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15 Best Things to Do in Fairfield, OH

  • Published 2022/12/07

Fairfield is among the numerous suburban cities between Hamilton and Butler Counties in Ohio.

This small city is home to over 44,562 as of the 2021 census.

It is known for its outdoor recreation, leisure activities, and plenty more exciting things you can enjoy.

Fairfield is a perfect destination for those who want the ultimate weekend vacation.

It’s home to an eclectic collection of shopping malls, restaurants, parks, historical sites, and recreational activities you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

This city also has a vibrant local art scene which you can easily see through its streets.

Fairfield is an excellent place to relax or enjoy the outdoors, especially since this city is conveniently a short drive north of Cincinnati.

So, read this curated list of the best things to do in Fairfield, Ohio, to give you itinerary ideas before heading there!

Treat Your Tastebuds at the Jungle Jim’s International Market

Asian food section in Jungle Jim's International Market

Jungle Jim’s International Market from Jungle Jim’s International Market, Fairfield, Ohio, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jungle Jim’s International Market along Dixie Highway is one of Fairfield’s longest-operating food markets.

It’s been providing everyone with top-notch products and shopping experiences since 1949.

Today, it has satellite locations across Ohio, with its main branch in Fairfield.

This place mainly features a vast shopping center and a theme park for food.

It’s an exciting place to explore and satisfy your cravings.

Indian food section in Jungle Jim's International Market

Jungle Jim’s International Market from FAIRFIELD, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jungle Jim’s International Market spans over 6.5 acres of food paradise under one roof.

Enjoy shopping and eating thousands of food choices from over 70 countries.

While shopping, you’ll find myriad food items such as meats, preserves, wines, and other delectable dishes you won’t find anywhere else.

So, drive straight to this awesome market to grab delicious food items.

Fresh fish for sale in Jungle Jim's International Market

Jungle Jim’s International Market from FAIRFIELD, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Unwind at the William Harbin Park

William Harbin Park along Hunter Road is known for being one of Fairfield’s best outdoor destinations.

This park boasts 161 acres of various park facilities and amenities many Fairfield locals love spending time with, especially during weekends.

It has a gorgeous picnic shelter, an 18-hole disc golf course, hiking and mountain biking trails, and plenty more places to explore.

This park is your go-to place if part of your plans in visiting Fairfield is to sweat out and get active.

You can enjoy the top-notch 18-hole golf course of the Greater Cincinnati Flying Disc Association.

Or perhaps enjoy hiking through one of its scenic trails.

So, prepare for top-notch outdoor adventure at William Harbin Park, regardless of your favorite outdoor activity.

Check Out the Local Sculptures of Fairfield

Fairfield has a vibrant local art scene that strongly influences its community.

You can visit galleries and art museums and see public art installations throughout your visit to the city.

However, nothing can be compared to seeing up close to around a dozen fascinating sculptures from local artists in Fairfield.

You can see and pose for a photo at one of these sculptures in Village Green Park, Veteran’s Memorial Park, Fairfield Community Arts Center, and Fairfield Lane Library, to name a few.

Most of the sculptures, such as the “Summer Showers,” “Poppies,” “Jazz,” and “Puppy Love,” depicts the daily life of Fairfield’s locals.

These sculptures started appearing throughout the city in 2002 and have been one of the best tourist attractions.

Dive into Action at the Fairfield Fun Center

Fairfield Fun Center along Dixie Highway is a famous recreation center for everyone.

It’s a massive facility that houses a throwing pitch, a mini golf course, a playground, and other recreational facilities that provide everyone an avenue to have fun and get active.

This place has been providing locals and visitors with a top-notch place to have fun since the 1990s, making it a local household.

It’s an excellent place for families or friends to spend their day and enjoy various sports and recreational activities.

More than a dozen attractions are inside Fairfield Fun Center, making it a recommended place to drop by.

Wander through the Great Miami River Bike Path Trail

Head to the Great Miami River Bike Path Trail for a different kind of outdoor activity.

