15 Best Things to Do in Formentera

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Islands are always fun to visit, even more so than the cities!

A particularly exciting addition to this list is the Balearic Islands, comprising many major and minor islands and islets.

Formentera, the smallest island of this cluster, is also one of the most visited.

The island is blessed with clean white beaches and stunning landscapes, as well as hippie culture and exciting outdoor activities.

As if that’s not enough to impress tourists, its proximity to the island of Ibiza has also made it a popular summer destination.

Now let's look at the 15 best things to do in Formentera.

See the Stunning View of Playa es Pujols

Stunning View of Playa es Pujols
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Playa es Pujols is not just any beach.

In addition to being an absolutely magnificent beach spreading across the horizon, it provides the best accommodations, amazing restaurants, shops and stalls, accessible water sports, and catamarans.

This tourist-friendly beach is a whole package, where even locals are seen around frequently.

And yet, even after its touristy reputation, it is still one of the quietest beaches you’ll come across.

The beach is dotted with little sections of low rocks, where you will always find fishermen’s boats tucked in.

The beach was also the spot for hosting Flower Power parties of Formentera!

A happening beach like this is a must-visit, don’t you think?

Visit the La Mola Lighthouse

Scenic View of La Mola Lighthouse
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Also known as Far de Formentera, the La Mola Lighthouse is one of the most popular tourist spots of the island, located at the easternmost edge.

It stands tall at 69 feet over an already tall, 845 feet high cliff – which means it provides a mesmerizing view of the Mediterranean!

Scenic View of La Mola Lighthouse
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The lighthouse is more than just a structure standing on the soils of Formentera – it was mentioned as the ‘lighthouse at the end of the world’ in Jules Verne’s novel, Off on a Comet, which, in turn, fueled its significance.

The road to the lighthouse is rather steep, but you can still rent some bicycles and go up the route while enjoying the rustic countryside around it.

Take a Sightseeing Tour at Playa de Migjorn

A Boardwalk at Playa de Migjorn
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As opposed to a touristy beach is Playa de Migjorn, which is untouched by any kind of development, featuring beautiful vegetation and clear land.

It is also called ‘the beach of the south’ – thanks to its orientation – and is where you can feel the spirit of Formentera in the truest sense.

View of a Beach at Playa de Migjorn
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This 6 km coastline is divided into four parts — namely Ca Marí, Migjorn, Es Arenals, and Es Copinar.

All these parts can be accessed separately and provide a whole lot of fun and calming activities to do, as well as restaurants, cafés, and chiringuitos to eat at.

Don’t you think the beach is the perfect place to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends?

Grab Some Coffee at Codice Luna

Codice Luna is a fancy little café-restaurant, located just beside the beautiful La Mola Lighthouse.

But if you are wondering what is so special about this place – well, everything!

From its vintage ambience – complete with whitewashed structure and wooden tables – to the open-terrace dining space overlooking the stunning views of the sprawling ocean, everything is just special.

Adding more to Codice Luna’s uniqueness is the menu, exclusively tapas-style, that features many delicious dishes, such as bruschettas, antipasto, tostadas with local cheese, platters of Iberian ham, and homemade cakes!

The restaurant also features a DJ party every full moon in summer, which is one of its popular factors that is appealing to every visitor of Codice Luna.

Wander around Calo Des Mort

The Beautiful Ocean in Calo Des Mort
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Calo Des Mort is not just any beachside place, but it is also a magnificent cove on the Playa de Migjorn beach, featuring reddish rocks and the clear blue sea.

The landscape is backed by a steep cliff, which is enough to hold people’s attraction.

The lagoon-like ocean sparkles brightly, fading from transparent to deep.

The Beautiful Ocean in Calo Des Mort
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More importantly, since the water is at just the right temperature, being here offers you a pleasant experience.

A steep stairway – secured with a rope handrail – has been installed for the visitors to get closer to this semi-circular beach.

One can also enjoy the exquisite food at the nearby restaurant, Chiringuito Bartolo, before heading to the cove for a relaxing time!

Visit the Sa Tanca Vella Chapel

Front View of Sa Tanca Vella Chapel
mmoya, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You would’ve seen many chapels in your life, but nothing compares to this quaint little structure standing proudly in the main town of Formentera, Sant Francesc.

It’s nothing but a rectangular stone façade, complete with a fenced entrance and bricks visible on the walls.

Now you’d think what is so special about this chapel.

Well, it is the oldest one on the island, built in 1336.

A living proof of the Romanesque period in Europe, the chapel preserves almost 8 centuries worth of history.

There is also a legend that the church is connected to the Cueva de San Valero through a secret underground passageway.

No one is allowed to enter, but one can peep through the fence!

Explore Sant Francesc

View of Sant Francesc
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If you are in Formentera without visiting Sant Francesc, then what’s really the point?

It is not only the island’s largest town but the oldest one too, oozing peaceful vibes and local Mediterranean charm.

Along with the town hall, the town is also home to the main administrative bodies, the post office, a small ethnographic museum, the Sa Tanca Vella Chapel, and the Church of Sant Francesc.

Front View of View of Sant Francesc
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Being the capital, the town is well developed, complete with picturesque streets, stalls selling local craft and artifacts, as well as cafés and restaurants.

You also get to experience beautiful festivals and events here, such as the feast of Saint Jaume and the feast of Sant Francesc!

Dine at Vogamarí

Overlooking the sparkling waters of Playa de Migjorn, resting on a green dune is this amazing restaurant, Vogamarí!

