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20 Best Things to Do in Conway, AR

  • Published 2022/09/07

Known for its many colleges and breathtaking natural beauty, many people consider Conway a great destination to visit.

Apart from beautiful nature, it also has many attractions for outdoor activities, entertainment options, and art galleries.

It’s also a city with a vibrant community whose liveliness translates well to how the city welcomes its tourists.

Going on a trip to this alluring city?

Here are the 20 best things to do in Conway, AR:

Hang Out at Cadron Settlement Park

View of Cadron Settlement Park

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Nestled right on the Arkansas Highway 319, a lot of locals call Cadron Settlement Par their favorite place to visit.

Many of them consider it a great and convenient place, where they can hang out, stretch their legs, and enjoy a scenic view of rivers and cliffs surrounding this park.

This attraction has several walking and biking trails that you can follow, and these go through the wooded areas.

View of Cadron Settlement Park

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Here, you can appreciate nature at its finest.

Discover plants and wildlife that are endemic to the area, and watch out for the many birds that you can spot on your hike.

Apart from nature-watching, it’s a great place where you and your travel buddies can snap some pictures, too!

Lawn at Cadron Settlement Park

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Check Out Artworks at Baum Gallery

A popular attraction in Conway allures its visitors through the collection of amazing artworks it houses.

Located at the University of Central Arkansas campus, the Baum Gallery is a place you should check out.

It features impressive works created by local and national artists.

The gallery hosts unique, carefully curated exhibits that you can check out.

Some of them are permanent, while others are only visiting exhibits.

Apart from basking in the beauty of the artworks, you can also learn about the pieces’ backgrounds as well as the artists who made them.

Get to know how the masters in arts made such stunning works, where these ideas came from, and how the gallery curated it with other works in the collection.

Don’t hesitate to check out the Baum Gallery and be impressed by the outstanding works of local artists.

Discover Beautiful Masterpieces at the Windgate Museum of Art

Located within the campus of Hendrix College, you will find the Windgate Museum of Art.

Boasting a large collection of artworks collected throughout the years, mostly by Hendrix College staff members, you will find here the institution’s permanent collection.

It also has a teaching collection that you may discover if you walk around the campus.

Apart from these, the museum also hosts seasonal temporary exhibits featuring diverse content that remains relative to the community.

Usually, if you happen to catch one of them, you can also attend some of the programs, film viewings, and lectures they host.

It’s a great place to appreciate art and learn more about its role in the community.

Discover Unique Items at Jenifer’s Antiques

Looking for some interesting antiques and gewgaws to take home?

There might be something for you at Jenifer’s Antiques.

Offering various antique items, Americana, Arkansas memorabilia, and other curious pieces, you can find this charming shop right at the heart of Conway on Oak Street.

The shop has a lot to offer, and you can spend an hour or more here just browsing through the items.

You can pick up pieces here that can remind you of your holiday to Conway, or you can find a special, one-of-a-kind item that you can’t find anywhere else.

Don’t miss your chance at finding something unique and special, and stop by this antique store.

Get to Know the Region’s History at Faulkner County Museum

Outside View of Faulkner County Museum

L. Allen Brewer, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Faulkner County has a rich story to tell, not only because of its long history but also because of its interesting natural and cultural prehistory.

The Faulkner County Museum aims to share this story with the public, to let them know how the course of time shaped the region.

First established in 1992 to preserve the region’s history, it has since become a place where locals and tourists can learn more about the area’s background.

It houses six different collections that the public can explore.

These include archival and documentary materials, as well as works by artists from the region.

It also houses teaching, image, research, and reference collections that anyone can peruse.

Appreciate Great Music at the Conway Symphony Orchestra

For fans of live orchestral concerts, this city has something for you.

The Conway Symphony Orchestra debuted back in 1984 as a joint project between UCA and Hendrix’s music department.

Local professional and pre-professional musicians make up this orchestra, so you will surely witness an amazing show every time they perform.

