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15 Best Things to Do in Eau Claire County, WI

  • Published 2023/03/17

If you’re looking for an exciting and unique Midwest getaway, look no further than Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.

With various activities to enjoy, including outdoor adventuring and exploring history museums and exhibitions, there’s always something fun and exciting for everyone here.

Eau Claire County is also home to a thriving arts and culture scene.

Visit Eau Claire County for an unforgettable experience, whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure.

Start your vacation with the best things to do in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure at Carson Park

Aerial view of Carson Park

Matthew A Reddy /

Carson Park in Eau Claire is the perfect place to go for an outdoor adventure.

Hikers can hit the trails and take in the scenic views, while birdwatchers can watch for rare and extraordinary species.

In the winter, cross-country skiers and snowshoers can enjoy the park’s quiet beauty.

Visitors can cool off in Braun’s Bay to get some sun rays in the summer.

The waters of Carson Park

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You can also watch a football game here because Carson Park is the home of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Blugolds.

Carson Park is perfect whether you want a peaceful walk or an invigorating hike.

Remember Carson Park the next time you feel cooped up on your visit to the county!

Ducks at Carson Park

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Gaze at the Stars and Planets at Hobbs Observatory

Nestled in the woods of Fall Creek, Hobbs Observatory in Fall Creek is the perfect place to get away from the city lights and experience the splendor of the night sky.

The observatory is home to two large telescopes; visitors can use them to gaze at the stars and planets.

Visitors can tour the facility, learn about the constellations, and use telescopes to look closely at the celestial objects.

Gazing at the stars and planets here will make you ponder how big the universe is.

Whether you’re an experienced astronomer or just curious about the stars, check out Hobbs Observatory.

Learn about the Past at Chippewa Valley Museum

Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire is a great place to learn about the past.

The museum features a variety of historical exhibits that provide visitors with an interactive way to learn about the history of the Chippewa Valley.

The exhibits range from the early days of the Chippewa people to the present day, covering a wide range of topics such as the fur trade, agriculture, and transportation.

The museum also offers a variety of educational programs for all ages aside from historical exhibits.

These programs are designed to help visitors learn more about the Chippewa Valley and its rich history.

The museum contains a 1950’s style ice cream parlor, a store full of authentic local gifts, an extensive research library, archives, and events that display various aspects of the local culture.

Chippewa Valley Museum is an excellent place to learn about local history and have fun.

Explore the Scenic Big Falls County Park

The waters of Big Falls County Park

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Big Falls County Park is one of the most beautiful places in Wisconsin.

Located in Eau Claire, the park features a stunning waterfall that tumbles over a cliff into a deep river.

The waterfall surrounds lush vegetation, and several hiking trails wind through the park.

Visitors can also enjoy picnicking in the park, and there are many scenic overlooks where they can take in the views.

The waterfall is stunning in the springtime, when the melting snow creates a roaring cascade of water.

In the fall, the leaves of the trees change color, creating a stunning backdrop for the waterfall.

Big Falls County Park is perfect for enjoying a day in nature with friends or family.

Spend Time with Your Family at River Prairie Park

There’s no better way to enjoy beautiful Wisconsin outdoors than by spending time with your family at River Prairie Park.

Located in Altoona, the park offers a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy.

The kids can splash around in the water playground, explore the nature trail, or play on one of the many playground structures.

For the adults, there’s a walking or biking trail that winds through the park, perfect for exercising while enjoying the scenery.

You can also have a great time rowing your kayaks on the river to explore the park’s beauty.

When you’re ready to relax, there’s plenty of green space to picnic or soak up the sun.

River Prairie Park is ideal for explorers and those who want a more relaxed day.

Spend time adventuring and creating memories with your family at River Prairie Park!

Appreciate Nature at Coon Fork Barrens State Natural Area

Coon Fork Barrens State Natural Area is a beautiful spot in Augusta to explore nature’s beauty.

The natural area consists of open fields, woods, and wetlands, providing various habitats for plants and animals.

Visitors can enjoy hiking, bird watching, and picnicking.

The Coon Fork River runs through the natural area, adding to its scenic beauty.

The natural area is home to various rare plants and animals, making it excellent for nature lovers.

With its assurances of its beauty for nature lovers to see, Coon Fork Barrens State Natural Area is the perfect place to commune with nature.

Check Out Water Mills at the Dells Mill and Museum

Daytime view of Dells Mill and Museum

Chiemi Freund /

This classic red mill has been a landmark in Augusta since 1864.

Today, the Dells Mill and Museum offers a unique glimpse into the area’s rich history.

The mill was first used to grind wheat, which was crucial for Wisconsin’s growth during the Civil War.

Since its initial creation, the mill has been used for many different things.

The Dells Mill and Dells Mill Museum don’t just have a reputation locally.

They are known worldwide as an example of remarkable historic preservation, so much so that international tours often include it on their itinerary.

The Dells Mill and Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of Wisconsin’s rural farmlands.

Camp at Little Creek Family Campground

Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends while enjoying the outdoors.

