15 Best Things to Do in Cleveland, TN

15 Best Things to Do in Cleveland, TN

The largest city of Bradley county in Tennessee is sure to set your heart racing. Cleveland is one of the most beautiful cities of the United States and has a lot of wonderful places to visit.

It is blessed with a lot of geographical features having hills and ridges alongside a river flowing through.

The climate is also pretty cool throughout the year making it for a wonderful place to visit. For those who are into spooky stuff, they might also know Cleveland for being the place where you used to find Tall Betsy, the Halloween Goblin from Bradley County.

He appeared every Halloween night and had become synonymous with Cleveland centenary Avenue.

Learn Local History at the Museum Center at 5ive Points

The museum center is actually a culmination of the rich history, culture and art of the town of Tennessee.

“The River of time” is its prime exhibit and traces the complete history of three counties which are the Bradley County, the Polk County and the East Hamilton County.

Rotating exhibitions keep changing every year, and can be consisting of five to six exhibits.

The art gallery is also very pretty and showcases a variety of art and crafts from the southern side. Community events are also sometimes held at the center.

The staff are warm and friendly and you can opt for some self-guided tours as well. The museum especially focuses on the Ocoee region of Tennessee.

Take a walk on the Cleveland Greenway

Also known as the Bradley county Greenway, this four mile long public Greenway is a very popular spot for those who love exercising or taking a walk amidst nature.

It is also famous since it is the longest path from the Greenway network of the Bradley County. It starts from Willow Street and ends at Mohawk drive and also follows the South mouse Creek during its entire length.

The waterway is accessible at four locations, and makes for a great backdrop for pictures.

The Greenway is constructed from a mixture of both concrete and asphalt which makes it very durable and easy to walk on.

Moreover, all along its length, there are beautiful shrubs and small trees planted where you can stand and rest in some shade. It's a great walk to take if you're looking for some peace and quiet or to spend some time with yourself.

Pray at St. Luke's Episcopal Church

St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Andrew Jameson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Priding itself on being one of the city's oldest buildings, and also the second oldest church in the whole of Cleveland is St. Luke's Episcopal Church. Built with the beautiful Gothic Revival style, it stands strong since its inception in 1873.

It also has a short heartbreaking story attached to its history, since it was built in the memory of a seven year old girl who had died while riding a buggy.

The church itself is also a piece of architectural beauty, having stained glass windows and golden arches.

The bell tower is three story and the bell is rung by volunteers from time to time after each service.

The church also finds a proud place for itself in the National Register of Historic Places since 1982. So kneel down at the altar, and pray for some blessings at this beautiful church.

Explore the history of the Civil War era at the Hiwassee River Heritage Center

A certified Interpretive Center on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail, this History Museum is located a little near to Cleveland in the nearby Charleston. It shows the rich history from the Cherokee and Civil War period.

At the interpretive center, you will find various banners that depict the history from the Cherokee era.

And there are also artifacts and show pieces including paintings that were famous during the Civil War, like the “Sherman leaving the Henegar house”, a 2012 painting by Don Troiani which was important from the historical point of view.

There are also bits of information and pieces of artifacts related to local African American history.

Alongside this, there is a short outdoor trail which provides a fun way to get some information about the preceding events to Cherokee and the Civil War.

Relax at the Johnston Park

What better way to spend some time with your toddler than feeding some ducks at the lake at a park. Sounds so refreshing and beautiful isn't it?

The Johnston Park is one of the many parks in Cleveland which is great for relaxing. It's cool and refreshing in the nature, so feel fresh after taking a walk in the garden or stroll around with your kids and play catch with them.

There is also a small playground, tennis courts and pool available. The Dog Park and skate parks are well designated and situated in different areas of the park. It's a nice and quaint little city park that you can visit for some relaxation.

Whitewater rafting at the Cherokee National Forest

Cherokee National forest
TheBigMK / Shutterstock.com

Gushing waterfalls and whitewater rafting in them is one thrilling adventure that we would definitely recommend trying out especially if you're visiting with friends.

It's also great if you're visiting with teenage kids and as a family. But for the younger kids we would advise to take precautions.

The forest and trees are also very beautiful. And you can hike along the various trails. The scenery is amazing and breathtaking.

With the high mountains and a river flowing by it's perfect for that Instagram post.

You'll also find some really gorgeous species of butterflies flitting about. Photography enthusiasts should definitely visit the Cherokee National Forest for the various natural elements that it showcases but its most amazing feature are the pristine waterfalls.

The adventure lovers can go rafting and the photography lovers can click some aesthetic pictures. Other then this other outdoor activities like camping, boating, swimming, hiking and biking can also be done here.

