20 Best Things to Do in Evansville, Indiana

20 Best Things to Do in Evansville, Indiana

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If you’re looking for a ‘What To Do In Evansville’ guide, then you’ve landed at the right place.

In this article, we are going to explore this midwestern business town that some people consider to be a not-such-a-holiday place. But we’re here to debunk it.

If you’re looking for a rich cultural, historical, and relaxing tour, Evansville, Indiana has a whole lot to offer. Let’s check out some of the must-visits.

Have A Captivating Experience At The Evansville Museum Of Arts, History & Science

The Evansville Museum is an all-in-one place as the name suggests. It has over thirty thousand permanent objects covering art, history and science. It is situated in the Downtown Historic District.

There is always something new to explore since the museum regularly hosts exciting exhibitions collaborating with museums across the country.

One of the most interesting things about the museum is the Koch Immersive Theater is that it has a massive 40-feet diameter doom with a 360-degree projection which gives visitors a mesmerizing live experience. This place will guarantee a fun and captivating evening whether you come with your family or friends.

Take A Wildlife Detour At The Mesker Park Zoo

Scarlet Iris at Mesker Park Zoo
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Mesker Park Zoo is the perfect place to spend an entertaining day with your family. The area spanning 45 acres in northwest Evansville is home to more than 700 species of flora and fauna from all across the globe, especially those found in the tropical depths.

The place also has themed botanical gardens in different corners of the zoo representing different geographical areas.

Special highlights for tourists include the Engelbrecht Carousel, paddle boats and bumper boats. Visitors will get an up-close experience of the wildlife and greenery. This zoo needs long walks so wearing comfortable shoes is highly recommended.

Get To Know The History Behind The USS LST Ship Memorial

USS LST Ship Memorial
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Military history geeks must not miss this place! The USS LST-325 is the last fully operational world war II vessel. There is a guided Main Deck tour available for tourists, where the working of the ship, its role in the Great War and its history are narrated.

You will get the opportunity to see artifacts, documents and photos of the ship, visit the main deck, the mess deck, the sleeping quarters, the tank deck, the stern of the ship, and the officers’ quarters.

The USS LST-325 sets sail to the neighboring cities in the months of August and September. If you’re traveling around that time, get your reservations well in advance.

Visit The Burdette Park

This recreational park is a 170-acre space situated just outside Evansville, Indiana. It is a paradise for nature lovers. Travelers can experience the beauty of every season here. It has a large public swimming pool which hosts many refreshing events around the year.

People come here for jogging, hiking, biking and even fishing. This huge place is close to nature as well as a hub of activities. You are sure to get a wholesome experience here with all the different shades of nature and varieties of fun activities.

Enjoy A Family Time In The Children’s Museum Of Evansville

This is one of the finest places to visit with your family, especially children. Located in downtown Evansville, it has a dynamic mix of exhibits, galleries, programs and activities. There are varieties of fun things to do, especially for children.

These include climbing Moe, the two-story Duck, playing a laser harp, having watery fun at the Wet Deck, and chatting with a talking bust of Mark Twain.

It is a must-visit place for children. Children can learn interesting and exciting new things from the programs conducted in the museum. The programs are held from time to time so check out their schedule beforehand and plan accordingly.

Visit Indiana’s Master Garden – Hartman Arboretum

Flower at Master garden
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This is nestled within a private property owned by Grant and Jean Hartman. Grant Hartman started designing and planting back in 2001 and now it is maintained by the family and a group of master gardeners. It is a very visually appealing place with more than five hundred trees, scrubs and plants.

There are lots of events held between the period of spring and autumn. Events like Butterfly Day, Moth Night, Spring at Arboretum are some that are absolutely not to be missed.

The place consists of sections like Fall Color Groove where tourists get to experience the best colors of fall, Native Vine Arbor where people can admire oriental vines and Blueberry Patch where people can pick different fruits depending upon the season. This place is open for public visitations every day.

Catch A Baseball Game At Bosse Field

For all baseball enthusiasts, this place is a must-visit. Bosse Field is one of the oldest ballparks in the country. It was built in 1915 and is currently home to the Frontier Minor League baseball team, Evansville Otters.

Baseball fans will love to watch a game here. It gives a nostalgic feel with its sweeping stands, old-fashioned architecture and the electrifying vibe during a game. People can also go for a pre-game picnic or attend events in the Bud Lite Lime Patio. All this makes this a worth-visit place on our list.

Enjoy A Grand Evening At The Victoria Theater

This theater, in downtown Evansville, brings back the vibe of the early 1900s with its chic furnishings and grand décor. Originally opened in 1921, this theater was restored in recent days. It is the home of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra.

It regularly hosts ballet performances, theatrical productions, concerts, and children’s programs which makes it a hub of cultural activities. If you want to dip your toes into an evening of cultural respite, this is the place to be.

Check out their annual schedule beforehand to make your reservations. The theater has a mesmerizing ambiance that makes it another must-experience thing in Evansville.

Try Your Luck At The Tropicana Evansville Casino

For all those interested in an evening of casual gambling, this is a great place to visit. It has classy decor with bright lights and jazzy music. If you’re traveling with friends, try out the club for a dazzling night of fun.

It has exciting game machines and tables where visitors can try their luck at penny slots, blackjack, roulette and poker.

