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15 Best Things to Do in Columbus, MS

  • Published 2022/08/16

Established in 1819, the city of Columbus sits along the border of eastern Mississippi.

This city contains well-preserved pieces of the past, from museums and old establishments to an official historic district.

You’ll find 18th-century Victorian buildings and beautifully restored shops and restaurants.

Coupled with modern destinations, the city has fostered a mix of old allure and innovative fun.

Swim in a family-friendly water park, make bets on a motor speedway, or explore artworks in the local art center.

Like other cities, Columbus has loads of attractions for their guests.

Discover the best things to do in Columbus, Mississippi:

Visit the Tennessee Williams House Museum & Welcome Center

Exterior of Tennessee Williams House Museum & Welcome Center

Chad Robertson Media /

The American writer Tennessee Williams is one of the greatest playwrights of the 20th century.

Pay tribute to the great writer by visiting the Tennessee Williams House Museum & Welcome Center, an ode to his life and work.

It’s his first home, carefully preserved to show hints of his former lifestyle.

You can book a tour to explore the space, which includes his living room, bedroom, dining area, and more.

Likewise, an on-site gift shop gives you access to the destination’s brochures, maps, and souvenirs.

New guests can also enjoy a free cup of gourmet coffee.

They also have travel counselors who can answer any questions about the city and its best attractions.

Tennessee Williams House Museum & Welcome Center is a great place to start your trip in Columbus!

Make a Splash at Slip-N-Dip

The summer heat is no longer an issue in Columbus thanks to its water park, Slip N Dip.

This simple water park has become a seasonal tradition for more than ten years, attracting locals and new travelers.

It features a few small and large pools of varying heights to suit people of all ages.

You can book private parties or mingle with others in public schedules.

However, the park’s centerpiece is the tall water slides with curved bodies, adding an exciting twist to normal swimming.

You can also bring your dogs to Slip-N-Dip!

Located at Lake Lowndes Road, don’t miss out on friendly summer fun at the water park.

Take a Tour of Temple Heights Mansion

Built in 1837, Temple Heights Mansion served as proof of General Brownrigg’s lavish lifestyle.

The mansion features a blend of Greek Revival architecture with Federal tones inside the rooms.

Prominent white pillars, marble mantles, and Grecian patterns give Temple Heights Mansion a subtle, elegant finish.

It’s a design that portrays favored architecture from the 19th century.

This mansion has also appeared in magazines that feature vintage homes.

Annually, pilgrimage tours open for a month, where a guide narrates stories and traditions of the mansion’s past residents.

Drop by Temple Heights Mansion along 9th Street!

Find Good Deals at Magnolia Antique Mall

Whether it’s furniture, home decor, plate sets, and other trinkets, Magnolia Antique Mall has something for everyone.

This mall has plenty of antiques and restored furniture on Alabama Street.

Some of these antiques came from artisans in local Mississippi.

Those who enjoy shopping for vintage goods have plenty to explore in Magnolia Antique Mall.

Its catalog is also likely cheaper than items in retail malls.

Residents have voted Magnolia Antique Mall as one of Columbus’ best antique stores.

You never know what kind of antique rarities you can get in vintage-centric malls.

Stop by if you’re ever in the city!

See a Movie at Malco Columbus Cinema

If you’d like to elevate your movie experience, head to Highway 45 and look for Malco Columbus Cinema.

Like other cinemas, they offer comfortable seating and access to a wide screen with high resolution.

Whether you go solo or bring family and friends, this cinema welcomes anyone interested.

They often have a wide selection of the latest blockbuster movies, so you won’t have to wait for them to show on streaming sites.

You can also drop by the concession stand and buy a few movie snacks and drinks to munch on in the theater.

Unwind and relax in Malco Columbus Cinema!

Take a Stroll at Columbus Riverwalk & Trail

Bask in the feel of tranquil nature at the scenic Columbus Riverwalk Trail.

Beginning from Main Street, this calming path extends up to 4.4 miles and spans the length of the Tombigbee River.

Along the way, you’ll see dense forests, rocky riversides, and a clear view of the skies.

Columbus Riverwalk & Trail will take you through a beautiful white bridge over the Tombigbee River.

The riverwalk becomes especially beautiful at night, with soft, mellow lamps lighting your way across the bridge.

There are also pavilions, benches, and picnic tables if you want to take a break and relax.

You can also explore a small butterfly garden and admire the flowers and creatures.

Columbus Riverwalk & Trail is one of the city’s top nature destinations, so don’t miss out.

Hike at Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center

Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center is a splendid place to connect with nature.

It spans an estimated 190 acres worth of facilities and recreation that guests can explore and learn from.

Diverse nature trails contain elevated woodlands, unique floodplains, and built-in structures like footbridges, stairs, and kiosks.

Thanks to the preserved natural environment, it’s become home to many types of animal wildlife.

You can also book lodging in Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center.

They have air-conditioned rooms equipped with modern amenities if you ever need a quick rest from the wild.

Otherwise, you can join environmental programs and take on the staff’s outdoor challenges.

See the wonders of nature at Old West Point Road!

Relax at Lake Lowndes State Park

Lake Lowndes State Park offers various types of recreation amid pristine nature.

The park gives you access to scenic lakes and water activities like fishing, boating, and water skiing on selected dates.

