15 Best Things to Do in Ensenada

15 Best Things to Do in Ensenada

Ensenada is a very famous Mexican sea port town located near San Diego. This town is a very famous vacation destination around the world. The town offers a variety of outdoor activities to the visitors.

The town is very vibrant and lively and offerds some high adrenaline adventure activities to all the visitors. Your visit to this town is definitely going to be one of its kind experience and would stay with you forever.

This article will cover the top activities that you should do in this small town to ensure a great and fruitful vacation for you as well as your fellow travelers.

Canon De Dona Petra Ecological Park

Canon De Dona Petra ecological Park is a very famous natural Park located in a residential area in Ensenada. The park is one of the best places to capture some of the most beautiful views of the city and the coastline of Baja.

The park is a perfect place for enjoying light activities such as reading books in the lap of nature, jogging, walking, as well as mountain biking. You can also enjoy watching birds and several other animal species in the park.

The Park also has a very beautiful statue of a Buddhist Princess Tara. A relaxing place as this park is definitely worth checking out.

Caracol Science Museum

Caracol Science Museum is a recent addition to the town of Ensenada. The museum revolves mainly around the scientific and engineering technology in Mexican and Baja projects. The museum has detailed information about all these projects in Mexican and English translations.

The museum has permanent exhibits such as the heavens, the earth, as well as temporary exhibits which revolve around polar ice and marine environment. For a twist, this museum also has a dinosaur exhibition which is quite famous among the child visitors.

El Salto Canyon and Waterfall

El Salto canyon and waterfall is a place which you would rarely find on the travel books in Ensenada. The place is just perfect for hiking and exploring the natural bounties of the town.

You can also stay the night. At the base of the canyon, there are seasonal pools and rock formations which look very pretty. For more adventure, you can climb up the large hill and enjoy more stunning views, spend some time on an inland lake and enjoy swimming and fishing.

Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island
Dmitry Pradun / Shutterstock.com

If you are someone who is willing to do some different form of adventurous activity, this is the perfect place for you. While on Guadalupe Island, you can enjoy diving in cage with great white sharks.

You can also spend some time on the vessels and enjoy various cultures from around the world. The diving activities are completely safe, performed under expert supervision, and definitely worth trying.

Hussong’s Cantina

Hussong’s Cantina
Los viajes del Cangrejo, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to Ensenada cannot be considered complete if you did not visit Hussong’s Cantina at least once during your stay in the town. This place is believed to be the place where Margarita originated for the first time.

This place is always crowded and offers major Mexican vibe in a pub. The place is always entertaining with one live band performing at all the times.

While in this pub, you should make sure to taste their signature margarita which has been consistent on the pub menu since 1941 and talk to some locals and get to know more about this town and its gifts.

Juan More Taco Food Tours

Juan more taco food tour is a blessing for all the foodies who visit Ensenada. This food tour takes all the visitors to make them familiar with Mexican cuisine and covers major places serving Mexican food in Ensenada. The tour involves tasting local flavors, and exploring the city of Ensenada on foot.

This walking tour takes almost 3 hours to complete. You can easily expect to explore some locally important areas in the town. This is also a great way of getting familiar with the culture, history, and people of the town while enjoying its food.

La Bufadora

La Bufadora
Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock.com

One of the most famous tourist attraction in Ensenada, La Bufadora is one of the largest blowholes in entire North American region. This naturally unique place produces water waves as high as 100 feet due to the pressure exerted on water inside the cave.

These waves are produced every few minutes and you can expect to spot one and get drenched in the water if you are standing on the viewing platform.

However, it is always advisable to check the time of tides so as to ensure that you are able to see this wonder yourself in form of a natural marine geyser.

Las Canadas Canopy Tour

Las Canadas canopy tour is the part of Canadas campground. This is an exciting adventure in form of a zip line. The tour consists of five separate zip lines which make you balance on hanging bridges and enjoy the views of the beautiful surroundings.

This adventure activity starts at the central tower and you are tied to a harness to ensure your safety. These activities are carried out under expert supervision and are extremely safe. You can also keep your belongings with the tour company as they have some secure lockers.

Maya Cacao

There has been the mention of chocolate in ancient Mayan Scriptures which are as old as 3500 years. It is believed that the first Cacao beans were bought by the God to the Mayans.

Ever since then, the Cacao beans have been continuously produced and revered as the major food of Gods. On your visit to this special place, Maya Cacao, you would be able to learn about the history and legacy that comes attached with the Cacao beans.

You will also learn how the trees are grown and fresh beans are collected from the pod. The special place will also offer you a chance to participate in a chocolate making demonstration that continues for about one hour and all the processes are carried out using hands.

