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16 Best Things to Do in Christiansburg, VA

  • Published 2022/10/17

People commonly refer to Christiansburg, Virginia, as a small but progressive town.

The thriving county seat of Montgomery County is an urban community with developments covering trade, commerce, transportation, and recreation.

Experiences here range from nature tripping, sports activities, agricultural tours, and arts events.

Visitors can reach this destination through various modes of transport, including bus, Amtrack, and ride-sharing services.

Here are the best things to do in Christiansburg, Virginia, if you plan to travel here for your next trip:

Celebrate an Event at Sinkland Farms

People at Sinkland Farms

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Are you looking for a place to celebrate your wedding or other special celebrations?

Sinkland Farms along Riner Road may be the perfect place for that.

Started in the 1980s, Sinkland Farms was initially a family-owned dairy farm.

The rustic-themed events place gives a southern-style vibe to your celebrations to make them more memorable.

People at Sinkland Farms

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Sinkland Farms is situated on a 125-acre property with garden and meadow views.

The canvas of your wedding or special celebration will be the charming Blue Ridge Mountains.

The venue also holds special events like the Pumpkin Festival every September to October and the Sunflower Festival every July.

School tours on the farm and its onsite craft brewery are available at the Sinkland Farms.

Displays at Sinkland Farms

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Enjoy Wine Tasting at Whitebarrel Winery

You can enjoy and taste locally grown wines on the rich soil of Christiansburg at the Whitebarrel Winery along Childress Road.

This vineyard and winery farms and harvests their products by hand, ensuring the best quality for the produced wines.

Established in 2006, Whitebarrel Winery is strategically located in an area conducive to planting and growing grapes.

Red and white grapes are planted in their vineyard, producing quality wine products like Petit Verdot, Saperavi, Chardonnay, and Vidal Blanc.

You can head to their winery to taste their offerings and grab some items from their food menu, including cheese boards, pizzas, chips, and salads.

Activities like cornhole games and walking tours also occur at the Whitebarrel Winery.

Grab Tasty Onion Rings at The Farmhouse

To grab some tasty bites in Christiansburg, visit The Farmhouse along Ridinger Street.

The restaurant is best for fine dining with your loved ones or family.

One of the most famous dishes at the Farmhouse is their homemade and handmade onion rings.

Customers love this offering because the onions are thinly sliced and lightly breaded.

Other menu offerings include steaks, burgers, pies, buffalo wings, and crab cake sandwiches.

Live bands perform every Thursday; you can also celebrate special events at the restaurant’s banquet hall and private rooms.

Test Your Strength at Crimper’s Climbing Gym

An indoor rock climbing facility in Christiansburg will surely test your stamina and core strength.

Crimper’s Climbing Gym along Central Avenue offers a venue for climbing and bouldering.

Classes on roping and climbing are offered here to test your balance and strength.

You can choose from various climbing walls ranging from easy to complex.

Guided climbs are also provided for beginners, while professional climbers have separate challenging divisions.

Yoga and pilates classes are also done once or twice weekly at Crimper’s Climbing Gym to improve breathing and strength further.

Appreciate Art and History at the Montgomery Museum

If you are a lover of the arts and history, the Montgomery Museum along E Main Street is a place worth visiting during your visit to Christiansburg.

It houses historical art, as well as contemporary pieces.

The museum features various exhibits and galleries named after local and well-known artists like Pamela Wade, Judy Goins, Mark Cox, and Jeff and Terry Stump.

Art pieces using recycled and used materials are also displayed in the garden.

Rotating exhibits in the Montgomery Museum highlight various local artists and their work.

Head to this attraction and learn more about the history of Christiansburg and Montgomery County, Virginia.

Swim and Dive at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center

Enjoy water activities at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center along N. Franklin Street.

The modern swimming facility provides recreational opportunities for residents and visitors of Christiansburg.

The Christiansburg Aquatic Center houses leisure and competition pools, room rentals for events and gatherings, and a skate park.

Swimming and diving courses are also offered for both kids and adults.

Additionally, aqua fitness classes are held weekly at the aquatic center.

Interactive swimming activities for kids are also available at this venue.

Lifeguard training courses are conducted for those on duty at the center and those who want to receive such training.

Take a Bike Adventure at Huckleberry Trail

View of Huckleberry Trail

Vejlenser, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Spanning nine miles, the Huckleberry Trail links Christiansburg to the adjacent town, Blacksburg.

It is a well-known destination to bikers because of the beautiful landscapes along the way, including forests, wetlands, and farmlands.

Previously a rail line connecting the two Virginia localities, the Huckleberry Trail got its name from the huckleberry plants that grew along the trail.

View of Huckleberry Trail

Vejlenser, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After its closure in the 1960s, the path has since been converted to a track for mountain bikers in Christiansburg.

The trail has restrooms, benches, and parking spaces for bikers and visitors.

Huckleberry Trail also connects bikers to other exciting and stunning trails in nearby Virginia towns and cities.

Go Bowling and Play Games at the NRV SuperBowl

Spend fun times with family and friends at the NRV Super Bowl amusement center along Arbor Drive, NE.

The bowling alley has 32 lanes, perfect for big groups or company events.

Each bowling lane can accommodate eight bowlers per game.

Aside from bowling activities, you can also try laser tag, bumper cars, lumberjAXE, and arcade games.

