craft Beer Festival

The Glassboro Craft Beer Festival is an event featuring craft beer, live music, food trucks, and vendors.

This annual event happens every September at Glassboro Town Square.

Only adults 21 years old and above may attend this festival.

It successfully started in 2013 and is continuously growing and celebrated by the community, featuring beers you won’t find in bars or stores.

Besides enjoying craft beers, try the foods or snacks vendors sell throughout the day.

Schedule your visit in time to experience the unmissable Glassboro Craft Beer Festival!

Admire the Artworks at Rowan University Art Gallery

An impressive display of creative artworks is in Rowan University Art Gallery, situated on High Street West.

This wonderful gallery reinforces the art, culture, history, and community.

You’ll find art displays, such as sculptures, paintings, photographs of stunning structures made of stones, and more.

The fascinating gallery also has a vigorous time of fine art exhibitions, performances, theater productions, choreography, literary readings, and film screenings, making it a terminal for art lovers.

Head to Rowan University Art Gallery to find some inspiration to spark your inner muse.

Hit that Bullseye by Throwing Axes at Primitive Axe

Whether you need to release your stress or just need some fun recreational activity with friends and groups, Primitive Axe has your back.

In this bring-your-own food-and-drink recreation center, you can have an enjoyable and unique experience by tossing axes on target circles a few meters away from your standpoint.

If you feel tired or are in the mood to release your stress, hop into their rage room, put on protective gear, select a destructive device, and break stuff.

If, however, popping into the rage room is one of your plans, the management recommends you to wear or bring a long sleeve shirt, pants, and sneakers.

Moreover, their suite also features televisions, a Bluetooth audio system, free high-speed wifi, tables, and chairs with seating up to 50 if their place is your choice for holding private parties, events, holiday gatherings, and other special occasions.

Book a visit and have a good time at Primitive Axe, located on Delsea Drive.

Play at Exit 4 Private Escape Rooms

Experience fun in the borough by dropping by Exit 4 Private Escape Rooms.

You can find the escape room ground on Rowan Boulevard.

The place features themed rooms with 60-minute limits to solve tasks with the help of hidden clues and puzzles.

This attraction is ideal for team-building adventures as teamwork is essential in an escape room triumph.

They have ample space that can cater to groups of up to 40 participants.

Whether you want to escape the Wandmaker’s curse in a shady wand shop or play as rookie officers, Exit 4 Private Escape Rooms can make your hour enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

The borough of Glassboro has many places to visit and activities to participate in, like historic attractions, scenic parks, signature events, and fun outdoor activities.

Whether traveling for just a few days or an extended trip, tourists are in for worthwhile experiences.

Book a trip and enjoy the best things to do in Glassboro, New Jersey.

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