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15 Best Things to Do in Geauga County, OH

  • Published 2022/10/12

Geauga County is in the state of Ohio; its county seat is the city of Chardon.

Festivals such as the Maple Syrup festival are often held in Chardon Square, which is the communal hub of the city.

Established in 1806, Geauga County gets its name from the Onondaga word for raccoon, the original name of the Grand River.

The United States Census Bureau reports that Geauga County has a total land area of 400 square miles, and 8.1 square miles of it is water.

The geography of Geauga is defined by the many rivers that flow through the county.

These include the Grand River, Chagrin River, and the Cuyahoga River.

Geauga County is a frontier filled with exciting locations for you to discover.

Here are the best things to do in Geauga County, Ohio, to help guide you on the places you need to check out.

Catch the Scenic Views at the Holden Arboretum

Scenic Views at the Holden Arboretum

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The Holden Arboretum is a collection of forests and gardens in Geauga County filled with attractions to explore.

You can find Holden Arboretum at Sperry Road, Kirtland, Ohio.

Holden Arboretum is famous for its many nature-related attractions, especially the Kalberer Emergent Tower and the Murch Canopy Walk.

Scenic Views at the Holden Arboretum

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The Kalberer Emergent Tower is a 120 feet tall tower that provides guests with a scenic view of the area.

Murch Canopy Walk, on the other hand, is a 500-foot-long elevated bridge where you can take a stroll through the treetops.

Another highlight of the Holden Arboretum is its Butterfly Garden, where you can admire all the different kinds of butterflies and flowers filling the grounds.

Stop by The Holden Arboretum to enjoy scenic nature views.

Scenic Views at the Holden Arboretum

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Learn to Ski at Alpine Valley

Alpine Valley is the go-to place if you are looking for a place to ski.

You can visit Alpine Valley at Mayfield Road, Chesterland, Ohio.

People come to visit here for the variety of ski slopes.

Steep slopes are available for veteran skiers looking to challenge themselves.

There are also parts of the terrain without that much of an incline, which makes Alpine Valley forgiving for beginners.

Alpine Valley employs instructors to help those looking to get into skiing.

They guarantee top-of-the-line facilities and rental equipment for guests to use.

They have lodges available for rent if you stay at Alpine Valley for multiple days.

Buy tickets to Alpine Valley if you need a place to ski or snowboard in Geauga County.

Go Camping at Punderson State Park

Punderson State Park is an outdoor recreational space in Geauga County with cottages and sports facilities.

Visit Punderson State Park at Kinsman Road, Newbury Township, Ohio.

This place is famous for its scenic campgrounds.

There are comfortable cabins and lodges available if you choose to rent.

Punderson State Park also provides guests with areas for sledding, snowboarding, and skiing.

Other facilities include a pool that guests can use, a disc golf course, and an archery range.

Make a trip to Punderson State Park if you are looking for a place to go camping in Geauga.

Go Swimming at Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park

People at Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park

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Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park is an amusement park in Ohio with water-based rides and fun attractions on land.

Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park are located on Kile Road, Chardon, Ohio.

As a water park, guests come here for their extensive lazy river.

Waterslides are available if you are looking to get your adrenaline running.

You can also rent paddle boats to spend some time in the water without getting soaked.

On land, there is a myriad of activities to choose from.

You can race in their go-karting facilities.

Pioneer has a mini golf course where you can compete with friends.

Enter their batting cages to practice your swing for your next baseball game.

Experience thrilling water slides and exciting attractions in Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park.

Gaze at the Stars at Observatory Park

Are you looking to go stargazing? Observatory Park is the place for you.

The park can be found on Clay Street, Montville, Ohio.

Observatory Park is famous for the Nassau Astronomical Station, built in 1957.

The astronomical station has telescopes where guests can go stargazing.

The station is also great for learning more about outer space and astronomy.

The Oberle Observatory and McCullough Science Center are more facilities in the observatory park.

It is an educational center that is known for its planetarium shows.

Head to Observatory Park for the ideal place to look at the stars and for educational shows on astronomy.

Discover the Great Outdoors at the West Woods

The West Woods is an outdoor nature reserve in Ohio that safeguards the sandstone ledges of Ansel’s Cave.

The West Woods is situated at Kinsman Road, Novelty, Ohio.

The park takes its name from A.G. Riddle’s story, The Young Sugar Makers of The West Woods, set on the same grounds where the park currently stands.

This nature reserve is famous for its nature center, where adults and children can learn more about the flora and fauna that occupy the park grounds.

Explore the walking trails and discover the many caves spread throughout the park.

If your feet are getting a bit sore, you have the option of going on horseback through the trails.

Visit the West Woods if you love animals and want to try their horse trails.

Try Local Products at Century Village Museum

The Century Village Museum is a museum that hosts the yearly Apple Butter Festival, an autumn tradition that Ohio locals hold dearly.

Visit the Century Village Museum at Park Street, Burton, Ohio.

The museum focuses on the local history of Geauga County, especially when it comes to its history of apple butter production.

Try the pancakes sold by one of their vendors.

Their pancakes come with signature Geauga County apple butter and locally sourced maple syrup.

Vendors also sell local products such as candles, apple cider, and kettle corn.

Stop by their museum store for local products to bring back home.

Drop by the Century Village Museum during the Apple Butter Festival in October.

