15 Best Things to Do in Fort Walton Beach

15 Best Things to Do in Fort Walton Beach

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Fort Walton Beach in Florida is a friendly little town with a population of just over 20,000 people.

As its name suggests, Walton Beach is famous for its gorgeous beaches.

With its warm and moderate climate, this city is a perfect holiday destination to relax and have fun with your friends or family members.

This beautiful city lies on the Emerald Coast in the Gulf of Mexico and is home to many fascinating museums and historical sites.

You can also catch a glimpse of the colorful ocean life in the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

If you are looking to enjoy a lazy beach holiday by visiting this stunning city located in Okaloosa County in the Northern part of Florida, please try some of the items on our Mega list of 15 things to do at Walton Beach Florida.

Air Force Armament Museum

SR-71 Blackbird in Air force armament
Qwesy, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Air Force Armament Museum is a perfect place to spend a day for those who love military history and aviation.

You can explore and get to know a great deal about the history of guns, rockets, and bombs in this museum.

It is stacked with weapons used by the US Air Force during the Korean War, Vietnam War World War II.

The interactive cockpit simulator is a unique site in this museum.

Additionally, there are four beautiful vintage aircrafts on display here that will take your breath away.

However, the most stunning item in the Air Force Armament Museum collection is the magnificent SR-71 Blackbird.

You’ll enjoy looking at this beauty, which is the fastest plane ever designed by a man's hand.

You can cap up your tour by watching the fascinating short documentary narrating the history of the Eglin Air Force base shown in the museum.

Indian Temple Mound museum

Indian Temple Mound museum
Infrogmation, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

This museum was constructed to commemorate the Indigenous American population that occupied these regions for 12,000 years.

You can catch a rare glimpse into the lifestyle and habits of the native Americans, and grasp the way they lived so many years ago.

These people were an agriculture-based society primarily, and you can see many artifacts in the museum reflecting this fact.

The museum has almost 1000 exceptional items that narrate the saga of the native American population before the European settlers came to these lands.

Wild village adventure zone

This adventure zone is a perfect place for children to enjoy great fun and frolic.

The kids will have a blast running around the vast Arcade area that stretches over 3 thousand square feet.

The dinosaur theme of the wild village adventure zone lets children enjoy a fantasy vibe.

Inside there is also a 3D movie theatre where the seats turn and twist with action.

The kids can then move on to the fantastic laser maze.

Here, kids must navigate an obstacle course with challenges protected by laser lights that sound off loud sirens if you happen to cut off one of them.

Innovative animatronics are spread around in this place.

Watching these lifelike machines move and go about their business is a unique experience.

For slightly older children and young adults, there is an exciting rope climbing course on offer.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the thrill and chill on the one-of-a-kind roller coaster ride.

Trampoline and remote-controlled military-style boats complete the adventure package on offer.

Once these exciting adventures have adequately enervated you, you can sit at the pizza joint and enjoy delectable Italian preparations with refreshing ice creams.

The Flea market

This market is the perfect place for food lovers to visit in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

It is entirely air-conditioned, and more than 70 vendors display their wares inside the 14,000 square feet space.

The colorful wares on display here include vintage clothing, books, purses, and several other deco artifacts.

The vendors here are incredibly knowledgeable about the antiques that they sell.

Even if you don't buy one of them, you will still be thrilled with the exciting information you’ll gather.

For seasoned collectors, this place is a gold mine of rare items.

You can lay your hands on some impressive human figures, exquisite jewelry, and unique baseball cards.

The Flea market is also into philanthropy. It helps many charities by making donations out of its sales.

One prominent charity among these is the Coast Wildlife Refuge.

Dumbarton Schoolhouse Museum

Fort Walton Beach was earlier known as Camp Walton.

This name came from the Confederate Army camp, which used to be present here in 1860.

The place was renovated at the beginning of 1911.

It was continuously expanded before being eventually closed down in 1936.

At that point, the Fort Walton School was constructed.

This new building was made entirely out of brick.

Today, you can tour around this old school building and know how classrooms operated in those times.

You can essentially catch a sneak peek into the way the education system looked like in the 1930s and 1940s.

John Beasly Park

This huge park is located between the areas occupied by Fort Walton Beach and Destin Okaloosa Island.

Access this quiet beach area through one of the two Pathways that meander over fantastic sand dunes to take you to the beach.

Just pull out your beach mats and laze in the gorgeous sun to your heart's fulfillment.

Alternatively, head into the beautiful waters and enjoy surfing or swimming for hours at a time.

You can wash off the salt and sand with the impressive showers located in the restroom area.

The beach is very particular about the safety of its visitors.

Well trained and attentive lifeguards are present during the designated hours of operation.

This beach is diversity-friendly. It has been laid out so that even people in a wheelchair can access it and enjoy its great pleasures.

Garnier Post Office Museum

This Cultural Centre is located in the Downtown area behind the Camp Walton Schoolhouse.

You can visit the fantastic Garnier Post Office Museum and have a sneak peek at the way Postal Services operated many years ago.

In the early part of the twentieth century, the post office of this area operated out of a small mercantile store owned by Mr Euphrates M Mooney.

A formal post office building was only constructed here in 1918, and Mr Mooney continued to serve as the postmaster.

You can explore a number of exhibits related to Postal Services from the early years of the century.

Alternatively, you can also participate in one of their educational programs.

Goofy Golf

Goofy Golf
Infrogmation of New Orleans, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can try your hand at collecting precious birdies on the green grounds of Goofy Golf.

This place has two 17 hole courses that share a common 18th hole.

This final hole has been interestingly named the snake's mouth.

You can also meet the 23 feet tall mascot on these grounds, the model T- Rex that goes by the name of "honey".

