15 Best Things to Do in Fishtown, Philadelphia

Fishtown, Philadelphia
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Fishtown offers a unique and diverse community with fascinating attractions you won't expect to find in Philadelphia.

This small community along the Delaware River in Philadelphia has a unique aesthetic and tightly-knitted community, making it one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city.

You can enjoy dozens of exciting activities and sights in Fishtown, whether you're a lone traveler or with your family.

You'll spoil yourself with Fishtown's eclectic collection of restaurants, bars, art galleries, and shops, which makes this neighborhood one of the most popular spots in Philadelphia.

Fishtown is the perfect side destination while you're exploring Philadelphia.

Here are the best things to do in Fishtown, Philadelphia:

Have a Relaxing Time at the Penn Treaty Park

Swingset in Penn Treaty Park
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Many locals relax during the mornings and afternoons at Fishtown's central community park, the Penn Treaty Park.

Back in the day, the people built the Penn Treaty Park as a monument for peace between the Native Americans and William Penn.

Today, it's a charming community park where you can get a fantastic view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge from a distance.

View of the Benjamin Franklin bridge from Penn Treaty Park
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At the same time, the ten-acre park has a nicely-landscaped open green space, tree lines, picnic areas, and a lovely children's playground.

To explore Penn Treaty Park, you can proceed to its waterfront facing the Delaware River, where you can see locals fishing.

Penn Treaty Park is an excellent attraction to start your Fishtown travel adventures.

People on the grounds of Penn Treaty Park
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Try Your Luck at the Rivers Casino Philadelphia

For an exciting activity during your visit to Fishtown, head to the Rivers Casino Philadelphia.

Historically, the Rivers Casino Philadelphia is the city's first casino, making it a fascinating place to discover.

They constructed this casino in Fishtown on the Jack Frost Sugar Refinery site.

Thus, its former name was SugarHouse Casino.

At the same time, it stands on the Delaware River's waterfront, making it an ideal place to take photos.

This massive casino in Fishtown features over 1,800 slot machines, 28 poker tables, 103 table games, and a top-notch sportsbook area.

Rivers Casino Philadelphia has an events center, restaurants, and bars for those who want wholesome entertainment.

Unwind at the Fabrika-Bar & Restaurant

This bar and restaurant in Fishtown gained renown for its top-notch food and drinks and an exciting environment.

Philadelphians flock to the Fabrika-Bar & Restaurant to enjoy its top-notch food, liquor, beverages, and lively music.

The best time to visit Fabrika-Bar & Restaurant is after a stressful day at the office.

Experience what this place has to offer.

If you're looking for a place in Fishtown to have fun, head to the Fabrika-Bar & Restaurant along Frankford Avenue.

Chug Down a Mug of Beer at Frankford Hall

To feel the festive atmosphere of the Oktoberfest in Fishtown, head to the Frankford Hall along Frankford Avenue.

This famous watering hole in Fishtown is a fantastic place to relax and unwind with a cold beer in hand.

Frankford Hall is an open-air beer garden in Fishtown known for its German beer and a wide array of local craft beer.

Frankford Hall offers guests a cozy atmosphere of fire pits, dimmed lights, and picnic tables, making it an ideal place in Fishtown to have fun.

After chugging a mug or a bottle of Frankford Hall's beer, you can enjoy playing at its pingpong table or perhaps listen to fabulous music.

Aside from its open-air beer garden, Frankford Hall has indoor seating and a lounge area in case of bad weather.

In addition, Frankford Hall is famous for its German food, perfect to match its beer selection.

Try its schnitzels, pretzels, sauerkraut, bratwursts, rotisserie chicken, and many more on its menu.

Hike the Delaware River Trail

Head to the Delaware River Trail for a quick outdoor adventure in Fishtown.

This picturesque multimodal trail follows the famous Delaware River, stretching through the entire Philadelphia Central Delaware River waterfront.

The Delaware River Trail is a fascinating urban trail that takes you to Philadelphia's most charming places.

While hiking the Delaware River Trail, you'll pass through the Spruce Street Harbor Park, Cherry Street Pier, and Blue Cross River.

The trail spans over three miles from South Philadelphia's Pier 70 to Fishtown's Penn Treaty Park.

Don't forget to include the Delaware River Trail in your itinerary for an exciting hiking activity during your visit to Fishtown.

Buy Unique Souvenirs at the Craft Foundry

This charming local shop along Belgrade Street is famous for its unique accessories, clothing, and home decor you'd find fascinating.

Craft Foundry features an eclectic collection of items perfect for souvenirs during your visit to Fishtown.

It has fashion accessories from rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to clothing.

At the same time, Craft Foundry features home goods, home decors, skincare, and wellness products.

They also offer group craft classes you can join to complete your experience visiting Fishtown.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities at the Konrad Square

The city government constructed this park in Fishtown to honor a Philadelphian firefighter, Joseph Konrad, who died in the line of duty.

If you want to play frisbee or play catch with your dog, head to Konrad Square for its excellent green open space.

In addition, Konrad Square has a children's playground for kids to enjoy.

Moreover, Konrad Square is where many of Fishtown's local events take place, from sports entertainment to community activities.

Listen to Great Music at Johnny Brenda's

Performers in Johnny Brenda's
Ryancmccloskey, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Philadelphia and Fishtown's locals surely know about Johnny Brenda's.

This pub in Fishtown is known for its concerts and parties while serving excellent food to its guests.

Johnny Brenda's is a favorite hangout place during the weekends where Philadelphians flock to enjoy, chill, or party until dawn.

