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20 Best Things to Do in Fairview Heights, IL

  • Published 2023/04/04

Fairview Heights has come a long way from sitting as former farmlands to becoming a city of retail power in Southern Illinois.

The city was incorporated in 1969 and became a venue for many shopping malls and plazas within St. Clair County.

It’s also home to many unique parks, local restaurants, and exciting attractions like ax-throwing and active recreation.

Coupled with a cozy suburban feel, Fairview Heights is a destination that can provide a mix of both fun and relaxation.

There’s no need to rush in Fairview Heights.

Explore the city at a casual pace and let its attractions show you the natural charm of the city.

If you need some guidance, here are the best things to do in Fairview Heights, Illinois.

Unwind at Moody Park

Moody Park presents you with a haven from the urbanized city of Fairview Heights.

It highlights the quiet side of nature as seen from lush greeneries, a peaceful lake, and rich animal wildlife in their natural habitats.

Loads of facilities are also available for public use, including picnic areas, playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, sports fields, and pavilions.

You can have a relaxing picnic or exercise through the park’s sports amenities.

Moody Park is a family-friendly destination that has something for people of all ages.

For a diverse destination, look no further than Moody Park, situated along the lengths of Ruby Lane.

Play a Game at St. Clair Bowl

There’s nothing like a game of bowling to enjoy a little bit of competitive fun and entertainment among friends and family.

St. Clair Bowl offers the main elements of a bowling match: classic white pins, colorful bowling balls, and comfortable seats while you wait your turn.

Aside from that, they hold bowling league tournaments if you’d like to have a friendly match against other teams and test your own skills.

If you get hungry, an onsite restaurant, Stricker’s Cafe, has staple American comfort foods like pizzas, hotdogs, and fries.

And for those who want a different game, St. Clair Bowl also features a gaming arcade, dartboard, and a pool table to cater to other preferences.

Loads of casual entertainment await those who drop by St. Clair Bowl.

Don’t miss it!

Grab a Bite at Lotawata Creek

Lotawata Creek is one of the most popular restaurants in Fairview Heights.

With carefully cooked meals, handmade bread, and generous servings, it’s no surprise that this restaurant has won the hearts of many.

They’re estimated to serve around 500,000 customers yearly and often get rave reviews from local newspapers.

This successful grill pins the spotlight on Southern-style cuisine and is the product of two brothers from Lotawata Creek, Oklahoma.

From burgers, steaks, sandwiches, and pasta, Lotawata Creek has a diverse menu that can suit many people’s palates.

Taste the meals at Lotawata Creek to find out why this restaurant has become a popular dinner spot.

Visit Jazzy 159

An elegant classy atmosphere suffuses the establishment of Jazzy 159.

It’s a sleek lounge destination at Illinois Street that’s more suited for a classy, mature crowd.

Established in 2019, Jazzy 159 provides guests with a chill lounge experience and the comforting strains of smooth jazz music.

Unwind while you listen to the soothing tones of live jazz performers every Friday and Saturday night.

Choose from a menu featuring a wide selection of soul food, fried fish, and drinks.

If you’re planning a visit, follow their jazz-style dress code; no tee-shirts or baseball caps are allowed.

Spend Your Day at Fairview Heights Park and Recreation

Fairview Heights Park and Recreation is the city’s go-to place for a day filled with active and fun activities.

It boasts several modern facilities, from well-equipped fitness rooms and kid’s playgrounds to scenic outdoor walking tracks.

They also have an indoor pool facility with water slides and a cool splash pad.

You can take various aquatic lessons, including group swimming guides, aqua Zumba, paddleboard yoga, and aquathlons.

Likewise, you’ll find plenty of ways to burn some calories and squeeze in some exercise, even while you’re on vacation.

Drop by this recreation park and try their facilities.

Hunt for Good Deals at St. Clair Antique Mall

You’ll want to spend a day at this shopping gem, the St. Clair Antique Mall.

This mall features an extensive collection of antiques and old items, from dainty trinkets and fragile dining sets to wooden furniture and decorated vases.

Many antique owners set up their booths in the mall to showcase their collections and sell them at affordable prices.

With random items placed on shelves and cabinets, a stroll along St. Clair Antique Mall can be a fresh, unique experience that differs from modern commercial malls.

With vintage items frequently added to the stalls, it’s impossible to know what deals you can find at this antique mall.