If you are not interested in gambling, don’t worry! Listening to live music or dine in one of the several restaurants on site. It is situated in downtown Evansville which means it’s near the riverside. So, couples can also go for a calm walk by the river after dinner.

Visit The Reitz Home Museum

The Reitz Home Museum was home to John Augustus Reitz and his family. He was a wealthy lumberman who built the house in 1871. Reitz Home Museum is a fine example of French Second Empire style architecture.

It has one of the finest standing buildings of the Victorian era with its gorgeous chandeliers, stained glass windows, white onyx fireplaces, hand-painted ceilings, Moorish doorway screens, and intricate wood floor designs. Visitors can take a guided tour and bask in the old-world charm of French architecture.

Find Some Solace At St Paul’s Lutheran Church

St Paul’s Lutheran is a 100 years old church built in the Gothic Revival Style. This is a place where you can get close to your spiritual side and find mental peace. People can also visit this church just to admire its architectural beauty and explore the history of the place.

Know The History Of Angel Mounds

Angel Mounds
Herb Roe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Angel Mounds is a 100-acres huge State Historic Site along the Ohio River in southern Indiana just outside Evansville. This site preserves the prehistoric Native American culture and is also a National Historic Landmark.

Angel Mounds was built by Middle Mississippian Native Americans, who lived during the period of 1000 to 1450 AD. History buffs should definitely visit this place and know about this centuries-old civilization that died out even before the European settlers arrived.

Admire Nature At Howell Wetlands

The Howell Wetlands is spread across 35 acres of land and is one of Indiana’s five popular, urban wetlands. It is managed by the Wesselman Nature Society.

It provides a unique ecosystem with a variety of natural habitats such as slough, marsh, and river oxbow. Tourists can have a great adventure along the two-mile-long walking trail within the wetland riddled with wooden bridges and walkways.

It is a great spot for hiking and enjoying the beauty of nature. It is an exciting place for all adventure lovers.

Go For Retail Therapy At The Eastland Mall

Eastland Mall
Mike Kalasnik from Charlotte, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are having a boring day, what is more enjoyable and fun than retail therapy? Eastland Mall is the best place for that in Evansville, Indiana. It has more than 120 shops including Macy’s and J.C Penny’s. It also has a food court offering a variety of cuisines. This is a popular hangout location for locals. Therefore, it is mostly crowded, especially on weekends and holidays.

Coffee Lovers Head To The Penny Lane Coffeehouse

Penny Lane Coffeehouse has a warm and welcoming ambiance for all coffee lovers. This is an amazing neighborhood hangout spot with a wide spectrum of people. It is best described as a “place to take time and remember why you’re living”.

Apart from their great wide range of coffee, Penny Lane serves some delicious sandwiches and build-your-own breakfast or lunch sandwiches. This place is known for its soothing ambiance in Evansville and who knows, you may even be lucky and run into some or the other sports legends or famous celebrities.

Go For Amazing Seafood At Bonefish Grill

If you have a liking for seafood, Bonefish Grill is an excellent place to dine in. It is a part of a national chain of restaurants. It has an incredible range of seafood. It also offers steak and chicken dishes.

One of its signature dishes is ‘Bang Bang Shrimp,’ which is a must-try appetizer. This place is pretty popular and usually crowded, especially for dinner. So, it’s better to have a prior reservation or online booking.

Hang Out At The Lamasco Bar

Lamasco Bar is an amazing place to hang out with friends or just have a relaxing evening. It has some awesome food, live music and hosts existing events from time to time.

This iconic bar in Indiana is popular for its regular hosting of exciting events like concerts, karaoke, trivia night, comedy show and open mic sessions.

Another highlight of this bar is its all-day ready breakfast menu and its Breakfast Burrito is a must-have. It also has an outdoor patio, so if the weather is pleasant, tourists can chill out there as well.

Check Out Willard Library

Willard Library is a private library that is a perfect place for booklovers. It is housed inside a gorgeous building built in Victorian Gothic style. You can also visit to admire the beautiful architecture of the building with its grand staircase and graceful window cases.

If you are looking to do some research, this is the place you want to visit. The library is not only known for its access to historical collections and online databases, but also for its facilities for genealogical research.

Apart from all this, an interesting fact about the library is that it has a resident ghost called The Grey Lady. So, it’s a must-visit if you are up for an adventure!

Take A Sip At The Winzerwald Winery

Winzerwald winery, situated on a hilltop in the Hoosier National Forest, is a paradise for all wine lovers. This family-owned vineyard produces some great wines, signature blends, traditional German varieties and premium selections.

It has an indoor wine tasting room that attracts a lot of wine lovers. Visitors can also join the Wein Klub for discounts on wine purchases and access to members-only events.

The Marker – The Origin Of Evansville

This is the place where it all began! A public sculpture was installed in Downtown Evansville which marks the birthplace of the city by the riverside. The sculpture mimics the shape of a map pin, with a 4-feet diameter sphere mounted on top of a 10-feet long post. It is a good spot to take a snap with your camera.

For now, the to-do list might have exhausted but we have a special addition to make this time. Check out Mike Libs & the Chocolate Factory and try out some of their scrumptious choco fudge and pecan flip-overs. You will definitely fall in love with the place.

Make sure to add these places to your list. Happy traveling!