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15 Best Things to Do in Chesterfield, VA

  • Published 2022/08/06

Chesterfield is a small community in Virginia known for its many state parks, historic sites and establishments, and various festivals.

Next to several lakes, this thriving city is a popular tourist destination, with several water sports and land-based activities for all.

You can take in the sights and the natural beauty of Chesterfield and learn about its rich history by taking a trip to its many museums and historical landmarks.

This city is also home to several indoor entertainment centers and establishments, so you won’t run out of things to do.

They regularly host several events, festivals, and celebrations open to locals and visitors for a day of fun and enjoyment!

Here are the best things to do in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Take a Trip to Pocahontas State Park

Signage of Pocahontas State Park

Virginia State Parks staff, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pocahontas State Park is your best bet for a lovely place to spend the day outdoors.

With a mix of both land and water activities, the 7,919-acre state park will give you an afternoon’s worth of activities.

Maximize the green space and play sports, enjoy a lovely picnic on the grass, or even spend the night camping.

A wet beaver at Pocahontas State Park

Judy Gallagher, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This park’s amphitheater can accommodate up to 2,000 guests and occasionally host various community events and concerts.

You can use the several trails at this park that stretch for up to 90 miles, perfect for hiking, walking, or cycling.

Its location next to three lakes also provides plenty of fishing opportunities and water activities such as boating and paddling.

Kids can also use their Aquatic Center, which features several pools, water slides, and a wet fountain deck.

Have an enjoyable day outdoors at Pocahontas State Park.

Learn about Local History at Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia

Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia is a non-profit organization that houses and preserves the rich history of Chesterfield County.

You can find several archives and books inside this establishment detailing the past of this city, along with some background information on its historical sites.

This organization also hosts several events, lectures, and programs to educate locals and tourists about local military history, Chesterfield’s incorporation in the 1700s, and more.

Several rotating exhibits, galleries, genealogy workshops, and other fun attractions appeal to all ages.

New exhibits regularly open at Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia, so stop by sometime.

Enjoy Recreational Water Activities at Swift Creek Lake

Chesterfield is home to several lakes that allow for a variety of water activities.

Swift Creek Lake is one of the most popular lakes for its fishing opportunities.

This 156-acre lake is only a 15-minute drive from the city center and is open from dawn to dusk.

Try your hand at fishing, where you can catch various fish, including bass, bluegill, sunfish, black crappie, catfish, and other species.

They also provide boating activities where you can explore the lake in its entirety, including canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boating.

However, beware that swimming is prohibited.

Only electric motorboats can go on the lakes to protect the fish and other marine life.

Spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy outdoor recreational activities at Swift Creek Lake.

See a Live Show at Swift Creek Mill Theatre

Before becoming a theater, Swift Creek Mill Theatre was once a watermill that operated circa 1660.

It’s also known as the most historic theater house in Virginia.

You can find Swift Creek Mill Theatre inside one of Chesterfield’s oldest landmarks.

It officially opened its doors to the public in 1965.

This theater produces a variety of shows across different genres, from psychological thrillers, comedy, romance, and many more.

You can also dine in for lunch or dinner at the old mill room, converted into a restaurant.

This establishment’s historic, rustic charm can take you back in time!

Don’t forget to purchase a ticket ahead of time and reserve your seats at Swift Creek Mill Theatre.

Play Golf at the Golf Club at the Highlands

Boasting a five-par, 18-hole golf course and two acres of land space, the Golf Club at The Highlands ensures only a high-quality golfing experience.

The course welcomes first-time golfers who wish to try this sport.

Of course, seasoned players will have a great time there.

One of their amenities is “The Bunker,” an indoor simulator where you can practice putting green.

You can also rent one of their 70 golf carts and explore the course and its layout, admiring the rolling hills, luxurious landscape, and scenic views.

Their Golf Shop sells a variety of golf clubs and other equipment for fair prices.

It has also received a nomination for being one of the best golf shops in the state.

After your game, head over to their restaurant and bar for a refreshing drink and a delicious meal.

The Golf Club at the Highlands is on the southern end of the village.

Stop by for a friendly round or two.

Play a Round of Paintball at XZone Paintball Park

If you’re looking for some indoor fun and adventure, you may want to check out XZone Paintball Park.

Only a short drive towards the western end of Chesterfield, this paintball park caters to walk-ins and groups wishing to play paintball.

This facility ensures fun and enjoyment without compromising your safety by providing durable goggles and other protective gear.

Besides their paintball facilities, they also offer airsoft activities perfect for beginners.

Do you think you’ve got good aim?

Plan a visit to XZone Paintball Park and become king of the hill!

Join the Fairs at Chesterfield County Fairgrounds

Chesterfield doesn’t shy away from celebrations and events, which is why there’s always something going on at Chesterfield County Fairgrounds.

Focusing on family-friendly activities and events, this fairground hosts food carts, petting zoos, rodeos, and plenty more.

These fairs have become an ongoing tradition for over 110 years, improving yearly.

You can join the games and activities and win several prizes, taste all the food from the food stalls, or try the rides at the carnival.

Their schedule of events changes every year, providing a variety of fun for everyone.

This event launches fireworks on special occasions such as the 4th of July, lighting up the night sky!

Join the fun in store at Chesterfield County Fairgrounds.

Join the Annual Virginia Hops & Harvest Festival

Beer lovers and avid craft drinkers alike will have a blast at the annual Virginia Hops & Harvest Festival.

