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15 Best Things to Do in Fulshear, TX

  • Published 2022/08/20

High grasslands and rolling terrain make Fulshear, Texas, shine as a city.

Known primarily as a place filled with farms and ranches, this city proves to be more than what it seems on paper.

Since its establishment in 1898, the small community became a thriving epicenter for country living years later.

The city is also near major establishments and significant city landmarks.

Known for their hospitality, the residents also add to Fulshear’s charm.

Fulshear maintains its serene composure with its natural spots and attractions, a city with a colorful past and promising future.

Here are some of the best things to do in Fulshear, Texas:

Pose for a Picture at the Cross Creek Ranch Butterfly Garden

Stop by Cross Creek Ranch’s butterfly garden and pop-up photo op displays for an enjoyable day in Fulshear.

Every day is spring when you take pictures depicting Cross Creek’s common-grown flowers.

This place is also an excellent opportunity to explore the wonders of nature through human-sized fun caricatures.

The butterfly garden is also home to royal wildflowers, like the Indian Paint Brush and Greenthread flowers.

Revel in the sunshine that keeps the fauna returning and the flowers thriving in their habitat.

Cross Creek Ranch has more to offer; its butterfly garden is only one among many that attract tourists from all over.

Find the Cross Creek Ranch Butterfly Garden at Flewellen Falls Lane.

Admire the Flowers and Trees at Primrose Park

Spend a relaxing day at Primrose Park, along Dixon Road in Fulshear.

This park features untamed nature through its grasslands, shrubbery, and the foliage of trees.

Its vast stretch of land also holds colorful perennials, especially the bluebonnets.

Going there feels like spring never went away.

The park also has trails suitable for walking, hiking, and biking.

If you’re planning a frisbee match or an impromptu football session with your family, this park also gives you the privacy you need.

You can reconnect with nature at Primrose Park while getting in prime physical shape.

Host an Elaborate Event at Calabozo Carne en Vara

Calabozo Carne en Vara fits all your event hosting and venue criteria in Fulshear.

This family-owned venue center brings Venezuelan culture to Texas with its simplistic pole barn and greenery.

Its ranch is also big enough to hold a large crowd, more than the average family reunion and small get-togethers.

Bring your folks together in the pavilion and share memories underneath the afternoon or night sky.

You can choose to have the barn decorated with strewn lights, balloons, and other furnishings to make it grander.

The outdoor area also has a picnic table for lunches or midday snacks.

Bring your party to the Calabozo Carne en Vara at South Mallard Drive.

Grab a Growler to Go at the Growler Spot

Taste traditional Fulshear beer the best way at the Growler Spot.

This craft brewery exposes your taste buds to a variety of tap brews from renowned breweries all over the state.

These breweries include Baa Baa Brewhouse, Sigma, St. Arnold, and Southern Star.

Hanging out at the brewery makes you even more relaxed with its casual interior and friendly atmosphere.

You can also order a meal from the snack menu to pair with your chosen beverage.

If you want the whole experience of craft brews, purchase a growler.

What is a growler?

A growler is a type of jug you can use to store your to-go beer, and it comes in two sizes: 32 oz. and 64 oz.

Grab your growlers on Farm to Market Road, right beside Fulshear Academy of Dance.

Bring your friends to the Growler Spot!

Soak up the Sun by the Pool at Cross Creek Ranch Adventure Island

If you want to take a pool adventure, choose Cross Creek Ranch Adventure Island.

Cross Creek Ranch’s pool amenities and waterpark offer an ideal swimming experience for everyone.

Plunge into the waters through the 140-foot water slide.

If the pools are not for you, the Splash-n-Spray Park should give you a summer vibe without diving into the water.

Lounge around the shaded deck with a cocktail or cold drink and watch everyone else enjoy the pool.

Play water volleyball with your kids!

This resort-style venue also has a wading pool and lap lanes for more competitive swimming practices.

Cross Creek Ranch Adventure Island is in Cross Creek Bend Lane.

Stroll around Flewellen Creek

Flewellen Creek’s waterside trails should help you escape your everyday stress through a laidback stroll.

Located on Ivy Hollow Lane, this creek is part of the Cross Creek Ranch’s striking lakes and trails.

The creek extends two miles, spanning approximately 150 acres of the ranch.

Beautiful landscapes and the magnificent aquatic view of the creek provide an excellent backdrop for self-reflection or a simple picnic.

At the same time, the area overlooks Arbor Park and The Links.

As you take a leisure walk by Flewellen Creek, check out the flowers and wildlife.

Bring Your Kids to Creek Cove Playground

Creek Cove Playground is an outdoor playground center for children.

Adults can also go there to meditate or meet friends.

Its gardens keep the area alive and blooming.

The slide up front and center also gets your little one excited to play and move around.

Watch the clear skies in the open field, and maybe snap a photo for a keepsake.

Enjoy quiet relaxation at Creek Cove Playground, one of Fulshear’s beautiful parks and playground centers.

Rent a Bike at Pedego Electric Bikes in West Houston

Explore Fulshear at your own pace and speed with an electric bike.

Pedego Electric Bikes West Houston allows you this luxury with its electric bike rentals.

Choose from various bike models that fit your stature, pedal speed, and preference.

Then, get up close and personal with plenty of roadside attractions and the charming community.

