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20 Best Things to Do in Chicopee, MA

  • Published 2023/01/11

Chicopee City is situated in the northern part of Hampden County in Massachusetts.

This small city sits in the middle between Holyoke and Springfield.

Chicopee is always referred to as the “Crossroads of New England,” which has the same moniker as Springfield.

Chicopee eventually developed into a vibrant small city that continues to thrive today from a factory village in the late 1800s.

If you’re looking for an alternative travel destination for outdoor adventure, history, and leisure, Chicopee has it all.

This small city is also a perfect road trip destination from Boston, where you can pass by several towns and cities along the way.

There are many activities to enjoy in Chicopee City while appreciating the scenic view of the Connecticut River.

This city is filled with fantastic parks, historical sites, and incredible museums that keep your itinerary occupied all day.

So, here are the 2o best things to do in Chicopee, MA, and its nearby places:

Take Photos of the Chicopee Falls Dam

Side view of Chicopee Falls Dam

User:LymanSchool, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Chicopee Falls Dam is one of the man-made attractions for Chicopee to visit.

It is situated along Parallel 33 and part of the Chicopee River Watershed built in the late 19th century.

The dam serves as the water source for the Chicopee Reservoir along the Connecticut River.

Front view of Chicopee Falls Dam

LymanSchool (talk) (Uploads), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visiting the Chicopee Falls Dam lets you learn some interesting facts about Chicopee’s history and how the dam was built to serve its purpose.

Of course, your visit to Chicopee won’t be complete without taking excellent photos of the dam.

So, don’t forget to drop by the Chicopee Falls Dam for a few minutes and take as many photos as you can for your souvenir.

Wander through the Chicopee Memorial State Park

The Chicopee Memorial State Park along Burnett Road is a top-notch outdoor recreation center in the city, popular with both locals and visitors.

It’s a fun place to spend the morning or afternoon and wander through its 575-acre park or do waterborne activities at its two 25-acre ponds.

People commonly go to the Chicopee Memorial State Park to cast their lines at the pond to catch some local fish species.

However, many also come to this park to do various outdoor activities.

Activities like hiking, skiing, swimming, and biking are the most common outdoor activities you and your loved ones can do at this park.

Browse through the Polish Center of Discovery and Learning

The Polish Center of Discovery and Learning along South Street in Chicopee is a fascinating place to discover because of its unique offerings.

This place is basically an ethnographic museum that mainly features Polish historical artifacts, culture, and heritage that you won’t find anywhere else in the United States.

If you’re a history buff, going to the Polish Center of Discovery and Learning makes you learn a lot of things about the unique culture of Poland.

You’ll discover its folk arts and the history behind the Polish-American people and servicemen.

In addition, the place also displays the Krystyna Slowikowska Farley Gallery, featuring various Polish folk outfits that came straight from Poland.

Overall, the Polish Center of Discovery and Learning offers visitors a unique historical experience they won’t find in typical museums.

Score a Strike at the AMF Chicopee Lanes

If you’re looking for top-notch entertainment, the AMF Chicopee Lanes along Burnett Road is a recommended place to visit.

This bowling center in Chicopee is trendy for locals to hang out and showcase their bowling skills to everyone.

In addition, this bowling arena is also known as a top-notch entertainment hub where you can party, drink, eat, and even watch movies.

Although it’s a bowling center, AMF Chicopee Lanes also has other facilities such as a restaurant, a bar, an arcade arena, and a mini cinema.

It also serves as a function and events center for those who want to celebrate various occasions there.

Overall, the AMF Chicopee Lanes offers you and your loved ones wholesome and fun-filled entertainment that adds fun memories during your travel to Chicopee.

Laugh Hard at the Jess Miller Comedy Show

Chicopee is home to Jess Miller, a renowned comedian with a regular comedy show at a local comedy bar in the city.

If you’re a fan of comedy shows and want some good laughs for the night, you should visit the Jess Miller Comedy bar.

Aside from his funny punchlines, the place also serves good food and drinks, making it a great place to hang out with your friends or fellow travelers.

On Wednesdays, Jess Miller Comedy bar has numerous comedians perform as guests.

Get Active at Szot Park

A tank on Szot Park's grounds

Jerry Rodgers, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Szot Park along Bemis Avenue is a community open space with well-manicured greenery, well-maintained sports facilities, and amenities, making it an excellent park.

One of the most enjoyable activities in Chicopee doesn’t need to be expensive since it’s full of beautiful public parks to spend the day with.

If you’re looking for a place to get active and sweat out a bit, Szot Park is one of the best places to visit.

It has trails, sports facilities, a playground for kids, and a picnic area.

Szot Park has a baseball and softball diamond, basketball court, soccer field, walking trail, and tennis court.

