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20 Best Things to Do in Fenwick Island, DE

  • Published 2022/10/18

Have you been dreaming of the perfect summer vacation where you can relax with the sound of crashing waves and enjoy the sea breeze?

If so, then visit Fenwick Island, a small beach town in Delaware boasting stunning ocean vistas and glistening white sand!

This quaint, unassuming town will delight you with its vibrant atmosphere and fill your trip with exciting outdoor experiences.

Are you still unsure about choosing Fenwick Island for your summer vacation?

Here are the 20 best things you can do in Fenwick Island that will keep your trip brimming with adventures!

Visit the Historic Fenwick Island Lighthouse

Exterior of the fenwick island lighthouse.

Teresa Levite /

Nothing compares to the charming scenery of the historic Fenwick Island Lighthouse standing along the coast.

It is the oldest working lighthouse in the heart of Fenwick Island, which serves as a historic landmark.

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse has been a part of Delaware’s history for centuries—and it was first lit in 1859 to guide ships traversing in Delaware.

A house near the fenwick island lighthouse.

Henryk Sadura /

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse is set near the border of Maryland, so if you stand on the trans-peninsular line, you can be in two states at once!

Make sure to visit this historic landmark in Fenwick Island to learn about the local history and delight yourself with scenic ocean views.

The top half exterior of the fenwick island lighthouse.

Teresa Levite /

Explore the DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum

It doesn’t mean that the exploration ends if you get caught in bad weather on your trip to Fenwick Island!

Visiting the DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum in Fenwick Island is a fun, family-friendly way to learn about the region’s maritime history.

The DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum in Fenwick Island features a collection of over 10,000 artifacts found at shipwreck sites off the coast of Delaware, which showcase the region’s maritime history.

Many interesting displays with fascinating stories will pique your interest, and the knowledgeable staff can answer whatever questions you may have.

This quaint museum in Fenwick Island is a must-visit whether you’re a history buff or you’re simply a curious person.

Here, it’s guaranteed that you’ll delight yourself with lots of interesting information about the exhibits.

Fill Your Day with Exciting Activities at Viking Golf and Amusements

Nothing beats the classic family bonding spent at an amusement park brimming with exciting activities.

So if you’re looking for something exciting to do on your trip to Fenwick Island, make it a point to spend a day at Viking Golf and Amusements.

This expansive family park features 18-hole miniature golf courses, a go-kart track, and a waterpark.

You can tee off in the mini-golf course, zoom your way in the go-kart track, and get splashing at the Thunder Lagoon Waterpark.

The Viking Golf and Amusements is the perfect destination for families that will truly delight the young and the young at heart.

Spend a Laid-back Day on a Stroll at Fenwick Boardwalk

Walking is a great way to enjoy the fresh air, get your heart pumping, and connect with the community.

If you’re looking for a stroll that has great scenery, great food, and great shopping, there’s no better place than Fenwick Boardwalk.

You can go on a stroll with your loved ones, take the kids out for some fresh-baked pretzels or ice cream, go shopping for unique trinkets, or sit back and relax while watching the waves roll in.

The Fenwick Island Boardwalk will delight you with the vibrant atmosphere of the town’s tight-knit community.

The whole family will love spending a day strolling along Fenwick Boardwalk—it’s a laid-back way to spend time together that you won’t soon forget!

Go Paddling and Rent your Gears at Coastal Kayak

If you’re looking for some adventure in the waters of Fenwick Island, then get your adventure equipment from Coastal Kayak!

Coastal Kayak offers water sports equipment rentals and tours that will spice up your summer vacation.

Whether you want to go on a kayak, try paddleboarding, or go sailing on a sailboat, Coastal Kayak has got you covered!

You won’t have to worry if you’re a beginner, because they also offer lessons to bring out the adventurer within you!

A tour with Coastal Kayak will take you to the bay and through marshes, where you can see plenty of wildlife and enjoy the sight of nature.

Putt and Play at Nick’s Mini Golf

Have you wanted to play a round of mini-golf and get a little exercise at the same time?

Then head out to Nick’s Minigolf in Fenwick Island and enjoy a pleasant afternoon on the links.

Nick’s Mini Golf is located right on Coastal Highway, so you can easily get there by car or even on foot if you’re coming from down the beach!

Tee off in their Australian-themed mini-golf course that will delight the young and the young at heart.

So if you’re looking for something fun to do with little ones this summer or just want to challenge yourself (or both!), check out Nick’s Mini Golf in Fenwick Island.

Wade the Waters of Fenwick Island State Park

Wooden fence on the sand - leading the way to the shore.

