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16 Best Things to Do in Folsom, CA

  • Published 2021/10/05

Folsom is located in Sacramento Country and has about 73,000 people habituating it.

With the said population, we can say that it is pretty reasonably populated.

Nevertheless, the city has a lot of natural places where you can visit to get away from the urban world and unwind in nature.

Travel and leisure are not just about enjoying your free time but also part of our growing process.

By traveling, you will discover many new things about the places; and the people you meet in the course.

You might have known Folsom for its attractive bridges.

Other than that, its land of developed 300 green spaces is also suitable for hiking trails.

Coffee shops and restaurants are everywhere in the city, as well as Shopping centers.

Moreover, one of the best parts of Folsom is its yearly festivals such as Renaissance Faire, Go Medieval, Tap Folsom, Folsom Gourd & Arts Festival, and Renaissance Faire.

If you want to know more, here are the best things to do in Folsom, California.

Stop by the Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park

Aerial View of Folsom Powerhouse | State Historic Park

Cassiohabib /

You can visit the Folsom Powerhouse State Park to see one of the first hydroelectric facilities in California that were built in 1895.

It provides alternative current hydroelectric power stations in the USA.

View of Folsom Powerhouse | State Historic Park

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Presently, you can learn more about it at the National Register of Historic Places, where you can also have a guided tour.

The structure is well maintained so that it will look well-preserved as it was in the 1800s.

Learn More About Folsom’s History in Folsom History Museum

The Historical Museum is located in downtown Folsom.

It is where you can get to know Folsom more by knowing its formative years.

As you enter the historical museum, you will see all the salient and valuable history of the city from its development arrangement.

There are a lot of exhibits everywhere, such as pictures of native people, gold, and artifacts.

Aside from its historical exhibition, this museum also holds some events every year.

Enjoy a Glamorous Dining Experience at Mystique Dining

Once you step inside the Mystique Dining at Folsom, you will be welcomed by a butler who will take you away to a magnificent-decorated and cherished area in dining to enjoy world-class entertainment and an excellent dining experience.

Some of their best dishes are soup, salad, appetizer, and palate cleanser.

Other than that, they also serve prime rib, macaroni and cheese, Cornish hen, and vegetarian lasagne.

Come behind that is a dessert that will satisfy you even more.

When everything is cleared, the magic show will start.

This will let you enjoy 45 minutes of exciting performance by some of the excellent magicians in the world.

Visit the Adorable Animals at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary

It all began in 1963 when Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary took care of animals who were not mature enough to be freed in the wild.

It started with a bear cub and expanded to various animals such as prairie dogs, bobcats, coyotes, eagles, and wolves.

The name, nevertheless, is not a zoo.

Nevertheless, the kind of environment here is similar to where these animals came from.

There is a grove, gift shop in the on-site area, including snacks, light meals, and Fisher’s Bistro.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

View of Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

Chris Allan /

It would take a whole day or further to tour the extensive parklands in Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

However, it is good news that there are two campsites to explore this area for two days or more.

This parkland is located in the hillock of the Sierra Nevada, and there are many things to do and see.

In addition, there are two attractive nature lakes – Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma.

It has always been a great place to fish at Folsom Lake, including bass, perch, and catfish.

But, if you want swimming, canoeing, water skiing, and kayaking, Natoma Lake is the best place.

You will also find a monitored day-use area in Granite Bay, a famous sandy swimming beach.

Here, you can also see Beal’s point and a cafeteria.

There are a lot of activities that you can do and enjoy in this park, such as hiking 95 miles of the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail and having picnics in many picnic areas around the park.

Shop at the Folsom Premium Outlets to Find Affordable Deals

If you are looking for affordable items for your home or even a perfect gift for your friend, Folsom Premium Outlets can have it all for you.

Aside from its affordable deals, the items are also one of the renowned brands.

This store has 80 branches.

It offers excellent deals for footwear, clothing, sporting goods, and jewelry.

The brands include Adidas, Michael Kors, and the Banana Republic.

At the store, there are several eateries such as Kristen’s Coffee Corner and Taco Bell.

Learn About Life in Prison at the Folsom Prison Museum

You might be familiar with the Folsom Prison, where you have perhaps heard the “Folsom Prison Blues” sung by Johnny Cash which was performed at the same prison itself.

The good news, you can now visit that prison at Folsom Prison Museum in the same area as the prison.

Aside from visiting the prison that became famous by that song, you can also see its history, architecture, and some creepy and scary things that guards experienced while on duty.

As you explore, you will also see exhibits such as contraband taken away from prisoners, news articles, pictures, and a Ferris wheel that is handmade out of toothpicks by the prisoners.

