15 Best Things to Do in Diamond Bar, CA

Diamond Bar, CA
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Are you looking for a lowkey getaway destination in Southern California?

Indulge yourself in the best things to do in Diamond Bar, California.

People might pass this city in favor of LA and other booming and popular SoCal towns.

However, this village has a particular beauty you won't find anywhere.

Family Circle Magazine previously rated this prosperous suburb as one of the most livable communities for families.

From beautiful parks to stylish cafés, the city provides diverse activities to accommodate all sorts of tourists.

In addition, the city is an excellent location for tourists.

It's only a short drive from some of the most popular destinations in Southern California.

You can drive to Anaheim, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, and Irvine from Diamond Bar.

Is this city on your bucket list, but you're unsure what to do there?

Plan your itinerary with this list of the best things to do in Diamond Bar, CA.

Explore the Sycamore Canyon Park

You may find Sycamore Canyon Park on the northbound 57.

An accessible play structure leads you into the beautiful canyon from the top parking lot.

You may either remain and play for a bit.

Otherwise, continue down the road to a trail that rewards your upward and upstairs trip with breathtaking views.

You'll need to go south of the lower parking lot and into the park's undeveloped area to get to the path.

A section of sycamore and oak trees provided shade to a stretch of the route, as it rises above the stream bank.

Park authorities planted oaks, sycamores, and walnut trees to create a woodland riparian habitat for local wildlife.

The natural canyon environment includes a stream and a viewpoint with a small waterfall not far up the path from the play structure area.

In addition, large, dynamic, and accessible play structures get youngsters moving.

You may have a picnic or a barbecue and spend a good portion of the day at Sycamore Canyon Park.

Go Hiking at Summitridge Park

Get away from the commotion of city life by spending some time at Summitridge Park.

Attractions like the park's extensive green grounds, fresh air, and laid-back feel make this a great place to unwind from the hectic pace of Southern California.

Hike Summitridge Park's picturesque route for an unforgettable and adventurous adventure.

While the path is just around three miles long, it's a pleasant yet somewhat strenuous experience that includes some steep inclines.

For those with the time and energy, the park's highest point is 1,152 feet above sea level and offers spectacular vistas.

Countless breathtaking views await you along the route as well.

You may also hire a hiking guide to explain the history of the path and the landmarks you will see along the way.

Moreover, you can also see stunning sunset views here.

Play with Your Kids at Carlton J. Peterson Park

It's easy to see why Carlton Peterson Park is a favorite with locals and visitors alike.

Families like the park's accessibility and friendliness.

Carlton J. Peterson Park is a diverse community near the 60 Freeway and tucked away amid numerous other communities.

On top of all of these great amenities, you'll find two baseball fields, two soccer fields, a basketball court, a walking/jogging path, and two gazebo-style shelters with BBQ pits.

You may also bring your dog to the park.

The parking lot has a single, fenced-in play area for kids of all ages.

Every part of the playground is brand new and has a rubber surface to accommodate children of all ages who want to use it.

The play area is adjacent to the parking lot, making it easy for parents with several children who need to get to their vehicles quickly.

Likewise, you can find fast food restaurants, coffee shops, supermarket chains, medicine stores, and petrol stations within a mile of a nearby hotel.

After a day of fun at the park, bring a picnic or swing by for pizza.

There is a lot of free street parking along the edge of the park and on the grounds.

Work It Out at Steep Canyon Trail

Steep Canyon Trail starts with a steep set of steps that will get your heart thumping.

The stairway goes upward to the Ridge Route Trail, providing an excellent cardio exercise.

Aside from the moniker, this dirt route has a lot of steep inclines and drops.

Western whiptails fit in with the surroundings despite the presence of lethal rattlesnakes.

Moments like this lead you to appreciate the beauty of the location you're visiting.

Steep Canyon Trail is also an ideal place to unwind; it is quiet, relaxing, and reflective.

Play Bowling at Oak Tree Lanes

Oak Tree Lanes feature 36 lanes of bowling fun.

There is no better bowling alley to visit in California, whether you want to join the contests or have a wonderful time with your family and colleagues.

You can join around 12 leagues, based on your interests and availability.

It also features an arcade, a snack bar, and a sports bar where you can enjoy your favorite drinks while watching a sporting event on one of the many TVs.

Oak Tree Lanes also organizes special events, such as birthday parties.

Practice Skateboarding at Diamond Bar Skate Park

Peterson Park has a 10,000-square-foot skate park for all ages and skill levels.

This skatepark is excellent for flow transition riding.

Likewise, the park consists of a four-and-a-half-foot-deep bowl surrounded by street features and a pyramid-like combination in the Center.

You can also find a small three or three-and-a-half-foot-deep bowl with mellow coping with not too steep sides.

It's spotless, well-kept, beautifully crafted, and fun to play.

Skaters must wear a helmet and knee and elbow protection to join this activity.

Celebrate Your Special Occasions at Diamond Bar Center

Do you live close to Diamond Bar?

You may hold your special events at the Diamon Bar Center.

The City of Diamond Bar owns and manages the spectacular Diamond Bar Center.

The Center's banquet and conference rooms provide stunning views of the San Gabriel Valley.

With a total floor area of 22,500 square feet, the venue is ideal for a wide range of community events, including wedding receptions and formal dinners.

Keeping with the Craftsman motif, the Center has a complete catering kitchen and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities.

The Center is the ideal place to host your guests with its lush gardens, and winding stream.

Its several vantage points provide stunning views of the surrounding area.

