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15 Best Things to Do in Connellsville, PA

  • Published 2022/08/27

Connellsville is the second largest city in Pennsylvania’s Fayette County, situated at the heart of Laurel Highlands.

Known as the “Coke Capital of the World,” Connellsville produces one of the highest amounts of coke globally.

This city is also home to important historical sites on the National Register of Historic Places.

You can indulge in several recreational activities or take in the magnificent sights of the waterfalls found throughout this city.

Experience the perfect getaway with the whole family by taking a trip to this beautiful, historic destination.

Here are the best things to do in Connellsville, Pennsylvania:

Unwind at The Paintroom Bar and Grill

Situated on West Apple Street, The Paintroom Bar and Grill is a popular hangout spot that offers a warm, homey atmosphere.

This family-owned and operated establishment has been serving customers since opening its doors in 2000.

The Paintroom Bar and Grill also serves lunch and dinner options of classic American eats, including stromboli, pizza, burgers, and more.

They even serve daily specials that vary each day,

You can also grab refreshing beers like domestic drafts and premium bottles.

The Paintroom Bar and Grill is kid-friendly, so bring the whole family and enjoy a delicious meal together!

Explore Connellsville on a Bike at Bikes Unlimited

What better way to explore Connellsville than on a bike?

Bikes Unlimited is a bike rental facility found on West Crawford Avenue, on the left side of the Youghiogheny River.

Serving the community since 1987, this rental establishment offers a variety of bikes you can choose from, such as comfort bikes and hybrid bikes.

You can rent a bike per hour or for the whole day, all for affordable prices.

You can check out their showroom, which showcases several bikes, and pick the best bicycle that suits your needs.

Be efficient as you explore Connellsville with Bikes Unlimited!

Go Bowling at Yough Lanes

If you’re looking for some indoor fun while visiting Connellsville, you may want to check out Yough Lanes, located on University Drive.

This bowling center also offers Cosmic Bowling, similar to regular bowling but with added lights, music, and games.

Experienced or professional bowlers can even join a variety of leagues and win some fabulous prizes.

Yough Lanes also boasts an arcade center and a kitchen and bar.

Their arcade center features modern and kid-friendly games, including claw machines, basketball, and more.

The kitchen and bar offer classic appetizers and cold, refreshing drinks that can keep you energized throughout the day.

Indulge in family fun at Yough Lanes!

Grab a Unique Read at The Book Case

Attention bookworms and avid readers!

The Book Case may have the read you’ve been looking for.

This shop on Blackstone Road is home to a wide array of pre-loved and new books, specializing in southwestern Pennsylvania’s history, its surrounding counties, and more.

Found just a mile away from the city’s heart, this bookstore also offers a variety of genres and categories, including romance, mystery, and children’s books.

Despite being secondhand, these books are in excellent or good condition as they’re all pre-loved and well-taken care of.

You can even learn about military history by picking up one of their books on the Civil War or World War II.

They may also have some rare books you’re looking for!

Whether you’re looking for a new book to read or the missing piece of your collection, try and add The Book Case to your itinerary.

Enjoy the Outdoors at East Park

Located in the 3rd Ward, East Park was one of the first parks built in Connellsville as a part of the city’s major projects in 1936.

This park is home to several picnic shelters, playgrounds, walking trails, and many outdoor recreational facilities and amenities.

Among the main highlights of East Park are the two waterfalls that stand at around eight feet and fall into a shallow pool, allowing you to enjoy the fresh water.

These waterfalls can also be the perfect backdrop for your photos.

There’s so much to see, explore, and enjoy at East Park, so try and stop by while visiting Connellsville!

Test Your Detective Skills at Escape Crawford

Channel the inner detective in you by visiting Escape Crawford.

This escape room venue is one of the newest, thrilling entertainment centers in Connellsville that you can enjoy with family and friends.

Located on North 7th Street, just under a mile from the city’s heart, Escape Crawford invites you can test how well you do under pressure.

You’ll be trapped in a room full of codes, clues, and puzzles you need to solve.

You’ll also be forced to strategize and cooperate with your team to beat the clock and win!

Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

Book a room at Escape Crawford and see how well you do!

Hang Out at The York Bar

The York Bar, also known as Newts York Bar, is a local hangout place that offers a relaxing and friendly environment.

Found in downtown Connellsville, this bar serves classic, delicious eats and cold drinks to refresh its guests.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, they host Wing Nights, where you can enjoy a delicious bucket of chicken wings.

You can also entertain yourself by participating in their DJ and Karaoke night specials.

The York Bar is a 21+ only establishment, so don’t forget to bring your ID!

Visit Crawford School of Terror

If you’re a fan of all things eerie, horror, and spooky, you might be interested in Crawford School of Terror!

This haunted house takes you through the story entitled “The Lore,” following the twisted jealousy of a young sixth grader who was in love with her teacher.

You’ll walk through three floors of horror where your bravery is sure to be tested.