It is one of the oldest golf courses in the country, and people have been trying their luck with a few shots of golf here since the 1950s.

Cattywampus Catamaran Cruise

This double-hulled boat can take up to 43 people at a time on a cruise into the majestic waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Cattywampus Catamaran is an exquisite boat. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy observing the construction of this beauty.

Their daytime Dolphin Cruise tours allow passengers to go snorkeling in the place’s beautiful waters.

The snorkelers can catch visuals of the rich marine life.

Alternatively, you can also collect some beautiful shells and sand dollars from here.

The Catamaran will then launch you into the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Have a wonderful time watching the friendly bottlenose dolphins that are naturally found in the waters.

The view of the sunset from this cruise is another fantastic sight to watch.

The soft and cool ocean breeze will leave you amply refreshed.

On Thursday nights, you can also view the fireworks display that is performed on Fort Walton beach.

Gulf Aryan Marine Adventure Park

This amazing Marine Adventure Park lets you enjoy the sight of the rich marine life and educates you through exciting interactions with the animals.

You can watch young alligators in action, feed loggerhead turtles, watch African penguins, and even go snorkeling in waters teeming with stingrays and sharks.

You can have an enjoyable time playing with the bottlenose dolphins and the friendly seals and sea lions.

The place also serves delicious breakfasts to start your day on the perfect note.

Kids can participate in a special reptile tour where they will get an opportunity to touch lizards, snakes, and alligators.

Science Centre at Emerald coast

The Emerald Coast Science Centre aims to kindle the scientific spirit in young children in an engaging way.

Children can spend countless hours through the high-quality interactive exhibits and engaging educational activities this place has to offer.

Explore fascinating aspects of robotics, light, and physics in a fun and playful manner.

Some of the great activities for kids to enjoy here include flying and landing a model plane in a long wind tunnel and operating some robotic arms.

Plus, one can interact with certain animals like snakes in the Kriti center.

There are also storytelling sessions organized here.

The stories are based on the theme of science and technology and help children build crucial early intuition and interest in these unique fields.

Uptown Station Fort Walton beach

Shopping lovers can enjoy shopping to their heart's content at the Uptown Station in Fort Walton beach.

This place is packed with more than 60 amazing shops and food vendors.

You can pick up a colorful item from one of their fashion stores.

Perhaps you would like to decorate your home in Fort Walton beach style and buy some exquisite upholstery.

Sports buffs can also lay their hands on high-quality and affordably priced sporting items.

You can head into one of their salons and massage centers and pamper yourself with refreshing massages and spas.

Finally, the place is lavishly packed with toothsome eateries where you can taste sumptuous world cuisine.

Choose from some delicious Korean food, sushi, burgers, or the fantastic frozen yogurt this place is known for!

Central Park, located inside the compound, is a kids' playing ground.

However, adult shoppers can also lie down in this green area and enjoy the beautiful fountains.

Fort Walton Beach Golf Club

The Beach Golf Club is an impressive green expanse with two beautiful 18-hole courses.

Here you can spend hours enjoying a relaxing game of golf in the pristine environment.

The Pines Course is the more difficult one as it also has a large area covered by the pine forest.

The Oak course is a bit shorter at around 6400 yards.

Once you are finished with the game, relax and sit in one of the superb restaurants available and enjoy wholesome food.

Finally, purchase high-quality gear from the in-house Golf Shop.

Fort Walton Beach Parasailing

If you want to enjoy a true adrenaline rush, then you must try parasailing at Fort Walton beach.

Parasailing is an immensely thrilling adventure sport.

The excitement of gliding through thin air in a parachute while being harnessed by a speeding motorboat is an experience of a lifetime.

The Fort Walton Beach Parasailing company lets you enjoy the pleasures of this sport safely and professionally.

You can either choose to parasail alone or tag along with one of your companions.

One Parasailing session lasts from half an hour to one full hour.

You can capture these moments by buying a photo package, where crew members will capture high-quality snaps of your experience.

The Downtown arts and entertainment district

You can roam around in the Downtown arts and entertainment district, a haven for shopping and food enthusiasts who also like to feast on exquisite artworks.

The many boutiques in this area are packed with aesthetically pleasing antiques, jewelry, and gifts.

You can also visit the farmers’ market to get your hands on fresh local produce. Additionally,  the farmers’ market features beautiful handmade items.

You can then sit in one of the restaurants and enjoy tasty food from the many available cuisines.

There are also several fitness centers and spas located in the region. Enjoy a light workout or have a full-body massage.

Props Craft Brewery

Air Force Pilot Mike Kee set up this amazing brewery in 2011.

Kee was a home-brewing lover since 2003, and the Props Craft Brewery was a natural extension of his passion.

The Props Craft Brewery has a military-themed interior that will delight you.

Their taps are done in the shape of a pin-up hugging a bomb.

From the ceiling, you can catch a glimpse of the iconic propellor hanging down, after which the place is named.

The walls are adorned with emotional photographs of service members, both active and past.

The lager here is absolutely delicious. You can enjoy many glasses in a fun environment!

Fort Walton Beach is a fantastic city to visit on your next holiday.

Fort Walton Beach is primarily a beach destination perfect for those looking to participate in adventurous beach activities.

The town also has many other amazing things to offer, as you may have noticed from this guide.

You can wander inside one of the fascinating museums and catch a glimpse of the area’s rich history.

The wildlife in the area is also a pleasure to see and explore, as we’ve already mentioned.

We wish you all the best on your next trip to Fort Walton Beach in Florida.

We are sure that you will enjoy an amazing time and have plenty of memories to tack back home after visiting some of the places listed in our guide.