15 Best Things to Do in Elkhorn, Omaha

Elkhorn, NE
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The neighborhood of Elkhorn in Omaha, Nebraska, was once a town before becoming annexed in 2007.

Its history goes back to the 1860s when Union Pacific Railroad got the tract from one William Janney and named it Elkhorn Station.

From then on, the neighborhood saw significant economic and business growth.

While getting annexed made it strip its title as a town, the whole place continues to flourish in the present day.

Elkhorn is popular for its friendly community and open spaces.

When it comes to recreation and entertainment, it competes with any major city in Omaha.

Here are the best things to do in Elkhorn, Nebraska:

At The Garden Gallery on North 206th Street, find wondrous hand-created masterpieces you've never seen before.

Unlike most galleries, this gallery in Elkhorn offers annuals, perennials, and other flowers in full display.

When you go to the backyard, you'll find three greenhouses home to familiar and unusual plants alike.

Most importantly, it supports local art, providing a combination of beauty and community rapport.

In the 1920s home of the gallery, more surprises await.

Discover sculptures, clothing, jewelry, welded garden art, and more at The Garden Gallery.

Play a Few Rounds of Bowling at The MARK

Find yourself amazed at the entertainment options at The MARK on Cumberland Drive.

This independently owned bowling center provides top-notch activity centers, not just bowling.

Its amenities include basketball and indoor volleyball courts, an arcade, and laser tag.

For intense players, the XD Dark Ride may offer you an immersive and interactive 4D game of a lifetime.

Of all its facilities, The MARK’s most popular feature would have to be its bowling alleys.

Open bowling is open for everyone looking for a fun time, and leagues add a competitive twist to the usual bowling game.

After you’ve exhausted the various entertainment programs, drop by the grill and replenish your energy with burgers, chicken wings, and a refreshing glass of tap beer.

Located on North Main Street, Main Street Studios & Gallery offer a slice of history and fine art in Elkhorn.

The building of the site found completion in 1915, but it wasn’t until 2014 that its interior and exterior underwent renovations to accommodate the business it continues to be today.

This gallery offers astounding masterpieces from different local artists within the area.

Its range of art displays includes glass artworks, jewelry collections, and oil paintings.

Find inspiration within the artworks made by resident artists.

Go to the art park at Main Street Studios & Gallery and gaze at the unique statue at its center while sitting by the benches.

Learn Pottery at Kimba’s Touch Pottery

It’s never too late to pick up a new skill or relearn an old one—and, in this case, pottery!

Kimba’s Touch Pottery, founded by Kimba Hawks, is a local pottery shop that holds lessons.

The best part about this center is that lessons are open to everyone of all ages and levels of pottery expertise.

There’s also an open tea bar available for a quick refreshment break.

You can always explore the site if you don’t have the time for a lesson.

Browse through Signature Collection Teapots and other kitchenware up for display.

You can also bring home a pottery piece that’s tailor-made to fit your preferences.

Experience hands-on pottery classes in an intimate setting at Kimba’s Touch Pottery on North Main Street.

Examine the Artifact Displays at the Elkhorn Historical Society Museum

Head to the Elkhorn Historical Society Museum on Glenn Street for a dash of history and heritage.

This landmark preserves the culture of Elkhorn in its earliest days.

At the site, view artifacts dating way back from 1886 up until the present years.

You can also listen in on recorded interviews of residents as they narrate their stories of being in the neighborhood.

The Elkhorn Historical Society Museum helps you understand the place Elkhorn has become today, so don’t forget to come and visit when you’re nearby.

Cheer for Your Favorite Sports Team at The Good Life Sports Bar & Grill

Among Elkhorn’s recreational sites, The Good Life Sports Bar & Grill offers a relaxed time with good beer and a better sports experience.

This sports bar promises a good time with sports watching with 35 flat-screen televisions and exquisite bar food.

There’s also an outdoor patio with a fire pit that’s perfect for your private hangouts.

From pizzas and burgers to melt sandwiches and mac and cheese, choose from a wide selection of meals from its menu.

Cheer along with friends as your favorite team scores a goal.

If you’ve got upcoming parties and dinners and are looking for the best place to host these events, The Good Life Sports Bar & Grill can help!

The Good Life Lounge, right next to the sports bar, offers warm event space for all of your gatherings.

If these amenities interest you, make your way to Manderson Street to get your dose of sports entertainment.

Play Golf at The Club at Indian Creek

Home to 37 acres of fairway, The Club at Indian Creek will make all your golfing fantasies come true.

It prides itself on challenging courses set in a collected magnificent landscape.

The Red Feather Course is a nine-hole layout with a front-seat view of the lakefront.

Meanwhile, the Black Bird Course requires more patience, with its long, demanding holes and bunkers acting as obstacles.

If you're still a beginner, visit the indoor or outdoor practice facilities for a round.

In the indoor space, heated bays are open all year round.

You can find The Club at Indian Creek on North 202nd Street.