Live actors matched with spooky props and an immersive setup, you’ll feel as though you’re the main character of your own horror film.

Think you’re brave enough to endure the terror?

Purchase your ticket to Crawford School of Terror, located on North 7 Street!

Explore Yough River Park

Yough River Park is a part of the Great Allegheny Passage, a biking and hiking trail stretching over 150 miles, spanning Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Found on the western side of Connellsville, this park is a relaxing place to unwind with the whole family, boasting river access, picnic tables and pavilions, playgrounds, and walking trails.

Fishing is a popular pastime and hobby you can do at Yough River Park since there are several species of fish that thrive in these waters.

This park is also home to the historic Crawford Cabin, where past-president George Washington stayed in the 1700s.

Yough River Park offers outdoor fun and historical adventure, so try and stop by!

Admire Robinson Falls

Connellsville is known for housing many waterfalls, but Robinson Falls is one of the most stunning.

Located towards the city’s outskirts, Robinson Falls allows for less pedestrian traffic where you can take breathtaking pictures of the cascading water.

This attraction also stands at an impressive 20 feet and feeds into a shallow pool below.

In addition to its beauty, this waterfall is packed with much rich history that dates back to the French and Indian War in the 1700s.

Guests who stop by can explore the surrounding area and hike, but make sure to be careful as the trail is rocky and steep.

Take spectacular photos of Robinson Falls while on your vacation!

Stop by Yough River Brewing Co.

Yough River Brewing Co. is a modern brewery on South Arch Street, just under a mile from the city’s heart.

This craft brewery serves over 12 beers on tap, as well as a variety of other liquors and beverages.

Their full bar and menu include ciders and seltzers, local alcohol, and more.

Yough River Brewing Co. also hosts special events on certain days, most of which are live musical entertainment.

You can also find food trucks lining the street outside their establishment, where you can grab a tasty snack to pair with your drink of choice.

No matter what season, Yough River Brewing Co. will be more than happy to have you!

Check Out the Exhibits at the Connellsville Canteen

The Connellsville Canteen is the only museum in southwestern Pennsylvania dedicated to the events of World War II.

It’s conveniently located on West Crawford Avenue, right at the city’s heart.

You can find several exhibits and displays inside that tell the story of the soldiers who fought bravely for the country.

There’s much to learn in this museum featuring testimonials, memorabilia, and photos.

Some of their displays are also interactive, providing new and insightful information about the events of this era.

In addition to military history, this museum also houses Harry Clark’s Indian Creek Valley Railroad Display, a must-see.

If you get hungry, the Connellsville Canteen has a cafe where you can grab a quick bite or a refreshing drink.

Try and add this museum to your itinerary while on vacation!

Dine at Fox’s Tavern

Fox’s Tavern is one of the newest additions to the city, having been established in 2018.

Despite its young age, this restaurant on West Wine Street has quickly won the hearts of both locals and tourists and is arguably one of the best restaurants in south Connellsville.

This eatery serves American eats, including classic appetizers, burgers, and more.

Fox’s Tavern even lets guests build their own specialty pizza, where you can customize its size and toppings.

The restaurant hosts various specials on Wednesdays, allowing you to grab a delicious meal for a discounted price.

Make sure to dine at Fox’s Tavern with the whole family!

Watch a Movie at the Comet Drive-In Theatre

If you’re looking for something relaxing to do on your vacation, try visiting the Comet Drive-In Theatre!

Situated on the city’s western end, this drive-in theater allows you to enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own vehicle.

They show a variety of genres, whether romance, horror, comedy, and action, so you’re sure to find a movie that’ll interest you.

This facility uses modern technology, including digital projection and FM stereo movie sound, to ensure a high-quality movie experience.

Their concession stand also serves your favorite movie snacks, such as popcorns, hotdogs, pizza, donuts, and more.

Bring the kids and enjoy a movie together at the Comet Drive-In Theatre!

Try the Best Pizza Connellsville Has to Offer at Bud Murphy’s

Bud Murphy’s is a restaurant and sports bar on McCormick Avenue.

This establishment is fairly old, having been a part of Connellsville’s community for several decades.

Constructed initially as a small dairy bar, Bud Murphy’s has since expanded to become a favorite local hangout.

They’re best known for their mouth-watering pizza, chicken wings, and cheese fries that have received five stars on the menu.

Their bar also serves beer, wine, cocktails, and more.

They even host special events on certain kid-friendly days, perfect for some family fun.

Whether you’re stopping by for a drink, a hearty meal, or wish to watch a sporting event, Bud Murphy’s has what you’re looking for!

Final Thoughts

Connellsville’s location next to the Youghiogheny River allows for outdoor fun, water activities, and adventure.

Explore this city’s natural sights, including its many waterfalls.

You can also check out their entertainment facilities, visit the state parks and museums, and go on a food trip.

You won’t run out of excitement at this historic city—take this list of the best things to do in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, for example!

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