Apart from amazing shows, this orchestra also aims to provide residents of central Arkansas with educational opportunities as well as professional music experience.

They work with a lot of local groups in providing outreach and educational programs through the youth.

If this seems like something you support, and if you love fantastic performances of classical music, be sure to check them out while you’re in the area.

Catch a Show at the Arkansas Shakespeare Theater

The works of Shakespeare are always a treat to watch, and in Conway, you can catch awesome stage performances of his place at the Arkansas Shakespeare Theater.

It’s the only professional Shakespeare Company in the state.

If you catch one of their performances for the season, you can witness outstanding performances of the renowned writer’s plays.

Not only that, but you can possibly even meet the professional Shakespear actors if you happen to watch a show.

Given that this company aims to make professional productions of Shakespearean plays accessible to more people, you can rest assured that the experience is nothing short of marvelous.

If you have time, consider watching a play at this amazing Shakespeare Theater.

Look for Souvenirs at Pickles Gap Village

An interesting urban legend surrounding this next attraction exists.

Some people say this place got its quirky nickname because a German immigrant happened to overturn a load of pickles into the creek when he tried to cross it.

Now, however, this place is popular among visitors, as it’s a shopping area where they can find many different items on display.

Here, you can find the Pickle Barrel Fudge Factory, several flea markets, and even a knife shop.

If you’re looking for souvenirs to bring home with you, you might be able to find them here.

Check out Pickle Gap Village and the items on offer while you’re in Conway.

Spend an Afternoon at Lake Conway

View of Lake Conway

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If you want to relax and get away from the bustling city for a while, head over to Lake Conway.

This lake is considered to be the county’s biggest Game and Fish commission lake that was man-made.

Tranquil Lake Conway

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It spans 6,700 acres, and a lot of anglers come to this site to try and catch catfish, bass, and bream.

Apart from sportfishing, the lake is known to have a nursery pond right by it.

This nursery’s goal is to aid in raising new fish so that the population of the lake remains healthy.

For a fun afternoon fishing session, visit Lake Conway.

Lake Conway during sunset

latteda, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Eat Great Food at Whole Hog Cafe

Most people know this region of the United States as a great place to eat some barbecue.

If you want to try out some delicious fare, head on over to Whole Hog Cafe.

This restaurant features a comfortable and lively atmosphere where you and the entire family can hang out, eat, and have a great time.

It offers numerous barbecue options, and you can definitely find something here that you will like.

Of course, while you have many barbecue options here, they have some dishes that steal the show.

If you can’t make up your mind on what to order, try their popular pulled pork or ribs.

You can pair it with some delicious slides, like baked beans, hush puppies, or French fries.

Tickle your tastebuds with some amazing barbecue by visiting Whole Hog Cafe while you’re in Conway.

Have an Amazing Meal at Mike’s Place

If you want to follow the locals’ opinion on where to eat, many of them would recommend Mike’s place.

This place is known for great food and great service.

The restaurant’s ambiance makes you feel like you’re only going to a large family gathering, and many residents of Conway agree.

While here, try out some of the best prime ribs in the state.

If you’re not a fan of those, you can try out their chicken entrees, seafood dishes, and pasta offerings.

A popular one you should consider trying is the crawfish etouffee, which you will get served over white rice.

Try out some of the dishes on offer at Mike’s Place when you visit Conway.

Stay Active and Have Fun at Jack’s Ultra Sports Paintball & Lasertag

Another fun and fantastic attraction in Conway for the whole family, spend some quality time at Jack’s Ultra Sports Paintball & Lasertag.

As its name suggests, you and your travel companions can go here and have a paintball or laser tag match.

They offer an “ultra-lite” paintball, which lets you experience the fun of this activity while avoiding the experience of getting hurt and bruised like you would in a normal paintball match.

This place even has a target range where you can practice and aim at markers and props instead of your companions.

If that isn’t your thing, try your hand out at some exciting laser tag.

