20 Best Things to Do in Gillette, WY

Gillette, WY
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The unassuming town of Gillette is hailed as the nation's "Energy Capital" and serves as Campbell’s County seat in Wyoming.

Nestled in an area filled with energy resources such as oil, coal, and methane gas, Gillette is indeed a precious gem to the nation.

But wait – there’s more!

Aside from its energy sources, Gillette is also home to a number of entertainment, historical, and recreational sites that you can visit.

The small-town charm of Gillette will surely take your breath away with its natural atmosphere.

If you’re looking for the next best vacation destination, you can try and discover the 20 best things to do in Gillette.

Take a Tour in Campbell County Rockpile Museum

Ford Model truck in Campbell County Rockpile Museum
Mr. Satterly, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Collection, preservation, and education – these are the objectives of Campbell County Rockpile Museum.

The Campbell County Rockpile Museum showcases the heritage of Wyoming, and it features rifles, artifacts, fossils, ranching equipment, saddles, and energy industry equipment.

There are hands-on exhibits in the museum to give you an educational and fun experience for any age group.

You can learn about the interesting history of Gillette and see the rock piles that symbolize the small town's rich history.

The museum changes its exhibits every year so that everyone can see something new.

Ford Model truck in Campbell County Rockpile Museum
Mr. Satterly, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the Eagle Butte Coal Mine Tours

Your vacation in Gillette is not complete without visiting what the city is known for – its energy resources.

Eagle Butte Coal Mine Tours offers an informative tour about energy production that powers the entire town.

You can see how the amazing machines work and how the process of coal mining is done by the hardworking residents of Wyoming.

Through this tour, you can understand the importance of the energy industry in Wyoming.

By paying a small fee for the entrance, you can have an opportunity to visit and see what happens behind the scenes in the famous “Energy Capital of the Nation.”

Don’t worry! Every penny you spend on Eagle Butte Coal Mine Tours will give you satisfaction and a memorable experience.

See the Animals in Durham Bison Ranch

The 55,000-acre sprawling field of Durham Bison Ranch houses 3,000 bison that freely grazes on the grassy fields of the ranch.

The Durham Bison Ranch offers an enlightening experience and an informative tour about how they managed to raise bison since the mid-nineteenth century.

You can have the opportunity to see the special facilities with unique designs that the farm uses for the buffalos.

Aside from bison, you can also find many species of plants and animals around the area, such as whitetail deers, elk, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, and more.

Make sure that your smartphones and digital cameras are fully charged because there are lots of picturesque scenes in Durham Bison Ranch where you can take photos.

Find Clues in 307 Mysteries

Unleash your detective personas and try to escape one of the rooms in this locally owned establishment in Gillette.

307 Mysteries boasts three kinds of escape rooms you can try, including the backpack escapes, pieces of the past, and the lost cabin.

You can spend an hour trying to solve puzzles and riddles to get out of the room and set a new record against all the people that tried to escape.

Every room in 307 Mysteries has a unique objective and creative storyline for a realistic experience.

307 Mysteries also offers merchandise like hats, shirts, sweatshirts, and wooden puzzles proudly made in the United States.

Spend the Day in Dalbey Memorial Park

Dalbey Memorial Park is an all-year-round destination for recreational activities.

The memorial park features softball and baseball fields, batting cages, a playground, water fountain, picnic tables, public restrooms, and more.

You’ll never get bored when you visit Dalbey Memorial Park because of the wide variety of activities it offers.

The park has lots of trees that provide shade where you can just sit down and have a peaceful and relaxing time.

Dalbey Memorial Park is a great place for your family and friends to visit and do some fun activities that everyone will definitely enjoy.

Appreciate Arts in Ava Community Art Center

Situated in the downtown area of Gillette, the AVA Community Art Center stands as an avenue for creativity and arts.

AVA Community Center is a community center dedicated to showcasing the artistic side of Gillette, and it became a vital piece of the town’s artistic community.

The art center provides workshops, galleries, a ceramic studio, and an extensive collection of locally made items that can be purchased.

You can try the different kinds of activities that the community art center offers, such as public and private exhibits, clay studio, art classes, and you can even host parties in AVA Community Art Center.