You can visit this famous trail along Groh Lane.

This recreational trail mainly features over 32 miles of paved bikeway.

It traverses throughout the Miami River and passes through numerous cities, including Fairfield.

It’s a top-notch place to stretch your muscles and for sightseeing.

Since its opening in 2005, this trail has welcomed countless outdoor enthusiasts, such as hikers, joggers, and cyclists, who love to explore and stretch their muscles.

You should check out this awesome trail if you want an excellent outdoor activity while visiting Fairfield.

Even if you have no bike, you can still hike and explore the Great Miami River Bike Path Trail and see Fairfield’s natural beauty and neighboring cities.

Show Off Your Athletic Side at the Waterworks Park

Waterworks Park along Groh Lane covers over 10 acres of sports facilities for everyone.

It boasts a dozen baseball fields, volleyball courts, tennis courts, a children’s playground, and a soccer field.

It’s where many of Fairfield’s locals play their favorite sports.

Meanwhile, others organize tournaments to display their skills in their respective sports at this park.

Don’t worry if you’re bringing your kids with you when visiting Waterworks Park since it has a top-notch children’s playground.

At the same time, it has picnic facilities and shelter houses, perfect for other outdoor activities with family or friends.

Otherwise, you can enjoy watching the Fairfield Youth Baseball Association on the sideline for entertaining baseball games at this awesome park.

Satisfy Your Cravings in Fairfield’s Local Food Scene

You can choose from dozens of restaurants in Fairfield if your stomach begins to growl.

This city might be small, but it’s packed with a wide selection of eateries, restaurants, and cafes serving delicious food to treat your taste buds.

So, here are some of Fairfield’s recommended restaurants to check out whenever you’re hungry.

First off is the Acapulco Mexican Restaurant along Boymel Drive, and taste its authentic Mexican dishes in a cozy atmosphere.

On the other hand, check out Bargo’s Grill & Tap if you’re looking for a livelier place to enjoy your meal.

This bar and grill restaurant along Dixie Highway is known for its short orders, such as burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and wings, best paired with its craft beer on tap.

Also, head to Bee’s Buffet if you’re craving Chinese cuisine.

This restaurant along Nilles Road is renowned for its delicious buffet of traditional Chinese cuisine.

Meanwhile, Caruso’s Ristorante & Bar, located along Dixie Highway, is best known for its Italian-inspired dishes.

Lastly, take a bite of Dreams BBQ’s beef brisket or ribs if you’re craving some top-notch barbeque located along Dixie Highway.

You won’t run out of food choices whenever you’re hungry in Fairfield, so don’t forget to explore its local food scene.

Glide through the Waters at Wake Nation

Wakeboarding at Wake Nation

Rdikeman, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Wake Nation is a top-notch wakeboarding facility along Joe Nuxhall Way.

Since it’s the region’s only cable wake park, you mustn’t miss spending your day here and experiencing wakeboarding.

Its facility can accommodate wakeboarding, water-skiing, wakeskating, and kneeboarding through over 10 acres of lake.

It has a state-of-the-art cable system above 30 feet that will pull up to six riders simultaneously.

You’re guaranteed to have an awesome time at the Wake Nation, whether you’re a seasoned wakeboarder or a first-timer.

Score Unique Gift Items at the Of The Witches Cauldron Apothecary

Your trip to Fairfield won’t be complete without bringing home some souvenir items.

So, head to the Of The Witches Cauldron Apothecary along Winton Road to buy some unique gift items.

This shop is renowned for its natural and homemade products, such as scented candles, bath salts, bath bombs, beauty products, body scrubs, and plenty more.

Amazingly, the items at this shop use organic and eco-friendly ingredients, giving you more reasons to shop there.

So, don’t forget to drop by the Of The Witches Cauldron Apothecary and treat yourself to some unique souvenirs and products.

Make a Splash at the Fairfield Aquatic Center

Fairfield Aquatic Center is the city’s main attraction during the summer for locals to cool down.