Little Creek Family Campground in Fairchild is the perfect place to camp out.

The campground offers beautiful scenery, great amenities, and plenty of activities to entertain everyone.

RV and tent sites are available, as well as cabins for those who want a little more comfort.

The campground also has a playground, barrel rides, a swimming pool, and a volleyball court.

You can also walk on the trails in the campground and see the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Pack your camping gear and head to Fairchild for a fun camping adventure.

Keep Active with Your Family at Action City

Are you looking for some fun family activities in Eau Claire? Then head on over to Action City!

This exciting indoor entertainment complex features many games and attractions for the whole family.

Step into the pedal to accelerate your kart and bump at this amusement park’s indoor go-kart track with your kid’s kart.

It is the largest in the Midwest.

Then, navigate a laser tag course and maze vault room before heading to the arcade, where you can play over 150 video games, redemption games, or race car simulators.

To enjoy fresh air, try mini golf on their 19-hole course, then take things up a notch with a 130-foot zip line ride or an outdoor go-kart race.

Action City is an amusement park and a trampoline park with two dodgeball courts, an open jump arena, and more for those who want to explore their adventurous side.

If you’re looking for less intensity, there’s also an indoor playground for the little ones!

Come on down to Action City and start making some memories today!

Catch Fish at Rod and Gun Park

The waters of Rod and Gun Park

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Fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, and the ponds at Rod and Gun Park in Eau Claire are perfect for it.

The 36-acre park contains eight interconnected ponds of various sizes.

The expansive perched water table produces surface springs that saturate the ground outside of the ponds and streams.

These attractions in the park make a picturesque setting perfect for picnics, weddings, and group gatherings that you can enjoy.

Pack a lunch, grab your gear, and head to the Rod & Gun Park for a fun day of fishing!

A trail at Rod and Gun Park

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Bring a Date to Sunny Acres Greenhouse

Impress your partner with a romantic getaway at Sunny Acres Greenhouse in Augusta.

Sunny Acres is the perfect place for a romantic date with your lover full of flowers.

Smell the lovely aroma of the flowers planted in their greenhouses.

Walking in the greenhouse, you will see different kinds of beautiful flowers of other species blooming in vibrant colors.

Take your cameras out and get that perfect shot of your loved one smiling at the beauty of the greenhouse.

Visitors can take a lesson in flower arrangements or enjoy the vibrant colors and fragrant smells.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend to spend with your loved ones, visiting Sunny Acres Greenhouse is always a lovely experience.

Spend Quality Time with Family at Lake Eau Claire Park

Are you looking for a fun and family-friendly activity this weekend? Then head to Lake Eau Claire Park in Augusta.

The beauty of the lake here should take your breath away as you have fun with your family.

The park offers plenty of activities for the whole family, including hiking, biking, fishing, and more.

Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day enjoying the great outdoors.

The kids will love running around and playing in the fresh air, and you’ll appreciate the chance to spend quality time together.

Go to Lake Eau Claire Park this weekend for a fun family day out!

Meet the Animals at Irvine Park Zoo

A sleeping hyena at Irvine Park Zoo

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If you want an unforgettable getaway appreciating nature’s wonders, look no further than Irvine Park Zoo in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County, Wisconsin.

This haven is just 30 minutes from Eau Claire County.

It has enchanted visitors since 1906, thanks to its sprawling 300 acres of captivating scenery and tranquil attractions.

Step inside Irvine Park Zoo for a glimpse into the lives of bison, bears, tigers, cougars, and more.

Not only will you observe them from afar, but you will also pet many during your visit.

You can take your kids on an excursion and set up a picnic in its picturesque locations.

A museum is also available to view historical displays or swing by the great dam to capture its beautiful views.

If adventure calls your name, enter the cave with 20-foot-long natural springs running through it!

Go on a Shopping Spree at Oakwood Mall

Shopping at Oakwood Mall is a fun and convenient way to find all your gifts!

With different stores, there is something you can find here on your list.

And if you need a break from all the shopping, there are plenty of places to eat and relax.

The mall also has a movie theater and the Oakwood Forest, which has a play area for your kids.

Plus, there are always special events and deals, so check the website before you have significant discounts.

Oakwood Mall is the perfect place to find new gifts, do holiday shopping, or enjoy a day out!

Explore the Town of Conservancy Area

Unwind from your everyday stress and immerse yourself in the tranquil Town of Conservancy Area.

The Conservancy has beautiful trails, emerald grasses, and lush woodland areas that take your breath away.

As you wander through the area, marvel at the wildlife, from birds to beavers, making this corner of Wisconsin a nature-lovers paradise.

Enjoy basking in the warm sunshine or discovering new species on birdwatching excursions.

Visit the Town of Conservancy Area and indulge in the peacefulness in its air that will restore balance to your life.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of our favorite things to do here, but Eau Claire County has something for everyone to enjoy.

No matter your interests, Eau Claire County is a place to take your most-awaited rest and vacation.

Remember to try the best things to do in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, on your visit!

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