Celebrating Virginia’s local crafts and breweries, this festival gives out some of Chesterfield’s best brews.

Guests can also meet the brewers themselves.

In addition to these refreshments, you can also sit back and enjoy the live music and entertainment.

Kids and adults can make the most of their arts and crafts and get as creative as possible.

To make things even better, festival admission is free for all.

Enjoy tasting the delicious brews at the Virginia Hops & Harvest Festival.

Visit the Historic Magnolia Grange

Facade of Magnolia Grange

James Shelton32, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Magnolia Grange is a Federal-style historic mansion built in 1823 and is a popular tourist attraction in Chesterfield.

Magnolias once surrounded the house, which inspired the “Magnolia” in its name.

However, the Civil War destroyed the trees, leaving behind the house.

Still, the house has stayed well-preserved over the years.

This historic home features 19th-century decor and style, with its brick exterior, artful woodwork, and exquisite attention to detail.

This site has also landed on the National Register of Historic Places list due to its historical and cultural significance.

This house-turned-museum offers tours and programs, giving you a glimpse into the life of those who lived in this era.

With more than 200 years of preserved history, the Magnolia Grange house has much to teach you.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Ironbridge Sports Park

Ironbridge Sports Park provides several outdoor sports for the whole family.

Situated just five minutes from the heart of Chesterfield, you can enjoy a fun day at this park with its amenities.

Kids can use the playground and run around to exert energy, while older kids can try the laser tag field and batting cages.

They even offer a driving range where you can practice and a miniature golf course for all ages.

Use the outdoor green space to play sports such as football, baseball, and volleyball.

Set up a lovely picnic next to the fountain.

Spend quality family time with loved ones at Ironbridge Sports Park.

Stop by the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum

Also known as the “CCC Museum,” the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum focuses on the Great Depression in 1933.

During this dark time, more than millions of Americans lost their jobs.

As a result, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

Today, the Civilian Conservation Corps is defunct.

However, Chesterfield opened a museum on its behalf to honor their service.

The Corps employed over 3 million people when the Great Depression hit.

This museum remembers how this government initiative has created several Virginia state parks, many of which are in Chesterfield.

Learn how the Civilian Conservation Corps’s role impacted Virginia’s communities by visiting the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum.

Grab a Refreshing Drink at Brew Craft Bar & Kitchen

Brew Craft Bar & Kitchen is one of the many local breweries in Chesterfield.

Still, this particular establishment is a community favorite with its frequently rotating taps and freshly brewed beer.

Locally owned and operated, this brewery is best known for carrying over 40 taps, including craft beers, kombuchas, ciders, and more.

This gastropub also serves classic American meals that go perfectly with your drink choices, such as sandwiches, tacos, burgers, and hotdogs.

On certain nights, they hold special beer-related events where you get the chance to win prizes and discounts.

Stop by for a quick meal or unwind with a refreshing beer at Brew Craft Bar & Kitchen!

Sip Local Wine at Spring Run Vineyards

Wine lovers and enthusiasts will find a drink to enjoy at Spring Run Vineyards.

Since 2012, this family-owned winery has offered tastings of their best wines, including their Blackberry Rouge, Vidal blanc wine, rosé wine, classic red wines, and many more.

Using fruits straight from their vineyard, this winery prides itself on using only fresh ingredients.

With nearly 20 years of experience in this industry, Spring Run Vineyards now regularly produces over 250-300 cases of wine per year.

They also host the Sip & Shop Vendor fair every December, where you meet fellow wine lovers while trying out various wines made from local ingredients.

​​Spring Run Vineyards is only open to the public on certain Saturdays and Wednesdays, so schedule your visit accordingly.

De-Stress at Mystic Awakening

Exploring the city of Chesterfield may get tiring, so de-stress and decompress at Mystic Awakening.

This massage parlor and spa is at the village’s northern end and provides massage therapy in a relaxing atmosphere.

This establishment focuses on using toxin-free, all-natural products that will only enhance your health and relieve all your body’s tension.

The spa tailors each massage to best suit your needs, so you leave feeling better, relaxed, and rested.

They also offer a variety of other services which you can customize.

Mystic Awakening does not accept walk-ins, so schedule your appointment ahead of time!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Dine at Riptides Seafood Restaurant

If you love seafood dishes, you may want to consider having a meal at Riptides Seafood Restaurant.

You can find this place in Chester, Virginia, three minutes from Chesterfield.

Indulge in a delicious platter of fresh seafood to satisfy your cravings.

This family-owned and operated seafood restaurant prides itself on serving the best, tastiest, and freshest seafood in Chesterfield county.

You can enjoy a classic platter of seafood or try the unique dishes with a special twist, such as bacon-wrapped scallops, crab-stuffed mushrooms, alligator meat bites, and many more.

If you’d like to play it safe, you can order a classic steak or some pasta, but don’t forget to top your meal off with a decadent dessert!

Stop by Riptides Seafood Restaurant and see what all the fuss is about.

Final Thoughts

Chesterfield is the perfect tourist destination for those looking for relaxation and peace and those who wish to embark on fun and adventure.

You can learn about this city’s rich history by exploring all its historically significant establishments and sites.

Its natural beauty and landscape are also a sight to behold, making for beautiful backdrops in your photos!

Look no further for the ideal vacation and book your trip today!

Once you arrive, you might find more things to do in Chesterfield, VA.

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