One of the oldest restaurants on the island, Vogamarí prides the most delicious and reasonable dishes, made with quality ingredients and fresh produce.

The menu is a delicious amalgamation of meat, fish, salads, rice, vegetable tempura, and deserts, with one of the most-loved dishes being their Paella.

The ambiance is perfectly tranquil, made even more beautiful with the sound of the sea becoming natural background music.

The restaurant also provides a vast dining room overlooking the sea, a bar, and a cafeteria.

Buy Some Stuff at La Mola Art and Crafts Market

A Sign in La Mola Art and Crafts Market
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No place is complete without a market – and La Mola Art & Crafts Market is Formentera’s own.

Situated in La Mola, it has been thriving since the 1960s, free to visit from May to mid-October, on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Also known as La Mola Hippie Market, it works as a fair too, where jugglers, entertainers, and musicians keep the atmosphere upbeat and fun.

Interior view of La Mola Art and Crafts Market
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The market features several stalls, featuring works of art, local souvenirs, and handmade artifacts.

These include textiles, jewelry, local woolen textiles, glass, ceramics, hand weaving, engravings, leather, and so on.

Along with that, the market also sells locally produced foods like dried figs, dried fish, honey, oil, wine, and cheese.

Now you know where you’ll get something as memories and souvenirs!

People at La Mola Art and Crafts Market
Samu from Alpedrete, Spain, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get Lost in the Cap de Barbària

A Tower in Cap de Barbària
User:Ireireire, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Never have been a barren promontory as impressive as Cap de Barbària!

It is a little rocky terrain that boasts to be the most end of this wonderful island.

Standing 214 feet tall above sea level, it gives easy access to the popular resident attraction, i.e., the Cap de Barbària lighthouse.

A peculiar yet alluring thing about this place is that there is absolutely nothing around.

A night visit provides an even richer atmosphere, where you can literally feel the sky meeting the sea.

Shop at Janne Ibiza

Everyone brings souvenirs back home from their trips – may it be a little trinket or something only available in that place.

Keeping in tune with the latter, Formentera literally lets you take handmade swimwear as souvenirs!

Janne Ibiza, a local shop that has been around since 1970 – more than 50 years now – is run by the mother-daughter duo, Janne Heegaard and Jasmine Heegaard.

The boutique stands in Sant Francesc while the workshop is in Es Pujols, the latter letting you get custom-made bikinis.

The history of the shop is as amazing as the clothes they put out.

They range from plain bikinis to attractive printed ones, all of them made in the most premium of fabrics and eye-catching colors.

Pay a Visit to Ca na Costa

Scenic View of Ca na Costa
Michael Merkel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Wedged in between the east coast of lake Pudent and the towns of Es Pujols and La Savina, there exists a little cluster of rocks known as Ca na Costa, which is a popular tourist spot – but an extremely peculiar one, too.


Well, it is more than a rock cluster; rather, it is a megalithic tomb, sitting proudly at the location and vaguely resembles a sundial.

Not only is it speculated to have originated in 1900 and 1600 B.C., but it also proves to the popular belief that Formentera was inhabited even before the Punic era.

The history surrounding this tomb is pretty interesting if the visitors are curious about finding it out!

Roam around the Ses Salines Natural Park

A Bent Tree in Ses Salines Natural Park
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Ses Salines Natural Park is not only a place to relax but also where one can learn about the Mediterranean biodiversity, especially tourists.

Located exactly between Formentera and Ibiza islands, it is made up of 2,838.44 hectares of land teeming with flora and fauna.

Beautiful Birds at Ses Salines Natural Park
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That’s not all, because almost 75% of the park actually covers more than 13,000 hectares of the ocean!

The place has been a prime location for salt production for a long time, which is why it is not only ecologically rich but holds a lot of cultural and historical values to Formentera.

The park is perfect for going on a picnic, bird-watching, and walking, with the undeniably enchanting scenery becoming the perfect backdrop for your activities.

Admire the Views at Tipic

Formentera has only one club standing over its ground, Tipic, promising excitement and a fun night!

Ever since it came into existence in 1971, it has been famous all-around in Formentera as a landmark for locals and hippies of the area.

Pink Floyd gig was its launching act, as they were fortunately on the island for their recording of a film.

The space is designed in a chic way, with a host of DJs hyping the atmosphere up, including the weekly summer resident Sven Väth and his cocoon!

There are frequent visits from international DJs as well as commercial and hip-hop nights.

With the friendly staff, the amazing drinks, and the hypnotic music, Tipic is the best place to spend your nights in Formentera!

Visit the S'Espalmador

The Sea at S'Espalmador
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If you make your way to the north of Formentera, you’ll stumble across a little island called S’Espalmador, uninhabited and promising tranquillity.

Apart from a chapel, a watchtower, a lighthouse, and two houses, the island is untouched by civilization.

Even if it is a privately owned island – by a Luxembourg family – it is open for all to visit.

You can hop onto Ferries, private charters, or even kayaks to reach there.

Dunes at S'Espalmador
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The beaches are laced with soft white sands and shallow waters, making it the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time and mesmerizing sunsets.

You have to make sure, however, that you bring everything you’ll need, as there are no facilities provided there.

Despite that, S’Espalmador is so worth it!

Final Thoughts

Everything about Formentera screams ‘relaxing tourist destination’, may it be the well-preserved historical sights, amazing restaurants, inviting nightlife, or the peaceful beaches.

There are no airports – as you can only reach Formentera from Ibiza – a handful of roads and no crowds, which translates to utter peace and calm!