15 Best Things to Do in Frankfort, KY

15 Best Things to Do in Frankfort, KY

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Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky is a beautiful home-ruled state in Franklin County. The city is full of history, culture, lush green parks and other cool sights and is a perfect travel destination for you and your family.

Let us show you the top 15 places to visit when you are in this mind-blowing and beautiful city.

Kentucky State Capitol

Kentucky state capitol
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The state capitol building is a gem of the city and is a great tourist spot. The building is beautifully maintained and the grounds are well-kept. The whole area blooms with the scent of beautiful magnolia flowers and you can also find various colourful flowers adding to your experience.

The landscape of the place is extremely pretty to look at and you can take as many pictures of yourself or the nature here. You can give yourself a self-guided tour of the senate house and the Supreme Court, and give a little antique flavour to your experience.

This place has informative tools inside the building and vast and beautiful grounds just outside, making it a very enjoyable experience for the visitors.

Floral Clock

Floral clock
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The floral clock is right in the middle of the beautiful garden mentioned above. This place is totally worth a special visit when you are in town. It comes free with the capitol building so you can have multiple experiences at the same time and save both time and energy.

The floral clock is the most famous tourist attraction in the city, it is a huge and giant clock surrounded by beautiful flowers all around it.  It is in the middle of a very well-maintained and small water fountain adding to the beauty of the landmark.

The place is often lit during the evening and looks tremendously beautiful. It is truly worth a visit when you are in Frankfort.

A Visit to The Kentucky History Centre

Staircase at Kentucky History Centre
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Visit the Kentucky History Centre; it is great and definitely something you must add to your experience. It is basic yet great, it is about the good faith and genuine yearnings of the state in 1848.

The flight of stairs are curvy and appear to be floating and are held by a capstone at the top, its inventiveness is super creative and worth your while, it is distant from every other place making it totally  worth the visit. However, there is significantly more in the chambers for research, drafting of laws, and discussion.  

The history centre gives a pleasant window into government's essential necessities. It is marvellous historic, with amazing design, furniture, and period credibility. It comes with superb grounds and very much kept by the state legislative centre.

Visits here are always proven to be decent. The KY Folk life festival along the KY River on these grounds is the biggest reason for the fame of this site. It is going to be a delightful experience for you and your family. It is an awesome spot especially for Friday night shows over the mid year!

Governor’s Mansion

Governor’s mansion
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This is another very famous tourist spot in Frankfort, Kentucky. It is situated right besides the Capitol state building, so you can visit the two of them together and be more efficient all the while getting 2 amazing experiences.

It is a historic residential site where the governors used to stay, currently; it has in display a total of 25 rooms, from living room, to dining room to kitchens. It is a beautiful and unique place to visit to learn about the history and culture of the city.

You can find all kinds of antique furniture and different kinds of instruments and cutlery in this mansion. It is very well-kept and is lit up during the Christmas season, making it the most favourable time of the year to pay a visit to this place.

Cove Spring Park

Cove spring park
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This park is the perfect destination for picnicking, hiking, and for archery in the whole city. It is a very beautiful, well-kept and clean park that comes with the experience of multiple things at once.

You can go here for a cute little picnic date, or for hiking and exploring the whole site, or to even play games like Frisbee, marathon, or archery. It is a great site with beautiful landscaping making it the perfect place for taking the most amazing pictures of yourself or the beauty of the nature.

There is also a waterfall in the middle of the park to add to the beauty and glory of the site. You can find many well-marked trails to hike on and take your dogs for a walk, or even get to meet other dogs here in this park. It is a very beautiful and relaxing place where you can come to take a break from the hassles of daily life.

Liberty Hall Historic Site

Liberty hall historic site
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This site holds one of the main events of Derby Season, the Bourbon and Browns at Liberty Hall Historic Site celebrate the commitments of the Senator John Brown and his family, who was Kentucky's first US Senator subsequent to turning into a state.

It is a great place to learn about the meaning of whiskey and its set of experiences in Kentucky. The yearly pledge drive benefits the memorable Liberty Hall site which incorporates the Orlando Brown House, Senator John Brown's child, and four sections of land of rambling nurseries. Whiskey tastings, bluegrass music, to quiet auctions, this site has got it all; you can also find yummy food and beverages here.

