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15 Best Things to Do In Coshocton, OH

  • Published 2022/08/06

You can find the city of Coshocton along the foothills of East Central Ohio, giving the area an all-access pass to breathtaking and scenic views of nature’s wonders.

Coshocton is also known for its “small town” atmosphere.

However, it also sits next to several city amenities for people’s convenience.

The 200-year-old community has gained fame for numerous well-preserved historical sites that you won’t find anywhere else.

It also features a bustling commercial industry that highlights American-made products.

Coshocton also boasts several tourist destinations that are second to none, making the city a popular place to spend your vacation.

Check out the best things to do in Coshocton, Ohio.

Walk around the Historic Roscoe Village

Buildings along Roscoe Village

Madison Muskopf /

Coshocton is a city with a rich and vibrant history.

Walking around the Historic Roscoe Village will give you an idea of what it was like to live in the city’s early years.

Roscoe Village began as a port along the Ohio and Erie Canal before becoming a famous tourist destination with its shops and activities.

Experience traveling along the old port by riding a boat along the waterways and listening to classic stories from the captain himself.

A general store at Roscoe Village

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Next, you can head to the Gardens of Roscoe and look at the canal town’s thousand-year-old beauty with a cascade of flowers gracing the gardens.

Stop by the gift shop to check out some handmade jewelry and leather goods to end your tour.

Bring home souvenirs like gourmet food and wine, among others, from the Historic Roscoe Village.

A building at Roscoe Village

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Check Out Global Artifacts at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum

History buffs will love the unique artifacts and collections from all over the world inside the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum.

In 1931, the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum opened, featuring new collections from different countries and periods from native-born Coshocton brothers David M. and John H. Johnson.

As you wander the museum halls, you’ll find hundreds of unique items, such as Indian baskets and beadwork, Asian weaponry, Western ceramics, and Ohio Indian tools.

Admire the intricate works of early American settlers when you swing by the Native American Exhibit.

This exhibit features prehistoric Ohio tools, 19th-century North American basketry, and pottery.

As you wander around the museum, you’ll also find the Beyond Our Borders Exhibit, displaying exotic items and ancient relics outside the country.

These relics include Chinese pottery, German steins, African jewelry, and more.

See Blooming Flowers at Clary Gardens

Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful day admiring nature’s most stunning views when you swing by Clary Gardens.

Spanning 20 acres, this botanical garden features a hillside landscape decorated with scenic trails of varying terrain levels.

Go on a self-guided tour, and take your sweet time wandering in the company of chirping birds, rustling leaves, and wildflowers.

Besides having a myriad of flowers painting a stunning picture, Clary Gardens offers a whole lot more.

As you enter the garden, you’ll first see a sandstone amphitheater overlooking a small stream and forest.

The Spring House and Garden House follow, two popular gathering spots decorated with nearby ponds and native woodland areas.

Spend the day at Clary Gardens!

Taste Ohio’s Finest along the Three Rivers Wine Trail

Explore Ohio’s and Coshocton County’s finest breweries and wineries in one trip with Three Rivers Wine Trail.

The trail passes through the county’s Appalachian foothills, adding to Coshocton’s unique and fun experience.

Three Rivers Wine Trail will take you to eight wineries, breweries, and distilleries scattered across the county.

Each establishment offers its bestsellers crafted by master brewers.

Taste a wide selection of expertly crafted brews in a flour mill, barn, California-style bar, and much more.

Each destination boasts its style and atmosphere, giving tourists a different vibe for every trip.

Have a glass of Bavarian-style beer from one of the destinations.

Enjoy a round of shots with your friends as you exchange stories.

Savor the taste of Coshocton along the Three Rivers Wine Trail.

Join the Coshocton County Fair

If there’s one event you shouldn’t miss in Coshocton, it’s the annual county fair.

The Coshocton County Fair celebrates a week’s worth of fun, agriculture-themed activities that are perfect for families.

The county fair began as an annual celebration in 1851, allowing residents to engage in friendly competitions, pageants, and much more.

As you walk around the venue, you’ll see an exceptional display of Ohio’s finest agricultural products.

Check out the pumpkins, potatoes, corn, and apples, among others.

Of course, the festivities wouldn’t be complete without the thrill of the midway, one of the most anticipated events during the week-long celebration.

Bring your family to the Coshocton County Fair!

Learn about Ohio’s Rich History at the Canal Boat Landing Monticello III

There’s always something fun and unique to try in Coshocton.

For example, you can’t find two horses pulling a boat along the canal anywhere else.

The Canal Boat Landing Monticello III is a popular tourist attraction thanks to Tim and Diesel, two draft horses that take you on an unforgettable trip along the canal.

Ride the canal boat along the restored section of the Ohio and Erie canal as you listen to the captain’s stories about 1800s Ohio.

The boat ride typically lasts about 45 minutes, giving you enough time to admire the views surrounding the calm waters and letting you relax with the cool breeze and lush trees.

During the ride, you might also get the chance to assist the helmsman in steering the boat, making the experience even more memorable.

Try something new at the Canal Boat Landing Monticello III!

Experience the Great Outdoors at Coshocton Lake Park

Let nature take over your weekend and spend a few days living in the great outdoors at Coshocton Lake Park.

Coshocton Lake Park is a popular place for those who want to relax and have fun at the same time.

Its numerous facilities can give you the best outdoor experience possible.

While spending the summer in Coshocton, you can beat the heat at the aquatic center.

