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15 Best Things to Do in Conshohocken, PA

  • Published 2022/09/16

The pocket town of Conshohocken in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, is an emerging travel destination.

One reason Conshohocken caught people’s attention is its abundance of fun attractions.

These attractions include restaurants, shops, festivals, and the town’s natural beauty.

You can find all these in a town that only covers one-square mile, just outside Philadelphia.

Reaching this charming Pennsylvanian town from Philadelphia is no sweat.

It only takes roughly half an hour by train or bus to reach Conshohocken, beautiful destination for families who want to spend quality time, or lone travelers scratching wanderlust.

“Conshy,” as locals call their beloved town, has limitless possibilities for those curious enough to explore its streets.

Here are the best things to do in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, to build up your excitement:

Wander Downtown Conshohocken

Aerial view of Downtown Conshohocken

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Exploring its streets, especially the downtown area, is an excellent way to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar place.

So, head straight to the charming Downtown Conshohocken upon arrival.

You won’t get disappointed visiting this place since it’s one of the most famous tourist spots in town.

While strolling, take a closer look at the charming turn-of-the-century buildings lining the streets, particularly along Fayette Street.

Likewise, Downtown Conshohocken is where most of the town’s festivities and community events happen.

It’s also where you’ll find many of Conshohocken’s restaurants, shops, and services, making it a top-notch place for leisure activities.

A stroll in downtown Conshohocken any time of the day lets you appreciate more of its small-town charm.

Join the Locals at the Conshohocken Fun Fest

The annual Funfest gathers Conshohocken’s locals for a fun, action-packed community event that started in 1993.

It’s the official town festival wherein residents, volunteers, businesses, donors, and out-of-towners celebrate.

One of the main highlights of the Funfest is the five-kilometer run.

At the same time, it has live bands, local artisans, food vendors, rides, and wholesome games for everyone to join.

If you’re in town during September, you might catch this event and join the festivities, especially the 5k run.

Meanwhile, take the kids to the free games and activities mainly concentrated along the 2nd to 6th avenues.

So, don’t forget to mark September on your calendar to witness and even join locals in celebrating the Conshohocken Fun Fest.

Appreciate the Tranquility of the Haines and Salvati Memorial Park

For a relaxing and calming experience, spend some time at the Haines and Salvati Memorial Park.

You can find this community park along Wood Street, where you can enjoy its tranquil green open space.

It’s an excellent place to take a break and relax while watching your kids enjoy the playground or perhaps play catch with your dog.

It has a separate and fenced dog park for your pet to play freely without hassle.

Haines and Salvati Memorial Park is excellent for a lovely picnic and spending your day doing various outdoor activities.

Above all, it’s a perfect spot in town for passing the time, unwinding in silence, or enjoying nature.

Treat Your Sweet Tooth at Edwards-Freeman Nut Co.

If you have a thing for sweets, drop by the Edwards-Freeman Nut Co, along E. Hector Street.

This purveyor of various sweet treats such as chocolates, snack mixes, nuts, and dried fruits is already considered an icon in Montgomery County.

It has operated since 1899, treating generations after generations with its delicious products.

This place lets you shop for various sweet treats, especially its wide assortment of nuts, from pistachios and peanuts to almonds manufactured into multiple products.

Browse through the store’s aisles, walls, and shelves filled with famous sweet treats.

Visiting this place would likely involve shopping for a bag full of sweet treats and snacking while exploring Conshohocken.

Don’t forget to drop by the Edwards-Freeman Nut Co. for some delicious treats while exploring the town.

Shop ‘Til You Drop at Plymouth Square Shopping Center

For some quality leisure time, head to Plymouth Square Shopping Center.

This shopping mall along Ridge Pike features its 275,000-square feet indoor setting.

With 27 shops and restaurants, you won’t get bored window shopping and hunting for great finds at this mall.

Aside from shops, you can also indulge in quality pampering at Sweat Fitness or have your nails done at Universal Nails.

Or perhaps treat yourself with delicious food at Qdoba Mexican Grill or go Italian at Tony A’s Pizza.

Specialized services are also inside the mall, such as banks and payment centers.

Overall, Plymouth Square Shopping Center is an ideal place not just for leisure while exploring Conshohocken but also to stock up on your needs.

Have Some Outdoor Fun at Sutcliffe Park

There are many reasons for you to spend some time at Sutcliffe Park.

First, it’s the biggest park in Conshohocken.

Second, it has various amenities, from sports facilities, concession stands, and picnic areas to pavilions.

Third, the fresh air and peaceful environment are excellent for relaxation.

You can find Sutcliffe Park at 10th Avenue and Freedley Street.

Spending time at this park gives you many choices: lay down your picnic blanket and relax or sweat out at one of its three standard basketball courts.

Of course, you would have more fun if you bring your loved ones or join the locals in playing sports.

You can even watch Conshohocken’s minor league baseball games for a different kind of fun at Sutcliffe Park.

Chug Down a Mug of Craft Beer at Conshohocken Brewing Company

For a different kind of unwinding, head to the Conshohocken Brewing Company.

You can find this neighborhood craft brewery along E. Elm Street if you’re looking for a place to have your happy hour.

This brewery is famous for its craft beer on tap.

You can pair its craft beer with its delectable menu featuring beer-match food items such as street tacos and sandwiches.

Moreover, you can bring your family to this brewery since it has a separate place for kids and dogs.

Conshohocken Brewing Company is an excellent spot to cap off your tiring day exploring the town’s attractions.