A band in Johnny Brenda's
Vladimir, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Johnny Brenda's unique atmosphere, with fantastic music and great food, is the perfect place to visit on weekends, especially with your friends.

Whether you're up for a few rounds, watch a show, or want to grab a bite of its delicious food, Johnny Brenda's has it all.

Discover Fishtown's Magnificent Street Art

Fishtown's streets are unique, colorful, and lively because of their street murals.

Not many know that Fishtown is also Philadelphia's art district.

Finding the magnificent street art in Fishtown is a worthwhile experience you shouldn't miss.

You can find dozens of them along Fishtown's streets from walls, installations, structures, and trash bins.

The City of Philadelphia commissioned some of these street murals through the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, which added value to the artists' masterpieces.

The best way to explore Fishtown's street murals and arts is to take photos of them or pose with them.

In addition, these photos would be perfect for your social media galleries.

Grab a Bottle of Fine Craft Beer at Philadelphia Brewing Company

Another place you must visit in Fishtown for good beer and company is the Philadelphia Brewing Company.

If you're looking for the best beer in Fishtown, worry not because the Philadelphia Brewing Company is known city-wide for its top-notch ale selection.

This independent brewery in Fishtown also operates in one of the city's oldest and most extensive brewing facilities.

The Philadelphia Brewing Company is renowned for its freshly-brewed beer by the bottle or tap.

They also have a tasting room called the "Peacock Room Bar and Garden."

You can order Philadelphia Brewing Company's best craft beer to your heart's content or join its brewery tour.

Watch Live Gigs at the Fillmore

A band in Fillmore
Teddy2Gloves at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you still have enough energy to visit more pubs and watering holes in Fishtown, then head to the Fillmore.

The Fillmore is the best spot in Fishtown to cap off your day or perhaps enjoy happy hour between your tour in the neighborhood.

This famous pub is one of the best places in Fishtown not just to drink your favorite cocktails or beverages but also to watch live musical performances.

The Fillmore boasts a modern brick and pipe interior highlighting a lively industrial and underground design.

It has an extensive bar and a huge dance floor for everyone to move freely.

In addition, many world-famous musicians like Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, and The Doors have already performed at the Fillmore.

At the same time, many other artists regularly strut their stuff there.

Score Unique Finds at Thunderbird Salvage

You should hunt for unique finds at Fishtown's thrift stores for a one-of-a-kind activity.

If you didn't know, Fishtown is also known as a premier thrifting location in Philadelphia.

It's where you'll find some of the most excellent thrift stores.

You'll find many novelty items, pre-loved clothing, furniture, fashion accessories, artwork, furniture, and home decor sold at the lowest prices.

Here are some of the best thrift stores you must check out when visiting Fishtown.

Check out the Philly AIDS Thrift, Retrospect Vintage, Thunderbird Salvage, Jinxed, and Circle Thrift.

Then, you have the Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center, 2nd Ave Thrift Store, and Bulk Vintage.

Finally, visit the Second Mile Center, and Junior League Thrift Shop.

Explore Fishtown's Gastronomic Scene at Suraya

Entrance to the Cheu Fishtown
Frankelly Valdez / Shutterstock.com

There's no better way to explore Fishtown than going on a food tour featuring the best local offerings.

Fishtown is lowkey a foodie's paradise.

You don't need to drive far into Philadelphia to taste the best food in the city because Fishtown has a diverse culinary scene.

It features Mexican, Asian, American Classic, Italian, and fusion cuisines lining its streets, making it a perfect location for a food tour.

Interior of La Colombe
Peetlesnumber1, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Here is a list of Fishtown's best restaurants and diners to try when you're in the neighborhood.

Suraya serves Thai cuisine, while Ekta is known for its generous Indian servings.

In addition, Pizzeria Beddia serves top-notch Italian food, while Cheu Fishtown/Nunu is best known for its Asian cuisine.

The honorable mentions are Weckerly's Pizza Brain, La Colombe, Good Spoon Soupery, and Philly Style Bagels.

Learn Innovative Gardening at Greensgrow Farms

Another unique activity you shouldn't miss in Fishtown are the gardening classes of Greensgrow Farms.

This charming community-based, nonprofit urban farm in Fishtown is renowned for its educational gardening program.

It features innovative ways of teaching people urban agriculture through its regular classes open to everyone at its facility.

Enrolling in one of Greensgrow Farms' educational programs is a fun and highly educational experience that is genuinely worth the try.

One of the best programs Greensgrow Farms offers is its urban agriculture, cultivating social entrepreneurship, and city greening.

For a fascinating and productive experience during your visit to Fishtown, head to Greensgrow Farms.

Play Classic Arcade Games at Barcade

Before returning home from your visit to Fishtown, treat yourself to some nostalgic experience at the Barcade.

This famous facility in Fishtown is a pioneer in arcade bar concepts.

It's also the most extensive operator of its kind in the nation.

The Fishtown branch features over 40 arcade game cabinets and pinball machines manufactured back in the 1980s.

Playing one of these games in Barcade will give you that genuine nostalgic feeling.

Relive the time when arcade games dominated the entertainment scene for youngsters in the 80s and 90s.

To complete your visit, you can order one of the 25 craft beers on draft at Barcade and pair it with classic pub food.

Final Thoughts

Fishtown won't run out of fascinating and fun-filled activities.

It's a highly-recommended quick weekend getaway destination by yourself or with your loved ones.

This small neighborhood features a different and colorful side of Philadelphia, featuring its culinary, artistic, and lively scene.

Of course, there are plenty of hidden gems waiting for you to discover in Fishtown.

List down this neighborhood as your future travel destination.

Book your Fishtown getaway today!

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