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15 Best Things to Do in Colchester, VT

  • Published 2022/09/14

Are you searching for an exciting escapade in a respectable suburb away from the bustling city?

The beautiful town of Colchester is the second most populous town in Chittenden County, Vermont, with plenty of activities and attractions to explore.

Named after the Earl of Colchester, it is a small community but a great place for any vacation.

Whether you enjoy the outdoors or the arts, you will find something unique as you explore these best things to do in Colchester, Vermont.

Go Fishing in the Colchester Pond

Scenic view of Colchester Pond

Damien Harshbarger /

If you like fishing, check out the exciting Colchester Pond on Main Street.

The Colchester Pond has everything all fishing enthusiasts, both locals and visitors, need for a fine day of fishing.

Featuring a great blend of aquatic habitats, its maximum depth goes down to 45 feet, which is good for productive and fun fishing.

Wild plants near Colchester Pond

Damien Harshbarger /

It is a must-destination for anglers who fancy quiet and small-water opportunities in their kayaks and canoes.

Mostly, you’ll catch northern pike, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch within the area.

Colchester Pond is not only a fishing destination but also an excellent place to enjoy a relaxing paddle and see the spectacular colors of autumn foliage in the summer.

Battle Your Friends at Colchester Paintball

Are you ready for a calorie-burning and heart-pumping adventure on your trip to Colchester?

Bring your friends to Colchester Paintball for a rousing game!

Set in a splendid woodland, it forms a challenging scene for a perfect panoramic backdrop in the paintball game.

It features stunning game zones, which many paintball players love.

Each provides a great challenge for every player’s ability and playing style.

Prepare your paintballs as you experience paintballing at its best at Colchester Paintball!

Find Great Fun Outdoors in the Airport Park

Nothing beats the fun you’ll have when you start venturing into nature.

On Colchester Point Road, you’ll find the town’s hidden gem, the Airport Park.

It boasts 64.5 acres filled with all-purpose recreation amenities and a thrilling six-mile hike with lots of great birdwatching spots.

Its amenities include volleyball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and a wide playground that brings so much fun for the children.

What’s more, when winter comes, the jogging trails are turned into spectacular paths for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, together with its ice skating rink.

With its location near the scenic Lake Champlain, it is no wonder why many tourists love to visit Airport Park.

Watch a Movie under the Stars in the Sunset Drive-in Theatre

If you love a good movie marathon, why not take it to the next level?

See a movie outside the four corners of your home in the Sunset Drive-in Theatre.

Located on Porter’s Point Road, it is a drive-in movie theater that started its journey of entertaining many generations of families in 1949.

It features four colossal screens playing only the latest movies for you to enjoy in the comfort of your car.

If you get hungry, the Sunset Drive-in Theatre has a fantastic dinner and snack bar preparing with all the classic snacks you’ll expect in a movie theater.

Enjoy chicken fingers, fries, and a bag of popcorn with your friends or family.

In this way, you experience the old-time feel of how a drive-in movie works.

Enjoy Live Theater in Saint Michael’s Playhouse

Do you want to see raw acting talents in action?

Witness exquisite theater shows in this famous venue called the Saint Michael’s Playhouse on Campus Road.

Since 1947, this award-winning theater facility features a highly talented pool of actors and a fantastic theater company.

It is an essential stop for visitors and locals, attracting 16,000 theatergoers each season.

According to Yankee Magazine, it is “The Best of New England.”

The shows’ engaging drama and comedy performances will boost your love for the arts and lighten your mood while you take your trip around the town.

Bring your family to Saint Michael’s Playhouse!

Feel Like a Soldier in Vermont National Guard Library and Museum

Throughout history, soldiers have fought bravely in times of war.

At the Vermont National Guard Library and Museum, you can experience the life of a soldier in the past.

It stands on Vermont National Guard Road.

Likewise, this military museum that emphasizes wartime exhibits from the Civil War, American Revolutionary War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, and the Korean War.

Military helicopters, army tanks, cannons, jet fighters, early heavy machine guns, rockets, and respected military uniforms are among the exhibits.

Historically, the National Guard is the oldest part of the United States Armed Forces that has lasted for more than 300 years.

If you want to see historical displays of military action, check out the Vermont National Guard Library and Museum.

Fall In Love with the Gorgeous Scenery of Niquette Bay State Park

If you want to hike or hang out on the beach with abundant nature, Niquette Bay State Park is the place to go.

The 584-acre park near Niquette Bay spans 4,700 feet of picturesque rocky and sandy shoreline.

To access the beach, you’ll face a half-mile walk, but the exercise will be worth it.

Its trail system has direct access points to the high ridges, which will reward you with impressive vistas overlooking the Green Mountains to the east, Malletts Bay in the south, and the Lake Champlain Islands in the west.

There are picnic tables and areas for you to settle down as you rest along the shoreline with your family.

Always plan for a longer visit to the Niquette Bay State Park to discover all the spectacular things it offers.

Spend the Day in Spare Time Colchester

You surely don’t want to waste your time during a trip.

Make every minute worth it by heading to Spare Time Colchester on Lower Mountain View Drive.

It is an entertainment center with 30 premier bowling lanes, a big game zone packed with arcade games, and a magnificent laser tag arena.