Patrick Nouhailler’s…, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What would it be like to enjoy the beach and bask under the sun without dealing with crowded beaches, high admission fees, and traffic jams?

Take a trip to Fenwick Island State Park if you want to get away from the crowd to enjoy your time at the beach.

White sands on the empty beach during a sunny day.

Patrick Nouhailler’s…, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This 3-mile strip of soft sandy beach offers spectacular views of the glistening, blue waters, calming sea breeze, and the relaxing sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Wade the waters, bask under the sun, try water sports, build sandcastles, walk along the dunes, and enjoy your beach trip in this scenic beach destination in Delaware.

The Fenwick Island State Park offers the perfect summer vacation that will truly delight the entire family.

Clean white sands, body of water, and a sign at fenwick island state park.

Patrick Nouhailler’s…, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Book a Relaxing Stay at Seaside Inn

If you’re looking for cozy and homey accommodation on your trip to Fenwick Island, then book your stay at the Seaside Inn!

The Seaside Inn is just a few steps away from the water and other attractions in town, where you can enjoy both the comforts and enjoyment of your stay.

This charming oceanfront inn features all amenities to keep your stay comfortable—you can have a dip in their outdoor pool and relax in your room with the best service.

Seaside Inn is a family-friendly and pet-friendly inn that will surely accommodate the entire family and fill your summer vacation with great memories.

Don’t forget to book your stay in this charming inn for a delightful stay on your trip to Fenwick Island.

Shop for Beach Souvenirs and Gifts at Seaside Country Store

Beach souvenirs and gifts are a fun way to remember your favorite summer destinations, but sometimes they can be hard to find.

A getaway trip to a charming beach town won’t be complete if you’re not coming home with a unique trinket.

Luckily, the Seaside Country Store offers a collection of beach-themed accessories, decor, and all kinds of goodies that you can take home as a remembrance!

This charming store also offers antiques, snacks, beach essentials, and homemade goodies that you can use on your vacation at Fenwick Island.

Stop by the Seaside County Store for some souvenir shopping and bring home a piece of that nostalgic summer magic.

Explore the Collection in Carolina Street Garden & Home

Despite three successful decades of selling high-quality antiques, Dee Dee Phillips’ choice to open Carolina Street Garden & Home was impulsive.

After graduating college in interior design, she worked for a short time as a salesperson for the “Vincent Price Collection” of artwork and antiques before establishing a company with her husband.

She used her skilled eye to pick out remarkable items in the antiquities business.

This practice became a passion and has continued to her excellent store choices.

On July 1st, 1992, the business opened quickly and simply.

Since then, it has expanded to provide unique gifts, garden accessories, and an eclectic portfolio of gorgeous home furnishings.

Explore the collection of handmade, slip-covered furnishings, lamps, chandeliers, and studio and folk art items.

Buy Fishing Equipment at Island Watersports

The best waterfront harbor in Delaware and Maryland is called Island Watersports.

They rent out boats and other watercraft in addition to having everything else you could need.

Don’t pass up their extensive range of tubes, paddleboards, wakeboards, and surfboards.

They offer fishing bait and equipment, boat components, and accessories and provide an extensive assortment of new and used products.

Furthermore, Island Watersports maintain and fix all brands and types of boats.

They give people the finest customer service possible and foster long-lasting relationships with customers.

Have a Drink at High Stakes Bar & Grill

High Stakes Bar & Grill provides various entertainment options that frequently change.

They keep things as exciting as possible by showcasing a few of the finest nearby performers.

It has two bars, seating for more than 100 people, a full restaurant menu, and any sporting event you can think of.

In addition to being known for its delectable cheesesteak, High Stakes is now regarded as the neighborhood hangout.

Although cheesesteak continues to be the most popular item on the menu, there are now also burgers, salads, and unique sandwiches.

The pub also offers terrific happy hour specials from 11 am to 7 pm and live performances by various bands.

Feel the Ocean Breeze at Fenwick Islander Motel

The Fenwick Islander Motel, also referred to as the “Quiet Resort,” is situated in the center of Fenwick Island, Delaware.

Admire the large, tidy, and pleasant rooms with a personal balcony, fridge, color television, telephone, and private bathroom.

Five distinct accommodation types are available, including king beds, double beds, and rooms with canal views.

Just meters from the motel, some of the most pristine beaches on the Atlantic Coast are available for swimming and tanning. The pool also has a view of the bay.

Fenwick Islander Motel is close to everything, yet far apart for complete peace of mind.

Delight in Sweet Treats at Candy Kitchen

Exterior view of Candy Kitchen

George Sheldon /

Candy Kitchen has produced mouthwatering hand-dipped candies, milky fudge, and saltwater taffy since 1937.