You can have a tour around AVA Community Art Center and be inspired to start your own route in the artistic community.

Jump and Bounce in Flight Zone Trampoline Park

In this 29,000-square-foot spacious trampoline park, you have the freedom to jump and bounce to your heart's extent.

Flight Zone Trampoline Park is the largest indoor trampoline park facility in the town, where you can experience beginner and advanced ninja courses, multi-level laser tags, arcade games, and most especially, trampolines.

If you get hungry from trying all the fun activities in Flight Zone Trampoline Park, you can head on to the park’s kitchen to grab some of the tasty snacks that they offer, such as pizzas, ice creams, and burgers.

You can also celebrate your birthday or your children’s birthday in Flight Zone Trampoline Park to make the day extra special.

Bring your kids to Flight Zone Trampoline Park and have a fun-filled day that will leave a mark.

Be Creative in Hands on Pottery

In the heart of Wyoming, you can find a place where you can freely express yourself through pottery.

The Hands-on Pottery is a family-owned and operated business that provides a space for arts and fun.

You can show off your artistic talents in Hands on Pottery by painting or by doing pottery.

There’s no need to be an expert to be creative; you can just let your imagination take you somewhere and let your creative juices flow through you.

But if you really want to learn about the basics, you can always enroll yourself in some of the classes offered by Hands on Pottery.

People of all ages can come and try the fun and creative activities in Hands on Pottery so you can bring your kids and let them be creative and wild with their imagination.

Do a Strike in Camelanes Bowling Center

The Camelanes Bowling Center is a perfect spot for hanging out and having fun.

For 55 years, the Camelanes Bowling Center has been operating and providing entertainment for the residents and tourists of Gillette.

Camelanes Bowling Center features its 20 lane bowling center with a lounge area, coffee shop, and a pro shop.

You can try the different bowling activities like glow bowling, open bowling, jackpot bowling, and if you’re competitive enough, you can enter a tournament organized by Camelanes Bowling Center.

Bowling is always a great idea for a fun family day, so if you’re planning for a nice weekend getaway, the Camelanes Bowling Center got your back!

Watch Live Performances by Gillette Community Theater

Gillette Community Theater has made significant contributions to the art community in Gillette by providing outstanding live performances in town since its establishment in 1983.

The community theater offers entertainment in the forms of musicals, plays, summer melodramas, interactive murder mysteries, and a dinner theater.

You can stop by and watch the talented performers of Gillette Community Theater perform and deliver the best quality of entertainment.

Gillette Community Theater features its summer melodrama that is performed every summer, which became a part of the summer culture of Gillette.

Be prepared to be in awe after watching one or two performances in Gillette Community Center.

Go On a Night Out in Sundance Lounge

Looking for a place to spend the night out? The Sundance Lounge is the place for you!

Situated along the highways of Gillette, the Sundance Lounge provides a site where you can meet up with friends.

You can have some drinks with your friends in the bar, play pool, and sing karaoke in Sundance Lounge.

You can also show off your moves and dance to the beat of the music on the club's dancefloor.

There’s a little something for everyone in the club; Whether you want to have a crazy night or just relax and sip something in the bar, Sundance Lounge covers it all for you.

Gaze at the Stars in the Campbell County School District Planetarium

The Campbell County School District Planetarium is one of the gems of the small town of Gillette.

If you want to see the night sky even in the daytime, it is possible through Campbell County School District Planetarium.

The planetarium boasts its Spitz 152 projector that shows more than 4,000 kinds of stars in the 30-foot building.

The CCSD Planetarium also features a public laser show that will leave you amazed until the end of the presentation.

Don’t like large crowds?

Worry not because the CCSD Planetarium also offers a private viewing for you and your companions.

Go Back in Time with Frontier Auto Museum

In this 13,000-square-foot museum, you can find unique exhibits that showcase the styles from the nineteenth century.

When you enter Frontier Auto Museum, you will be greeted by vibrant neon signages, vintage cars, and things that you can see in a gasoline station like gas pumps.

The Frontier Auto Museum also features a Drive-In theater that presents classic films and commercials that plays all day.

You can sit back and relax while watching some of the movies in the theater.

If you get hungry, you can also enjoy some tasty snacks and refreshing drinks from the Relics Store located inside the Museum.