Give it a go!

See the Historic Cabin at Pleasant Ridge Park

Pleasant Ridge Park is a beautiful park in Fairview Heights.

Surrounded by nature, this park has its fair share of amenities like picnic pavilions, walking trails, and a playground.

This park is remarkable, however, due to its ties to the historic Kinsella log cabin from the 19th century.

Over the years, it’s been restored, but they made efforts to retain the style of the old cabin to preserve its historical significance.

The cabin is located within Pleasant Ridge Park.

While you aren’t allowed to go inside, it makes for a pretty picture outdoors.

Find that historic cabin around the park along Pleasant Ridge Road.

Taste Sheridan’s Frozen Custard

Skip the ice cream and try this smooth, decadent dessert called “custard” in Fairview Heights, Illinois.

Sheridan’s Frozen Custard is an easy choice for a snack or dessert in the city, made fresh every day.

It took founder Jim Sheridan over eight years to perfect his recipe, plan his store, and make it available to the public as a superb, sweet destination.

Their extensive menu is a dessert fan’s dream come true.

You can order a wide assortment of sweets from sundaes and custard pies to shakes, smoothies, and classic custard cups.

Sheridan’s Frozen Custard has become a beloved shop in Fairview Heights, especially for fans of sweet treats.

Visit their shop to satisfy your dessert cravings.

Book Tee Time at Stonewolf Golf Club

Legendary golfer and leading course designer Jack Nicklaus designed the Stonewolf Golf Club.

The result is a diverse, challenging course with premium scenery, tricky terrains, and top-of-the-line layouts for each hole.

While it may be difficult, a challenging course makes the game worthwhile.

Play through various types of landscapes, including simple plains, elevated grounds, and a couple of sand traps.

Stonewolf Golf Club offers a thrilling game through an 18-hole course that can test your golf skills.

Play a round in this highly esteemed golf course at Stonewolf Trail.

Jump High in Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park attractions offer an endless array of fun, engaging recreation.

It’s home to several modern facilities that can work up your stamina while having fun along the way.

Jump on trampolines, climb aerial silks, run across boulder balls, or play sky joust.

The ventures in Sky Zone Trampoline Park are incredibly fresh and creative.

They’re thrilling games that are hard to find in other amusement destinations.

The trampoline park in Fairview Heights also features rare attractions that you can’t find in other franchises, like the family and drop slides.

The park has more than ten types of activities that you can try, with some being a modern twist on traditional games like ultimate dodgeball and air basketball.

Trampolines give traditional games a modern spice of fun.

If you agree, head to Sky Zone Trampoline Park and get your thrill fix!

Wander St. Clair Square

As a retail hub, Fairview Heights is home to several shopping destinations.

St. Clair Square is one of the best commercial hubs in Fairview Heights, with enough excellent stores to make your head spin.

For example, you can find a wide selection of popular international stores, like Forever 21, Macy’s, and Sephora at the venue.

Restaurants featuring diverse cuisines, including Asian, Italian, and Greek food, add to the plaza’s extensive offerings.

Fairview Heights may be a suburb-slash-city, but its retail prowess can match those of bigger, more populated cities.

Check out one of the city’s thriving malls at St. Claire Square.

Enjoy a Chill Night at Dive Bar

For a casual night out, many locals frequent Dive Bar in Fairview Heights to relax with some drinks.

Located along Lincoln Trail, the bar employs friendly bartenders who prepare reasonably priced drinks.

You can play pool, darts, and a few arcade games if you want a bit of entertainment within the otherwise chill hangout.

They also hold lively karaoke events, often on Thursday nights.

Relax and drink cold, refreshing beer in the cozy, welcoming atmosphere of the Dive Bar.

You could also meet new friends at the bar in a pleasant atmosphere.

Practice Throwing at the Axe Company

The founders of the Axe Company have found a new, unique way of having fun and releasing stress, ax-throwing!

The Axe Company connects you with a veteran onsite who will teach you how to hit the target marks when you throw the ax.

Not only do you learn techniques and cool new skills, but you also get a chance to unwind and have fun.

You could also bring your own wine and beer!

However, before everything else, safety is an essential part of the experience.

it’ll be the first thing you’ll learn at the venue.

Follow their safety guides and try this fun venture in Fairview Heights, Illinois.