In addition, it has a vast playground, picnic areas, shelters, tables, a spray park, and a concert area.

Overall, Szot Park is a great place to bond with your loved ones, friends, or fellow travelers while you’re in Chicopee.

Sing Your Lungs Out at Doc’s Place

Doc’s Place along Granby Road is a popular dive and karaoke bar in Chicopee that offers everyone top-notch entertainment and fun.

Its lively and friendly ambiance instantly changes your mood, making it a recommended place in Chicopee to hang out.

This karaoke bar is one of the best spots in Chicope’s downtown to have fun after a tiring day of touring around Hampden County.

The fun vibes there are simply infectious, that even if you’re not a good singer, you’ll likely end up singing dozens of hits all night.

The karaoke there is an open mic, so you need to provide the DJ with your requested songs, and the stage is yours.

Enjoy the Outdoors at the Ray Ash Memorial Park

Chicopee virtually has dozens of parks scattered throughout the city.

So, it’s a no-brainer that most of your itinerary involves parks like the Ray Ash Memorial Park.

Generally, the Ray Ash Memorial Park has top-notch features like its fellow parks in Chicopee.

It has a soccer field, skate park, basketball court, a baseball diamond, and a kid’s playground.

Along with them are park amenities essential for your convenience while visiting there.

In addition, the park recently had an extensive renovation to fit in five outdoor swimming pools on its 16-acre property that the public can use for free.

Unwind at the Leadfoot Brewing

If you’re not into loud karaoke bars, you can proceed to Leadfoot Brewing along N. Chicopee St.

It’s a local craft brewery that is a perfect spot to unwind, especially if you came from a tiring day from your outdoor adventure.

Treat yourself to a mug of Leadfoot Brewing’s signature craft beer made from the brewery’s metal-crafting method that perfectly blends all the great ingredients.

Try its other craft beer varieties, such as its Uno Mas Mexican lager, Mad Max Double IPA, and Café Brewle Nitro Stout.

Let Your Kids Have Fun at Dana Park

If you’re traveling with your kids, bring them to Dana Park.

This park in Chicopee is perched on scenic Springfield Street with a playground and numerous sports facilities.

Its main features are its splash pad and spray pool, where your kids can soak and have fun under the sun.

They can play at the soccer field, baseball diamond, or basketball court if they’re into sports.

There are many outdoor activities to enjoy at Dana Park aside from those mentioned above.

So, if you’re planning to treat your kids to a fun-filled outdoor activity, head to Dana Park along Newbury St.

Cast Your Line at the Chicopee Reservoir

For a peaceful yet enjoyable fishing session during your travel adventure in Chicopee, then head to the Chicopee Reservoir near Slate Conservation Area.

The reservoir isn’t just a vital water source in the city but also a popular fishing spot for many locals.

It has been stocked with various trout species like rainbow trout, brown trout, largemouth bass, etc.

Despite its size, Chicopee Reservoir is abundant in fish, so, chances are, you’ll get rewarded with several catches with ease.

Flex Your Skating Skills at Ike Alpert Park

Compared to other public parks in Chicopee, Ike Alpert Park is the only park known for ice skating and hockey.

The park was named after Ike Alpert, a Chicopee native known for his charitable deeds during the Great Depression in the 1930s.

During winter, the 4.2-acres Ike Alpert Park becomes a winter wonderland and a popular place for locals and visitors to show off their skating skills and play hockey.

When the snow and ice melt, it becomes a regular park that has numerous sports facilities that everyone can use.

If you visit Chicopee during the winter months, you should try skating on its massive ice rink.

Enjoy Authentic German Fare at Munich Haus Restaurant

For savory German food and beers, head out to Munich Haus Restaurant located on Center Street near City Hall.

You’ll find this Bavarian restaurant with its outdoor Biergarten and traditionally designed Weinstube tavern interiors.

The restaurant is well-known for its Pork schnitzels, with Vienna, Holstein, and Berlin variations.

You’ll enjoy delectable homemade sausages including kielbasa, currywurst, bratwurst, and knockwurst served with red cabbage, spätzle, and sauerkraut.

Try other German lunch or dinner specials, and desserts, or get little ones some tasty kids’ meals on the menu.

Likewise, you can choose from the wide selection of German beers on draft or by bottles like Riesling, Sekt, and Zinfandel.

Drop by the weekend at Munich Haus Restaurant with exclusive live performances and events at the beer garden.

Stroll the Chicopee Canal and Riverwalk

If you just want a relaxing stroll downtown, you can wander around the Riverwalk at the Chicopee Canal.

The thousand feet pathway was formerly an industrial railway area.

Now, it offers visitors a pleasant route lined with beautiful maple, elm, and sycamore trees.