You and your family can visit this place along Augusta Boulevard.

Enjoy making a splash at this vast aquatic center that boasts a 90-foot waterslide, a children’s wading pool, play structures, a leisure pool, and a competitive pool.

Thanks to the City of Fairfield and its partner, SwimSafe Pool Management, the city’s locals and visitors have a top-notch water park to enjoy anytime they want.

So, don’t forget to spend your day with your loved ones at the Fairfield Aquatic Center for some awesome swimming experience.

Try Different Popcorn Flavors at Nelson’s Popcorn Land

Nelson’s Popcorn Land is famous for its wide array of popcorn flavors.

You can visit its shop along Pleasant Avenue and taste over 50 different popcorn flavors.

It’s a fun place to tickle your tastebuds by munching this favorite snack with different flavors such as cookies and cream, birthday cake, maple bacon, and barbeque.

Of course, don’t stop your popcorn experience by sampling Nelson’s Popcorn Land’s famous popcorn flavors.

It would be best if you also bought your favorite popcorn flavor, which you can share with your friends or family.

Or perhaps have it all for yourself.

Discover the Gems at Gilbert Farms Park

Gilbert Farms Park is known for many things.

This park along Ross Road is known for its top-notch basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis sports facilities.

Second, it boasts a wonderful trail for hiking and jogging.

Third, it has a fascinating history which you can explore when you spend time there.

Gilbert Farms Park is an excellent place to relax, get active, or explore history.

Visiting this park gives you a history lesson by visiting the two-century-old Elisha Morgan Mansion, which serves as the park’s focal point.

However, it’s completely up to you how you’ll be spending your day at this famous park in Fairfield, whether you’re a sports buff or a history enthusiast.

Browse through the Ohio Valley Antique Mall

Ohio Valley Antique Mall is Cincinnati’s most extensive shopping center for rare antique collectibles.

You can find over 550 antique dealers at this mall along Dixie Highway inside its 85,000 square feet facility.

Like most malls, it has an in-store café and a cozy customer lounge.

However, it’s best known for having the most extensive collection of all kinds of antiques ranging from books, collectibles, furniture, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and plenty more.

Ohio Valley Antique Mall is your go-to place if you’re seeking a unique shopping experience during your visit to Fairfield.

Along the way, you’ll find vintage toy collections, cards, family heirlooms, and plenty more rare antiquities, which are fascinating to see up close.

Try Your Luck at the Thomas O. Marsh Park Fishing Lake & Bait House

The Thomas O. Marsh Park Fishing Lake and Bait House is a popular local fishing spot along River Road.

This park is known for being a large stock-fishing lake that draws many anglers across Fairfield.

At the same time, the park features paved hiking trails, perfect for other outdoor recreations.

Head to its bait house to equip yourself if you forgot to bring your fishing gear.

If you’re lucky enough, you might catch some crappie, bluegill, or bass at the Thomas O. Marsh Park Fishing Lake and Bait House.

Besides fishing, the park has a gorgeous picnic area, perfect for family bonding.

Have a Lovely Picnic at the Winton Hills Park

Head to Winton Hills Park for a relaxing but worthwhile picnic with your friends or family.

You can visit this park along Shearwater Drive.

Since this park is near a residential place, expect to see locals spend their time there for fun and relaxation.

The park spans over 10 acres of various amenities and facilities.

It has a lovely picnic area where you can have quality time with your friends or family.

Or perhaps check out its sports facilities for basketball, tennis, volleyball, and baseball for some action-packed games.

Winton Hill Park is a charming place to visit, whether alone or with someone, to glimpse Fairfield one last time before returning home.

Final Thoughts

Fairfield, Ohio, is a gorgeous travel destination few have yet discovered.

So, seize the chance to enjoy exciting things to do in Fairfield, Ohio, before it is crowded with tourists across the nation.

You’ll be amazed by this gorgeous Ohio city’s seemingly endless exciting activities and attractions.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring your family and friends for a more enjoyable experience traveling to Fairfield, Ohio.

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