Lake Lowndes State Park is also home to an award-winning trail, the Opossum Trail, which presents a plethora of native plants and animal wildlife.

You can also use their sports facilities for dynamic games like tennis, football, and softball.

If you’d like to immerse in nature overnight, the park comes equipped with camping sites, cabins, and cottages for campers.

Community events also take place on special holidays, so make sure to check those out!

You can find Lake Lowndes State Park along Lake Lowndes Road.

Check Out the Homes at South Columbus Historic District

Azalea place at South Columbus Historic District

Jeffrey Reed, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

South Columbus Historic District is an area with a collection of historic homes with different kinds of architecture.

In 1982, the National Register of Historic Places added it to the list, marking it as an essential piece of history to preserve.

You can find most establishments that belong to the district within Main Street and South Avenue.

The homes in theSouth Columbus Historic District can vary in styles and designs, from Greek Revival and Italianate-style to Victorian architecture.

You can even go inside and explore some of the houses in the district.

Otherwise, you can take a leisure drive around the area and peek at beautiful homes rooted in history.

History buffs and architecture enthusiasts will enjoy this destination.

Catch a Concert at Rosenzweig Arts Center

If you stroll Main Street, you might find the splendid Rosenzweig Arts Center.

This center is home to Columbus Arts Council, an organization dedicated to culture and the arts.

Incorporated in 1971, this arts venue facilitates all kinds of art.

Whether it’s traditional art, theater performances, or musical concerts, the Rosenzweig Arts Center is a haven for creative ventures.

You can browse their gallery exhibits, watch a show, or take an art class!

There’s also a quaint gift shop that sells quirky and unique items from local and regional artists.

Sculptures, paintings, t-shirts, and books are a few of the things you can purchase from the store.

Bring home a unique souvenir from Rosenzweig Arts Center!

See the Flashy Cars at Magnolia Motor Speedway

Watch unique race cars speed through the track for a chance to win first place in Magnolia Motor Speedway.

At Highway 45 South, this speedway offers a fun, uncommon venture you won’t find anywhere else in Mississippi.

Luckily, the city of Columbus has this famous speedway.

You can sit along concrete bleachers and have sweeping views of the entire race.

Cheer for your favorites, and find out which racer gets first place.

They also have a concession stand selling staple snacks like burgers, hotdogs, fries, sodas, and much more.

However, they also allow their guests to bring snacks and drinks, so long as they’re inside a small cooler.

Join other racing enthusiasts in cheering for the drivers at the Magnolia Motor Speedway!

Rent a Boat from Columbus Marina

Sail on beautiful waters with the help of Columbus Marina.

The agency provides boat rentals, docking areas, and many other facilities for your convenience.

Their boats have portable Bluetooth speakers, life jackets, a swim ladder, and a sun pad.

Once you climb aboard the boat, you can do more fun and refreshing water activities like swimming and fishing.

It’s a great way to experience Columbus from the marine side of the city!

If you want to try sailing, you can find Columbus Marina along Wilkins-Wise Road.

Browse the Stores in Gateway Shopping Center

The Gateway Shopping Center is one of the longest malls in Columbus.

The center has existed for over a decade, becoming a staple for many residents.

It’s got almost everything; groceries, clothes, meals, and all kinds of products you need for your day-to-day lifestyle.

You can find Gateway Shopping Center conveniently located on Alabama Street, close to other shops and restaurants.

Check out other nearby businesses and see more of what Columbus offers.

Gateway Shopping Center can suit your mood if you want to stroll around, browse stores, or have a meal.

Make sure to stop by!

Spend the Night in Shadowlawn Bed & Breakfast

Shadowlawn Bed & Breakfast lets guests stay and immerse themselves in a historic 19th-century mansion.

Since its construction, the home has already gone through several owners and renovations.

However, its current owners, the Avakian family, tried restoring the home’s original structure and decor.

You’ll experience a blend of classic history and modern convenience if you stay there.

Likewise, the bed and breakfast has added air conditioners, water heaters, Wi-Fi, and other modern devices so you can feel more comfortable.

Shadowlawn Bed & Breakfast is also home to valuable facilities like the sauna and fitness room.

Meanwhile, rooms come in a vintage, traditional setting with red velvet curtains, gold-embellished mirrors, and other antiques.

Along College Street, this mansion gives you a glimpse of the old days’ ambiance.

Dine at the Old Hickory Steak House

As its name suggests, the Old Hickory Steak House is famous for having some of the best steaks in Columbus.

Thanks to the straightforward menu, they serve only the perfect steaks.

Likewise, they grill various types of USDA choice meat over a smoky charcoal pit, from sirloins and T-bones to New York strips and rib eyes.

It’s one of their secret recipes, bringing a distinct flavor to their tasty steaks.

The restaurant is also inside a rustic, wooden cabin-like building that adds a cool twist to the dining experience.

Coupled with friendly staff and great cooks, the Old Hickory Steak House is a top go-to restaurant in the city.

Don’t miss out on this local favorite along Highway 45.

Final Thoughts

Columbus is a city with a little bit of everything.

Whether you’re into history, nature, fun, or leisure, this place has an attraction that can suit various kinds of tastes.

There are plenty of places to explore and many new sights to see!

Take a chance and discover the best things to do in Columbus, Mississippi!

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