15 Best Things to Do in Cheektowaga, NY

Things to Do in Cheektowaga, NY
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Cheektowaga is a town in New York located in Erie County.

As the second-largest inner suburb of Buffalo, Cheektowaga has a rich urbanized culture with several interesting attractions.

The town is home to amusement centers and shopping complexes, making it a great side-trip destination if you plan to go to Buffalo.

Besides its urban districts, Cheektowaga has several outdoor areas and sporting facilities, a testament to its suburban lifestyle.

Another advantage of the town is its proximity to other attractions, most of which are in the large city of Buffalo.

The town also houses the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, making it an ideal spot to book cheaper accommodation than Buffalo.

To get you started on your adventure, here’s a list of the best things to do in Cheektowaga, New York.

Commemorate History at War of 1812 Cemetery

Welcome sign of the War of 1812 Cemetery
Shinerunner, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The War of 1812 Cemetery is a landmark in Cheektowaga’s Aero Drive by Ellicott Creek.

Also known as the Garrison Cemetery, The War of 1812 Cemetery houses the graves of fallen soldiers who fought during the 1812 Niagara Frontier Campaign.

This bloody war between the United States and the British forces was a major turning point in history.

Marker of the War of 1812 Cemetery
Shinerunner, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can see many nameless graves of fallen heroes in the War of 1812 Cemetery, along with a vintage 19th Century artillery cannon used during its trench wars.

A somber but historically significant place, the War of 1812 Cemetery is a quick stop worth including in your itinerary.

View of the War of 1812 Cemetery from across the street
Shinerunner, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

See the Wildlife at Stiglmeier Park

Stiglmeier Park is the most famous attraction in Cheektowaga, known for its sprawling wilderness and scenic trails.

There are many wooded, grassy, and marsh areas in Stiglmeier Park, home to several wildlife species such as chipmunks, raccoons, deer, and birds.

One of the best areas in this park is its scenic boardwalk—a serene trail worthy of an Instagram post.

While famous for its scenery, Stiglmeier Park also doubles as a recreational park for those who want a city park experience.

It has various sports amenities, such as tennis and volleyball courts and soccer and softball fields.

Found along Losson Road, Stiglmeier Park is a must-see when traveling to the Buffalo area of New York.

Go for a Run at Lehigh Valley Railroad Rail Trail

One of the best things about a suburb like Cheektowaga is its tranquil town life, best experienced during an early morning or late afternoon run.

Lehigh Valley Railroad Rail Trail along Union Road is one of the best places to experience the picturesque neighborhood of Cheektowaga.

Formerly a railroad, this long trail leads you to the border of Cheektowaga and Buffalo.

You can spot a lot of nice establishments and parks along the way, and the best part is you can take your pooch with you as it’s a safe and quiet trail.

Lehigh Valley Railroad Rail Trail is a great laid-back option to exercise while enjoying the beauty of the town.

Play at Escape the Mystery Room

Inside Walden Galleria lies Escape the Mystery Room, a quirky amusement attraction famous not only in Cheektowaga but also in Erie County.

There is something nerve-wracking but likewise exciting about playing in an escape room, a game that tests your analytic skills and cooperation with others.

What makes Escape the Mystery Room popular is its variety of escape rooms.

The Zombie Apocalypse Room is particularly highly rated, but the others add good variety, namely the Superhero Room and Sherlock’s Library.

A great place to meet new people while having a fun time, Escape the Mystery Room is a must-try in Cheektowaga.

Go Shopping at Walden Galleria

Far view of Walden Galleria
Andre Carrotflower, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Walden Galleria is located in the heart of Cheektowaga, along Galleria Drive and adjacent to Cheektowaga Elementary and Central High School.

With almost 200 stores inside, Walden Galleria is one of the most prominent malls in New York, excluding those in New York City.

Many New York residents from Buffalo and other neighboring cities and suburbs go to this place for their shopping.

You can see a wide range of stores here, ranging from large enterprises to smaller businesses local to the state.

Besides shopping, Walden Galleria is famous for its comfy movie theaters and food court brimming with different cuisines.

Take the Kids to Get Air Trampoline Park

Get Air Trampoline Park is one of Cheektowaga's most famous kid-oriented amusement centers, also found along Union Road.

It’s a great place to bring kids if you’re traveling with your family or friends.

Known for its vast indoor spaces with exciting trampolines, it's where kids can spend a day having fun and meeting new friends.

One of the most exciting activities here is their extreme dodgeball with bouncy trampolines that add fun and challenge to the sport.

Clean with lots of varied activities, Get Air Trampoline Park is a popular attraction that will make any energetic kid happy.

Take a Swing at Diamond Hawk Golf Course and Pub

Diamond Hawk Golf Course and Pub is Cheektowaga’s municipal golf course offering more than a good round of golf.

The golf course is known for its beautiful fairways and well-maintained greens, making it a popular place to play golf even among locals of neighboring cities.

Beyond its golf course, Diamond Hawk Golf Course and Pub is also known for its stellar food.

Serving American classics, their pub is where you can enjoy lunch or dinner and a great ambiance.

Diamond Hawk Golf Course and Pub is located along Rehm Road, beside Buffalo-Niagara International Airport.

Hunt for Outdoor Gear at Cabela’s

While Walden Galleria has a few known brands for outdoor gear, nothing compares to the overflowing variety of outdoor wear and equipment at Cabela’s.

Located along Walden Avenue, this large mall is brimming with all sorts of outdoor merchandise, including fishing equipment, camping gear, and hunting rifles.

Its open layout gives you a sense of excitement as you explore Cabela’s alleys.