Go Hiking at Big Creek Park

View of Big Creek Park

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Big Creek Park is another option for an outdoor recreational park in Geauga County.

You can find Big Creek Park along Robinson Road, Chardon.

The park is famous for its fantastic view of the Big Creek, which flows through the area.

They have nine walking trails you can explore, along with a bike trail through the forest.

Their amenities include a spacious area for camping and a nature-themed playground.

You can try several sporting facilities, such as their sand volleyball court and a tetherball court.

If you want to stay overnight, Big Creek Park has a wide selection of lodges, shelters, and even a tree house-themed lodge for you to rent.

Take a trip to Big Creek Park for a peaceful walk along the riverside.

Row a Kayak at Headwaters Park

Headwaters Park is an outdoor park that centers on conservation, recreation, and education.

Visit Headwaters Park at Old State Road, Huntsburg, Ohio.

Headwaters Park is best known for its water-related activities like kayaking and fishing.

The park is connected to the East Branch Reservoir, which gives guests ample space to go boating.

There are five hiking trails that you can either walk or bike through.

Near the shoreline, stop by the Headwaters Boathouse to take photos of its unique architecture.

If you are lucky, you can sometimes spot the bald eagles that roam the vicinity of the park.

Once you exhaust yourself from kayaking or hiking, Headwaters Park has campsites and pavilions to stay in and rest well.

Choose Headwaters Park as your next stop if you love kayaking and fishing.

Mingle with the Community at Chardon Square

Chardon Square is the center of the community of Chardon.

As Chardon is the county seat of Geauga County, this location often hosts community events.

Check out Chardon Square at Short Ct Street.

Various festivals and events occur in Chardon Square.

For example, local vendors and farmers set up booths during the Maple Syrup Festival to showcase their locally-grown produce.

Various restaurants and eateries fill Chardon Square during communal events.

Visit Chardon Square during the Maple Syrup Festival or if the farmers market is open to the public.

Try the High Rope Course at Claridon Woodlands

Claridon Woodlands is one of the many choices in Geauga County for a nature-centered day of activities.

Claridon Woodlands is on Claridon Troy Road, Claridon Township, Ohio.

What makes Claridon Woodland unique is its high ropes course.

The high ropes course comprises wooden platforms suspended in the air and a 100-foot-long zipline to round it out.

Aside from the high rope course, numerous walking and biking trails circle the park.

A freeform boulder wall is accessible if you are a rock climbing enthusiast.

Families with kids can take them to the park’s nature-themed playground.

Head to Claridon Woodlands if the high ropes course appeals to you.

Sip Fine Wine at Sharon James Cellars

Sharon James Cellars is a must-visit for enthusiasts in Geauga County.

Sharon James Cellars is located along Kinsman Road, Newbury Township.

The Sciaulino family established this winery in 2009.

Guests visit this place to try out handcrafted Geauga County wine.

Take a seat on their fabulous outdoor patios while you take a sip of the many wine offerings they have.

Sharon James Cellars is a great place to have a relaxing wine-tasting session, as a live band often performs in their tasting room.

Meals are also available to pair with your choice of wine.

The menu changes weekly, so check out their website before visiting the winery.

Go to Sharon James Cellars if you are in the mood to taste wine during your stay in Geauga County.

Admire the Trains at Corner Field Model Railroad Museum

The Corner Field Model Railroad Museum and Trading Post Train Shop is the one-stop destination for train set enthusiasts in Geauga County.

You can find the museum on Pioneer Road, Middlefield, Ohio.

The Corner Field Model Railroad Museum is famous for its many model trains on display.

Railroad enthusiasts will love to see the different types of train sets the museum has on display, including steam, diesel, and electric-powered trains.

They also buy and sell trains from prospective guests as a trading post-train shop.

Stop by the Corner Field Model Railroad Museum and Trading Post Train Shop if your hobby revolves around collecting model trains.

Take a Stroll at Frohring Meadows

Frohring Meadows is a park in Geauga County with a beautiful display of flora and fauna.

Frohring Meadows is situated on Savage Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

This park is best known for its walking trails lined with beautiful flowers.

Check out their marvelous butterfly garden showcases all forty plant species growing all over the park.

Frohring Meadows is a dog-friendly park so that you can breeze through the trails with your pet without any cause for worry.

Stay at their lodges and pavilions overnight if you need a cozy place.

Request for the pavilions with fireplaces if the weather gets too cold for your liking.

Visit Frohring Meadows for an idyllic stroll through nature with your pet.

Go Birdwatching at Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve

Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve is a haven for the local animals of Geauga County.

You can find Water C. Best Wildlife Preserve on Ravenna Road, Chardon.

The park gets its name from Walter C. Best, who created Best Lake due to his love of wildlife, especially fowl like ducks and geese.

The wildlife preserve is famous for its access to Best Lake.

Head towards the docks to go birdwatching.

Keep an eye out for the ducks and geese that float along the lake.

You also have the option to go fishing in the lake.

Add Walter C. Best Wildlife Preserve to your itinerary if you love birdwatching and fishing.

Final Thoughts

Consider Geauga County, Ohio, the next place you need to visit when you get time off work.

Geauga County is a great place to visit if you love skiing or if you would like to learn how to ski.

Try out your favorite Geauga County products, like their apple butter, maple syrup, and apple cider.

Save this list of the best things to do in Geauga County for your next trip to Ohio!

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