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20 Best Things to Do in Forest Hills, NYC

  • Published 2023/04/17

Are you longing for a fresh respite from the busy city life of New York City?

Then, you don’t have to look very far; try visiting Forest Hills.

Forest Hills is a sophisticated and laidback residential neighborhood in the heart of the bustling and lively borough of Queens, NYC.

The area contains elegant Tudor homes and roads lined with trees and a variety of local shops.

If you want to live a stress-free life in the middle of Queens, you’ll be lucky to find this place.

However, Forest Hills offers not only peaceful residences but also fun places and exciting activities that capture the perfect living experience.

Visit parks that bring you close to nature, shopping strips, and game centers that will make you not want to go home.

Bring your buddies to superb hangout places that serve the most delectable cuisine and delicacies.

You can find it all in Forest Hills.

Here are the best things to do in Forest Hills, NY:

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Forest Park

Trails of Forest Park map

RaySawak, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This heavenly place is a treasure for everyone tired of seeing the big establishments and high buildings of the Big Apple.

Forest Park boasts about 544 acres of nature’s beauty, with hiking terrain and paths on the eastern portion and sports fields on the west.

Vast areas covered with trees and hilly terrain make Forest Park a go-to destination.

Nature lovers and people who seek refuge from the busy urban lifestyle flock there when they can.

The park is no stranger to athletes and musicians since it has different courts such as softball, tennis, baseball, and a golf course.

It also has an amphitheater that holds free concerts in the summer.

This park is a great place to relax and unwind.

Try Horseback Riding at Gallop NYC

Do you know what’s better than horseback riding?

It’s none other than riding a horse along the paths of Forest Park.

Gallop NYC at Forest Hills offers horseback riding with access to the park and therapeutic programs to the public.

You can also visit an indoor arena and mingle with the horses and ponies.

These gentle horses are known for their empathy and grace.

These animals help veterans and people with special needs and disabilities through therapeutic riding programs.

Talk about horses with big and warm hearts.

Do not hesitate to visit if you want to experience and enjoy all of nature’s attractions at Forest Park.

Have a Food Trip at the Forest Hills Fall Street Fair

If you fancy a walk and a trip to taste different kinds of food, then the Forest Hills Fall Street Fair should be the right place for you.

This street fair is worth a visit for you and your family to explore the place, socialize with different people, and support local businesses.

Some shops sell clothes and accessories at a much lower price.

There are food stalls that serve dishes from all over the world, such as Mexican food, seafood, roasts, and a whole lot more.

With dozens of food carts, stalls, and stores sprawling about three blocks away, it is impossible to leave empty-handed and hungry.

Learn to Paint at Painting with a Twist at Queens

Everyone loves art.

Who doesn’t love art?

Painting with a Twist is a well-known chain of art studios that give art and painting classes.

People who want to have a good time with paint and brushes that give life to their artistic selves go to the studio.

You do not have to possess creative skills or a background in painting to enjoy the studio.

Bring your friends and family and enjoy your favorite snacks or a glass of wine or two.

You should not miss this artistic experience no matter your age.

What better way to spend a weekend with friends and family than painting and laughing?

Prepare yourself and visit Painting With a Twist at Metropolitan Avenue to cultivate your love for the arts and learn how to paint.

Relive Your Childhood at Laser Bounce – Family Fun Center

We all have a little kid within us that wants to play and enjoy what life has to offer and have fun.

Look no further for the perfect place to relax and play with your family.

Just go off Cooper Avenue and visit the Laser Bounce Family Fun Center.

Laser Bounce has attractions suitable for all ages, from thrilling rides to a chill bowling alley, laser tags, a bounce arena, and the forever-favorite arcade.

It is also a fabulous place to gather children for parties and develop social and team-building skills.

Bring your kids and friends who want to play at Laser Bounce and have a good time.

Enjoy an Enchanting Meal at the Queens Bully

Nobody should leave Forest Hills without visiting the favorite diverse gastropub of Queens.