Grab a Book at Diamond Bar Library

The Diamond Bar Library is a component of the LA County Library system.

Visit the library if you have nothing else to do in the city.

It exudes a sense of sophistication and orderliness.

Likewise, it provides Diamond Bar residents and tourists free access to books, multimedia, computers, the internet, music, and educational and recreational programs.

This library is a great place to visit to study, read, play, or relax.

You can find Diamond Bar's public library at the junction of Diamond Bar Boulevard and Grand Avenue.

Get Korean Goodies at Hannam Chain Market World

Heads up, K-pop and K-drama fans!

Hannam Market opened in Koreatown, Los Angeles, in the summer of 1988, the first of its kind in the area.

In August 2001, it opened its Diamond Bar branch.

Grab your vegetables to fish to meat and poultry to Asian cuisine to dairy items, frozen and refrigerated deli, and home appliances at this Korean store.

Hannam is the place to go to satisfy your cravings for authentic Korean cuisine.

Otherwise, you can buy the ingredients to prepare the mouthwatering food in your favorite K-dramas.

Purchase Organic Produce from Sprouts Farmers Market

Are you trying to find a natural & organic grocery shop in Diamond Bar?

Look no further than the Sprouts Farmers Market.

You may find the freshest produce there, along with a few surprises.

You'll discover mountains of colorful, fresh produce, barrels of nutritious grains, nuts, and candies, and full-service delis, meat, and fish counters, complete with hand-made burgers and sausages.

Take a stroll around the expansive aisles or shop for goods online.

Sprouts Farmers Market also offers deliveries and pickups to guests staying at hotels and Airbnbs.

Have a Quick Bite at Bageloo

You can find bagels, pastries, coffee, and sandwiches at Bageloo.

Kevin Oh, the proprietor of Bageloo, is a trained specialty coffee barista with a highly refined palate for handcrafted coffee.

Obviously, he takes the art of coffee-making seriously.

Is there anything unique about his Bageloo Coffee?

You must first understand the beans to get the most out of your coffee.

Learn how to toast it, keep it, grind it, handle it, and brew it.

For Oh, there are no shortcuts in making his unique coffee.

Try his Drip Coffee, a big hit with customers because of its delicious aroma and taste.

Aside from its world-class coffee, Bageloo boasts tasty bagels, which are made to order for you to try.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy Various Outdoor Activities at Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park

Scenic view of Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park
Kit Leong / Shutterstock.com

This enormous park, which covers 1,975 acres, is a year-round source of entertainment for visitors of all ages.

You'll find this place in San Dimas, California, seven minutes from Diamond Bar.

Water sports enthusiasts will find much to do on the park's 250-acre lake, which is home to a variety of watercraft.

Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park's land-based activities include camping, bird-watching, bicycling, and horseback riding.

People enjoying the sun at Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park
Robotics, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can also find a golf course and water park on the site.

After a long day of exploring the park, you might want a rejuvenating spa treatment to cap off your visit perfectly.

Learn the Art of Ceramic Making at the American Museum of Ceramic Art

Pomona's Ceramics Museum is dedicated to educating the public about ceramics' history, technology, and artistic expression via studio programs, outreach events, collections, and exhibitions.

It's in Pomona, California, ten minutes from Diamond Bar.

The museum's changing exhibits are just as interesting as the museum's regular displays.

Learn the history of ceramics and the science and art of making one.

Younger children may enjoy learning about art and clay via hands-on activities.

Buy some ceramics and start making your artwork.

Practice Your Pilot Skills at the Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center

The thought of flying an airplane has probably crossed your mind at some point in your life.

If you're planning a trip to Diamond Bar, California, drive around 23 minutes to reach the Anaheim Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center.

This place is in Anaheim, California, 20 minutes from Diamond Bar.

Likewise, this is a one of a kind virtual experience, which allows you to pilot a flight and become the lord of the sky.

You may not control a real aircraft, but you'll feel as close as you can get to the real thing.

Using this F-16 jet simulator, you can practice your Top Gun maneuvers and take out the competition.

Try the commercial airplane simulators at Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park if you want a more comfortable flying experience.

See Vintage Planes at Lyon Air Museum

An aircraft displayed in Lyon Air Museum
Denis Blofield / Shutterstock.com

With a focus on World War II relics, the Lyon Air Museum displays original airplanes, unusual vehicles, and other artifacts.

You'll find it in Santa Ana, California, 28 minutes from Diamond Bar.

Visitors learn more about the role the United States has played in influencing the history of the globe.

Check out the fascinating and thought-provoking exhibitions based on historical knowledge.

John Wayne Airport's West Side is home to the Lyon Air Museum.

Major General William Lyon founded the museum.

Birddog aircraft in Lyon Air Museum
SunflowerMomma / Shutterstock.com

Eddie Martin established Air/Lyon Inc.'s Martin Aviation in 1923. ,

It has become an award-winning general aviation maintenance shop, which shares space with the Lyon Air Museum.

Don't leave the museum without admiring the Douglas C-47 Skytrain, a Cessna O-1E, or a Boeing B-17.

It also features American, Japanese, and German cars.

Aircrafts and cars in Lyon Air Museum
SunflowerMomma / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

Despite its laid-back atmosphere, the city of Diamond Bar is conveniently located near major travel destinations.

Try the recreational facilities, quiet baths, and beautiful parks in Diamond Bar, the ideal place to unwind.

This is also an excellent spot to hang out, thanks to the warm environment and pleasant emotions.

Book your Diamond Bar trip today!

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