Celebrate parties and events with a bowling or laser tag party at the NRV Super Bowl.

Learn Gymnastics at the Virginia Techniques Training Center

Bring your kids to the Virginia Techniques Training Center at the Gateway Plaza along Roanoke Street for gymnastics lessons.

Classes are available for various ages, from preschool to school-aged kids.

Children learn gymnastics basics, including coordination, creative moves, sequencing, conceptual themes, discipline, and teamwork.

For older children, classes include learning the bars, vault, floor, and rope climbing.

Apart from gymnastics lessons, trampoline, tumbling, and martial arts classes are also offered to children.

Virginia Techniques Training Center also hosts birthday parties with inflatable slides, obstacle courses, balancing beams, and many more.

Play and Learn at the Wonder Universe: A Children’s Museum

Another exciting activity to do with your kids in Christiansburg is visiting the Wonder Universe: A Children’s Museum in the New River Valley Mall along New River Road.

The museum has more than 18 educational exhibits for kids and the entire family.

The museum’s interactive areas and play-based displays include a post office, spark space, imagination playground, fire station, veterinary clinic, dentist, farm-to-table, and woodland.

Children can have hands-on learning and play time on all the exhibits.

You can also listen to music, watch a play, explore creative arts and play in the activity areas for kids.

Wonder Universe: A Children’s Museum also hosts birthday parties and other special occasions for kids.

Check Out Miniature Displays at the Historic Cambria Depot and Scale Cabinetmaker Museum

For history buffs wanting to learn more about Christiansburg, the Historic Cambria Depot and Scale Cabinetmaker Museum is a must-visit.

Built in the 1860s, it is the last remaining wooden depot in the United States.

It was an essential venue for trade up to the early 1900s when deliveries would come in from other places.

At the museum are miniature displays of the Scale Cabinetmaker, Cambria Toy Station, and Dorsett Publications.

Bring your friends or family to the Historic Cambria Depot and Scale Cabinetmaker Museum along Depot Street NE if you are fond of historic miniature displays.

Play Baseball at Kiwanis Park

A vast baseball field is one of the major attractions on Kiwanis Park along Roanoke Street.

Many spend the day here playing baseball or football and letting their kids roam around the spacious park.

There are also protected picnic areas in the park and playground spaces for children.

Starting in the 1940s, Kiwanis Park made a name for itself in terms of recreation because of the various activities it offers to visitors.

Events and celebrations like Easter egg hunts, food fairs, and festivals are also done on the park grounds.

Other Things to Do Nearby

After exploring Christiansburg, you can also visit nearby destinations in other towns or cities.

Some great tourist spots and exciting activities are a few minutes’ drive away from Christiansburg.

Here are some places to visit and things to explore near Christiansburg during your trip.

Enjoy a Unique Chocolate Experience at the Chocolate Spike

Located 13 minutes from Christiansburg, The Chocolate Spike offers many delectable chocolate treats for its customers.

Its many offerings are truffles, caramel and fudge bars, chocolate-coated cherries, glazed fruits, jams, and vegan chocolate options.

Starting in 2003, the Chocolate Spike began with only one location but now has expanded to four more locations.

The dessert place has also tried coating fresh fruits like strawberries with chocolate or caramel to infuse flavors into the sweet treats.

You can also try their bottled jams with flavors like strawberry and blueberry.

This place is in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Spend Time with Friends at Wolf’s Ridge Paintball

Test your paintball attack and defense skills at the Wolf’s Ridge Paintball along Pilot Road in Riner.

Virginia native Carl Conner started the paintball playing field, hoping to get kids to play this recreational sport instead of playing video games at home.

Located nine minutes from Christiansburg, the recreational field for lovers of paintball offers weekend matches and a venue for special events or big groups to play.

You can reserve the entire field for 15 players or more for a whole day.

Rent guns, masks, and paintballs at Wolf’s Ridge Paintball, located in Riner, Virginia.

Watch a Movie at the Radford Theatre

For those who want to watch movies on the big screen, head to the Radford Theatre along Main Street in Radford, Virginia.

It is a 14-minute drive from the heart of Christiansburg.

Established in 1935, the theater is the first run theater that offered single screenings for patrons in Virginia.

Radford Theatre is open daily and screens movies in digital format.

You can enjoy the historic feel of the cinema while watching digitally rendered movies in high-definition format.

If you want private viewings with your friends or family, the theater can screen your selected movies using your DVD or Blu-ray.

Interact with Animals at the Hoof-Hearted Farm

Around 16 minutes from Christiansburg is a humble farm that grows grass-fed cows and produces fresh raw milk.

Located along Meadowbrook Drive in Blacksburg, Hoof Hearted Farm started operations in 2008.

The farm brought healthy food to the tables of the community by adequately raising animals like cows and cattle on the farm.

Field trips and tours around the farm can be made in groups.

During your visit to the Hoof Hearted Farm, you will have the opportunity to milk cows, pet calves and goats, and play with the animals.

Visitors can also buy grass-fed aged beef and dairy products from the farm.

Final Thoughts

The town of Christiansburg in Virginia teems with various activities and attractions you can explore during your visit here.

Historical experiences, outdoor and indoor physical activities, and sports offerings are some of the most sought-after attractions in this Virginia town.

The beautiful landscapes of the place also make it charming and enticing to visitors and tourists.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Christiansburg.

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