Have Fun at the Golf Courses at Shadow Ridge Golf Club

Elkhorn never runs out of golf courses for you to see, explore, and enjoy.

Shadow Ridge Country Club is a family-oriented club specializing in course layouts that are perfect for golfers of all ages.

Its 18-hole landscape combines trees and shrubberies in simple and complex yards and elevations, making for a comprehensive golfing experience.

Take a trip to its practice facilities and find hands-on application to your golf learning journey.

It has practice bunkers and bent grass teeing areas for better and improved simulation.

Practice your short game at the 15,000-square-foot putting surface.

Shadow Ridge Country Club’s other amenities include a pool where you can lounge around after a day of hitting golf balls.

Visit the Stables at Quail Run Horse Centre

For those with an equestrian streak or who want to get into the sport of horseback riding, Quail Run Horse Centre has your back.

This equestrian facility houses 250 acres of space for riding and training.

Opened in 1982, it’s had years of experience training riders and horses with its complete array of stables and outdoor arenas.

There are also turnout pastures and trails, which are the best place for horses to have fun and run around.

Discover more about dressage or eventing for horses, as well boarding and proper equestrian etiquette.

If you ever want to take riding lessons, this place is the ideal place for that, too.

Watch a show and find yourself amazed at the competing horses.

Quail Run Horse Centre is on West Maple Road.

Unwind at Fairmeadow Park

If you’d like to take a break from all the sightseeing, wind down at Fairmeadow Park.

This 1.1-acre park will soothe your soul with its playground set and park benches.

It can also be a good place to run around and get your goals in for your exercise regimen.

There are also ample green areas where you can sit around and bask in the sunlight.

Sit by the swings and have fun pushing your little one gently into the air.

Bring your family with you and share a bonding moment at one of the 20 largest parks in Elkhorn.

Fairmeadow Park is on North 191st Avenue.

Do Your Research at the Bess Johnson Branch of the Public Library

If you’ve got research to do or want to learn more about Elkhorn on your own, a trip to the Bess Johnson Branch of the Omaha Public Library is highly advisable.

This ADA-accessible library on Reading Plaza offers just the right amount of equipment for your information search.

There are private study rooms where you can stay and read a book in peace.

Explore the shelves of books and get lost in another world in the stories they bring.

Join exclusive programs at the Bess Johnson Branch of the Omaha Public Library, like book clubs and storytelling shows for your little ones.

Spend Your Celebrations at A Venue on the Ridge

Are you looking for an all-around venue to celebrate your most special moments?

A Venue on the Ridge is a local family-owned event space center on Elkhorn Ridge Drive.

This center delights itself in being a preferred spot for weddings and corporate events.

It also offers catering services and a bar package to add to the fun of your festivities.

Choose from various settings that leave your guests in awe.

The ballroom is an elegant indoor space that can accommodate up to 350 guests.

For an outdoor and more personal celebration, opt for the Harmony Patio.

Prepare to make your events more memorable when you visit A Venue on the Ridge.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Has exploring Elkhorn gotten you hyped up to see what nearby cities can offer on your trip?

Take note of the following activities you can do nearby:

Play a VR Game at Infinite Loop VR

Take your video game playing to the next level when you visit Infinite Loop VR.

This VR entertainment center hosts a variety of single and multiple-player games.

Play in the 600 square feet arena with friends and loved ones at Infinite Loop Arena.

If you prefer laser shooting and an adrenaline-filled game, go for the Tower Tag.

There are also racing simulators and escape games you can play in a group.

Nothing beats the fun time you can experience at this VR game arena.

Infinite Loop VR is on Giles Road in La Vista, 22 minutes from Elkhorn.

Solve the Puzzles at Locked Room Omaha

Only 10 minutes from Elkhorn, Locked Room Omaha plays with your mind in the best way possible.

This escape room facility can host three to eight players in a single room.

There are several custom themes that you can explore and use your critical thinking skills.

Some of these themed rooms include Last Hour of the Titanic, Mayhem at the Empire, and Death by Wine.

All provide different experiences but hold that eeriness of feeling trapped.

Locked Room Omaha is on North 120th Street in Omaha.

Pet the Animals at Scatter Joy Acres

Founded in 2006, Scatter Joy Acres has helped many rescue animals find their new purpose in life.

In 2013, the center officially relocated to Newport Avenue, where it still stands today.

This ranch offers adoption and animal-assisted therapy for those visiting.

Pet a donkey, camel, duck, alpaca, and more—the ranch has a variety of barnyard animals you can seek comfort in.

At the same time, it can be a great place to host special events as it has ample room and many amenities you can enjoy.

Scatter Joy Acres is only a 25-minute drive from Elkhorn.

Final Thoughts

Although no longer officially a town, Elkhorn never lacked in tourist spots and a welcoming atmosphere.

Its various attractions make it ideal for a vacation.

Now that you know the best things to do in Elkhorn, Nebraska, are you ready to make this list a reality when you visit?

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