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20 Best Things to Do in Fullerton, CA

  • Published 2023/02/22

You can find the city of Fullerton on the northern side of Orange County, California.

Fullerton has been a city since 1887 and features several sights and attractions involving art and entertainment.

From theaters to local drinking spots, there are plenty of places where you can have fun in the city.

You can also visit a selection of spots featuring nature and history.

Here are the best things to do in Fullerton, CA:

Check Out the Art at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center

Exterior of Muckenthaler Cultural Center

Traveler100, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Muckenthaler Cultural Center, formerly known as the Muckenthaler House, is one of the many art spots to visit in Fullerton.

There are different sections to explore in the center, including a gallery and two types of gardens.

If you go to the gallery, you can peruse varying pieces ranging from photographs to sculptures and other mediums, depending on the month.

A vintage car on the grounds of Muckenthaler Cultural Center

Philip Pilosian /

You can find even more sculptures made from different materials at the center’s sculpture garden.

Besides art pieces, the center features a garden with various foliage and fauna that bloom in the late summer.

The center also hosts several events ranging from music festivals to theater performances and art shows.

If you want to visit the center, you need to head to West Malvern Avenue.

Car show on the grounds of Muckenthaler Cultural Center

Philip Pilosian /

Test Your Puzzle Skills at Escapade Games

You can find a selection of escape rooms in the city, and one of them is Escapade Games.

Escapade Games is a Live Escape Room Game venue that features two types of scenarios known as the Last Experiment and Zoe.

Both rooms accommodate 2-6 people with a time limit of 60 minutes and take you on a paranormal story with moderate difficulty for escape room enthusiasts.

If you’re a fan of mystery and ghost stories, you need to check out Escapade Games.

Catch the Performances at the Clayes Performing Arts Center

Exterior of Clayes Performing Arts Center

Steve Cukrov /

The Clayes Performing Arts Center is a theater you can find at the California State University at North State College Boulevard.

It is also a multi-venue center that features several performances throughout the year.

As part of the college of arts, the Clayes Performing Arts Center is one of many places where you can see local talent at the university.

Some of the performances you can see at this theater range from concerts to dances.

You can learn more about what goes on at the center by checking out the box office, which you can find by heading southwest from the theater.

Stroll among the Flowers at the Fullerton Arboretum

Plants surrounding Fullerton Arboretum's pavilion

Steve Cukrov /

The Fullerton Arboretum is an ideal place for plant enthusiasts.

Located on Associated Road, the botanical garden has operated since 1976 but officially opened in 1979.

The botanical garden spans 26-acres, featuring thousands of plant species and many areas to explore.

Colorful flora at Fullerton Arboretum

Darilynn /

You can find several garden paths that lead you to different collections in the garden.

Besides various plants and flowers, the garden also has a selection of fruits and vegetables.

The Fullerton Arboretum also offers educational programs, events, and exhibits.

Pretty flowers at Fullerton Arboretum

B1288 /

Feel the Magic and Mystery at Infinity Escape

Infinity Escape is one of the many places where you can have fun activities in Fullerton.

You can find this escape room center at East Amerige Avenue.

The escape room features two types of experiences.

These experiences are the Magic Cottage and the Zombie Lab.

In the Magic Cottage, you and your group are inside a 14th-century village where you need to break a curse and free one of two witch sisters.

You can escape or fall victim to a killer witch, depending on your choice.

In the Zombie Lab, the scenario has the players play as CIA agents attempting to capture a rogue lab assistant through a booby-trapped layout before he releases his group of zombies.

Both experiences last around 60-75 minutes and accommodate 6-7 people max.

If you want to have fun with magic or science, you should play at Infinity Escape.

Fish or Hike at Laguna Lake Park

The waters of Laguna Lake Park

wzain /

Are you looking to enjoy some outdoor activities in the city?

Then check out Laguna Lake Park for fishing, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

Laguna Lake Park is one of the different parks you can find in Fullerton, and you can find it by going to Lakeview Drive.

Ducks on the water of Laguna Lake Park

wzain /

Some of the features in this park include picnic spaces and many trails for hikers, cyclists, and general outdoor enthusiasts to explore.

For those interested in fishing at the lake, you need to check the stocking schedule if you want to catch anything like bluegill or bass.

There are several outdoor activities you can enjoy when visiting Laguna Lake Park.

Play Sports at the Craig Regional Park

Tall trees surrounding Craig Regional Park

Felipe Sanchez /

Craig Regional Park is one of the different parks you can check out in Fullerton and features several sports and outdoor facilities.

Some of the facilities available at this park include ball fields and courts, nature trails, and picnic spaces.