You will also get a chance to taste sample Mayan chocolate drinks and taste other samples of handmade chocolates produced using Cacao beans.

Ensenada Museum of History

Ensenada Museum of History
Ritu Manoj Jethani / Shutterstock.com

Ensenada museum of history is a perfect place for all those people who want to learn about the history of the town and how it developed. The museum is a part of the Riviera cultural Centre and focuses mainly on the history of people in Baja Peninsula and its development.

The museum also shows how European influence has affected the growth and development of the town as well as the mindset of local people.

The museum is not very huge when it comes to infrastructure, but the history details are quite extensive and a large number of documents are also present. The documents are available in Spanish and English translations. Apart from the documents, the museum also has a library, a shop, and a photo library.

The Opal Mine

Opal Mine is a place where you can find thousands of beautiful jewelry made of national stone of Mexico, the Opal. This is a jewelry store which is set up in form of a mine.

The inside of the store resembles the interiors of an actual opal mine in order to remind the visitors of how this beautiful stone is discovered. The store has well-trained staff which helps you in selecting the most suitable jewelry piece for you.

This place also has jewelers who could resize the rings as well as other accessories according to your sizes. The place is just suitable for all the people who can’t resist buying locally made jewelry but want to do that in an affordable manner.

The place offers items in each range from cheap to very expensive and you can choose the piece that suits your requirement. The place is perfect for buying some gifts and taking back home some souvenirs from Ensenada.

Valley Girl Wine tours

Valley girl wine tours is a perfect way of enhancing your experience of wine in the region. These tours will not only provide you with an opportunity to test freshly made wines but would also allow you to see the vineyards and experience the wineries and their processes with the help of trained guides.

The entire tour covers at least three wineries in the town, a visit to an artisan cheese factory, and a wonderful lunch at a restaurant in the town.  

This experience is definitely one of the best parts of your visit to the city as you get to know more about the locals and the processes that they follow in making their world famous edibles and drinks.

ATV Ensenada

ATV Ensenada is a place for all the people who seek adventure. The all-terrain vehicle service is a different type of fun activity where you can enjoy driving your own ATV throughout the town.

You can also decide to choose the ATV wine tours which would give you an opportunity to visit some of the wineries in the town on your own ATV. ATV services can also be availed with additional adventures such as ATV mountain tours or zip line combo tour.

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa
Comisión Mexicana de Filmaciones from México D. F., México, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Playa Hermosa is a famous beach in Ensenada. The beach is located near the cruise port and is quite famous among the visitors. This beach is a perfect place to learn basic Surfing techniques under the guidance of expert surfers.

The place is also good for spending some relaxing time and enjoying the ocean view along with a cool breeze. If you are lucky and the weather is right, you can also play in the water.

Skydive Baja

Skydive Baja is a thrilling adventure company which would help you in enjoying skydiving in the town of Ensenada. It is a different kind of an experience and make most of the people feel overwhelmed.

The instructors are quite humble and experts and make you familiar with the steps that you have to follow while jumping off the helicopter at a height of 12,000 feet.

Even though it might seem quite overwhelming, this experience is one of a lifetime experience and the views are just breathtaking. If you think that you are ready for this adventure, you should definitely give it a try and thank yourself later.

Paipai Eco Tourism Center

Paipai ecotourism center is a famous rehabilitation center where big cat cubs are kept for their safety and development. Most of the cubs in the Centre are either sick, injured, abandoned, or orphaned when they are brought to the place.

All these cats are divided into different groups depending on their ages. The Centre also has other animals like parrots. The ecotourism center also has a small petting zoo which houses a large number of domestic animals. This is a perfect place to visit if you are visiting Ensenada with kids.

The small amount of ticket for entry to the Centre is used towards development and maintenance of the Centre.

La Lobera

Sea Lions at La Lobera
HTurner / Shutterstock.com

If you are excited to see some aquatic animals like sea lions on your visit to Ensenada, La Lobera is a perfect place for you. This is a sea cave located on the south coast of Ensenada.

This beautiful cave is 20 feet below the beach and is home to some sea lions. The place is a bit far but it is so beautiful that the visit and the drive, both are worth it.

The place also has a restaurant nearby which serves very delicious Mexican food at very reasonable and unbelievable prices (all items under 100 pesos). The place is a truly very beautiful and will live forever in your memories.

The beautiful town of Ensenada is a wonder in its self. It has a lot to offer you if you visit the town with a positive attitude and welcoming heart.

From the people of the town, to its major tourist attraction, the city is very welcoming. The food is delicious, the monuments are well-maintained, the museums are extremely informative, and the beaches are unbelievably beautiful. With so much beauty in one town, you will surely want to visit it again after the first visit.