This place is none other than the Queens Bully.

Located on Queens Blvd, this perfect hangout place serves food and drinks on a whole other level.

Sample a fusion of extravagant flavors inspired by various cultures worldwide.

If you think that the fantastic food at Queens Bully is just enough, then you need to see more.

Enjoy boozy brunch weekends, vibrant live DJ Saturday nights, taco Tuesdays, or trivia nights to put the cherry on top of your visit.

Try their hearty sandwiches and the finest barbecues to dreamy desserts and crazy cocktails.

You name it, they serve it!

Unleash the Nerd in You at the Royal Collectibles

If you are a fan of comic books, toys, graphic novels, and collectibles, then Royal Collectibles should be your heaven on earth.

Located on Metropolitan Avenue, this family-owned comic shop sells various comic books and novels from the 1960s to current releases.

You can also buy souvenirs, statues, and toys from different famous games, movies, and comics.

If you can’t get enough memorabilia, then this place is paradise.

Did you know that Spiderman is from Forest Hills, Queens, New York City?

Enter the world of comic books and indulge yourself with your favorite comics at Royal Collectibles.

Stop and Shop at Forest Hills Greenmarket

We all love to shop for fresh produce and products from local farmers and food producers.

The Forest Hills Greenmarket at Queens Blvd provides a stage for local farmers to sell their fresh harvest and introduce to the public their businesses year-round.

It is the perfect time for people to mingle with the farmers as they enjoy the market’s activities, and learn the benefits of fresh produce.

Watch the cooking exhibitions that make everyone’s mouth water.

Gather your family because the Forest Hills Greenmarket is a must-visit for residents and tourists who seek to learn more about local food products.

Hang and Chill Out at Yellowstone Park

Do you need a place to relax and take your children out to play or bring your pets out for a run?

Then, Yellowstone Park should be great for you.

This block-sized park is a good place for your child to play around and for you to relax while enjoying the city ambiance.

The park also has basketball courts and a dog run for fur parents who seek a place for their pets to play and run safely.

Yellowstone Park is a famous gathering place for locals and where families can enjoy and have fun.

Walk around and Shop along Austin Street

Shops along Austin Street

Kits Pix /

Austin Street is a sure favorite and a regular presence on the lips of every shopaholic.

This long street from Rego Park to Kew Gardens is a well-known shopping strip that houses dozens of boutiques and shops that are sure to catch anyone’s eye.

From global brands to quality local products, stores along Austin Street cater to every kind of customer with various tastes and interests.

Bramson ORT college building at Austin Street

Bramsonuser, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After visiting, you will surely go home ecstatic, satisfied, and carrying a lot of shopping bags.

Go to Austin Street and storm every store and boutique for a memorable shopping experience with fun on every corner.

See a Movie at Cinemart Cinemas

If you are interested in enjoying a movie in one of the oldest theaters in Queens, then look no further and visit Cinemart Cinemas.

The Cinemart on Metropolitan Avenue is the oldest continuously operated independent theater in Queens.

The cinema has operated since its construction in 1925.

However, it changed to accommodate a more modern feel.

Cinemart Cinemas boasts five screens and auditoriums, as well as a cafe lounge for customers to relax while waiting for their scheduled show.

Movie buffs will undoubtedly appreciate the comfort and style that Cinemart Cinemas brings to every movie experience.

Try a Whole New Shopping Experience at the Shops at Atlas Park

If you prefer to shop in a sophisticated indoor/outdoor mall where you can easily access everything, then visit the Shops at Atlas Park at Cooper Avenue.

You’ll get your money’s worth from this unique shopping experience.

With many stores and boutiques around the complex, a shopaholic will indeed find every kind of gorgeous style and fashionable look.

The Shops at Atlas Park also has a good selection of diners and restaurants that make your dining experience memorable.

This neighborhood entertainment center also houses a multiplex cinema, which makes it complete and perfect.

