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15 Best Things to Do in Eustis, ME

  • Published 2022/09/09

Contrasting weather and temperatures make the Franklin County town of Eustis, Maine, a perfect destination for both the adventure-seeker and the laid-back traveler.

Nestled in a vast plantation, Eustis boasts diverse flora and fauna, highlighting the town’s mountain ranges, lakes, and preserves.

For solo travelers and families planning their next trip, Eustis is a recreation haven offering a variety of activities for different ages.

Here are the best things to do in Eustis, Maine:

Explore the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

If you love hiking or kayaking, the Northern Forest Canoe Trail is a place worth exploring.

The trail’s 740-mile water trail is a known paddling route with stunning views and a rich history dating back to the Native Americans who used this trail as their travel route.

Passing through Eustis via Flagstaff Lake, the 30-mile-long journey along the town will be an exciting adventure for paddlers.

While exploring this trail, you can stop to camp, fish, or take photos of the wildlife to appreciate its beauty and wonder better.

If you prefer to enjoy the smell of wildflowers and the view of the river from above the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, hiking trips are also available.

Enjoy Bread and Bison Meat at the Bigelow Fields

Pastry and meat lovers will surely fancy what Bigelow Fields has in store for visitors.

Home to several bison, the ranch offers meat high in protein, minerals, and other fatty acids.

Opened in 2017, Bigelow Fields is well-known not only for its nutritious bison meat but also for its sourdough bread.

The pastry is made with wild yeast found in the lands of Maine.

If you want to try bison meat, authentic sourdough bread, brownies, and cookies, make sure to visit Bigelow Fields along Kennebago Road.

Viewing the bison herd and other animals on the family-run farm are also great additions to your travel itinerary.

Enjoy Camping in the Woods at Cathedral Pines Campground

Bask in the sun on the shore of Flagstaff Lake or enjoy the shade of tall trees as they surround you at Cathedral Pines Campground.

You can set camp in this 300-acre property along the Arnold Trail, a few miles from Stratton Village.

Cathedral Pines Campground holds historical significance as it was among the locations where US Revolutionary war hero Benedict Arnold made his stop before his Quebec expedition in the 1700s.

RV or car camping is also popular on the campground’s sprawling grounds, complete with amenities from electricity to hot showers and even areas where you can do the laundry.

A walking trail has also been mapped to help you enjoy the vast property during your trip.

Hike or Bike at Bigelow Mountain Preserve

Situated on Flagstaff Road, Bigelow Mountain Preserve covers around 15,000 hectares of protected land, which you will enjoy as hiking and biking grounds.

Established in 1976 to halt the planned construction of a ski resort, the preserve has a scenic view of the towering Mount Bigelow, one of the tallest peaks in Maine.

Hikers will be challenged to various trails with varying difficulty levels.

Through the hike, you will be treated to stunning views of the lake, forest, and mountain ranges.

Prepare to climb steep rocks but remember the view at the end of the trial will be worth it.

Bigelow Mountain Preserve also attracts mountain bikers with its numerous trail offerings.

Bike courses in this area range from intermediate to difficult, stretching from about 12 to more than 100 kilometers.

Hike and See the Stunning Grand Falls

If you love chasing waterfalls, the view of Grand Falls on the Dead River will surprise you.

A short hike will take you to the top of the falls, where you’ll witness its stunning streams.

If walking is not your thing, bikes, ATVs, and snowmobiles are alternate modes of transport to reach Grand Falls.

The views are not only lovely during summer but also breathtaking during winter.

During the cold season, the snow creates a white outline on the borders of the stream and the waterfalls.

For winter sports, skiing and fat tire biking can also be done in the area of Grand Falls.

Take a Snowmobile Tour at Northern Outdoors

Winter is highly anticipated in Eustis, with numerous activities for adventure seekers.

A snowmobile tour beginning in Northern Outdoors along US Route 201 will allow you to explore Eustis and The Forks with the views of gorgeous wildlife, snow-covered cabins, mountain ranges, lakes, and rapids.

Single- and double-rider snowmobiles are available for rent, so you can go solo or seek thrill and adventure with friends and family.

You can also opt to stop for a quick snack or drink along the way, as the trails house several restaurants serving various dishes and beverages.

In addition, you have the option to spend a night or two in private cabins to go with Northern Outdoors’ snowmobile tours.

Check Out the Dead River Area Historical Society

During the weekends of July and August, the Dead River Area Historical Society opens a museum along Main Street to pay tribute to the history of the Dead River area, which covers some parts of the town.

The historical society put up old tools, photographs, manuscripts, and artifacts from the Dead River Area, dating back to the 1800s.

History lovers will better appreciate the lives and roots of native dwellers in the area with exhibits at the museum.

Established in 1979, the Dead River Area Historical Society continues to pass on information on the place’s rich history in its effort to preserve the narratives of the people living here in the early days.

