15 Best Things to Do in Fargo

15 Best Things to Do in Fargo

The place of history- Fargo will indeed be a good name on your bucket list. If you are interested in the historic aspect of USA, and want to know about different cultural parts of the country- this is the place to plan your next trip to.

Not only are there a lot of places filled with history, but you can also find some beautiful sights to soothe your tired eyes. Come on, let us tell you all about the top 15 things to do in Fargo-

Visit the historic Plains Art Museum

Plains Art Museum
AJ LEON, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Plains Art Museum is one of the top attractions here in Fargo. Fargo is home to some of the best museums in the USA. We will begin the tour with Plains Art Museum before we move onto the others.

The International Harvester Warehouse which holds a lot of historic significance was bought by the authorities and turned into a museum- a museum which is now considered to be the very best of Fargo.

Even if you ask a local where you should head to on the first day of your trip, they are bound to take this name.

The art of the Native Americans has been portrayed here beautifully. Along with infamous international artists, the talents of the emerging locals have found a place they deserved.

You get to appreciate all the art. Blue Goose Cafe is a good place to catch lunch if you did not eat before coming here.

Check out the Bonanzaville USA

The Bonanzaville is another classical history museum that you got to check out when you are here in Fargo. Located a couple of miles away from Fargo, the museum is absolutely worth the drive.

Cass County Historical Society controls this museum and maintains it well enough to keep it as one of the gems of Fargo.

The museum has more than 40 buildings of different historic stories inside it. You can even find an old jail-house inside. On the contrary, one of the buildings also used to be a Church.

They have been maintained just the way they used to be. You can even visit an old telephone museum which lies within the same campus.

Live out your pilot dream at the Fargo Air Museum

Fargo Air Museum
Fargo-Moorhead CVB, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Situated close to the Hector International Airport, Fargo Air Museum is like a slice of paradise for all those who have always dreamt of flying high up in the sky among the birds.

If you are someone who is aspiring to be a pilot, or just interested in the different models of aircraft and airplanes- this museum is exclusively just for you.

You can even find an exact copy of the original Wright Brothers aircraft that has been built here in the museum. Also, there are too many models of newer aircraft that will surely pique your interest.

You can even get in a group tour and get to know more about each of the models from the guide.

Go cycling at Lindenwood Park

Being the largest park in the city, Lindenwood truly lives up to its name. Going along the Roger Maris Drive, you can get some of the most panoramic views of the Red River.

The park has some of the best trails where you can go biking. Feeling the wind against your face and glimpses of the beautiful river makes the cycling journey better.

There are also baseball courts where you can see young people playing. Take your kids to Universal Playground as it is all of the best in Fargo. Take a look at the river or just along with the views to spend a quiet afternoon.

Learn about baseball at Roger Maris Museum

You must have heard of the great man Roger Maris! The infamous baseball player has made a place in all of our hearts. This NY Yankees star was born in Fargo and grew up here too.

A legend among the locals- people love him. The museum is entirely based on his life. All the important details of his career are also given here.

Did you know during the season of ‘61, he made 61 home runs? Yes, this was a record made by him, and you will be able to find more details in this museum. There are also other artifacts all decorated here about his early life and career.

Take your kids to the Children’s Museum

Does your child love to ask questions? Do you see him/her brimming with curiosity whenever they see a new thing? Well, Fargo has something just for these little curious souls that will just help in teaching them more.

Often we cannot fully satisfy a curious child’s mind. In such cases, this Children’s Museum comes into play. So, if you are here on this vacation with your little one- we recommend dropping by Children’s Museum at least once.

The Newton Whitman building houses this museum. Did you there is a lot of history attached to this building? Not only is the building now a world-famous museum, but it also has a small story.

There were no other buildings that were completely made of brick in the region before this one in 1876.

Try out the theater that holds the infamous Fargo Film Festival

When you are in Fargo, you are bound to be surrounded by some of the ancient history pieces. But, did you know you could even be part of something incredibly elegant?

If you are well-versed in the different film festivals or the film industry in general- then you have absolutely heard of the Fargo Film Festival. And, that festival has been going on in the same spot for the last 20 years. The Fargo theater holds an important place in the cultural society of Fargo.

The theater has always been well known for bringing some of the best international films so that even normal people could enjoy them. The building has also earned a place among the National Register of Historic Places.

Enjoy the Red River Zoo

Red River Zoo
BrielleMary, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The only thing more beautiful in this zoo is the surrounding. Rolling hills cover the land of the zoo. And, you’d be mesmerized by the environment in which the animals are kept.

