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20 Best Things to Do in Clarion, PA

  • Published 2023/02/27

A cozy, tranquil vacation can be enjoyed within the hidden borough of Clarion in Clarion County.

Incorporated in 1841, the place thrived because of natural resources such as natural gas, oil, lumber, and coal.

Clarion is home to an assortment of beautiful landscapes and charming sights.

From historic sites and nature trails to fun recreation and local shops, there’s so much more to Clarion that adds to its quaint, homey ambiance.

Here, you can relax, go sightseeing, or experience lively activities.

Here are some of the best things to do in Clarion, Pennsylvania.

Experience Victorian-Style Tea at Sutton-Ditz Museum

The Sutton-Ditz Museum is an iconic, preserved home that dates back to the 19th century.

Over the years, it shifted from being a home to a school and hardware store until it was reverted into a family’s residence.

The renovations have given it a mix of architectural styles from different periods, including the Victorian and Greek Revival.

With those features, the building has become an eye-catching structure along Grant Street.

The interior is filled with old antiques and artifacts, featuring themes on Clarion’s history and its women in the military.

You can explore on your own or book guided tours to see what the Sutton-Ditz Museum has to offer.

Other than that, you can book an elegant tea time in a classy, Victorian-style room!

You’ll be provided with authentic teas and handcrafted pastries served in elegant, delicate plating.

Hit a Bullseye at 9 Worlds Axe Throwing

If you are looking for a fun and thrilling activity, check out 9 Worlds Axe Throwing.

This indoor venue offers you a chance to try the newly emerging sport of axe throwing.

With its trained instructors and a secure environment, there’s nothing to be worried about as long as you follow their rules.

It’s an activity that can be enjoyed whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional!

Either way, you’ll get to experience the thrill of holding an axe in your hands and throwing it across to a target.

You can go as an individual, book a schedule with a small group, or even have a private party for bigger groups.

They also allow guests to bring in their own drinks and food.

Check out this new form of recreation at Main Street.

Explore Clarion Loop Trail

Clarion Loop Trail is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers.

This beautiful trail winds through the countryside, offering stunning views of the Clarion River and its surrounding landscape.

With an average length of three miles, this loop takes you into a dense forest filled with hardwoods and hemlocks.

The trail is also well-marked, making it a relatively safe place to enjoy outdoor exercise with a dose of fresh air.

It’s also a great place to spot various species of animals including deer, birds, and other sorts of forest inhabitants.

Clarion Loop Trail is located along the east side of Main Street.

With a few steep areas, the trail can be a moderately challenging experience for new hikers.

Grab Local Drinks at Clarion River Brewing Company

At Main Street, you can find a casual hang-out spot—Clarion River Brewing Company.

This pub offers handcrafted beers, tasty American-style meals, and a dash of historic charm.

The interior is divided between a classy, dark-toned bar and a vibrant dining area with bright-checkered floors.

With a focus on quality and flavor, Clarion River Brewing Company has quickly become a popular destination.

They have more than 10 kinds of beers available, each varying in local tastes and flavors.

There are also cocktails, wines, and delicious food that can complement each of those cold drinks.

You can also check out their scheduled events which include music concerts, open mics, and donation drives.

For those seeking a relaxed night out, Clarion River Brewing Company is a great option.

Glimpse Miniature Trains in Clarion Model Railroad Club, Inc.

The Clarion Model Railroad Club, Inc. is a unique attraction that showcases the art of model railroading.

You’ll see intricate model trains, their railways, and other tiny buildings that present a miniature world of trains.

With diverse colors and decor, the Clarion Model Railroad Club is perfect for train enthusiasts or curious onlookers.

You will also learn more about the history of trains and transportation within the region.

The staff and club members are friendly, so feel free to chat with them for insights and additional information.

Add Clarion Model Railroad Club to your list of go-to destinations within the borough!

It’s conveniently located on Main Street where many other attractions are just a few steps away.

Hunt for Vintage Goods in Fulmer House Books and Collectibles

Fulmer House Books and Collectibles is a one-stop destination for books of all kinds and forms.

From children’s genres to fiction and modern local books, the place has a wide assortment of written works.

If books aren’t your thing, the venue also has a multi-storied collection of antiques and vintage goods.

These include random items like costume jewelry, tea sets, cloth, toys, and many other kinds of collectibles.

The building itself is rich in history, with its origins dating to the early 20th century.

While some parts of the building had to be renovated, much of its structure and features remain the same.

Check out this cozy, old-fashioned bookstore at Wood Street.

Go Horseback Riding at Cook Forest Scenic Trail Ride, Dude Ranch, and Campground

What better way to admire the scenery than to enjoy it while horseback riding?

Cook Forest Scenic Trail Ride, Dude Ranch, and Campground is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

It’s a venue that offers a beautiful campground for people and horses with modern facilities.

You can rent one of their horses and explore some of the splendid sights in Clarion through their packages.

The trails will take you through a journey of dense forests, side-by-creeks, and a gorgeous backdrop of mountains.

Along the way, a guide will lead you and teach you insights about the surrounding environment.

Located in the heart of a forest, the place is a tranquil reprieve from the distracting noise of cities.

You can find Cook Forest Scenic Trail Ride, Dude Ranch, and Campground along the lengths of Scott Drive.