Pet cute animals at the Little Country Farm and Mobile Petting Zoo

Who had ever thought that they could pet wild animals that we watched in a zoo, and that too live?

This is exactly what this wonderful business offers where you can actually pet animals live. They have a variety of animals for your kids to pick and choose from including black and white rabbits, cute little goats, and many more.

It also teaches kids empathy in a great way and how to be kind to animals. The staff is super cute and super friendly as well. For those who want to experience an outdoor ride you can also try out the pony ride.

Horseback riding with Ocoee Horseride

This business offers the perfect getaway for those who are looking for some outdoor fun and something different to try.

With guided horseback trail rides for riders from all levels they offer horseback riding for beginners to pros and amateurs as well. Gallop along in the fresh air and feel the wind hitting your face as you ride a great mare or a stallion.

The trails are all privately owned by the business. So you don't have to worry about cleanliness or greenery.

They are well maintained and the staff is very warm as well. It is family friendly and lovely to get kids along. The best part is the horses are very well trained. And even kids can enjoy on their own.

Gaze at the Japanese garden at Fletcher Park

The Fletcher Park has a designated area where Japanese species of plants and especially flowers are showcased, which are extremely pretty.

Other than that the park is also lush green, with tall trees towering above. The bathrooms are clean and the amenities are well maintained. Dogs are also allowed on the trails so you might meet a cute furry friend. There's also a cute little lake inside where you can just sit and have a nice time.

You can pack a picnic consisting of some pulled pork sandwiches and lime juice to have a great lunch date. The walkways are also paved well and there are several bridges connecting various areas of the park.

A quaint gazebo also stands. This is a great way to spend that Saturday lunch with family.

Wine tasting at Morris Vineyard

What sets Morris apart is that the wines are great and well curated at very reasonable prices. All visitors who visit fall in love with the place and the wine.

You can take a walk along nature while collecting for your own grapes. It's very relaxing and an absolute breathtaking beauty. The staff is very warm and friendly and provides a personal touch to everything.

Moreover, the crops planted keep changing by seasons and depending on when you visit, you might get to collect grapes and even blueberries. It is also dog friendly.

The vine is more on the fruity side but is very fantastic in taste. Don't forget to go berry picking and carry some blackberries and blueberries home for you to munch on.

Fishing at the Candy's Creek Wildlife Management Area

A great fishing spot with a lot of local catches available. This place is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and flora and fauna.

It's a great place to hang out for the day. And you can even go for Paddling along the waters when the tide is low. It's very quiet and peaceful and you can spend a nice weekend here. Kayaking is also an option that you can try out.

Picnicking at Deer Park

Deer Park is a hot favorite among the toddlers of Cleveland since it offers great playground areas. There is a sandpit gliders wing, a climbing playground, swings, slides and many other things.

Picnic tables are set about to unpack that lunch. There’s also a pop machine. The park is well maintained and all the equipment is shiny and new. It's very spacious and great to run about. It's another place where you can cool off and have some rest and quiet.

Bowling at leisure time

The premier bowling alley of Cleveland, leisure time is great to spend some fun time with friends competing over bowling.

The staff is great and attentive. The food counter nearby offers great food and great prizes.

There are also video games machines kept. Kids will especially enjoy being in the arcade where they can earn tickets by playing on the game consoles and win prizes.

Try some apple buys at Apple Valley Orchard

This wonderful business offers everything APPLES! From Apple pies to apple butter to apple sauces there is a lot of variety for you to choose from.

Try some of the heavenly apple pies which are warm and fresh with the great crust. The Apple fritters are another must have and the staff are also polite and very helpful.

You can also carry back some apple sauces and apple butter to take back home or to gift friends and family.

The store is great and well designed. All the dishes on offer are delicious and the drinks like the apple cider slushies are very tasty too.

Spend a beautiful time camping at Jacob's Creek recreation area

The Jacob's Creek recreation area is a part of the Cherokee National Forest mentioned above. It is basically a campground with various beautiful camping sites available.

With a Mountain View and river flowing by it's perfect to set up camp and a bonfire later.

So tag some friends along and get your family to rustle up a bonfire and sing songs through the night.

A shower and dump station is also available near the lake. RV camping sites and spaces are also available. Some outdoor activities that you can enjoy include fishing, boating, and hiking.

Zip line with Ocoee Zipz

The Ocoee Zipz offers as many as seven zip lines so rush is never an issue. Usually a two hour tour is given which guides you about the various courses on offer.

The zip lines are pretty wonderful, and their heights can range from as less as five to as much as 95 feet. Soar along like a bird as you go zooming across the sky.

Moreover the zip lines are themed with the Wizard of Oz theme, making you feel as if you are in a fantasy land.