It has a unique arena where you may feel like you’ve stepped into another dimension.

You can easily spend hours and hours of fun at Jack’s, so don’t miss checking this place out while visiting Conway.

Relax at Beaverfork Lake Park

Sunset in Beaverfork Lake Park

Lee Manns Photography /

Another great place to rest, relax, and have fun with the family is Beaverfork Lake Park.

You can find this place right on the shore of Beaverfork Lake.

Here, you can take your entire family for some lakeside outdoor activities.

Try out boating on the lake and catch some of the fish here.

Alternatively, you can also go swimming.

Autumn colored trees at Beaverfork Lake Park

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You will find this place well-equipped with amenities for outdoor activities your entire family can enjoy.

If you fancy a picnic, covered picnic areas dot this park, and they come with barbecue grills in case you want to cook.

There is also a playground and sports fields that your kids can enjoy,

Spend an afternoon bonding with the family at Beaverfork Park.

Solve Cases at Escape Mystery Rooms

Escape rooms are fun new attractions, testing your thinking skills and your teamwork with the people you go with.

While in Conway, head over to Escape Mystery Rooms and see what the hype is all about with your friends.

Put on your detective caps and find exhilarating mysteries that you can solve.

There are many puzzles and challenges that you need to complete to “escape” the rooms.

While some of them might be hard, managing to solve them with your family or your buddies feels quite rewarding.

At Escape Mystery Rooms, apart from carious puzzles, they also offer rooms with specific themes, such as “Bank Job,” “Serial Killer,” and “The Motel.”

When you visit Conway, consider trying out to solve a mystery at this escape room attraction.

Let Your Kids Learn and Have Fun at Share the Love Kidsclub

If you plan on going to Conway with the family, your kids will definitely love this next attraction.

Share the Love Kidsclub features over 3,000 square feet of indoor space designed to keep your kids active and engaged.

It’s a destination that aims to encourage your kids to learn and have fun simultaneously.

This place has many interactive exhibits that develop inquisitiveness and exploration among children.

Watch your kids have fun and let them learn while doing so if you visit Share the Love Kidsclub.

Practice Your Swings at Arkansas Golf Center

Heads up, golf enthusiasts!

Arkansas Golf Center is your all-in-one golf practice facility in the state.

Visit this award-winning public driving range to perfect your swing.

Shop in the 7,000-square-foot golf shop filled with the newest and best golf gear, be fitted in the most advanced club fitting facility, or meet with one of its top-notch golf teachers.

Any golfer will enjoy its 27-acre, well-designed driving range.

Natural grass or synthetic turf may be used year-round for hitting.

Hang Out with Your Friends at Kings Live Music

When visiting Conway, one way to cap off your night is with music and drinks.

Kings is one of Conway’s top spots for live music and extraordinary beverages.

It presents a range of musical genres, including Rock ‘n’ Roll, Indie/Alt Rock, Blues, Country, Funk, Americana, Pop, Bluegrass/Folk, and Reggae.

Most guests do not come to enjoy a five-course supper, even if they provide various food items on their menu.

Kings is famous because of its live performances.

Locals frequently choose Kings as their preferred pub for a good night out.

Have a Friendly Competition at Conway Family Bowl

Being in an arcade and bowling alley evokes nostalgia. Re-live your childhood at Conway Family Bowl.

It is a 24-lane bowling alley that has long served as a destination for family-friendly entertainment.

The bowling alley is well-liked by locals and tourists from all around. It has become a memorable and enjoyable evening with friends and family.

If you plan to stay in Conway for a while, sign up for one of their bowling leagues; there are options for bowlers of all ages.

One of the Conway Family Bowl’s extra features is a large gaming room with a pool table.

Be sure to eat some of the excellent, freshly prepared cuisine they provide there while you’re there.

Final Thoughts

Given the city’s charm and allure, many consider Conway a great place to visit for families and a group of friends.

With the many opportunities for thrilling and fun activities, consider Conway as your next holiday destination.

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