15 Best Things to Do in Concan, TX

Concan, TX
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Concan is a small town located in the scenic Uvalde County in Texas, USA.

Best known for its amazing scenery, outdoor recreational activities, and gorgeous mountains and hills, this town is the perfect getaway for nature lovers.

Surrounded by the Frio River, you can indulge in water sports or simply enjoy the riverside view.

Concan is also the go-to place for birdwatchers, especially in the spring, where visitors can find various species of birds flying overhead or nestled in trees.

Here is a curated list of things you can do in this little town while enjoying the picturesque scenery:

Spend a Day at Garner State Park

Large stone wall welcoming sign of Garner State Park.
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Garner State Park is one of the most famous parks in all of Texas that most tourists visit while in Concan.

This 1,774-acre park on the Hill Country terrain attracts guests and tourists with the many things you can see and do!

The clear Frio River that borders this park runs for over 2.1 miles, allowing for numerous water activities and sports such as fishing, paddle boating, and swimming.

Colorful sunrise reflecting on Frio River.
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You can even bring your inflatable floaters while you relax and soak up the sun!

The winding trail in this park is also the perfect place for a scenic hike, so make sure to bring appropriate footwear.

Visitors have the option to spend the night at the park, as they offer a sectioned-off area with screened shelters, cabins, pavilions, and campsites available for rental.

This recreational, outdoor park is often filled with both tourists and locals during every season with its endless amenities!

Tall, bright orange trees reflecting on Frio River.
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Drink and Dance at Joe Jimmy's Cantina

Joe Jimmy's Cantina is a bar located in the heart of Concan where you can drink and dance the night away!

Open on most nights, this bar offers dancing, arcade games, a concession stand, gaga ball, basketball, swing sets, and monkey bars.

Their amenities include kid-friendly activities, making this place great for families, too!

They also play live music 3-4 nights a week and have karaoke sessions, where you can show off your singing skills.

This little bar is the perfect place for a nightcap with your friends or family!

Play Mini Golf at River Oaks Mini Golf at River Oaks Resort

River Oaks Resort is a family-owned and operated business located in the Texas Hill Country, just a few miles south of Garner State Park.

This resort is home to River Oaks Mini Golf, a renowned miniature golf course boasting two 9-hole courses where visitors can practice their golfing skills.

It’s suitable for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels, ranging from beginners to professionals!

You can indulge in the large practice green situated in a beautiful setting while enjoying the sunny weather.

The golf course also offers a central patio area, where you can take a break from golfing and watch fellow tourists give it a go!

You can spend quality time with your family and friends and play a friendly (or competitive) game of mini-golf!

Book a Room at Neal’s Lodges

Neal’s Lodges was established in 1926 and has been a tourist attraction and lodging area for guests visiting Concan!

Located in a scenic spot on the Frio River, this lodging home has a lot of activities and amenities you can enjoy!

Their modern accommodations include 81 cabins, ten lodges, 17 condos, 45 RV hook-ups, and 16 tent sites, including exclusively river access for guests.

You can also host a barbecue in the afternoon and roast some marshmallows over the campfire at night!

Another activity you should try is their horseback-riding tour, where they take you around to explore the natural wonders surrounding Neal’s Lodges.

Other amenities include a business center, restaurant, a seasonal waterslide, and complimentary nightclub access.

As a family-owned & operated vacation spot, this establishment only aims to give visitors a memorable and unique experience!

Go on a Nature Quest at Hill Country Adventures at Texas Hill Country River Region

Open since 1999, Hill Country Adventures offer top-tier tours around Concan, Texas!

You can join their nature quests that include birdwatching, tours of their bat and butterfly exhibits, as well as learning about native plants, flowers, and trees.

They’ll also let you travel down the Frio River on their kayaks as you admire the scenic surroundings.

Hiking and biking nature trails are also accessible from this resort if you prefer walking on a self-guided tour and admiring the Champion trees that line this property.

Entertain yourself by listening to a professional storyteller, Lee Haile, with his cowboy poetry, singing, and funny tales.

There’s so much to learn about the local history of Concan, so avail of their tours and amenities to maximize your trip to this charming, outdoorsy town!

Explore Caves at Frio Bat Flight Tours at Frio Cave

Bats emerging from the bat cave.
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Frio Bat Flight Tours offers tourists and guests an unparalleled experience of watching millions of bats fly overhead!

Home to Frio Cave, this is the second-largest bat population in the world open to the public.

This cave provides the necessities that mother bats need to give birth and raise their young each year.

There are numerous species of bats you can spot as you enter the bat viewing area at the top of the hill, where you’ll be directed by a tour guide.

You’ll also be given an informative history of Frio Cave and its surrounding caves, as well as the bats in general.

This experience is best during the spring season when the bats make their ascent into the evening sky!

Go Horseback Riding at Elm Creek Stables

In case you get tired of all the walking from your tours, take a trip to Elm Creek Stables, where you can finish the rest of your tour on horseback!

This venue has since been converted into a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing horses; however, you can still avail of their tours.

A horseback riding facility with pony rides, trail rides (with a choice of high trails and low trails), a petting zoo, and more are some of the activities you can do.

Their tour includes a 2-mile guided trail ride near Garner State Park, where you can enjoy the cool weather and scenic routes.

All profits made are donated to Elm Creek Stables Frio Canyon Horse Rescue, so be sure to visit this lovely stable!