The shop also specializes in repairs and maintenance and allows you to purchase your bike.

Pedego Electric Bikes West Houston fits right in the center of 50 miles of bike trails all over the city.

Enjoy Character Brunches at the Italian Maid Cafe

Do you need good food and a lively atmosphere to enjoy the meal?

Have a fun time with family during a wholesome meal at the Italian Maid Cafe.

This on-site bistro serves a selection of sandwiches, salads, and chicken-focused dishes.

Its Italian-American served cuisine also has family-sized meals.

Take your mealtime to the next level with the music from the patio.

Otherwise, host your next party at the cafe.

Make your child’s day better with character brunches that the Italian Maid Cafe offers as entertainment.

With great food and entertainment, eating at this restaurant is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Give Your Pet a New Look at Waggin’ Tails Pet Ranch

Make sure your pets have some fun of their own while you are in Fulshear.

Waggin’ Tails Pet Ranch gives your pet a five-star grooming and boarding service they won’t forget.

From pedicures and shaving to a full-service kennel bath, your pet can look and feel good while staying at the petting ranch.

Besides, it also keeps your pet’s quarters looking like a luxury suite, as if they are in a pet hotel.

Cats can play at the “Cat House” and dogs at the “Corral.”

They can also play around the three-acre pet area and meet other pet friends while running around and playing.

Waggin’ Tails Pet Ranch is on Katy Fulshear Road, across from Fulshear Animal Hospital.

Get a Taste of Fresh Products at Fulshear Farmers Market

In August 2014, Fulshear officially welcomed its farmers’ market on Bois D’Arc Lane.

After several years of serving the community, it has become one of the city’s best local produce and items sources.

Its product lineup includes seasonal fruits and vegetables, eggs, pecans, pieces of bread, and meat.

This market also reduces its carbon footprint by only sourcing grown and produced goods within 200 miles from Fulshear.

By shopping at this market, you aren’t only supporting local vendors, you are also helping save the planet.

A food truck is also always on standby within the vicinity of the Fulshear Farmers Market if you need a quick snack.

Practice Your Aim at Brazos River Sportsman’s Club

Your Fulshear adventure starts at Brazos River Sportsman’s Club.

This shooting range allows you to practice shooting, aiming, and control outdoors.

Brazos River Sportsman’s Club satisfies your shooting needs with an array of pistols and rifles.

You can also practice with shotguns, as they have those at the range.

You can expect services from the site, including tactical training and sporting clays.

This way, your shooting practice becomes more advanced and secure.

The range also accepts shooters of all ages.

Everyone has the chance to showcase their gun skills at the Brazos River Sportsman’s Club.

Race Your RC Vehicles at X-Treme RC

Do you like remote-controlled car racing?

Then, Fulshear may have the ideal place for you to cultivate your hobby and expand your racing experience.

X-Treme RC provides various RC race courses to keep the fun going.

The Mini Crawler Track features a nature-inspired course with complicated obstacles and striking designs if you like indoor racing.

On the other hand, the indoor Mini-Z Track gives controllers more space to get their RC vehicles running.

The race center also has an Off-Road Track with winding pathways for a true-to-life outdoor track.

Likewise, the center can also repair RC vehicles using the center’s stock.

Keep your racing spirit alive with your RC vehicle and X-Treme RC’s magnificent course tracks.

Learn the Art of Discipline at Liberatus Jiu Jitsu

Liberatus Jiu Jitsu takes you on a Jiu Jitsu class experience unlike any other.

This all-level training center has separate classes for adults and children of specific age ranges.

This allows for a more immersive learning experience for everyone and their Jiu Jitsu belts.

World-class instructors lead the class and keep the mat a safe zone.

Beyond self-defense tactics, the center’s classes also help children learn the art of discipline, cooperation, and sportsmanship.

It offers free classes on your first visit, so you can feel the atmosphere before fully committing to the practice.

Visit Liberatus Jiu Jitsu near Marco’s Pizza.

Other Things to Do Nearby

There is more to see and explore at Fulshear.

If you’ve finally reached the end of your itinerary and still want to continue adventuring, consider the following attractions.

Wear Colonial Costumes at Fort Bend Museum

Exterior of the Fort Bend Museum

Djmaschek, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Fort Bend Museum is a remarkable landmark in the neighboring city of Richmond, 27 minutes from Fulshear.

Since opening in 1972, the museum has worked to preserve and shed light on the history of Fort Bend County.

One thing you can do on the site is join a walking tour through the featured exhibits of the month.

However, did you know that you can also rent Colonial Period costumes at the center?

Costume rentals come in collections for girls, boys, and women.

Race Your Friends at Andretti Karting and Games

You’ll come across Andretti Karting and Games in Katy, Texas, 20 minutes from Fulshear.

This recreational center features indoor go-karting tracks.

Feel the exhilaration of unexpected turns and bumpy elevation changes all over the track.

It’s a joyride for children, too, as they can ride Mini Mario karts for a safe but thrilling time.

After a few laps of go-karting, you can also check out other games in the area, including mini golf, Hologate VR, and laser tag.

It’s never too late to turn up to Andretti Karting and Games, where fun lurks in every corner.

Final Thoughts

Fulshear is a city of many surprises and outdoor entertainment unique to this part of Texas.

The city’s relationship with nature makes it even more welcoming for first-timers.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Fulshear!

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