The 124-acre park opened in 1974, offering plenty of sights and attractions for visitors to explore and enjoy.

Besides recreational activities, the park features a three-acre lake and wildlife sanctuary.

You’ll find plenty of outdoor fun by visiting Craig Regional Park.

Solve the Puzzles at Wild Goose Escape

If you want to have different options for fun activities, check out Wild Goose Escape.

Wild Goose Escape is an escape room venue that features four types of rooms, with most following a horror theme.

The outlier of the rooms is the Cold War bunker, which challenges players to prevent a nuclear launch from happening before time runs out.

Compared to the other escape rooms, the Cold War Bunker offers two rooms where two teams of 2 to 6 can go head-to-head.

As for the other rooms, they challenge players through different horror scenarios and have a general maximum capacity of six people.

Each room has varying difficulty levels for puzzle enthusiasts, and they are open as venues for different events.

You can find Wild Goose Escape on Edinger Avenue and book your choice of room online.

Browse the History and Art Displays at the Fullerton Museum

Front view of Fullerton Museum's exterior

Steve Cukrov /

Take a chance to learn more about the city’s history by visiting the Fullerton Museum.

The Fullerton Museum, located on North Pomona Avenue, features both local history and art.

The museum started as a library in 1904 before it transformed into its current state in 1985.

Side entrance of Fullerton Museum

Steve Cukrov /

When visiting the museum, you can find several exhibits informing guests about the city’s history and local figures.

A highlight of the museum is a gallery featuring local music figure Leo Fender.

Besides history displays, you can find several works from local artists.

The museum also features different programs and events, one of them a tour of the local paranormal stories and mysteries.

Catch a Show at the Maverick Theater

There are plenty of places to catch a show in Fullerton, and one of them is Maverick Theater.

Maverick Theater is a storefront theater you can find on East Walnut Avenue; it has operated since 2002.

The theater features various shows ranging from musicals to improv and live readings.

The theater has two stages: one stage is a cabaret stage for musicals, and the other is a black box stage for smaller productions.

You can enjoy plenty of classic and modern shows at this theater and even audition if you are interested.

Try Golfing at the Fullerton Golf Course

Daytime view of Fullerton Golf Course

Kevin Yuan /

The Fullerton Golf Course is where to go if you’re interested in golfing.

The Fullerton Golf Course is one of the different local golf courses you can try out in the city, which can accommodate all levels of golf players.

The course consists of 18-holes for you to play.

If you’re a beginner in the sport, you can use the practice facility before playing.

Besides the practice facility, there are instruction programs you can sign up for if you’re interested.

The course also has a clubhouse where you can take a break and enjoy a breakfast or lunch meal.

You can find the course by going to North Harbor Boulevard.

Explore the Fullerton Train Museum

You’ll find plenty of history to explore at the Fullerton Train Museum on East Santa Fe Avenue.

The Fullerton Train Museum is a museum under the Southern California Railway Plaza Association, Inc. (SCRPA) and features various historic railcars.

Some of the railcars you can see in this museum date as far back as 1926 and contains preserved furnishings.

Unfortunately, the museum is only accessible on the first and third Saturdays of the month.

When it opens, join a guided tour of the place and see staff work on restorations.

Shop and Dine at the Villa del Sol

Inside plaza area of Villa del Sol

The Image Party /

There are plenty of places to go shopping in the city, but one of the top places you can go window shopping is the Villa del Sol.

The Villa del Sol is a historic structure that dates back to 1922 and currently features several shops, eateries, and other businesses.

You can find this venue in the downtown area around the North Harbor Boulevard area.

Besides being a home for various businesses, the Villa del Sol offers a venue for different events such as weddings.

Whether you choose to shop, eat, or book a room at the place, you can enjoy many things at the Villa del Sol.

Enjoy Southern Food and Bourbon at the Bourbon Street Bar & Grill

Fullerton has its share of places to enjoy a meal and drink, and one of them is the Bourbon Street Bar & Grill.

The Bourbon Street Bar & Grill is an eatery you can find downtown, offering a selection of Southern dishes and various types of spirits.

Some of the blends you can enjoy at the bar and grill include various beers and wines, plus different cocktails.

If you’re looking to indulge in some drinks and dig into a hearty meal, the Bourbon Street Bar & Grill is where to go.

Sample the Beer at Bootlegger’s Brewery

The Bootlegger’s Brewery is the ideal spot for beer-lovers to check out.

Located around the South Highland Avenue area, the brewery is a relatively new spot in the city that features several types of beers.

A few types you can try out at the brewery include a list of pale ales and hard seltzers.

Besides a long list of blends, there is a selection of dishes you can pair with your drink, including sandwiches and tacos.