Visit Karen’s Bakery

Located at the historic Old Folsom, the casual setting of Karen’s Bakery allows you to enjoy tasty gourmet food.

The fresh foods that they serve are perfect for every season.

If you are in a rush, this bakery is also suitable for breakfast on the go.

You are very much welcome to have a full breakfast inside, and everything will be cooked to order.

Other than breakfast, they also offer sandwiches and salads for lunch.

Witness the Show at the Harris Center

Outside Harris Center

FolsomNatural, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Be updated if any events are being held in the Harris Center in Folsom so that you can watch the world-class entertainment.

This includes musical concerts, dance shows, and theatrical performances.

This venue has consistently showcased its national performers and culture in Folsom since 2011.

Outside Harris Center

FolsomNatural, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The center is famous among the community for its demonstration of different works of art in various mediums.

Every year, the center invites 150,000 hosts and patrons to over 400 public events.

Try the Japanese Culture at Gekkeikan Sake

Sake has been a vital part of Japanese culture for more than 2,000 years.

Today, if you visit the city, you can try the cultural Sake at Gekkeikan Sake.

They serve tourists and allow them to see how this alcoholic drink is being made.

It all started when rice cultivation was introduced.

Jiemin Okura established Gekkeikan Sake in 1637, and it was then known for its vital water source.

It gained substantial popularity through the years worldwide and suddenly became the trademark of alcohol, and the second branch was opened in Folsom, California.

In the same area along the way, a Japanese koi pond also exists.

After tasting the traditional Sake, you can also have a snack at the tasting room or the gift shop on the site.

Taste the Meal of Genuine Italian Restaurant at Visconti’s Ristorante

One of the famous restaurants in Folsom is the Visconti’s Ristorante.

If you are looking for excellent Italian fare, this is the perfect place for you.

This restaurant serves various Italian dishes with unique cultural recipes back from generations.

While having a meal, relax by listening to traditional Italian music in the background playing.

You can have salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, desserts, and others on the menu.

Every dish is made from authentic and fresh ingredients.

After the meal, you can also enjoy a wine or cocktail.

Enjoy a Ride on the Folsom Valley Railway

It is the only steam-powered replica in California.

It is one of the seven miniature-scale, has a 12-inch gauge railway left, and you can have a ride when you visit Folsom.

You can experience a ten-minute joyride around a five-mile loop.

Several events are also held on the railway throughout the year.

Try the Flavorful Beers at Red Bus Brewing Company

It was established by one of the beer experts, a long-time resident in Folsom, and one of the known owners of The Brewmeister.

It is the only brewery in Folsom, and it serves excellent and unique tasting and learning experiences.

Apart from drinking, you can also see how their beers are produced and their recipes.

The tasting room features a theme of the 1968 Volkswagen Bus; you can try various traditional and modern beers made on-site.

Hike at the Johnny Cash Trail

Wooden Robbers Ravine Bridge on the Johnny Cash trail

ZikG /

You can have a unique hiking experience at Johnny Cash Trail as it can take you on a delightful escape into nature and see one of California’s musical legends.

You can see the exhibition honoring Johnny Cash’s career and connection to Folsom as you walk by.

View of Johnny Cash Trail

Kyla Metzker /

Overall, eight works of art are present in Johnny Cash Trail.

In addition, you can see two bronze guitar picks and the letters he acquired from inmates at the Greystone Chapel after his notable performance at the Folsom Prison.

Chill Out at the Steve Miklos Aquatic Center

Given that there are hot days in Folsom, the best place to relax is at Steve Miklos Aquatic Center.

You can see various captivating views, such as water slides, playground, lap pool, and much more.

There are also lifeguards to maintain and preserve the security and safety of everyone on the site.

Taste the Unique Flavor of Steaks in Sutter Street Steakhouse

It was established by the creators of the world-renowned 5th Street Steakhouse in Chico, CA.

Other than that, it became popular in Folsom as it offers seafood, and prime cuts of beef, and a bar with a complete and delicious meal.

The ambiance of the said restaurant has formed an extraordinary dining experience that you will never forget.

Some of the best-selling dishes on the menu are basil aioli, calamari, and Black Angus cut filet.

Final Thoughts

The destination of Folsom, California, entails a lot of attractive and captivating views.

From the historical museums to restaurants, it will surely make you experience the modern and cultural aspects of the city concomitantly.

It will be a splendid and delightful experience to explore such a wonderful city and know more about their culture.

Thus, do not miss the chance to try the best things in Folsom, California.

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