17 Best Things to Do in Fort Stockton, TX

Fort Stockton, TX
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Fort Stockton, which you can find within the west side of Texas, is the county seat of Pecos County,

With a population of 8,497 and a history going back to 1859, this Texan city is rich in history and attractions to explore.

The city may not be the biggest, with an area size of fewer than twenty kilometers, but there is a list of options to choose from when visiting this city.

You can find plenty of historical gems and unique eateries in Fort Stockton; it's only a matter of knowing where to look.

Bearing that in mind, here are the 17 best things to do in Fort Stockton, Texas:

Explore Old Structures at Historic Fort Stockton

Front View of Pecos County Courthouse
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One of the first historical gems you need to see in the city is the Historic Fort Stockton.

First established in 1867, the historical sight was home to the "Buffalo Soldiers," also known as the "9th Calvary," and became a center of employment for various people.

Due to its location near Comanche Springs, the former camp protected the San Antonio-El Paso road.

Currently, the site is under the management of the Fort Stockton Historical Society and is open for visitations.

The main feature you'll find at this location is the recreation of different old buildings and rooms, including office barracks and quarters.

You can visit Historic Fort Stockton on any weekday and check out their website for any further information.

Have a Tour at the Fort Stockton Visitor Center

Located in an old railway and featuring photo-worthy scenery, the Fort Stockton Visitor Center is an ideal spot to check out a small piece of history.

A few features you can find at this location are different gardens and sculptures.

Visitors can also find a selection of guides and pamphlets with tour routes you can take in the city.

You can visit the center any weekday and contact their number for any inquiries.

Find the Oldest House in Fort Stockton

For any historical fans who'd like to see a hundred-year-old historical building in the city, check out the Oldest House in Fort Stockton.

The building currently stands as the ruins of an old home and is a remnant of the 1860s.

While you cannot explore the structure due to the fencing and coverage installed to protect the building, you can still photograph the ruins.

There are no specific operating hours for this landmark, so you can visit at any time.

Go Camping at the Fort Stockton RV Park

If you are interested in camping, head to the Fort Stockton RV Park.

The park allows for tents and convenient spaces for you to set up.

A few amenities you can check out at this site include different pathways and accessible washrooms.

When camping at the park, there are different rules you need to observe, including check-out time.

Aside from the amenities, the park also provides a cafe where you can enjoy some caffeine and a meal.

There are different rates you can check out on the park's website, along with further details on park rules and regulations.

Discover the Oldest Cemetary with the Old Fort Cemetery

If you want to check out another unique historical sight when in Fort Stockton, make a stop at the Old Fort Cemetery.

Existing since 1875, the Old Fort Cemetary is one of the cities' unique sights you can visit at any time and explore its different old figures.

The cemetery once held various soldiers, but they ended up in a different cemetery at one point.

One of the most prominent figures resting in the cemetery is an assassinated Sheriff from 1894.

Visit the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum

Front View of Annie Riggs Memorial Museum
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The Annie Riggs Memorial Museum is another historical gem to visit in Fort Stockton.

Before becoming a museum in 1955, the building was a boarding home managed by Annie Riggs and her family.

There are many different sights you can explore in the museum.

These sights include recreated rooms and displays depicting life during the 1900s.

You can also find exhibits that display other subjects, such as archaeology, Hispanic heritage, and past businesses.

Additionally, the museum also holds different events you can check out on their website, along with further details on their story and operating hours.

Take Photos of Paisano Pete

While there are many unique historical sights you can visit in Fort Stockton, there is an attraction you need to see: the Paisano Pete.

You can find this attraction at the town's intersection; you can visit it any day and time.

The roadrunner statue came into existence in 1980 and measures 11 feet in height and 22 feet in width.

In addition to photographing with the attraction, you can find the visitor center nearby and commemorate the moment with a souvenir you can purchase.

Play Pool at Lulu's Stixx

An alternative to enjoying Fort Stockton's nightlife aside from dancing in a club is to head to Lulu's Stixx.

There is a selection of drinks you can enjoy and pool tables to test your skills.

More than pool tables, the sports bar also offers shuffleboard as an option.

The sports bar opens all week and has a social media page you can check out for any updates and announcements.

Take a Swim at the Comanche Springs Pool and Pavilion

Fort Stockton is known for being the location of the Big Cheif Spring, and in 1938 came the construction of a pavilion.

