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15 Best Things to Do in Fishkill, NY

  • Published 2022/08/05

Rich in revolutionary history dating back to the 1770s, Fishkill in New York remains one of the most significant sources of Native American heritage.

Did you know it’s also famous for being the “Crossroads of the American Colonies”?

Despite its quaintness, this village indeed overflows with tradition and culture, making it the best place to visit for an exciting history trip.

Are there other places worth checking out nearby?

See this list of the best things to do in Fishkill, NY, to find out!

Go Birdwatching at Beacon Reservoir

The waters of Beacon Reservoir

Cory Seamer /

There’s so much to see and reflect on at Beacon Reservoir, considered the highest lake in Dutchess County.

Its trail gives way to a scenic mountain panorama, the best spot for birdwatching.

During fall, the weather gets warm for a pleasant stroll with your binoculars and dictionary.

Take note, though, that it can be a strenuous walk up, but it will be worth it when you reach the top.

Refresh your bird facts with a hike up Beacon Reservoir via the Fishkill Trail.

Enjoy a Picnic at Sarah Taylor Park

One of Fishkill’s best attractions is Sarah Taylor Park, the best recreational park for children and adults.

Its well-paved paths and luscious fields make it a perfect hideout for picnic dates with families, friends, and significant others.

Along the spot is a peaceful view of Fishkill Creek, a playground for the little ones, and an abundance of shrubbery and nature everywhere.

You can also enjoy good food and wholesome company conversation at the park’s covered pavilion and gazebo.

If a memorable food outing is what you’re looking for, Sarah Taylor Park is the best place option.

Enjoy a Water Ride at Splashdown Beach

This list would not be complete without a beach adventure, and Splashdown Beach takes the spot.

Though it’s not as massive as some of the best water parks in the largest cities in America, it makes its mark by promising everyone the best summer experience.

Some of its wildest rides include the Megalodon, Arctic Plunge Racer, Pirate’s Plunge, and Water Whirler.

Bring out your thrill-seeking spirit by getting your ticket at Splashdown Beach.

You are in for a heart-racing (or heartstopping, whichever you prefer) ride.

Ease Your Joints with a Massage at Tao Foot Spa

Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating massage at Tao Foot Spa.

This spa offers a wide array of spa and therapy services for the whole body.

Located at Fishkill Main Street, the Tao Foot Spa will quickly make you feel at home with their massages.

The staff at Tao Foot Spa can do everything from facials to body scrubs.

Among their programs also include ear candling and cupping therapy.

You may also purchase a gift card from their store for your next planned visit.

Pick Fruits at Fishkill Farms

Tourists on a hayride along Fishkill Farms' pumpkin patch

Cory Seamer /

A drive around Fishkill Farm Road can take you to Fishkill Farms.

You can find it in Hopewell Junction, New York, ten minutes from Fishkill.

In 1913, this farm business started operating; it continues to serve the people today.

This one-of-a-kind farm and market let you explore and try fresh and cultivated produce.

Among the fruits for picking include apples, berries, and stone fruits.

Try the treasury cider tasting to truly taste Fishkill and its excellent farm products.

The farm also offers yoga sessions to let you feel refreshed after a day of fruit picking.

If you plan your trip well, you may arrive in time for a harvest festival or open mic nights.

At Fishkill Farms, there’s always more to discover!

Get a Free Craft Bag at Blodgett Memorial Library

At the corner of Broad Street resides one of Fishkill’s famous public libraries, Blodgett Memorial Library.

This library contains genealogical and historical data about the village.

Founded in 1934, the Blodgett Memorial Library allows you to indulge your inner bookworm through its wide array of reading materials and resources.

Not only that, but it also hosts various programs and playgroups for children and teens.

Browse shelves of books, magazines, and other materials, and immerse yourself in past cultures.

The library also holds a peaceful study space for your information gathering.

If you’ve newly registered, you get a free craft bag on your first visit.

Improve Your Golf Swing at Fishkill Golf Course and Driving Range

Complete your trip plans with a round of golf at Fishkill Golf Course and Driving Range.

This course operates on a first-come, first serve basis, with no memberships required.

It features a 12-hole par-41 course range, ideal for some golf lessons and instructions.

If you’re new to golfing, Fishkill Golf Course and Driving Range have instructors who can guide you along the basics.

Enjoy the luscious green lawn and the peace it brings as you slowly improve your game.

Take a break at nearby concession stands for refreshments or a well-earned snack.

There’s a place for everyone at this golf course spot.

Enroll your kid at the Fishkill Golf Course and Driving Range’s summer camp.

Enjoy Bowling Night with Friends at Schneider’s Fishkill Bowl

Bring your friends for a friendly bowling game at Schneider’s Fishkill Bowl.

This family-owned bowling place features a variety of leagues for competitive bowling.

You can even host your child’s birthday party within its premises.

Inside, keep yourself and your group full and satisfied with this bowling alley’s fully-stocked bar.

It’s also an ideal place to make new friends with other bowlers or teach your kid a bowling trick or two.

Feel the friendly atmosphere around Schneider’s Fishkill Bowl as it gives you the energy to make more memories.

Put on your bowling shoes and get ready to score higher than your peers!

Be Like Water at Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Institute

Do you know anything about Jeet Kune Do, the famous martial art dubbed “Scientific Street Fighting”?

The legendary Bruce Lee himself developed the martial art!