Indulge in a Delicious Meal at House Pasture Cattle Company

House Pasture Cattle Company is a venue and restaurant specializing in American, home-cooked steaks!

​​The restaurant brings patrons fresh and organic cuts of meat that are grilled to perfection that will make your stomach happy.

You can enjoy Concan’s original country music, both live and recorded while enjoying your hearty meal.

They also feature a bar where you can grab a nice, refreshing drink!

House Pasture Cattle Company also hosts live concerts, events, and music festivals where you can sing and dance along to the songs.

This family-friendly establishment is open for all ages; however, if guests want to purchase alcoholic beverages, they must present their legal ID at the entrance.

This venue welcomes everyone to enjoy their music, food, and drinks!

Grab a Sweet Dessert at The Frio Float

The Frio Float is an ice cream shop located right at the center of the city, where you can grab a cold dessert to beat the heat!

This sweet store sells a wide range of confectionaries, such as floats, milkshakes, sundaes, soft serves, and even cotton candies and candy.

Both kids and adults will get their sweet tooth satisfied at this shop.

You can also grab a sweet treat for your dogs since they offer dog-friendly desserts!

They also host events on certain days, which you can find on their schedule.

Satisfy your sweet cravings at this premier ice cream shop!

Shop at Frio’s Dry Fifty

Frio’s Dry Fifty is a must-stop shop destination for tourists visiting this town located next to the Frio River.

This shop sells t-shirts, caps, handbags, jewelry, novelty items, shoes, and more, perfect for souvenirs to remember your trip or as presents to your friends and family.

Overflowing with commodities, you can purchase a lot of items for a reasonable price.

This establishment also has a mining company where tourists can mine for gems, stones, and other precious elements and minerals that you can take home for yourself!

In case you get hungry, a Snack Shop is available where you can enjoy the view of the river while eating their snow cones.

Make sure to purchase their merchandise when you visit Frio’s Dry Fifty!

Go Hiking at Old Baldy Mountain

Scenic View of Old Baldy Mountain
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Also known as “Mount Ol’ Baldy,” this hiking area contains one of the most amazing scenic views in the town!

Though the hike is reportedly a bit challenging with its slippery rocks and steep incline, this trail will be worth the climb when you reach the top and see the spectacular view!

You can also find beautiful flowers lining the path while you go on your nature trip.

Guests have the option to bring their dogs when they hike as long as they’re kept on a leash!

Make sure to wear proper climbing shoes when visiting this mountain!

Rent a Kayak at Happy Hollow Frio River Outfitters

If you love water activities, then you should visit Happy Hollow Frio River Outfitters!

This establishment is known for its raft trips up and down the Frio River on kayaks and tubes.

The 'Happy Hollow' float is one of the most popular tube routes on the Frio and serves tourists visitors year-round!

You can also have a barbecue next to the river and enjoy your meal on their picnic tables.

Guests also have the option to stay overnight in their many cabins, rental homes, and bungalows.

There's just nothing like waking up to the view of the beautiful Frio River in the morning!

This destination is the perfect place for water enthusiasts where they can stay out and soak up the sun all day, and experience nature!

Book a Private Tour at Frio River Private Access

Enjoy the Frio River like no other at Frio River Private Access, where you can get exclusive access to the most secluded stretch of the river.

This venue only allows a maximum of 30 guests per day to give them a very private experience!

You can indulge in the clear waters to go paddleboarding, snorkeling, and swimming.

This vast, 450-acre family-owned ranch also contains a deep water swimming hole and some of the Big Tree Registry’s biggest trees in Texas, such as the Bald Cypress, the largest species in the state!

Frio River Private Access is simply an outdoor recreation haven!

This tourist destination attracts a lot of guests, especially during the weekends, so make sure to book a reservation ahead of time!

Attend the Annual Rio Frio Fest Music Festival

Despite Concan being known for its peaceful atmosphere and environment, they’re not one to shy away from a lively festival!

The Rio Frio Fest is an annual concert and festival during spring break around mid-March.

Held in House Pasture Cattle Company, thousands of people gather to attend the festival to dance and drink the night away—and you should, too!

They also feature local artists to sing and entertain you all evening!

This Texas-style spring break destination is an experience you should have while visiting Concan.

Nothing beats the live music they play that will ensure a good time for you, so don’t forget to buy your tickets!

Spend Some Quality Time with Your Family at Paradise Frio Family Getaway

Paradise Frio Family Getaway is best known for accommodating families who visit Concan with their cozy and charming hill country river house!

This uniquely designed home features a mountainside fireplace, with a wooded backyard and a suspended walkway leading to the outdoor patio that gives you a view of the mountains.

The rustic decor will provide you and your guests with lots of comforts to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Each bedroom accommodation also has a swimming pool in case you’d like to take a break from the craziness of Frio River.

You can spend a wonderful summer getaway or vacation while enjoying the various amenities that Paradise Frio Family Getaway has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Spend time exploring the amazing scenery featuring an array of activities suitable for different age groups at Concan, Texas!

This resort-style town is complete with water and land activities, nature hikes and quests, amazing Texan-style restaurants, and plenty of other opportunities.

You can get away from the city's bustling streets since this little town is surrounded by a peaceful environment and nature.

Also, one of the more popular destinations for a summer vacation, this place will leave a lasting impression on you after all the fun you have here!

Adventure awaits you at Concan, Texas, so book your trip now!