You’ll also find signs along the way describing the canal’s history and benches you can stop by to enjoy some of the sceneries.

You can also see several industrial architectures around like the old Ames Manufacturing Company.

The old factory along with most of these structures has been converted into lofts but still presents a picture of history.

Enjoy strolling the Chicopee Canal and Riverwalk.

Taste Assorted Beverages at Goodworks Coffee House

Want to grab a cup of great coffee and some light fares to go with it? Goodworks Coffee House is the perfect place to go.

This cafe sits on Center Street and is open from Monday to Saturday.

Owners Katie and Victor Narvaez established the business to offer fresh fair-trade coffee along with delicious pastries at affordable prices.

Check their coffee variants in Iced, Drip, Latte, Americano, Cafe Olay, London Fog, and others.

They also have non-coffee beverages like Hot Tea, Chocolate, and Rishi Matcha Unsweetened Tea.

Take a bite of locally baked muffins and croissants; and how about some tasty specialties like Caprese Panini, Avocado Toast, Egg Sandwich, or a serving of Bacon, Egg and Cheese?

Don’t forget to purchase Coffee Beans and cool merchandise like tumblers, coffee mugs, and shirts by Goodworks Coffee House.

Visit the Historic Chicopee City Hall

Exterior view of Chicopee City Hall

John Phelan, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While you’re meandering around town, you can drop by the historic Chicopee City Hall at Market Square.

If you’re fond of classic architecture, you’ll appreciate the building’s Italianate style and Romanesque Revival features.

It was dedicated in 1871 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

You’ll have a glimpse of the City Hall’s 147-foot tower was modeled after Florence, Italy’s Palazzo Vecchio, and was designed by Charles Edward Parker.

Walk around the area and take pictures of the iconic Chicopee City Hall.

Drop by the Old Ames Manufacturing Company Complex

The Ames Manufacturing Company was a major manufacturer of swords, iron and bronze metalworks, cutlery, and tools.

They were also known for providing the Union with light artillery, side arms, and heavy arms during the American Civil War.

Likewise, several bronze statues found throughout New England were made by the company.

Their old facility on Springfield Street includes lines of connected industrial brick buildings some dating back to 1847.

You can view these and take snapshots of historic structures for remembrance.

The Ames Manufacturing Company Complex was also listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the year 1983.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Trace the Roots of Basketball at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Side view of Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame's exterior

Alexander Sviridov /

Springfield, south of Chicopee, takes you to the Naismith Memorial Basketball of Fame, where hundreds of the game’s famous icons are inducted into its Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame was named after James Naismith, the P.E. teacher who invented basketball in 1891 at Springfield College.

Name sign of nNaismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

James Kirkikis /

The Hall of Fame features the sport’s most iconic people, such as the original Boston Celtics, Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Rick Barry, Elgin Baylor, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and more.

It also features the innovators of basketball, including Naismith himself.

If you’re a hardcore basketball fan, you’ll surely geek out of the memorabilia and exhibits you’ll come across at this world-famous basketball museum.

Front exterior of Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Harold Stiver /

Visit the Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum, situated 6.4-miles east of Chicopee in Indian Orchard, is where you can see the extensive collection of artifacts from the famous and ill-fated Titanic.

This museum is a compelling place to visit when you’re in Chicopee.

Discover the remnants and artifacts of the survivors of one of the worst maritime tragedies in human history.

Even if you’re not a history buff, you’ll be drawn to the mystery and the stories behind the artifacts displayed in this museum curated by the Titanic Historical Society.

If you want to step back in time and learn more about the famous Titanic, you should spend some time there and browse through its stunning exhibits.

Browse through the International Volleyball Hall of Fame

Interior of International Volleyball Hall of Fame

John Phelan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re a volleyball fan or a sports enthusiast, don’t miss visiting the International Volleyball Hall of Fame in the neighboring city of Holyoke, north of Chicopee.

Getting there is easy since it’s just an 11-minute drive north of Chicopee.

It features an exhibit of people who made relevant contributions to the sport of volleyball.

Volleyball was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, in 1895, thanks to the innovative mind of William G. Morgan, who was a member of the local YMCA at that time.

The museum displays hundreds of volleyball objects from the best volleyball players on Earth.

Overall, it’s an incredible place to visit near Chicopee to learn about the history of this amazing sport played worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Chicopee is best defined as a laid-back city in the middle of Massachusetts.

Its vast open parks, historic sites, and calm atmosphere make it an excellent destination for people yearning for peace of mind and those who want to escape the city noise.

Outdoor activities are the top things you can enjoy in Chicopee, while neighboring cities offer more.

So, which of these listed attractions in Chicopee and nearby cities you’ll be checking out first?

Make sure to bookmark this page as your reference.

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