However, a large variety of outdoor equipment isn’t the only thing Cabela’s is known for.

Doubling also as a tourist attraction, Cabela’s houses a massive diorama of taxidermized animals native to America.

In this amazing place, there are huge taxidermies of bears, antelopes, and mountain lions.

Enjoy Recreational Activities at Cheektowaga Town Park

The grounds of Cheektowaga Town Park
Andre Carrotflower, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cheektowaga Town Park is ideal if you’re feeling sporty and want to break a sweat.

The park is accessible along Harlem Road.

There are a lot of different amenities in this town park, famous mostly for its ice-skating rink and swimming pool.

Cheektowaga has a rich hockey sports culture, so you can see a lot of locals playing hockey in their indoor skating rink.

On the other hand, the pool is a lap pool where adults and teenagers can swim without interruption.

Beyond that, Cheektowaga Town Park also has well-kept picnic areas and a sizable playground, making it an all-rounder for families.

It’s the only area with access to Scajaquada Creek, adding to the park's serenity.

Play Street Hockey at Nob Hill Park

If you’re in the mood to play hockey but without the ice, paying a visit to Nob Hill Park is a great addition to your itinerary.

It’s known for its fenced street hockey rink, which offers a unique experience.

Besides street hockey, Nob Hill Park has a basketball court for hoop enthusiasts.

Younger children will also appreciate this park, as it’s not crowded and has other amenities like a playground.

Nob Hill Park is accessible along Cleveland Drive.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Trek Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve

Scenic view of Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve
Pierre Williot / Shutterstock.com

Just a five-minute drive from Stegmeier Park’s entrance, Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve is technically still within the town, as it’s located in the shared portion between neighboring village Depew and Cheektowaga.

It’s next to Stegmeier Park, which shares beautiful woodlands and scenic terrains.

There’s also a nice pond at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve full of water lilies—ideal for outdoor photography.

A heron at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve
Pierre Williot / Shutterstock.com

You'll find a lot of information boards in this preserve as you explore its trails, a great place to learn about the area’s ecology.

Fantastic for families as an outdoor excursion, Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve is a great addition to Stiglmeier Park.

Waterlily at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve
Pierre Williot / Shutterstock.com

Visit Buffalo Zoo

A cute lion cub at Buffalo Zoo
Wirestock Creators / Shutterstock.com

Buffalo Zoo is one of the most prominent attractions in New York, located in Buffalo City, which takes about a 12-minute drive from the center of Cheektowaga.

The third oldest zoo and one of the biggest in the country, this place is a haven for adults and children with an affinity for animals.

One of the best activities here is to explore the indoor rainforest, where you can see all sorts of flora and fauna.

Sea lions swimming at Buffalo Zoo
Kathleen Struckle / Shutterstock.com

There are a lot of wildcats and marine life here as well from different parts of the globe.

With its sheer size and overflowing activities, Buffalo Zoo is one of the best nearby attractions to explore.

Polar bear at Buffalo Zoo
Kathleen Struckle / Shutterstock.com

See Thousands of Relics at the Buffalo Museum of Science

Once you’re done with Buffalo Zoo, you can check out the Buffalo Museum of Science, just a 10-minute straight-line drive from Cheektowaga.

Like the zoo, the Buffalo Museum of Science is also packed with many exhibits, mostly on artifacts and fossils.

You'll see various dinosaur skeletons and mummy exhibits here.

There are also gigantic displays of carnivorous dinosaurs and armored giants like the triceratops.

With so many more anthropological and prehistoric exhibits, this is a must-see attraction if you’re a science and history buff.

Go Fishing at Amherst State Park

Amherst State Park is a neighboring attraction of Cheektowaga that’s only a 12-minute drive north of the town.

Found in Amherst, this state park has wonderful access to Ellicott Creek, which also runs downward to Cheektowaga.

This makes it an excellent place to do some fishing, as it’s rich in various freshwater fish.

Even if you’re not interested in fishing, Amherst State Park is as beautiful as Stiglmeier Park, especially during winter.

Surrounded by lush forests and beautiful banks of Ellicott Creek, this is one of the best places to experience the heavy snowfall Erie County receives during the season.

If you’re not traveling during the winter, the lush greenery along its nature trails also provides a magical experience that warrants Amherst State Park a visit.

Explore Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Exterior of the Buffalo Botanical Gardens
Hsa htaw / Shutterstock.com

Buffalo Botanical Garden is a romantic landmark in New York, taking you only 15 minutes by car from Cheektowaga.

Highlighted by a 60-plus foot botanical dome, this place is as scenic as it is informative about the rich biodiversity in the U.S.

The dome and its interior layout are also a testament to the architectural pedigree of this garden.

Colorful flowers in the Buffalo Botanical Gardens
Jeffrey M. Frank / Shutterstock.com

Buffalo Botanical Gardens gets creative throughout the year and hosts several light shows, a great bonus during your visit.

Great for families and for an intimate date, this is a sweet addition to any New York itinerary.

Glass dome of the Buffalo Botanical Gardens
Jeffrey M. Frank / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

Cheektowaga is a laid-back suburb in New York that best complements your Buffalo City itinerary.

It’s a tranquil town without a shortage of fun attractions, making it an ideal stopover, if not a quiet place to find accommodation during your trip.

Iconic sites such as the Walden Galleria Mall and the Stiglmeier Park warrant at least a day or two to get an authentic feel of this town.

If you’re looking to stay longer, several smaller activities make for a memorable visit.

Before your trip, revisit this list of the best things to do in Cheektowaga, New York, to maximize your stay.

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