15 Best Things to Do in Deadwood, SD

15 Best Things to Do in Deadwood, SD

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The home of the 1876 Gold Rush- Deadwood is one of those rare places that still reeks of old heritage and history. Set in the backdrop of the gorgeous Black Hills National Forest- Deadwood is something that attracts history buffs and nature lovers alike. A lot of the spots are related to the time of the Gold Rush and that’s what makes things more interesting. Here are the top 15 things you can do in Deadwood. Let’s get started!

Take a walk around the Historic Main Street

Historic Main Street, Downtown
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Deadwood is all about history. And, today, we are excited for you to begin your first day of the trip. In case you are wondering what we have in store for you to kick-start your trip- worry not for we have the perfect location- the Historic Main Street!

Historic Main Street is the best way to breathe in the fun of Deadwood. The street is covered with gift shops and historic shops. If you want to buy some souvenirs for your peeps back at home- Historic Main Street is the spot for you. Also, there are a lot of plays going on at Historic Main Street at all times! The most famous you will find is the trial of McCall that we shall talk about later. Overall, you might have understood by our words that it is quite a lovely and lively location for all tourists to enjoy.

Go hiking at George S. Mickelson Trail

Now, we will be providing you with something that is going to quench the thirst of your adventurous soul. For the best adventures in Deadwood that active persons like you deserve, we will be guiding you towards the great trails of the George S. Mickelson Trail.

There are many tunnels through which these trails pass. These are favored by hikers as well as bikers. The paths are well-maintained and won’t pose any sort of threat on you. You can even opt for roaming around on a horse-back. There are some exciting points to cover which we will talk about later.

Dig up something at Broken Boot Gold Mine

1876 was one of the best years for all of Deadwood. It was the time when a lot of travelers, businessmen, traders, and even explorers came to Deadwood in search of gold. Yes, it was the era of the Gold Rush in history where people went crazy for the places where gold was found in plenty. But, when the gold died down, all those people left. Now, all that is left are the remains and the rich heritage of the tales.

Broken Boot Gold Mine still tries to preserve the old heritage by keeping the techniques and methods alive. You could still relive the old days here at the Broken Boot Gold Mine. They still use the old methods by which they dug out the gold to show people. They also show you how gold panning was done. The tours are quite exciting.

Explore Tatanka: Story of the Bison

Tatanka: Story of the Bison
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The Great Plains of North America were once completely inhabited by the majestic bison. Did you know that almost a thousand bison lived here? Yes, the story is completely true. Kevin Costner made this iconic story of Tatanka. The story mainly focused on two groups of individuals each having a different mindset about this huge number of buffaloes.

One of these groups thought these buffaloes were quite useful, but the other one didn’t think so. They always thought these buffaloes meant death. The story has been portrayed gorgeously with all the means exploring the animals and these two groups of people.

Check out the Adams Museum and Historic Adams House

Adams Museum and Historic Adams House
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Adams Museum and Historic Adams House tells all about the deadly tales of Deadwood. Yes, it once used to be a notorious town filled with characters you now see in the Western movies. The most famous of them are the "Wild Bill" Hickok. The museum also tell stories from the times of the Gold Rush. It comments on what things had been done and how they were done. You can get your hands on a lot of artifacts and documents which dates back to that time.

Visit the Mount Roosevelt Monument

Mount Roosevelt Monument
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Mount Roosevelt Monument also goes by another name- the Friendship Tower. Seth Bullock happened to be the first sheriff of the town of Deadwood. There are certainly interesting stories regarding him till now that we will cover later. But, this memorial was constructed by him. He and President Theodore Roosevelt used to be very good friends.

However, the monument served as a memory of Theodore’s life and is entirely dedicated to him. The memorial has a lot of natural sites enclosed within it. If you are looking for something filled with a hiking trail along with picnic spots- this is the perfect spot for you. Also, it is quite a cool place to hang out with your family for an afternoon.

Pay a visit to the Days of 76 Museum

You have to understand the culture of Deadwood- the Gold Rush of 1876 played a pretty important role here in this town. And, half of the population which now resides in this town, came during that time. So, a lot of things are actually based on the time period of the Gold Rush.

Days of 76 Museum also happens to be one of these places that are filled with all the articles, documents, and photographs, paintings from that era. You can actually learn about a lot from this museum.

Pay your respects at Mount Moriah Cemetery

Mount Moriah Cemetery
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Mount Moriah Cemetery is a piece of history in itself. Being located in the beautiful location of a plateau in the backdrop of the Deadwood Gulch- Mount Moriah Cemetery is one of the top spots to check out when you are in town with your peeps.

Created in 1878, the Mount Moriah Cemetery is the place where thousands of men and women rest. Did you know there are several murderers buried underneath here? Yes! Even the people who lost their lives during the time when gold was found here- are also buried in this spot. The graveyard is quite gorgeous. It is built in a Victorian style. And, the black hills in the background just adds more to the beauty!