Watch a Game at the Memorial Stadium

Sports fans should add the Memorial Stadium at Main Street to their itinerary.

This stadium serves as the home of the Clarion University football team, primarily hosting their games and practices.

You can watch talented local players in action, competing with their members or rival teams from other towns.

With generous seating capacity and modern amenities, the Memorial Stadium is an ideal place to watch live sports.

Whether you’re a sports beginner or a veteran, the games at this stadium can be an interesting experience.

The stadium has been a staple destination for sports fans since its establishment in 1965.

It has beautiful, well-maintained greens and an array of modern facilities for your convenience.

If you’re in need of local entertainment, check out the available games at the Memorial Stadium.

Unwind at Clarion Oaks Golf Club

For a classic recreation, head to Clarion Oaks Golf Club.

It features a vast course of pristine greens that are well-maintained despite its age.

Lush, verdant trees are scattered around the premises which add to the relaxing atmosphere.

At Mayfield Road, Clarion Oaks Golf Course has one of the best fairways for golf in the borough.

No matter your skill level in the sport, you can freely enjoy the benefits of their course, as well as its golf shop.

You can also join tournaments, book lessons with golf veterans, and participate in events to improve your game.

In case you need a break from modern buildings and shops, visit Clarion Oaks Golf Course to immerse yourself in a natural environment.

As a public golf course, it also features more affordable prices compared to private golf courses!

Browse the Plaques at Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park pays homage to brave soldiers who have served the country.

With the help of volunteers, the venue was fully built in 2001.

It offers a serene, contemplative atmosphere that’s perfect for those seeking hidden, quiet destinations.

There are statues and plaques around the park that you can browse to learn more about war history.

You can also admire beautiful gardens and well-manicured grounds on the premises of Veterans Memorial Park.

It’s kept in a pristine condition through the coordination of locals and area residents.

You can visit this destination on Main Street.

Enjoy Gorgeous Views at the Clarion Trestle

The Clarion Trestle is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts or fans of architecture.

Along Piney Dam Road, this abandoned bridge was once part of a successful railroad line in Pennsylvania.

It was built in 1928, featuring materials like steel, concrete, and deck truss spans.

Now it’s a popular landmark in the region that people visit to enjoy sweeping sights from above.

Since it’s a high bridge, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings!

If you’re brave enough, you can walk along the safer sides of the bridge and sit down on the metal part.

Otherwise, you can simply admire it from afar, check out its structure, and learn about its historic origins.

The Clarion Trestle is a cool piece of old architecture that can be an interesting destination for some.

Discover Local Talents in Clarion River Art Gallery and Phrame It

Clarion River Art Gallery and Phrame It is one of the few local art spaces in the city.

With an assortment of exhibits and events, the venue showcases the talents of various local artists.

It’s a great place to discover the stunning and creative styles, mediums, and tastes of Clarion’s residents.

You can purchase one of their unique pieces or simply explore the venue to browse the collection.

They also provide useful services such as custom framing for artworks, photographs, and collectibles.

Clarion River Art Gallery and Phrame It is your one-stop destination for all things related to art within the borough.

Check out what the locals have to offer in the gallery!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy the Facilities at Clarion County Park

Less than 10 minutes from the borough is the scenic Clarion County Park.

This recreation destination offers a wide array of public facilities.

From sports fields and tennis courts to horseshoe pits and an archery range, there are plenty of activities here that you can try.

For leisure, you can relax inside pavilions or have a picnic outdoors with charcoal grills on-site.

Whether you’re into recreation or leisure, Clarion County Park has something for you.

You’ll also enjoy the natural surroundings, away from the bustling sounds of the city.

Clarion County Park is located in the city of Shippenville.

Spend the Night in Cabins at Cook Forest

Cabins at Cook Forest is the ultimate destination for a serene, restful break in the woods.

A night inside the mysterious forest doesn’t have to be scary or filled with discomfort through flimsy tents.

Cabins at Cook Forest provides a cozy, unforgettable experience amid nature.

From treehouses to classic log cabins, there are plenty of options to accommodate various preferences.

Enjoy the serenity of the forest and comfortably immerse yourself in a natural environment through Cabins at Cook Forest.

It’s less than 20 minutes away from Clarion, nestled in the town of Leeper.

Specifically, this destination is along Route 36.

Place Your Bets at Knox Raceway

For adrenaline junkies, a trip to the Knox Raceway is an absolute must while you’re near the vicinity.

The venue is renowned for electrifying motorsports events that feature both car and motorcycle races.

Get ready for a heart-pumping experience as you witness high-speed action within a lively, energetic setting.

Whether you’re looking for a fun afternoon or a thrilling evening, the Knox Raceway is a fantastic destination.

Along Speedway Drive, Knox Raceway also hosts live concerts and musical events from well-known country artists.

It’s less than 15 minutes away from Clarion, nestled in Knox City.

Final Thoughts

Clarion’s a place with serene spots, recreational facilities, historic structures, and modern entertainment.

This small borough in Pennsylvania has a little bit of something for everyone, offering a scheduled getaway.

Book yourselves a ticket to this lovely borough and add these best things to do in Clarion, Pennsylvania to your itinerary.

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