It is constructed in such a way that they feel the most at home. The wilderness extends all around the zoo and the zoo holds a record for decorating with a massive number of trees.
Kids love this place.

The animals are cute and they even interact with the kids. You can find almost 300 different species- some of them are local while others have been flown in from foreign countries. You can even find endangered species in this zoo who are all protected.

Visit the campus of North Dakota State University

North Dakota State University
Ken Wolter / Shutterstock.com

The North Dakota State University attracts many tourists. Being located in Fargo, a lot of students make their way to this agricultural college.

What just started for the local students, has now made its mark in the world. Also, the inside is decorated, and you could probably spend a lazy afternoon inside the campus.

There are many research facilities inside. There are more than 100 major programs and almost 80 programs for students pursuing their master’s degree.

You can find almost 100 different department buildings inside the huge campus. Babbling Brook is a nice place to get to know the locals. There are fountains around, and it is a pretty picturesque location.

Go on a tour to Drekker Brewery

The Drekker Brewery is the perfect example of the modern amenities blending with the old traditional means. Beer lovers, pay attention! You absolutely need to pay a visit to Drekker Brewing.

In spite of having all the modern pieces of equipment out there to make beer, they still love going through the small detail and getting their hands dirty. Maybe, this is why we love the place no matter how many new breweries come up!

Here at the Drekker Brewery, you can taste the sample. You even get to learn about their very best beers in a sitting. The ambiance is amazing and sophisticated.

It will truly make you want to sit down, drink, and listen to their stories. Decorated with the theme of “modern Viking,” the place is truly incredible. But, you cannot find any food as they are a ‘beer-only’ place. So, it’s better to eat something before you go.

Catch a game at Fargodome

Ken Wolter / Shutterstock.com

The North Dakota State University campus has a surprise for all you sports freaks out there. Fargodome is one of the best indoor stadiums out here in Fargo. Not only is it just a stadium, but it is also the home turf of the football team of the university.

Learn about the local culture at Hjemkomst Center

Though incredibly close to the downtown part of Fargo, Hjemkomst Center is actually not in the city. Yes, you’d actually be crossing the border and making your way to Minnesota, but you can just do it by walking.

The detailed copy of the original Hopperstad Stave Church along with the Hjemkomst Viking Ship that is still functional are the main reasons why people head over to Hjemkomst Center.
If you are interested in the history of Norway- we recommend paying a visit.

The history buffs will know what we are talking about. A German Kulturfest is held every year. If you are in town during this event, do visit!

Have some coffee at Luna

If you want to drown yourself in some freshly brewed coffee and deli-style lip-smacking breakfast- Luna is the place for you.

What is now almost a restaurant, was nothing but a small cafe back in the old days. The locals love this place. And, they tell the tourists to at least pay a visit to Luna.

Serving the best morning coffee in the locality, Luna shall win your heart. Nit had your lunch yet? Luna is the answer to that too. Looking for some fancy evening wine and cheese with your partner? Luna excels at that too!

Chef Ryan Nitschke prepares the best seasonal dishes that are just too good for the taste buds.

Plan a fancy date at Mezzaluna

If you are here in Fargo with your partner- then he/she deserves a fancy dinner on the last night of your trip. So, how about you go back home with a bang?

We have quite a romantic location for you with a ton of history attached. Spend the last night of your trip in the downtown Fargo area. If you are looking for a place to treat your date- we have Mezzaluna just for you.

Located in the Roberts Street Building of Downtown Fargo, Mezzaluna is a local favorite. The place is fancy and gives off the historic vibe for the building is more than 100 years old. Taste some of the best dishes by an award-winning chef.

Not only is the place extremely sophisticated, but they also have some of the most delicious foods to serve you. Have a beautiful evening with your loved one, sip on some wine, eat some good food.

Check out the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center

If you have no clue about the area of Fargo, we recommend doing this on the first day of your trip. A peep inside the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center will allow you to know about all the important details of the city.

You can even get clear information about which places to choose first and the distance between the different places. You can plan your itinerary according to that.

The Celebrity Walk of Fame is also outside the building. Have you seen the movie ‘Fargo’? The backdrop of the film is this place! Photographers love this place for there are a plethora of options to get a great snap!

This was everything on Fargo. We hope we were able to convince you to take a trip here. History buffs will fall in love.

Also, the place has too many museums that will actually let you get to know the history of old America much better. Have fun on your trip!