They are a family-managed business that takes great satisfaction in using only the finest ingredients and tried-and-true recipes.

There are many sweet treats, including taffy, fudge, chocolate, pretzels, truffles, and others.

Chocolate Fudge, Flavoured Gummy Cubs, Strawberry Shoestring Licorice, Chocolate Fudge, Long Taffy, and other candies are among the featured candies.

They also sell toys, which are unquestionably charming souvenirs to bring home for the kids.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Catch a Show at Sun and Surf Cinema

Nothing beats the classic fun of watching the latest movies with the entire family at a cinema.

If you’re looking to watch a movie and spend time with the family, make it a point to visit the Sun and Surf Cinema!

Located five minutes away from the town of Fenwick Island is the perfect movie theater for the best movie-viewing experience.

Sun and Surf Cinema is a full-service cinema that provides patrons with the best audiovisual technology and amenities.

Watch the latest blockbuster movie, get cozy in their luxurious heated reclining chair, and pair your movie experience with tasty snacks.

You can ever go wrong on a movie night out with friends and family, so make sure to stop by the Sun and Surf Cinema.

Immerse Yourself in Nature at Assawoman Wildlife Area

If you’re looking for more adventures to include on your itinerary list, make it a point to include the Assawoman Wildlife Area in Frankford.

Located 20 minutes outside of Fenwick Island is thousands of acres of protected land home to native plants and animals.

The Assawoman Wildlife Area is the perfect destination in Delaware to go hiking, see plenty of wildlife, and explore the marshes on a kayak.

You can tour the area to take in the tranquil atmosphere of nature and take a breather from your daily care.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or you’re simply looking for a place to relax, a drive to Assawoman Wildlife Area is truly worth it once you see the scenic natural vistas.

Tee Off at Bayside Resort Golf Club

If you can’t go on a trip without spending some tee time in pristine fairways, then you’re sure to enjoy a game at the Bayside Resort Golf Club.

This golf club in Selbyville is conveniently close to the town of Fenwick Island; a 10-minute drive is worth it for a good round of golf.

The Bayside Resort Golf Club combines challenge and enjoyment in their Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, featuring wide-open fairways, elevation changes, water hazards, and sand traps.

You’re sure to enjoy the dramatic scenery of magnificent pine forests and lush greeneries as you tee off.

After your tee time, you can stop by their restaurant to get some hearty snacks and cold beverages for an energy boost.

Get Lost in Nature at the Isle of Wight Department of Natural Resources Management Area

Another nature respite among the suburbia is the Isle of Wight Wildlife and the Management Area located 20 minutes outside Fenwick Island.

This island is a great place to get lost in nature and escape the hustle and bustle of modern life because only a small strip of road connects it from the mainland.

With over 200 acres of woodlands and marshes, it’s the perfect place to go on a hike, explore the waters, or go wildlife viewing.

The area is rich in natural resources and wildlife habitat, making it a prime spot for everyone, from nature photographers to birdwatchers.

If you’re looking for a quiet, natural escape from the city, then this is where you want to be!

Play Bowling at Ocean Lanes Bowling Center

The fun should never end even if the weather gets bad because there’s always a place to enjoy a day!

The Ocean Lanes Bowling Center makes for idyllic indoor entertainment, where you can enjoy a game paired with great food.

Not only is it a fun activity for friends, but it is also a great way to spend time with your loved ones.

Whether you’re a pro bowler or you’re simply looking for a fun way to kill time, the Ocean Lanes Bowling Center is a must-visit!

The entire bowling center is very well-lit, with a snack bar serving classic game night grubs, making it a comfortable place to hang out.

This bowling alley is conveniently located 10 minutes away outside Fenwick Island, so make sure to stop by and spend a fun day at Ocean Lanes Bowling Center.

Support Local Artists at the Art League of Ocean City

Channel your artistic skills and immerse yourself in the colorful world of arts at the Art League of Ocean City.

This charming art center in Ocean City is just a 10-minute drive from Fenwick Island.

Delight yourself with the fascinating works of art in their expansive two-story gallery that showcases the works of local artists.

The Art League of Ocean City also organizes events and workshops that you can participate in if you have plenty of time to spend.

Whether you’re an artist or you share a love for the arts, a visit to the Art League of Ocean City is a must!

Final Thoughts

The quaint, unassuming town of Fenwick Island will surprise you with many activities and delight you with stunning ocean vistas.

If you’re planning a trip to this charming town soon, make sure to reference this list so you won’t miss out on the exciting activities to do!

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