It also has a full restaurant and bar preparing tasty cuisine, chef-crafted dishes, signature cocktails, and refreshing drinks to compensate for all the thirsty activities within the center.

If you want to celebrate a special occasion with friends and family, you can rent the venue for your unforgettable event.

Spare Time Colchester can accommodate groups of all sizes as games, bowling, and food come within your reach.

With all the exciting activities to enjoy, it features the most fun you can find under a single roof.

Recharge with the Beauty of Nature in Bayside Park

If you run out of energy from all your stress and worries, this is the perfect place to recharge and reset your mind.

Located at Lakeshore Drive and Blakely Road intersection, Bayside Park spans about 22 acres.

Upon arriving, set your eyes on the picturesque Malletts Bay area of Lake Champlain with a rugged natural forest and beach access.

Its amenities include volleyball courts, shuffleboard courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, a bathhouse, a pavilion, picnic tables, and a softball field with lights.

If your trip comes within June to August, you can go to the inflatable water park.

The Bayside Park will be an excellent spot for your friends and family for a rest day.

Experience the Best Therapy Sessions on Planet Massage

Every one of us needs therapy from time to time.

While in Colchester, you can head over to Planet Massage on Roosevelt Highway to suit your needs.

It is a professional massage therapy company featuring various muscular therapy techniques.

Its services include deep tissue massage, reflexology, myofascial release, acupressure, movement education, and many more.

The friendly and highly-skilled massage therapists will focus on what your body needs.

If stress is taking a toll on you, look no further and get your soothing therapy at Planet Massage.

Taste Fine Wines at Hillis’ Sugarbush Farm and Vineyard

If you like the taste of fine wines, head to Hilis’ Sugarbush Farm and Vineyard.

It started operating near Lake Champlain in early 2009, possibly the first licensed wine tasting room in Vermont.

Upon checking out the area, you will see the lush and beautiful vineyard.

You can also taste some of their fresh grapes and premium maple wines.

When you proceed to its splendid sugar house, you’ll discover that they do not only ferment wine but also make sweet maple syrup during the spring.

Bring home your favorite wines from Hillis’ Sugarbush Farm and Vineyard to share with your friends!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Besides seeing the wonder in Colchester, you can also visit its neighboring towns with their share of beautiful attractions and sites.

Take a Picture with the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet

Daytime view of the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet

NatalieBuzzyBee /

Quirky visiting spots always bring considerable amusement.

You can find the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet on Flynn Avenue in Burlington, 19 minutes from Colchester.

Created in 2002, this sculptural statement by Bren Alvarez comprises real-life cabinets.

Close view of the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet

brett Vachon from Montreal, canada, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Alvarez has welded each cabinet creatively on top of each other, forming a 38-foot-tall towering artwork.

Standing on the vacant block of land, the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet has attracted many tourists, leaving them wondering about its symbolic purpose.

See the Magnificent View in Ethan Allen Park

Don’t miss this lovely wooded park with a unique sightseeing site on your trip.

Head on to Ethan Allen Park in Burlington, Vermont, 19 minutes from Colchester, to revisit the past.

In 1905, they erected the stone observation tower, called the Ethan Allen Tower, on the area.

When you reach the top of the tower, you will see the splendid 60-acre wildland, presenting the city’s most outstanding vistas and rich cultural history.

You will enjoy the shaded promenades as you walk through huge, looming old oaks and maple trees.

Don’t miss the beautiful and unparalleled view of the sunset over Lake Champlain when you’re on top.

Spend the day at Ethan Allen Park!

Float across the Sky with Above Reality Hot Air Balloon Rides

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to float in the air?

You can try this memorable experience with Above Reality Hot Air Balloon Rides in Essex Junction, Vermont, nine minutes from Colchester.

Begin your whimsical journey of floating above the rest of the world.

It features balloon rides that drift along the rolling foothills of the splendid Green Mountains and the majestic shores of Lake Champlain.

As you fly, you can observe rich wildlife such as the white-tailed deer, busy beavers, black bears, red-tailed hawks, blue herons, and many more.

If you’re lucky, you might catch a beautiful glimpse of a colorful reflection in the still mountain pond.

Fly above the clouds with Above Reality Hot Air Balloon Rides!

Discover Vermont’s Art Scene at ArtHound Gallery

Are you curious about the artistic side of Vermont?

Uncover the beauty of their art as you visit the ArtHound Gallery in Essex Junction, eight minutes from Colchester.

The gallery hosts one of Vermont’s largest fine art and artisan craft shows, featuring unique fine and functional art, handicrafts, gifts, and home decor made by Vermont artists.

Emphasizing its service to the local and tourist population, it features 125 artists from all genres, including original fine art and a curated assortment of Vermont-made goods.

If you want to bring home that perfect gift or item for your loved ones, you can find it at the ArtHound Gallery.

Final Thoughts

If you want to visit the perfect destination that has something for all ages, you won’t go wrong with Colchester, Vermont.

With all the relaxing activities, exciting attractions, and magnificent sites to see, you have lots of options to choose from.

Don’t delay and plan your itinerary with this list of the best things to do in Colchester, Vermont!

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