Go Fishing at Tim Pond Camps

Opened in the 1850s, Tim Pond Camps is a go-to sporting destination for fishermen.

It is situated in Maine’s Western Mountains, where you can freely enjoy fishing in the pond, stretching for about a mile.

The view of the trees and the mountain landscape will make your fishing adventure unforgettable.

Boats and fishing gears are available for rent.

If you want to spend the night in the camp, you are welcome to book a stay at one of its cabins.

Aside from fishing, Tim Pond Camps also offer hiking, moose and bird watching, camp tours, and exploring.

Play Golf at Moose Meadows Golf Course

Located between Stratton and Rangeley, Moose Meadows Golf Course is a vast and tranquil place to practice your hole-in-one.

The luscious green golf course is the perfect spot for family activities or a day out with friends.

Clubs can be borrowed here, but do not forget to bring golf balls and tees for a satisfying golf experience.

Tournaments are also held at Moose Meadows Golf Course once or twice a year for golf enthusiasts.

If you want to teach your kids how to play golf, there are also fenced areas to practice with your little ones.

Parties and other celebrations can also be arranged for a private golfing session.

Try Moose Watching along Route 27

With an estimated moose population of about 76,000, moose watching in Eustis is highly possible.

Route 27’s woods are home to several moose, which are best spotted at nightfall or daybreak.

It will also be best to try your chances from May to July since these are the months where this deer species are most active.

Be careful during your moose watching, as these animals are sensitive.

Practice caution when watching them or taking photos of them.

Do not come close to a moose because they tend to be aggressive when they feel endangered.

Though they are not considered harmful to humans, once provoked, their actions may not be as expected.

Compete in the Sugarloaf Marathon

Every May, Eustis hosts the oldest-running event in Maine: the Sugarloaf Marathon.

The event begins at the Cathedral Pines Campground and ends at the West Kingfield Road Ballfield.

Runners will take a flat trail for the initial part of the race, while the second part is mostly uphill.

The last part of the race is a downhill trail, which is challenging for most participants.

The Sugarloaf Marathon will surely be an avenue to set and achieve goals if you are into competitive running.

Winners of this marathon qualify for the popular Boston Marathon held every April during Patriots’ Day.

Make sure to enlist early since participants are limited to only 2,000.

The race will take you to a trail filled with sceneries of the Carrabassett River and Bigelow Mountain.

Visit the Maine Forestry Museum

To pay homage to the history of timber in Maine, the Maine Forestry Museum was established in 1979.

The museum is located near a waterfall and surrounded by lakes and rivers.

You can find historical tools, machinery, and artifacts used in logging activities during the 1900s.

Events are also lined up year-round to commemorate various celebrations, including festivals, auctions, and fundraisers.

Donations are also welcome from visitors to continuously run and maintain the museum.

The Maine Forestry Museum is located in Rangeley, 20 minutes from Eustis.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Try Cross-Country Skiing at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center

Scenic view of Sugarloaf Outdoor Center

M.Bailey /

Considered one of the top skiing resorts in the region, the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center houses more than 90 kilometers of well-maintained skiing trails.

Cross-country skiing will be best enjoyed with the incredible views of Sugarloaf Mountain, its forests, and other picture-perfect sceneries along the way.

Whether it’s a fun snow day with the kids or a skiing trip with friends, the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center will not disappoint.

In addition to skiing, the center also offers other activities like snowshoeing, fat biking, and skating.

This attraction is located 10 minutes from Eustis.

Go Hiking in Maine Huts and Trails

Are you up for an 80-mile hike in Western Maine?

If so, Maine and Huts Trails offers the adventure you have been looking for.

Built in the 1970s and managed by a non-profit organization, Maine and Huts Trails allows hikers to explore forest trails and jump from one hut to another.

You can also stop to rest in the eco-lodges equipped with shoes, kitchens, and other necessities for your overnight trip.

When hiking is not enough for your adventure-hungry soul, try other activities in Maine and Huts Trails, like kayaking, fishing, or biking.

This attraction is located in Kingfield, 25 minutes from Eustis.

Explore the Bike Trails at Carrabassett Valley

Scenic views of Sugarloaf Mountain will welcome you to the mountain biking trails of Carrabassett Valley, 20 minutes from Eustis.

More than 100 trails or 77 miles along Valley Crossing are available for bikers looking for easy, moderate, or difficult bike paths.

You will surely be awed by the view of the river and the forest when you explore the well-maintained trails of Carrabassett Valley.

Using the trails is free, while bikes can be rented from stores at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center.

After biking, you can also try golfing, boating, or wildlife watching.

Final Thoughts

Eustis provides travelers plenty of options when it comes to activities to try and places to explore.

It’s rich not only in awesome views and destinations but also in history.

Whether you’re up for an adventure or a relaxing vacation, consider traveling to this town end enjoying all the best things to do in Eustis, Maine.

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