Go skiing at Terry Peak

Do you miss the mountains? Thinking there are no such spots here in Deadwood. Well, we are surprising you with one then! But, for this spot, you might have to drive a bit out of Deadwood. Terry Peak is a remarkable place. Did you know that there are no other places that as a lift service as high as this one does? Yes, not even the Alps have that.

If you are visiting in the winter, the snow is powdery and wonderful here. Skiing here is one of the best things you could ever do.
There are a lot of trails here for you to follow. For more action head over to the Terry Peak Ski Area and enjoy your day here!

Have some fun at Silverado

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Be it gambling or treating your taste buds- Silverado is the best place where you can treat yourself a bit. After all, when you are on a vacation- your brain demands some good food. And, here in Deadwood good food and fun mean Silverado. Come on, let’s head over there now!

Oh, by the way, did you know you could even book a room here? Well, now that we have everything out of our way, we’d like to start by telling you about the casino. The casino gives off Vegas vibes for it has some of the premium games. And, the food? It is a massive buffet spread having some of the best dishes in its options. The pizzas and the desserts are a must-try here.

Lift up your spirits at His and Hers Ale House and Wine Bar

Did you see enough historic sights? Want to sit down for a bit, catch up with your folks, and drink something? Well, we have the right location for all these sorts of things- His and Hers Ale House and Wine Bar.

The His and Hers Ale House and Wine Bar is one of the top crowded bars in all of Deadwood. The location is quite good too. Being located in Historic Main Street- you can just pop in after you are done with seeing Deadwood. We have to complement the ambiance here for it matches with the unique historic pieces of Deadwood. A couple manages this bar and both of them have created such a menu that is going to get you interested!

Gamble a bit at Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming

Mineral Place Hotel and Gaming
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Enough with the old historic stuff, right? You might ask us- what the modern Deadwood looks like? And, we do have a perfect spot to take you to for an answer. Come on, let us head over to the Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming for a good time!
Long gone are those days of gold, but no-one said you cannot win gold now in Deadwood. Just play for a bit at Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming, and you might be the old to take some gold home tonight!

There are a lot of options for casino games here at Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming and you can try out your luck by playing any one of them. Also, after you are done playing- you can just catch some dinner in the luxurious restaurant before you head back to your own hotel.

Catch the Trial of Jack McCall

Trial of Jack McCall
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When in Deadwood, you are bound to catch the Trial of McCall. Now, you might ask us- what is it? Why is it so important that we are calling it a must-do thing? Well, why shouldn’t we? After all, no other play has been running as long as this one.

This play has been here since the 1920s. But, what is it based on? James Butler "Wild Bill” Hickok was murdered by Jack McCall. He went through trial for shooting James Butler "Wild Bill” Hickok. The entire play is based on that story. The portrayal has been done beautifully and has been going on for generations. You can watch this play with your family and even your little ones!

Catch some paranormal activities

Bullock Hotel
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This is where Deadwood got more exciting, right? Yes, there are spirits here! After all, it is an old town. You cannot help but wonder what kinds of past there have been. The town has seen many ups and downs and it might be a believable fact that the town is haunted in some of its parts. But, worry not, for we are going to take you to see someone who once protected this town!

Are you interested in the paranormal? Do you believe there is something called the afterlife? Then, this spot is definitely for you! But, the ghost you might see is more of a protective one here. The corridors of the Historic Bullock is said to be visited daily by the spirit of Deadwood’s sheriff. But, Seth Bullock was not just any Sheriff- he was the first one of Deadwood. And, the hotel is also just not any ordinary hotel- it is the first one of Deadwood. Iconic, right?

Tour Deadwood on horse-back

Horse-back tour in Deadwood
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We are going to finish our phenomenal tour with a bang! How would you feel if we told you you could go sightseeing on a horse? How would it feel to get a taste of a real cowboy/cowgirl? Well, Deadwood, South Dakota has a way of pleasing people by fulfilling their deepest wishes and cravings. Welcome to Blacktail Horseback Tours- one of the most iconic tour operators of Deadwood who make your dream of riding a horse along the Douth Dakotan roads come true. So, what are you even waiting for? Hop on to your horse and embark on this journey!

Starting your journey from the iconic Bessie Gulch of South Dakota, you will be allocated a horse. Don’t worry for all of the horses are quite well trained and they are guaranteed to listen to you! Also, they take you through the most scenic locations and you get to enjoy the best of Deadwood. You will also travel around the region of the Homestake Goldmine. There will even be a person guiding ahead who will continue his journey telling tales of the past. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity when you are on your trip to Deadwood, South Dakota.

This is the end of the wonderful historic Deadwood trip. Do not miss out on anything during your trip. Bon Voyage!