Swim at The Rec Complex of Fairview Heights

Not only that you get to spend time with your family and friends at The Rec Complex of Fairview Heights, but you also get to swim and do some exercise.

The fitness center features a swimming pool, where you can take a dip and enjoy swimming with your loved ones, as well as a kid’s area for the smaller children.

Its mini indoor waterpark features a small lazy river and a whirlpool, which many kids and adults love.

If you’re up for to get some muscle stretching, the center also offers state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

The Rec Complex of Fairview Heights is located off Bunkum Road.

Get Your Boba Fix at Tastea Boba Tea

Get some refreshments while getting around Fairview Heights with a delicious boba from Tastea Boba Tea on North Illinois Street.

There are plenty of flavors to choose from, including brown sugar tea, milk tea, taro, and fresh fruit tea in different flavors.

Its popping boba with many fruit flavors is also popular among locals and tourists alike.

Also, if you’re vegan or vegetarian, there’s a non-dairy option for you to try.

It’s totally refreshing going to Tastea Boba Tea!

Buy Gifts and Souvenirs at BoxLunch

Before heading back home, it would be great to pick up some cute gifts and souvenirs for yourself and for your loved ones at BoxLunch.

The gift shop offers collectibles, accessories, home decor, novelties, and many other specialty items perfect for gifts and souvenirs on your trip to Fairview Heights.

It also has a huge collection of pop culture merch, which is offered for a cause.

For every $10 you spend on clothing and accessories, you help provide a meal to every person in need.

Also, a Disney collection, Funko Pop, and science gear are available here for grabs!

BoxLunch is located in St. Clair Square.

Read a Book at Fairview Heights Library

You don’t have to skip your reading sessions while in Fairview Heights because Fairview Heights Library is at your service!

Established in 1972, the library offers a great selection of books of many different genres you may want to read at the library’s comfortable reading nooks.

Its digital library allows you to read, listen, watch, explore, and research.

Choose from its collection of comics, e-books, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, and many more.

You can find Fairview Heights Library at Bunkum Road.

Bring a Picnic to Old Lincoln Trail Park

On a fine day, enjoy a family picnic at Old Lincoln Trail Park, which features picnic areas with tables to use for lunch or snacks to share with your loved ones.

There are also two pavilions with grills available for rental, which can cater to up to 30 people and is perfect for small-group parties.

Kids can also have their time of life at the playground where they can play and interact with each other.

The 7.9-acre park also features a softball and baseball diamond.

Old Lincoln Trail Park is a nice place for families who want to spend a quiet and peaceful picnic, especially since there are not too many people coming here.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Explore the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Aerial view of Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Kent Raney /

Cahokia Mounds State is a legendary park that UNESCO has added to their prestigious list of World Heritage Sites.

You’ll find it in Collinsville, Illinois, 16 minutes from Fairview Heights.

It depicts the former settlement of an old culture anchored in a chiefdom.

Artificial mounds are evidence of prehistoric constructions, which must have taken the old inhabitants great effort and planning.

Steps leading to the top of Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

JL Jahn /

What’s great is that you can learn about native history, see old-style tools, and walk outdoor trails with informative signs along the way.

Spend your day learning about history and seeing splendid sights.

The trails may take you through numerous stairs, but the climb will be well worth the exciting location.

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is a rare, historical gem you must visit if ever near the area.

A tree on the grounds of Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Joseph Sohm / ​

Learn History from the St Clair County Historical Society

Fairview Heights is one of the cities under St. Clair County.

In 1905, the County established a Historical Society to preserve its important historical events and heritage.

This museum holds historical artifacts, documents, and photographs related to the county’s establishment and how it grew into what it is today.

Since its founding, the society has collected and preserved artifacts related to the county’s history.

The society is based in a historic Victorian-era home from the 19th century.

A visit to the home will let you uncover the lives of upper-class people in the past: their furniture, tools, chores, and the like.

St Clair County Historical Society also holds a variety of tours if you’d like to learn about the county with an informative guide.

While this historical gem isn’t directly in Fairview Heights, it’s only about 20 mins away in Belleville, Illinois.

Final Thoughts

Fairview Heights took a turn away from its farmland origins into a more urbanized destination.

Now, the city shines in Illinois as a thriving retail center with active recreation and fine local establishments.

Even with that, Fairview Heights has retained a small-town feel and can be a pleasant city to explore casually.

Take a chance on Fairview Heights, Illinois.

Book your trip today!

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