If you haven’t, head over to Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Institute to prepare your training gear.

This martial art develops your self-defense skill, including stance, attacks, and defense.

Educate yourself under world-class instructors at this martial arts school and see the difference in your learnings.

The Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Institute comes with eight different types of classes for kids and adults alike.

This allows you to discover your strength and attract like-minded people.

Improve your combat skills and be prepared for any emergencies when you enroll yourself in a class at this school.

Join a Guided Tour at Van Wyck Homestead Museum

Exterior of Van Wyck Homestead Museum

Rolf Müller, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Step back in time as you explore the halls of Van Wyck Homestead Museum.

You’ll find a variety of artifacts and woodwork from the 18th to the 19th century at this vintage home.

This Dutch Colonial home’s grounds are open daily from dusk until dawn.

Its history dates way back to 1732 with the farmer Cornelius Van Wyke, who built the homestead.

Since then, it has also become the sprawling complex for the northern branch of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

The Continental Army also held a mock trial for spy Enoch Crosby on the homestead.

Slip back into the Colonial Era as you examine the fascinating relics on display on your guided tour of the Van Wyck Homestead.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Fishing at Wappinger Lake

Wappinger Lake is an 87-acre body of water 19 minutes from Fishkill.

Wappinger Lake is an artificial reservoir and extension of Wappinger Creek, best known throughout Dutchess County as the longest creek.

Despite its shallow waters, Wappinger Lake is home to a population of residents and migrating fish, making for an excellent fishing lesson.

Wappinger Lake can be a great start to an exciting and unique fishing experience for first-timers.

Rent a boat at the site and get your fish facts straight during a morning or afternoon fishing session.

Study the Architecture of Carnwath Farms Historic Site & Park

Fishkill lives up to its historical significance and takes it up a notch with Carnwath Farms Historic Site & Park’s attractions.

The Carnwath Manor and Carriage House are among the distinctive Victorian era-inspired architectural highlights inside the historic site.

You can find it in Wappingers Falls, New York, 11 minutes from Fishkill.

Inside these sites, history showcases itself through the numerous halls, wings, and peculiar rooms.

Likewise, these buildings have gone through various uses: a family residence, a dormitory, a hideout, a museum, and more.

The Frances Reese Cultural Center can also cater to your sightseeing needs if you’d like a more modern and spacious area to explore.

Take in the colorful history of past generations when you visit Carnwath Farms Historic Site & Park.

Face Your Fears at Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion

Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion is far from your typical nature-focused spots.

This time, face your fears with a trip to and around spooky rooms.

This mansion of horrors has become the forefront of Hudson Valley Halloween tradition.

You can also find it in Wappingers Falls, ten minutes from Fishkill.

Every year, they surprise their loyal and new guests with exciting and extravagant props, displays, and a good set of actors.

What makes this horror mansion different from others is its insistence on a storyline.

The mansion puts guests on a walkthrough of the horror story the creators have written for the show.

Its recent haunting storyline is the Wicked Woods, which brings people into the Halloween spirit quickly and effectively.

Are you ready for the house of frights at Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion?

Bike along the Dutchess Rail Trail

In the late 1990s, County Executive William R. Steinhaus requested funding for the Dutchess Rail Trail.

In 2006, the trail’s design officially started, with initial key factors considered, like the safety crossings and neighborhood points of interest.

Most importantly, it runs within 13.4 miles, starting from the Walkway Over the Hudson and along close-ups of towns like Poughskeepie and LaGrange.

Now, the Dutchess Rail Trail has become a shared space for cyclists and pedestrians who love to go the extra mile for outdoor exercise.

For hiking and biking enthusiasts, this place may just fit all your checkmarks for a peaceful trail journey.

The Dutchess Rail Trail is 15 minutes from Fishkill.

Go Fruit Picking at Meadowbrook Farm Market

Just 11 minutes from the village of Fishkill, you can have your fun at fruit picking and taking home-baked goods.

Meadowbrook Farm Market has all your local produce needs covered.

This place is in Wappingers Falls.

Get your fair share of pumpkins, apple cider, and homemade donuts.

Meadowbrook Farm Market offers the most sought-after specialties and the ideal place to get farm-fresh bottled condiments.

Further down the animal pens, you can choose to feed the ducks, chickens, and other animals.

Explore the apple orchard and pick your own tastiest of the bunch.

Explore Nature at Malouf’s Mountain Campground

Malouf’s Mountain Campground is next on the list for all the best reasons.

The campground is famous for its family- and transit-friendly spots, extensive facilities, and various menu options.

You can find it in Beacon, New York, eight minutes from Fishkill.

Children and adults alike may enjoy the outdoor scenery, most especially during spring, when the sunlight shines on blooming flowers.

This tourist spot can also nurture your outdoor cravings without the hassle.

Malouf’s Mountain Campground manages luxurious bathhouses and two site options: primitive or platform.

Remember to leave your pets at home because the campground forbids them.

Final Thoughts

Fishkill is more than a historical village with fascinating backstories, picturesque views, and outdoorsy tourist points.

It also cultivates the creative, thrill-seeking, and fear-challenging minds of individuals looking for the next big adventure on their next trip.

On top of that, it brims with history and entertainment, which you won’t want to miss.

What’s stopping you from choosing this village as the next travel destination in your planner?

Book your trip today and try the many things to do in Fishkill!

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