Explore the Schuylkill River Trail

Daytime view of the Schuylkill River Trail

User:Krimpet, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hike through the Schuylkill River Trail in Montgomery County, which stretches over 130 miles.

Hikers from around Pennsylvania love to explore this trail for outdoor adventure and sightseeing, making it a must-visit place.

Part of the trail covers Conshohocken, Pottstown, Norristown, and the scenic hills of the Valley Forge National Historical Park.

Hiking through this trail lets, you see Montgomery County’s natural, historical, and cultural treasures.

In addition, the trail’s landscape offers you a mixture of rural and suburban areas.

You’ll usually come across fellow hikers, equestrians, cyclists, joggers, and in-line skaters.

You’ll also enjoy seeing scenic landscapes, historical remnants of industrial buildings, quarries, and iron forges slowly devoured by nature.

So, lace up your hiking boots and walk through the Schuylkill River Trail alone or with your loved ones or travel buddies.

Test Your Mettle at Project Escape

There’s always a thrill every time you step inside an escape room.

To experience this fun-filled and exciting activity, head to Project Escape along Alan Wood Road.

This escape room attraction features a unique experience for enthusiasts of escape games.

It has an immersive escape room with various themes, dozens of clever puzzles, and fascinating plots that keep you excited from start to finish.

Project Escape is an excellent place to bring your loved ones or travel buddies for one-of-a-kind entertainment, especially if everyone’s already bored touring around town.

Indulge in Top-Notch Cigars at the Cigar Republic

For cigar connoisseurs who want a relaxing time puffing top-caliber cigars, check out the Cigar Republic.

The Conshohocken store is one of its three locations, with the other two in Connecticut and New York.

It mainly provides patrons with a fantastic selection of cigars and accessories, which you can enjoy at its cozy lounge.

At the same time, you can pair its fine cigars with drinks and food to level up your experience.

For a comfortable experience, it has an air filtration system, ideal for cigar connoisseurs to spend longer unwinding in its lounge.

Lastly, don’t forget to buy some of Cigar Republic’s finest products to enjoy at home.

Travel Back in Time at the Leeland Victorian House

The Leeland Victorian House is one of Conshohocken’s dozens of historical buildings to explore.

You can visit this historical house along Fayette Street, featuring its well-preserved and uberly gorgeous Victorian House once owned by businessman J. Elwood Lee.

Back then, Lee was known throughout Conshohocken as a manufacturer of surgical supplies.

He also owned the Lee Tire and Rubber Company, which allowed him to construct a beautiful house in 1895.

Today, the Leeland Victorian House serves as an upscale events venue.

You can rent and explore over 23 rooms with their original furnishings, three fireplaces, and lots of century-old memorabilia from their original owners.

Those who can’t afford to rent the Leeland Victorian House can still take photos outside and appreciate its rare and intricate architectural design.

Witness the Exhilarating Conshohocken Soap Box Derby

Another unique event you mustn’t miss in Conshohocken is the Soap Box Derby every July.

This unique race has taken place for the past 70 years.

Children race through Fayette Street on their homemade soapbox cars for exciting prizes.

From a simple children’s game back in the day, the Soap Box Derby became a yearly tradition for many locals in town.

On the other hand, racers consider it a serious business to determine who among them is the best.

Overall, the Conshohocken Soap Box Derby is an exciting community event that adds fun to your Independence Day celebration.

Meet Up with the Conshohocken Historical Society

Those curious to learn the history of Conshohocken can always visit the office of the Conshohocken Historical Society.

They’re based along E. 5th Avenue.

You can talk to its members, especially its curators, who can answer all your questions about the town’s history.

The group has remained influential in the town’s history since its formation in 1963.

Visiting their headquarters lets you see their vast collection of artifacts, photographs, and artworks, detailing the town’s rich history.

You can also ask the Conshohocken Historical Society for some recommended historical places.

Master the Art of Rowing at the Conshohocken Rowing Center

Check out the Conshohocken Rowing Center along Washington Street for those who want to learn rowing.

The town’s premier rowing center offers classes and training for all ages, regardless of ability.

If you’re eager to learn this sport, this is an excellent place to visit.

It has seasoned rowers that will provide you with all the fundamentals and techniques to become an efficient rower.

Above all, you’ll also row along the Schuylkill River, where the Conshohocken Rowing Center sits.

Uncover the Fascinating Story of the Washington Fire Company

Exterior of the Washington Fire Company

Smallbones, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Washington Hose and Steam Fire Engine Company No. 1, or the Washington Fire Company, was a famous firefighting unit in the late 1800s.

Back then, they stayed in the old fire station along W. Elm Street, now the Washington Fire Co. 36.

They became famous back in the late 1800s, not just for being the finest firefighters in the area.

They formed a baseball team that traveled to many cities and towns, becoming the pride of Conshohocken back in the day.

Today, photos, uniforms, and some of their equipment are still seen and displayed at the old fire station at the back of the Washington Fire Co. 36.

In addition, the old fire station is on the National Register of Historic Places, preserving its historical significance.

Visiting the Washington Fire Company offers you a bit of Conshohocken’s history.

At the same time, you’ll uncover the fascinating backstory of the famed firefighters.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Conshohocken is an excellent place to visit before or after you explore Philadelphia.

Otherwise, perhaps make this charming town your jump-off area to wander throughout Montgomery County and the rest of Pennsylvania.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Conshohocken!

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