Visit the Shops at Atlas Park and realize that nobody enters and comes out of the mall park empty-handed.

Taste Heavenly Bread and Pastries at Martha’s Country Bakery

There is just something about bread and pastries that gives us a warm feeling and makes every meal hearty and filling.

If you want that same experience, go to Martha’s Country Bakery.

Its vast selection of heavenly goodies made from the finest ingredients makes you want to taste everything on the menu.

From special cakes, fruit pies, and sweet cookies to international pastries such as strudel and Danish pastries, Martha’s has it all for you.

The bakery also serves beverages that go well with them, such as richly brewed coffee and tea, that keep everyone warm and full.

Martha’s Country Bakery ensures that your every visit and occasion is wholesome, sweet, and perfect.

Attend a Concert at Forest Hills Stadium

Forest Hills Stadium is a can’t-miss destination if you’re a big-time lover of music.

Famous for its heritage, this stadium was once a renowned tennis arena during the 20th Century.

Since then, it has been converted into a huge outdoor, coliseum-style music venue that’s home to a lot of the biggest events in Forest Hills.

One of the best times to experience Forest Hills Stadium is during the summer, as the summer music festivals and concerts are all held here.

If you’re all about fun and rock n’ roll, don’t miss out on visiting this stadium that’s located at Tennis Place.

Spend a Day at MacDonald Park

MacDonald Park is one of the liveliest yet peaceful places in Forest Hills because of its scenery and the local community.

Famous for having beautiful landscaping, MacDonald Park has a lot of greenery and gardens that accentuate its overall aesthetic.

Because of its charm, lots of locals go here for recreational activities and meditative practices.

There are also chess tables found here where you can find lots of locals playing against each other during the weekends.

Whether it’s a stopover or an early-morning destination, MacDonald Park is a great place to be in Forest Hills.

It’s located along Queens Boulevard.

Go Drinking at Forest Hills Station House

Forest Hills Station House is arguably one of the best places in the neighborhood when it comes to draft beer and cocktails.

Beyond their wide selection and handcrafted alcoholic beverages, Forest Hills Station House also has some amazing gastropub food.

Their wings are something you can’t afford to miss, and they also have mouthwatering burgers that go well with their beer.

The energy and aesthetic of Forest Hills Station House is also trendy and upscale; it’s great for food photographers or those who are all about curating food culture on their Instagram profiles.

You can find this chic restaurant and pub along 71st Avenue.

Grab a Snack at Forest Hills Bagels

Bagels and New York City always go well together, and in Queens, you can find some of the best in Forest Hills Bagels.

It’s a simple shop offering a ton of breakfast items beyond their bagels; some of their bestsellers outside of bagels are their salads and paninis.

They’re also famous for their drinks here, as they serve a wide range of smoothies, juices, and coffee that go perfectly with their bagels.

You can choose from a lot of bagel spreads, and you’re assured that their bagels are made fresh daily.

One of the most popular culinary attractions in Forest Hills, don’t miss out on Forest Hills Bagels.

You can locate the restaurant along Queens Boulevard.

Bring Your Dog to Underbridge Dog Run

Underbridge Dog Run is a great addition to your itinerary if you’re bringing your furbaby with you to Forest Hills.

It’s a nice open space where your dogs can socialize and run loose, and the location is pretty convenient as it’s close to a lot of other attractions.

There’s even a quaint bridge here (hence, where it got its name) that you can explore before or after you bring your pooch to the dog park.

Underbridge Dog Run also has a lot of locals who go there daily, so it’s a great place to meet new people.

You can access this dog park along Grand Central Parkway.

Final Thoughts

The word stunning is not enough to describe Forest Hills.

Your visit to this residential neighborhood will be one of the highlights of your visit to New York City.

You and your family will surely love this place so much that you might consider Forest Hills your new home.

Wait no longer and do all these activities in Forest Hills.

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