You’re also free to get other products and merchandise online.

Go Hiking at Hillcrest Park

Hillcrest Park is one of the most popular destinations in Fullerton, famed for its sprawling stairs that take you through hilltop views of the city.

However, hiking and scenery isn’t the only calling point of Hillcrest Park, as it also has World War II memorials here for the history lovers.

Still, be prepared to break a sweat if you want to maximize your visit to Hillcrest Park, as it has a lot of elevation that will lead you to some of its best spots.

The park has beautiful vintage architecture from its historic homes, further accentuated by beautiful gardens and water fountains.

Located along North Harbor Boulevard, Hillcrest Park can be easily found which makes it a great addition to any kind of itinerary in Fullerton.

Have an Intimate Dinner at Summit House Restaurant

Summit House Restaurant is one of the best places for intimate dates in Fullerton.

Found along East Bastanchury Road, Summit House Restaurant is known for its hilltop location—a dining establishment designed as a manor that embodies elegance and intimacy.

The restaurant specializes in classic fine dining meals such as prime cuts of steak, ribs, and all the usual side dishes that go well with it.

Yorkshire puddings are some of the favorites here, best enjoyed with a mouthwatering medium-rare steak.

If you’re not into the meaty options, their Chilean sea bass is also a prized menu item here.

Go on a Cycling Adventure at Fullerton Loop Hiking Trail

Fullerton Loop Hiking Trail is one of the best places for avid mountain bikers thanks to its amazing rugged trails.

Lots of interesting terrains will be seen here, but the place is generally well-maintained so that bikers and hikers of all ages can easily navigate through it.

Of course, beyond the trails, Fullerton Loop Hiking Trail also provides you with some of the best vegetation and scenery in Fullerton, especially during the early morning.

Even if you don’t plan to bring your bike, this is also a popular spot to go jogging with friends or family.

Fullerton Loop Hiking Trail is a scenic way to enjoy the nature and landscape of the city—find it along North Berkeley Avenue.

Do Wildlife Observation at Robert E. Ward Nature Preserve

Robert E. Ward Nature Preserve is one of the largest forest preserves in Fullerton and surrounding areas.

Located along North Euclid Street, this nature preserve is easily accessible as it’s right in the middle of the city and just a stone’s throw away from Laguna Lake Park.

One of the best activities to do here is birdwatching, as you’ll see tons of interesting species>

You’ll also spot the usual small critters that are found throughout California, such as squirrels and rabbits—coyotes are sometimes spotted here as well.

One of the best ways to enjoy the flora and fauna of Fullerton, don’t miss out on Robert E. Ward Nature Preserve if you’re a wildlife lover.

Get Some Jogging Done at Brea Dam Park

If you want more scenic options for your morning or late afternoon jog, Brea Dam Park is one of the more underrated spots in Fullerton.

Found along North Harbor Boulevard, Brea Dam Park is a quiet spot that not many people visit, giving you a serene experience as you walk or jog through its many nature trails.

One of the best activities here is to bring your dog, as the trails are expansive and quiet which gives pooches a better experience.

You’ll find some interesting information boards here about Brea Dam as well—a good bonus during your trek.

Brea Dam Park is a tranquil way to experience Fullerton, so give it a shot if you’re looking for a more quiet spot in the bustling city.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Watch Knights Duel at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Exterior of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

The Image Party /

Fullerton has plenty of places for you to get entertainment.

However, if you’re looking for shows to enjoy near the city, you need to check out the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament at Buena Park.

Building front sign of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

The Image Party /

The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is a dinner theater ten minutes away from Fullerton.

The theater takes you on a trip to medieval times and treats you to a show of jousting knights and other medieval events while you enjoy a meal.

As you feast on a four-course meal, you can gain memorable experiences with different characters on stage.

View a Pirate Show at the Pirates Dinner Adventure

Exterior of Pirates Dinner Adventure

The Image Party /

Experience dining with pirates by checking out the Pirates Dinner Adventure.

The Pirates Dinner Adventure is a dinner show you can find at Buena Park and features various displays of swordplay, aerial artistry, and acrobatics.

Street sign of Pirates Dinner Adventure

The Image Party /

While enjoying a meal and indulging in drinks, you can immerse yourself in a tale involving pirates and mermaids with special effects to make the experience memorable.

Get your tickets online if you want to get the best of this experience.

Final Thoughts

Fullerton is one of the many cities you can check out in California and features its share of sights and attractions.

Whether you watch a performance or try an escape room, there is plenty of fun options you can explore in this city.

Besides theaters and escape rooms, you can find many spots for recreational activities.

If you’re looking for fun under the California sun, consider stopping by Fullerton.

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