It took fifteen years after the pavilion's construction that the pool came into existence.

As a result of the pool's construction, it became the Water Carnival venue.

The pool is closed on Mondays and releases updates on its status on their social media page.

If you want to know the best time to visit the pool and their admission fees, you can contact their staff.

Do Some Wine Tasting at Grey Mule Saloon

Combine some history and a fun experience by heading to the Grey Mule Saloon.

The saloon made its debut in 1890 and was a rest stop for many cowboys and other western figures back in the day.

One of the main features you can enjoy in this historical saloon is the wine tasting room, where they feature a look into the local wine and other wine accessories.

More than the wine options, the saloon also offers a selection of cheeses and other complementary bites with your choice of wine.

To make any reservations with the wine tasting room, you can contact the saloon via their phone number.

Grab a Drink at The Classic Man

Another place you can enjoy local drinks is The Classic Man.

Located in the downtown area of Fort Stockton, The Classic Man is a cigar, wine, and beer lounge and features a selection of alcohol and cigar options for you to try.

Whether you want to experience smoking a cigar, knock back a cold glass of beer or savor a glass of red wine, the lounge has plenty to offer.

In addition to the different products, you can also check out their events, which they post on their social media page.

See Preserved History at the Pecos County Historical Old Jail

Front View of Pecos County Historical Old Jail
Pi3.124, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do you want to explore a jail that dates back hundreds of years?

If so, you can visit the Pecos County Historical Old Jail.

The building was first established in 1883 and expanded thirty years later.

You can find this historical site by starting at courthouse square and heading south.

Pecos County Historical Old Jail currently falls under the management of the Pecos County Historical Commission and is open to tours via appointment.

Some of the features that the sight holds include preserved cells and offices.

If you'd like to make an appointment, you can do so by contacting their phone number.

Enjoy the Local NightLife at Angel's Dance Club

Aside from local drinks you can enjoy, Fort Stockton also offers different options to enjoy its nightlife.

One of them is to head to Angel's Dance Club.

The Angel's Dance Club is an ideal stop for anyone who wants to enjoy a night of dancing and drinking on a Friday or Saturday night.

Featuring a selection of cold beers and a large dance floor for you to enjoy yourself on, the club has plenty to offer for any night owls.

Aside from their drinks and music, the club also hosts different events you can check out on their social media page.

Treat Yourself to Something Sweet at Mesquite Tree Gifts & Ice Cream Shop

If you head over to the Mesquite Tree Gifts & Ice Cream Shop, you'll find a variety of sweets and ice creams.

In addition to the different sweets you can try, the shop also offers a selection of ice and hot coffee.

If the sweets and coffee aren't enough, the Mesquite Tree Gifts & Ice Cream Shop also provides a range of other products including, accessories, gifts, and food items if you're looking for something savory to try.

Go Shopping at Bella Terrazza

The Bella Terrazza store is an ideal stop if you're looking to do some shopping in the city.

IT features a variety of products you can peruse, such as various art pieces and clothing.

From eye-catching knick-knacks to a selection of accessories and other crafted items, the Bella Terrazza offers plenty for you to purchase.

In addition to their numerous types of products you can browse, the store also features different photo-worthy sights you can check out.

Enjoy a Show at the Fort Stockton Community Theatre

The Fort Stockton Community Theatre is the place to go for any art fans.

The Fort Stockton Community Theatre aims to provide the community with an appreciation and education of the arts and features a variety of shows throughout the year.

Some of the shows you can find at the theater include comedies, mysteries, and holiday-themed performances.

Check out their website for further details on any performances and upcoming events on the calendar.

Have a Walk Through the James Rooney Memorial Park

Just as there are places to explore in Fort Stockton, there are also places to relax, and one of them is the James Rooney Memorial Park.

There are many different outdoor activities you can do when visiting this park.

Some of them include taking a stroll on the park's different paths or trying your luck with the golf course.

You can also enjoy a picnic and enjoy the park's scenery or have some fun at the sports fields.

Whatever you choose to do at the James Rooney Memorial Park, you'll be sure to have a relaxing day.

Final Thoughts

Fort Stockton offers plenty of attractions for anyone who is a fan of history.

More than the stories of the past preserved in many sights in the city, there are many hidden gems you can find in Fort Stockton.

While there are sights that are not available year-round, checking out the various sites of Fort Stockton can give you a different look to the west side of Texas.

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