Have a blast from the past at Frontier Auto Museum, and let it take you back in time.

Ride Your Wheels at Gillette Skatepark

Gillette is home to a public skatepark, completed in 2014.

What's nice about the skatepark is that a skatepark firm created it rather than just a concrete pad with some temporary ramps.

It's also excellent despite its modest size.

The skatepark is accessible through a meandering walk that features skater-friendly amenities like benches and pumps humps along the way from the parking area.

Portable toilets are clean and maintained, so you don't have to leave the park when needed.

Plus, the grass is comfortable to sit in, so you can kick back and watch the kids play without being too tense.

Practice Your Swings at Gillette Golf Club

Out of Gillette's three golf courses, two are public, and one is  Gillette Golf Club.

Since its 1969 opening, Gillette Golf Club has been the area's oldest course.

This public golf course right in the middle of town features nine holes.

You may enjoy a pleasant round of golf here.

Each level of golfer will experience challenges with the course's tight fairways, many water hazards, and small greens.

From the longest tees, the golf course stretches for 3,347 yards.

Play a round of golf and take in the state's friendly environment and beautiful scenery.

Tour Historic Downtown Gillette

The road of Downtown Gillette
Mr. Satterly, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to downtown, Gillette takes a unique approach.

Visualize a typical American small town but with a dash of eccentricity.

Main Street in Gillette, Wyoming, has all the usual amenities (restaurants, shops, bars, etc.).

You will feel the heart and soul of Campbell County in the few dynamic blocks that make up downtown Gillette.

Grab the walking tour guidebook from Gillette Visitor Center.

Learn about the city's history while exploring the old City Hall (used for various events like dances, funerals, and public meetings).

Also, check out its old post office (recognized by the National Register of Historic Places).

Celebrate Local Artistry at Donkey Creek Festival

Main building of Gillette College during Donkey Creek Festival
Mr. Satterly, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The community hosts the lively two-day Donkey Creek Festival at Gillette College in the latter part of June.

The festival offers a lot of fun for the whole family.

The outdoor celebration features live musical performances by local musicians.

Another highlight is several art exhibits, including the sculptures selected for the annual Avenues of Art tour.

Aside from many food options, there's a beer garden and entertainment for the kids.

Relax on the grass, have a beverage from the beer tent, fill up at one of the many food vendor stations, and peruse the wares of local artists while listening to musical performances!

You may enter the event grounds for free, whether local or tourist.

Wear some sunscreen and bring a lawn chair!

Taste Honey Wine at Big Lost Meadery & Brewery

If you want to try anything other than beer, wine, or spirits, Big Lost Meadery & Brewery is the place to go.

It opened for business back in 2007.

Perhaps you're not familiar with the term "meadery."

Approximately 20,000 years ago, hunters and gatherers stumbled across mead, an alcoholic beverage prepared from honey.

However, mead has declined in popularity in the modern era, overtaken by wine, which is easier to produce.

Fortunately, businesses like Big Lost Meadery & Brewery are helping to bring the art back to life.

Visit and kick back with a Viking-themed drink or one of their latest inventions.

You might take it one step further and help Big Lost with their bottling operation by joining them for a day.

Guests may also enjoy the bar's live music and a selection of draft beers.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Fishing in Burlington Lake

The waters of Burlington Lake
Mr. Satterly, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located near the city of Gillette, you can find the place that anglers consider a fishing paradise.

You can grab your fishing rods and head on to Burlington lake to catch some of the fishes that can be found in the waters of Campbell County.

Aside from fishing, there is also something for people who want to relax and spend a peaceful time near the lake.

You can hike the 2.3-kilometer loop trail along the lake, where you can catch a view of the beautiful scenery filled with mesmerizing wildflowers.

Burlington Lake is accessible all year round, so you can just come here at any point in time with your fishing rods.

Final Thoughts

Gillette is regarded for its energy production and its natural attractions and historical sites that give character to the valuable town.

From its artistic communities, national and state parks, historical places, diverse wildlife sceneries, yearly events, and festivals, it won’t take too long before you fall in love with Gillette.

If you’re looking for a destination to spend your precious vacation, you can consider Gillette on your list, and you won’t be disappointed.

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