15 Best Things to Do in Farmington, ME

Farmington, ME
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At the foothills of the western mountains in Maine is a vibrant college town called Farmington, the Franklin County seat.

Farmington's laid-back appeal makes it a precious haven for travelers, writers, artists, and those who want to take a break from their hustles.

This small town is renowned for its perfect entryway to active outdoor lifestyles and fabulous sceneries in every direction, such as museums, galleries, monuments, mountains, parks, trails, falls, entertainment, and many famous go-to stores, supermarkets, shops, and restaurants.

Fascinatingly, Farmington prides its rich historical and cultural ambiance in the region and the wide variety of exciting activities it offers, like skiing, riding, and more.

This town also was home to Native American tribes before early settlers built a community in Farmington due to its rich soil, forests, wildlife, and geographic spot.

Aside from being a great place to start a business, Farmington boasts quality education and is home to the nationally recognized University of Maine at Farmington.

Without further ado, here's a list of the best things to do in Farmington, Maine:

Be Amazed by the University of Maine at Farmington

Merril hall at The University of Maine at Farmington
AlexiusHoratius, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The University of Maine at Farmington, UMF for short, is a well-known university offering high-quality education at a reasonable price.

It was founded in 1864 as the state's first publicly funded normal school.

The university is located on Main Street and is always filled with lively students.

The University of Maine at Farmington hosts excellent performances by musicians, comedians, and dance groups, as well as exhibits showcasing the work of artists, poets, and authors.

It also holds outstanding musicals, dramas, comedies, and more activities.

In fact, art is the pride and special craft of Farmington and the university.

If you haven't been here, note the dates when they have activities so that you can witness the campus' beauty and worthwhile performances.

Tour the Nordica Homestead Museum

Built by Edwin Norton in 1841, the Nordica Homestead Museum rests on Nordica Lane, about two miles north of Farmington's central area.

This museum preserves the historical and cultural legacy of Lillian Nordica, a famous American opera diva and the first to achieve true international stage prominence in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Nordica was born in this house, which is now a museum.

Inside the museum, you'll see a scale model, a miniature, concern gowns and jewelry worn by Nordica, a mannequin, a dinnerware collection, artworks, furniture, and many Coca-Cola collectibles on the wall since Nordica modeled for Coca-Cola during her time.

Off the kitchen is a library with many books referencing Nordica.

The museum also features several photos and portraits of her life and career.

Before leaving the Nordica Homestead Museum, visit the gift shop and browse for souvenirs.

Explore Titcomb Mountain

There is so much fun and adventure at Titcomb Mountain, a famous ski hill on Ski Slope Road that has been in Farmington for many years.

Since 1939, the Farmington Ski Club has owned and operated Titcomb Mountain, which has a 350-degree vertical drop, three lifts, and a groomed 16 kilometers of cross-country ski trails for skate and classic skiing.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you have a special place at this fantastic gem.

It has a bog loop lit for your night of Nordic skiing.

You can strengthen yourself by mountain biking on the beautiful trails or learn the best Alpine skiing here.

Aside from those, numerous outdoor recreational activities are available at this magnificent location, such as camping, snowboarding, hiking, riding, racing, cooking, parties, archery, team sports, snowmaking, and many more.

Truly, Titcomb Mountain is the "friendliest mountain around" and is best to discover during winter as it highlights recreational activities.

While you're seizing the moment that you'll surely remember, don't forget to take photos capturing the mountain's charm.

If you're excited to see what this spectacle offers, arrange your trip at a reasonable price and invite your family and friends to have a blast.

Situated on Main Street, the UMF Art Gallery is a well-organized place that displays the masterpieces of talented artists.

As Farmington prides on the craft of art, this humble gallery amazes many locals and visitors and incites aspiring artists.

Whether or not you're an art lover, you won't be able to help but admire this gallery's enthralling exhibits and facilities.

It doesn't have permanent exhibits but serves as a temporary exhibition demonstrating the artists' outstanding artistry.

Visit the peaceful UMF Art Gallery and witness the artists' beautiful works.

Join and Enjoy the Annual Farmington Fair

Farmington has that quintessential charm that makes its town amusing.

The famous Farmington Fair is held annually every September.

It started in 1840 with the Franklin County Agricultural Society's establishment.

During this traditional fair, families and friends spend an enjoyable day with quality food and agricultural products, including livestock exhibits, beef, dairy, sheep, and more.

The historic Farmington Fair wouldn't be complete without carnival, games,  live entertainment, fancy arts, ox pulling, harness racing, and exhibitions with fancy works.

Bond in this small town fair and feel the spirit through activities and sights.

Be Awed by the Beauty of Mosher Hill Falls

If you are searching for a great waterfall in Farmington, Mosher Hill Falls is an excellent option.

This gorgeous waterfall lies outside the usual destination spot for visitors.

Locals call this 45-foot waterfall the "Cascade Falls."

The main path on the stream's right side takes you to the top of the gorge and falls, while the left side presents you with a beautiful view.

If you want to witness the beauty of Mosher Hill Falls, make sure you take extra caution as it can get quite steep there.

Spend Your Day at Hippach Field

Nestled on Main Street is the historic Hippach Field, which is well-maintained by the Farmington Recreation Department.