The park also has designated campgrounds where you can set up your tents, light a bonfire, and experience the tranquil scene of living in the wilderness.

Coshocton Lake Park also has several nature trails perfect for walking, running, and biking if you’re into outdoor activities.

Navigate the Corn Maze at McPeek’s Mighty Maze

Keep your stay at Coshocton fun and full of adventure by conquering the corn maze at McPeek’s Mighty Maze.

McPeek’s Mighty Maze takes you on a thrilling adventure as you navigate the course to escape the giant corn maze.

Covering over seven acres of farmland, the maze first opened in 2015, offering a stylish way of spending time with family and friends.

Besides the famed corn maze, you can also enjoy a bunch of farm-themed activities.

Have your kids go on barrel and wagon train rides, or take them to see the duck race.

There’s also the corn box and tunnel playground to explore.

Shop for Authentic Deli at Medbery Marketplace

Medbery Marketplace is one of the best places in Coshocton for some great deli.

The McKenna family owns the Medbery Marketplace, located in the Historic Roscoe Village.

You’ll find a wide variety of local and gourmet foods, cheese, jams and jellies, hot sauces, and a whole lot more.

These ingredients are also perfect for including in your everyday cooking!

Take your pick from classic favorites like trail bologna, hand-dipped ice cream, local and Amish cheese and meats, and gourmet olive bars.

Medbery Marketplace is also famous for its subs, so grab a bite of their best-sellers like McKenna’s Favorite, Beef & Beef, and Hot Chick.

Follow the Heritage Quilt Barn Trails

Coshocton brims with unique places that honor the city’s culture.

One of them is the Heritage Quilt Barn Trails at the Pomerene Center for the Arts.

Learn more about Coshocton family history as you visit the quilt barn trails and marvel at the unique patterns in each barn.

Each family quilt pattern tells its own story, allowing visitors to paint a picture of life in Coshocton during the early years.

The tradition of hanging up quilts began in 2001 in Adams County and has since breathed life to over 6,000 quilts in 45 states.

As you check out the quilts, you’ll come across three trails and their respective sets of stories.

These are the Progressive Valley, SR 643, and the Tiverton Trail.

Learn about local history along the Heritage Quilt Barn Trails!

Catch a Live Performance at the Triple Locks Theater

Art is everywhere in Coshocton.

Don’t be surprised when you give a standing ovation to the performers at the Triple Locks Theater.

The Triple Locks Theater is home to the Coshocton Footlight Players, known for producing the best shows in the city.

The Footlight Players began in 1949 and have since dominated the Coshocton stage with their original productions and stage adaptations.

Enjoy a fantastic Coshocton night as you walk over to the Triple Locks Theater and discover the talents on display from local artists.

Catch musical showcases, plays, and originals like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Hallelujah Girls, among others.

Embark on a Scavenger Hunt at the Coshocton Ring Geo Trail

Scavenger hunts in Coshocton have gone to a new level, making for an unforgettable adventure.

If you’re into geocaching, you’ll have fun traversing the Coshocton Ring Geo Trail.

Ohio University Professor Lenie Holbrook designed the trail containing over 45 caches.

Use your phone and rely on satellite technology to find the hidden clue boxes, and you might earn yourself a Coshocton Ring Trail Coin.

The Coshocton Ring Trail takes inspiration from The Lord of the Rings, challenging explorers on a trip through Ohio’s natural wonders.

Dine at the Boathouse Tavern

You won’t find a better casual dining experience than the Boathouse Tavern in Coshocton.

The casual dining restaurant offers a great selection of food and drinks that anyone in the family can surely enjoy.

The restaurant also overlooks the Muskingum River, giving customers a real treat with breathtaking views of Ohio’s finest.

Sit back and relax in the restaurant’s rustic setting as you indulge in specials like the famed Boathouse Mac ‘N Cheese Bowl.

Have fun sipping Hawaiian punch, flavored mimosas, coconut rum, and more for your drinks.

Grab a bite at the Boathouse Tavern!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Check Out the Helmick Covered Bridge

Side facade of Helmick Covered Bridge

Harold Stiver /

You can’t possibly return home without visiting the city’s oldest standing bridge in Warsaw, Ohio, 24 minutes from Coshocton.

Built in 1863, the Helmick Covered Bridge once played an essential role in the city’s commercial industry, providing access to two grist mills.

John Shrake built the bridge for $2,107, which he named after Congressman William Helmick.

Entryway of Helmick Covered Bridge

Chubykin Arkady /

When the bridge closed in 1981, Coshocton residents raised about $250,000 to rebuild and reopen it in 1996.

Thanks to the efforts of Coshocton residents, you can visit the restored Helmick Covered Bridge, overlooking the city’s extraordinary and serene sights.

Conquer the Fairways at River Greens Golf Course

You’ll find the River Greens Golf Course in West Lafayette, Ohio, 16 minutes from Coshocton.

The golf course is one of North America’s best public courses, thanks to its impressive landscape.

Enjoy playing around the 27-hole course, which features three par 3’s and three par 5’s.

After spending a day on the River Greens Golf Course, head to the restaurant for refreshments and enjoy some great food.

Final Thoughts

The best things to do in Coshocton are only within arm’s reach.

It would be a shame not to try them out during your visit.

From historical visits to great food, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Coshocton.

It’ll take more than a weekend to experience all there is in Coshocton.

Book your trip today and enjoy the best things to do in Coshocton!

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