Just spending time in this quiet and famous historic site takes you back to simpler times. It is a great place to get a tour of the site and learn so much about the history and culture of Kentucky.

Kentucky History Centre and Museums

Hall of governor's in Kentucky history centre
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This site is another place you can surely look up to if you love learning about the history of different cities. This one holds in its heart a great deal of history on Kentucky and has in display various age-old, ancient preserves.

There is a travel exhibition that holds a great deal of antique transportation system objects and is really fun to experience. The place also has an in-built library where you can go and read about anything or everything that you want.

The place is spacious, clean and well-maintained, so we are pretty sure that you and your peers would have a chill time here, and you would definitely get to learn more!

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
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This site is a memorial to the fallen soldiers in Vietnam War; it is a great place to pay a tribute to the heroes. The concept and the design of this place, both are astounding.

The place is lit up at night, making it a very beautiful and gorgeous place of visiting. It is a very simple memorial that also gives the view of the old capitol, which is a plus point here. It is a very family-oriented place and you must pay a visit when you are in town.

Salato Wildlife Centre

Bobcat at Salato wildlife centre
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This nature and wildlife preserve in Frankfort is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. With over a hundred species of birds and animals, the Salato wildlife centre is one of the best wildlife preserves in the town.

The preserve is well-maintained and clean. The animals in this preserve are all healthy and look very happy. You can get a chance to view some local wild animals like lions and tigers, or meet cute little bears and pandas in this preserve. You can feed the giraffe some lettuce leaves, or pet some cute pandas.

You can also photograph all different species of animals and birds. This preserve is a great place to teach your kids about the importance of local wildlife and give them a real experience of these friendly and cute animals.

There are a lot of trails in the preserve for you to take a walk or a hike on while you enjoy the beauty of the wildlife. It also has a fishing pond where you can go fishing with your peers. It is the perfect place if you want to have a peaceful experience of the local wildlife.

Capitol View Park

This beautiful and aesthetic site is a very beautiful, clean and well-maintained park in the city. The park is usually sunny, bright and warm in the summers and is a great place for lakeside camping. You can go for a cute little picnic in the day and for a beautiful stargazing and camping at night.

This place is filled with different well-marked trails for you to go hiking on. The park comes with different sports fields like baseball and softball field, and also a basketball court. It is a perfect place to go to whenever one feels out of touch with nature.

You can visit this park with your family and spend some quality time in the nature’s lap. This site also holds various events which are very fun to attend. The park is well-lit at night making it the perfect spot for overnight camping. It is a great spot for taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Prodigy Winery

This winery in Frankfort is a beautiful and interesting place. The place comes with a tasting room where you can go around and find the wine suitable for your taste! The hosts are knowledgeable and will introduce you to wines if you are new, and help you in find the one of your taste.

The seating here is extremely aesthetic and beautiful. You can taste all different sorts of wine here! It is the perfect place for a romantic dinner with your partner or just for casually hanging out with friends.

The ambience of this place is extremely beautiful and lit-up. You can get to choose from the finest selection of wines and beers. You definitely cannot miss out this aesthetically pleasing and wonderful winery in Frankfort.

Lovers Vineyard

Wineries and Vineyards are the places that you are not going to want to miss out on when you are in Frankfort, so let us introduce you to the best vineyard where you can pay a visit and not only taste the tasty wines, but also experience the farms where wine grows, and learn about how wines are made from grapes!

This vineyard is beautiful, and is a great place to take pictures to flaunt on your gram! It is one of those places that provide the best experience of wise tasting. The area is very beautiful and the views here are genuinely breathtaking. People often hold weddings here, such beautiful is this vineyard!

This place has the best collection of handpicked vines; from dry reds to bourbons, this place is not going to fail you. The ambience of the place is warm and cosy and the views are beautiful. The place is definitely a must visit if you are in Frankfort.

Visit the Local Parks

You can find a great deal of local parks that are all well-kept and maintained, are a great place to go to when one wants to take a break. These parks truly keep the soul fresh and alive.

You can not only go hiking, but also go picnicking or bike riding in these parks. We believe that the true beauty of travelling lies in exploring, so explore these parks and other hidden gems of the city and have a fun packed vacation with your family!