Hippach Field has been around for over 100 years and derived its name from Howard Hippach, a talented athlete.

This scenic area provides fields, courts, and other spots to enjoy recreational activities.

You can sit on the covered bleachers, watch sports games, or go bike riding on the vibrant green grass.

Bring your kids to have fun in the playground or walk your dog in the park.

Hippach Field also has picnic areas where you can picnic with your family or swim at the wading pool.

If playing ball games or tennis is not your thing, you can go skateboarding.

Blow away the Cobwebs at the Whistle Stop Rail Trail

Devoting a day to exploring the Whistle Stop Rail Trail will be a rewarding activity you'll never forget.

The 14-mile all-season rail trail has a lot to offer.

The things that you'll enjoy here are snowshoeing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, self-guided trails, and hiking.

Mountain bikers must remember that the trail surface is mostly gravel, but some parts are sandy, making it difficult for mountain biking.

Aside from those activities mentioned above, you can try cross-country skiing, dog sledding, all-terrain vehicle riding, or view the lovely wildlife.

The attractive western hills and rustic vibe at this spot blend, making your time spent here worthwhile.

The Whistle Stop Rail Trail is accessible year-round for multiple uses except for mud season.

Spend a Lovely Day at Meetinghouse Park

One of the majestic landmarks identifying Farmington is Meetinghouse Park on Main Street.

The historic park hosts several tributes to veterans through monuments and is a spot to hear the Old Crow Band and other local entertainers.

You can walk your dog, have your kids tour the area, or sit on the park benches.

This park is also a fine venue for fundraising gatherings or meeting up with your friends.

Drop by Meetinghouse Park, and have a wonderful day!

Feel the Glassy Waters of the Sandy River

The Sandy River meanders through Farmington and tenders you with ease entries to various lovely sceneries.

Be awestruck by the splendid rolling hills and green shade of nature while breathing the rural flavor of the town.

You may want to try kayaking or canoeing in the Sandy River to use your strength by paddling.

While there requires easy paddling, there is also a challenging rapid.

If you feel like swimming in the glassy waters, there are scenes you can wade or swim.

While you may want to explore the sides of the river, keeping an eye for a worthy experience is essential.

Embrace the Breathtaking Beauty of Nature at Walton's Mill Pond Park

Walton's Mill Pond Park officially opened in 1980 in the west of Farmington.

This scenic park is attention-driving due to the spot's refreshing ambiance and picturesque natural beauty.

Kayakers, canoeists, shore-bound fishermen, and nature lovers pick this magnificent realm.

If you're a writer or a poet who likes to be in a quiet spot, you can comfortably finish your pieces here.

This place is also great for picnics as there are picnic tables, or you can bring your own.

For those who want to escape from their busy lives and those who wish to spare their time with nature, Walton's Mill Pond Park awaits you.

Add Books to Your Bookshelves from Famous Book Shops in Farmington

Book lovers have always had a special space in every place, and Farmington is no different.

While there are several book stores in the area, a few of the visited destinations of bibliophiles are Twice Sold Tales and Devaney Doak & Garrett Booksellers, which humbly nest on Main Street and Broadway, respectively.

Find your favorite author's books or scan for interesting blurbs of books you'll add to your home library.

They have plenty of new and gently used books of various genres for your perusal and diverse selection.

Visit Twice Sold Tales, Devaney Doak & Garrett Booksellers, and bookstores in the town.

Enjoy the Sights at Bjorn Park

Like the other alluring parks in Farmington, Bjorn Park boasts a beautiful aura.

Established in the summer of 2014, Bjorn Park rests at the intersection of High Street and Farmington Falls Road.

It was the Norton Flat Schoolhouse's site in the early 1900s.

The Bjorn family donated funds to Farmington to maintain the area, resulting in an attractive park through design and construction.

Plenty of colorful flowers surround Bjorn Park's signboard, making it more eye-catching and beautiful to view.

Visit this charming park should you want a peaceful resting setting.

Watch a Show at Narrow Gauge Cinema

If you're seeking a movie theater in Farmington, Narrow Gauge Cinema warmly welcomes you.

It's an unexpected drive-in treasure that gives the homey vibe of a little-town theater while playing first-run shows.

While eating pizzas on comfortable seats with the neat surrounding, you'll enjoy beautiful movies with quality pictures and sound.

Narrow Gauge Cinema's ticket prices are inexpensive yet provide a great experience.

Visit Narrow Gauge Cinema on historic Front Street to catch a good show and bring home good memories.

Stumble across the Dugout Bar and Grill

No day is complete without devouring delicious food and fulfilling drinks.

The Dugout Bar and Grill is ready to catch you when you stumble across their little spot.

You can try one of their specials, including their seasoned ground beef or chicken wrapped up with refried beans, rice, and cheese that comes with Mexican rice, black beans, chips, salsa, and sour cream.

You can have chicken stew or choose from the menu for soup.

They also serve great pizza, sandwiches, and ice-cold beer.

The Dugout Bar and Grill is on Broadway, so drop by and try their specials.

Final Thoughts

Farmington may be a little town, but it has a lot of fabulous things in store for visitors.

From colorful history to magnificent sights of nature and fun activities, the town is a haven for all.

So, take a break, book a trip, and explore the best things to do in Farmington, Maine.

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